The New Bible Code

Welcome to the New Bible Code, a gift from our Creator for this watershed moment in history. The code is centred on the New International Version Bible (1984 edition), but encompasses modern events, western culture and even the movements of the spheres. Its release was triggered by the terrorist attacks of 11 September, 2001, a staged drama delivering a message about our current age, reflected in other millennial events and fully revealed within the biblical part of the code. 

The New Bible Code is founded upon the interconversion of words and numbers and owes much to the ancient practice of gematria, but also incorporates equidistant letter sequences, Bible numerics, simple mathematical ideas and profound symbolism. Finally, it introduces a new method of encoding information I call double-witness codes. The Author of this frozen miracle has signed his work for all to see. 

The Annunciation

The Watermark. 

The Garden of Eden

  • The Garden of Eden This page introduces a holographic matrix of encoded numbers located at the headwater of Scripture.
  • The Gardener The Gardener's handiwork is everywhere in the Garden.
  • The Shield of David By pruning the garden down to reduced values a potent symbol of Christ's Second Coming is brought to light.
  • The Tree of Life The Tree of Life grows in the middle of the Garden.
  • The Word The Tree of Life symbolises the Word of God.
  • The Leaves of the Tree The code explains Revelation's statement that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.
  • The Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem The Tree of Life in Zion and the twin serpents within are revealed, representing DNA and life.
  • The Creation An incredible matrix of paired encodings witness to God's creative power.
  • The Ark The Garden is revealed to hold the Ark of the Testimony.

The Lily Pond

  • The Maker's Mark The New Bible Code has been validated in a way that reveals both its self-reflectivity and its roots in the most fertile soil in mathematics.
  • Patterns of Meaning Further evidence, double-witnessed, that the gematria of the Creator is referencing Pascal's triangle.
  • The Water Lily This page introduces the template for a suite of figures that can be likened to a pond of water lilies in the Garden.
  • The Lily Pond The Lily Pond is introduced, each water lily stocking it the creation of a loving gardener.
  • A Carpet of Water Lilies More water lilies and a proclamation from the Creator. UPDATED
  • A Lily Lattice The Lily Pad can be transformed into a Sierpinski carpet patterned on Jesus name.
  • The Lock and the Key I was given a key in 2001 and used it to fully open the code, marked by my discovery of a lock in 2020.

The Sign

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The NIV Bible

The Name

  • The Lord God The Creator's formal title can itself create some spectacular geometry.
  • Divine Proportions The proportions of the vesica piscis embody some divin e numbers.
  • Triangular Trinity The names we give to each person of the Trinity combine to form triangles.
  • In His Name The name 'Jesus Christ' has been carefully chosen for its geometric links.
  • Christ's Snowflakes The Lord's name is particularly linked to fractal snowflakes.
  • The Word of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word can be displayed as related fractal snowflakes in Hebrew, Greek and English.
  • The Number of His Name The standard values of Jesus Christ in Hebrew, English and Greek are woven into the NIV's structure. NEW

 The Alpha and the Omega

The New Garden 

  • The Word in Pictures John 1.1 contains pixellated images linking the word to fractal geometry. NEW
  • The Creation Seal Together, the opening verses of Genesis and John in their original languages form a seal. NEW
  • Three Impressions Three fractal figures adorn the Creation Seal. NEW
  • The Holographic Seal The Central hexagon of the Creation Seal is holographic. NEW
  • The Language of the Logos Within the Creation verses lie instructions in three languages for building a single object. NEW
  • Jesus' Stripes The Creation Seal affirms in numbers and pictures what the Bible plainly states: by his stripes we are healed. NEW
  • The Crown of Thorns The true meaning of Jesus' crown of thorns is revealed. NEW
  • The Jewel in the Crown Jesus' crown of thorns has space for a jewel, discovered in the Garden of Eden. NEW
  • The Staff and the Crown The Crucifixion narrative continues as the staff and crown are identified with two Hebrew letters. NEW
  • The Throne of God The letter Chet pictures the Messiah and his disciples and it led me to the greatest revelation I have been given. NEW
  • Ecce Homo "See the man!" invited Pilate, as he paraded Jesus before his death. This is the second part of the revelation. NEW
  • Jesus' Garment The mystery of the seamless garment Jesus wore has now been brought to light. NEW
  • The Divine Serpent Moses' staff that swallowed the staffs of Pharaoh's magicians connects us to the mystery if the Hebrew letter tet. NEW
  • Signed in Triplicate A trio of signatures assures us that the New Garden of Eden is genuine, perfect and complete. NEW
  • The Crucifixion After a long journey we finally come to Golgotha, where three crosses have been placed. NEW

The Oracle Commentaries

  • The Oracle: 9/11 Genesis 1.1-5 functions as an Oracle, offering an insightful witness to significant world events as they happen. NEW
  • The Oracle: Covid-19 The Oracle's commentary on the Covid-19 pandemic reveals the horrific truth, but ends with a healing message. NEW
  • The Oracle: War in Gaza The Oracle reveals the truth about Gaza and casts the current conflict in a new and apocalyptic light. NEW

Decoding Methods


Bill Downie 15/5/03 (new site created on 6/4/12)

Latest update 11/1/24