The Oracle: 9/11

NIV Bible 

1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. 3And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. 4God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5God called the light "day", and the darkness he called "night". And there was evening, and there was morning - the first day. 

New International Bible, 1984 Edition.



The first five verses of Genesis (NIV '84), shown here under my much-thumbed NIV Bible, may turn out to be the most important words ever written.

My early code work showed that they contained a dense cluster of codes that amounted to a watermark authenticating the New Bible Code. So I named them The Genesis WatermarkAs I learned more I found that these verses teem with fractal forms and contain both ELS codes and a new type of code, which I call the double witness codes. So I renamed them The Garden of Eden.

Recently, I discovered that these verses are only only one part of a larger, three-part entity, which comprises those five verses plus the first verses of the Hebrew Bible and John's Gospel in the Greek New Testament. This longer string of words I call The New Garden.

But now I know that those five verses are greater still in content and purpose. They are an Oracle, which may be consulted for guidance on the most urgent questions of our time, now and into the future.[1] The Oracle, which self-identifies as such, is a tool for us to use and in this page and those to come I will show the reader how to do that, by revealing and analysing its commentaries on three recent events. All have been of great concern to the international community.

From the start it should be understood that, since the New Bible Code concerns the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, this is the context within which anything appearing within The Oracle should be considered. 


The Oracle  

The Bible has always been regarded as a living oracle, a word which originally meant 'the Most Holy Place', or 'the word of God'. Here is a note about the oracle from the website Bible Study Tools.

In the Old Testament used in every case, except 2 Samuel 16:23, to denote the most holy place in the temple (I Kings 6:5; 1 Kings 6:19-23; 8.6). In 2 Samuel 16:23 it means the Word of God. A man inquired "at the oracle of God" by means of the Urim and Thummim in the breastplate on the high priest's ephod. In the New Testament it is used only in the plural, and always denotes the Word of God (Romans 3:2; Hebrews 5:12, etc). The Scriptures are called "living oracles" (compare Hebrews 4:12) because of their quickening power (Acts 7.38).

The miracle I am calling The Oracle speaks to us through a new type of code I mentioned, the double-witness codes, given me by the Holy Spirit in 2017.[2] The first type I found uses the same word or phrase in English and Hebrew as a double witness, and reveals God's creations and the ark and its contents within the NIV's five opening verses.[3] Using them I found the Code Signal, powerful statistical evidence for the reality of the codes.[4] 

The second type is similar, but now the same word or phrase is present as its standard value and as its combined value. In the tables below, both are shown as coloured word blocks under the text and denoted 's' and 'c'. There are a few variations on the basic method, explained as I go along.

The Oracle is self validating, as shown in the first table. 

 Table The Oracle     

I've shown every instance of the standard and combined values of 'Oracle' (orange) and 'The Oracle' (yellow). Observe the three neat clusters, located at the margins and centre of the entire Oracle.

What are the odds against this pattern emerging? In these verses, as you progressively add word values there is about a 1-in-45 chance of hitting a given number. By the binomial formula, that means there is about an 81% chance of any number around 350 (the average of the four values in the table) being found once somewhere in the Oracle.[5] The chances of both standard and combined value being found for any word are about 65% (81% of 81%). The chances of finding the name with and without the definite article, under both systems, is about 43%. The probability of finding ten instances of these numbers, as above, is about 12% and the clustering into three tight bands reduces the odds to around 0.6% (1 in 150). Finally, the chances of these clusters creating a beginning-middle-end pattern are obviously lower again - I estimate about 0.1% (1 in 1000). [6]

What would we expect from randomly-chosen numbers? I did a control experiment by subtracting one from each of the four numbers, reducing the set from [189, 270, 402, 531] to [188, 269, 401, 530]. Then I looked for these new numbers in the Oracle.  

 Table The Oracle Control

As you can see, only three of the four numbers were found at all and there were only five instances in total instead of ten with the genuine numbers. Although there was some clustering of the word blocks it was much less impressive.

A control experiment for the English-Hebrew double witness codes, which gave similar results, is shown in The Double Witness.

One Hebrew name for an Oracle is HaMassah/'this oracle' (Isaiah 14.28). This is also found in these verses, filling the spaces between the three clusters in another fairly symmetrical pattern.[7]

 Table The Oracle 2

So The Oracle proclaims itself as such, double witnessed by two validated systems of alphabetic numeration and in the languages of the original words and the modern translation. Even the double-witness encoding method is encoded - double-witnessed, of course.

 Table Double Witness 2

This reinforcement by repetition and confluence gives these double-witness encodings their oracular power.. A single number, like a lone witness to a crime, means very little. But a cluster of meaningfully-related numbers acts like multiple witnesses and gives us much more confidence in their statements. As we will see, related encodings are placed nearby to provide a wider context for interpretation.

The double-witness method also helps with interpretation, because numerical values are shared between many words and phrases, but far fewer do under both numeration systems. So with multiple encodings the forest of possible interpretations is ruthlessly cut down to a copse or a single tree. For example, the Hebrew word Yehoshua and the English phrase 'Second Coming' both have a standard value of 391. But their combined values are 471 and 570. So if, for example, we are looking for a double witness to Yehoshua we would expect to find both 391 and 471. For 'Second Coming' we would expect to find 391 and 570. The corrollary of this is that the same number can be part of several clusters. 

The Oracle is not a divinatory tool. Future events are known only to the Holy Spirit and are encoded so that they appear in The Oracle at the appointed time.[8] We cannot second-guess that process. However, if used prayerfully and with discernment, objectivity and great caution, The Oracle can function as a true witness to current and future world events as they happen, point to the forces behind them and reveal what impact they will have on our lives. God's word on these events is immensely valuable to us in a world where our governments are ceding power to unelected supranational agencies, our institutions are collapsing, our news media are bought and world events increasingly appear to be staged. 


The Oracle's Commentaries

In this page and those to come, I offer some commentaries by The Oracle on three recent events, all of which began after the NIV '84 was published and two of which are ongoing. Their presence within The Oracle suggests they are of great prophetic import,'

The events are:

1. The terrorist attacks of 9/11.

2. The Covid-19 Pandemic.

3. The war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

In this page I will deal with the first of these events, which had such a powerful impact on the human psyche that we now say 'pre-9/11' and 'post-9/11' in much the same way we used to say 'BC' and 'AD'.


1. The Terrorist Attacks of September the 11th, 2001

These are the references within The Oracle to that day. The Oracle takes advantage of popular phraseology and the terrorists attacks on that day are almost universally referred to as "nine-eleven". This is encoded centrally within the verses, near two instances of the number 911. Notice how related word blocks tend to be situated close to each other.

Table 9:11 4

The number 11 can be summed as the number '11' or as 1 + 1, as if the numerals were letters. Both ways are encoded! The combined values of the full descriptions are far larger than the Oracle, which sums to 3764, can accommodate, so the double witness has been acheived by two standard values.

The number 911 is the standard value of the Hebrew word reshith, meaning 'the beginning' and, as bereshith/In the beginning, is the Hebrew Bible's first word. Within The Oracle, the number 911 also takes part in a tight cluster of double-witness codes as reshith/the beginning, along with 'the beginning' and 'nine-eleven'.

Table 9:11 The Beginning

So we are being told that 9/11 was a beginning. But the beginning of what?

In The September-11 Cube, I show how the ordinal values of the names of main targets - the North Tower and South Tower of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon - combine to form three nested cubes: cube 729 (9 cubed), with 343 (7 cubed) and 125 (ie 5 cubed) inside, like Russian dolls.[6] By 'striking through' the centre of cube 729 along the three spatial planes - representing the three airplane strikes on 9/11 - we can colour 217 spheres.    When the cube, oriented as below, is then projected onto a surface, we see a hexagram with 121 units.

Shining a Light Through September-11 Cube

                  The Pentagon (o)  = 125  (5 cubed)       Christ's Second Coming (o) = 217
                  The World Trade Centre (o)  = 218  (cubic shell)       Second Coming (o) = 121 = 121
                  125 + 218  = 343  (7 cubed)       Christ's (o)  = 96
                  The North Tower (o)  = 189         Second (o)  = 60
                  The South Tower (o) = 197         Coming (o)  = 61
                  189 + 197  = 386  (cubic shell)          
                  386 + 343 = 729  (9 cubed)          

Now observe the numbers clustered alongside '911' and 'Nine Eleven'.[9] 

 Table 9:11 and the September-11 Cube 2

These are the numbers creating the September-11 Cube and its projected hexagon and internal star! By showing the numbers emerging from the September-11 Cube, The Oracle is confirming that this figure was meant to be derived from the 9/11 targets and the way they were attacked, something I had completed fifteen years before I was led to these double-witness codes. Therefore The Oracle is confirming what many pages on this site and the September-11 Cube itself are claiming: 9/11 was the beginning of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.

Matthew 24.42

Jesus entered the temple are and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money-changers and the benches of those selling doves.

Matthew 21.12

In a virtuouso feat of encoding, perhaps the pinnacle of all the material I have ever found, ten English phrases commonly used to describe the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are encoded in the same location, each phrase double witnessed by being represented both as standard values and as combined values.   

Table The Second Coming DW

These are most of the statements made about Christ's return containing the phrase 'Second Coming'. Yet not only are all of their numbers present, double witnessed, but most of the pairs overlap or sit very close to each other. The odds against this miracle occurring by chance are effectively zero. [10] So The Oracle confirms that the event Christians have long awaited has now begun. 

The Oracle is like a kaleidoscope, revealing a different pattern at every turn, or a finely-cut jewel, reflecting different colours from every angle. A slight change in viewing angle reveals the 9/11 targets, all double witnessed.

Table 9:11 The Targets 4

In addition to the collapse of the towers and the damage to The Pentagon, flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and WTC tower 7 later collapsed. In The Day of Atonement, I show that 9/11 represented the atonement sacrifices made during the rite of atonement. Each structure represented a sacrificial animal, and as I show in the page, the chronological order was precisely followed. The sacrifices are also encoded.

 Table 9:11 Sacrifices

There are two ways of enumerating 'flight 93': either by summing 9 + 3 separately (like letters), or just counting them as the number 93. The code uses both methods throughout and both sets of numbers are encrypted here in this neat cluster.

Flight 93 represented the scapegoat, released to wander into the desert after the sins of the Hebrews were lain upon it. 

Table 9:11 Scapegoat 

Again both methods of encoding the number 93 are found in The Oracle, so we are left in no doubt about that flight 93, which crashed far away from the White House in Washington (the hijackers' intended target) in the 'desert' of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, really did represent the scapegoat. The scapegoat tself symbolised Jesus Christ, who also took our sins upon himself.

The identification of 9/11 with The Day of Atonement is confirmed here. 

 Table Nine-Eleven & The Day of Atonement

Under Old Testament law, the ancient Hebrews occasionally had to sacrifice an unblemished red heifer (a cow that had borne no more than one calf), so its ashes could be used for purification from the contamination of death. The ceremony was performed by a ritually pure priest on The Mount of Olives. Apparently nine have been sacrificed since the time of Moses and Jews believe that the 10th will be sacrificed by the Messiah himself.

According to The Oracle, 9/11 represented The Day of Atonement and The Day of the Lord's Sacrifice, so I looked to see what it has to say about the red heifer sacrifice.

Table 9:11 Red Heifer Sacrifice

Tower 7 was coloured brick red, very simiar to the colour of a red heifer!

Tower 7 Red Heifer

So on 9/11 the Messiah sacrificed a red heifer to symbolise His return to Jews as well as Christians.


Another much-anticipated event is The Day of the LORDChristians have long debated whether this is the initiatory event of the Second Coming or a separate event. It is prophesied in several of the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament, beginning with the great prophet Isaiah, who wrote of a day of judgment and retribution.

See, the day of the LORD is coming - a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger - to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it.

Isaiah 13.9, NIV '84

The next table shows a dense cluster of codes in The Oracle, telling us that 9/11 was the prophesied Day of The LORD.

 Table 9:11 Day of the Lord 2

Many verses in the New testament confirm that Jesus will return as our judge.

"For he has fixed a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has give proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead."

Acts 17.31, NIV '84

The Oracle contains a dense matrix of codes, confirming that the day of judgment was 9/11, The Day of The LORD.

Table 9:11 Judge 3 

 In Zephaniah, The Day of the LORD is also known as The Day of the LORD's Sacrifice. 

On the day of the LORD's sacrifice I will punish the princes and the king's sons and all those clad in foreign clothes.

Zephaniah 1.8, NIV, 84

This title is also found in The Oracle and it confirms the idea of 9/11 as an atoning sacrifice, as The Day of Atonement encodings above also state. 

 Table Day of the Lords Sacrifice 2

The next table also links the Day of The LORD to the Second Coming.

 Table 9:11 Day of the Lord SC

So according to The Oracle, 9/11 was The Day of the LORD, and this was, in fact, the initiatory event of Jesus' Second Coming.

On 9/11 Jesus Christ returned to dispense justice on this sinful world by destroying the twin symbols of its dominant economic system, which had incurred God's wrath. The destruction thereby wrought fulfilled Biblical prophecies of The Day of the LORD. Because 9/11 was modelled on The Day of Atonement, it was also therefore an atoning sacrifice for our sins.


A Second Witness

I said the entire Bible is an oracle and this includes the Hebrew and Greek scriptures from which the Christian Bible was drawn. That they were inspired by a God who foresaw all of human history is conclusively demonstrated by the next two tables, which are based on encodings I found in Genesis 1.2, this time in its original Hebrew.[11] They show that 9/11 was an event of such significance that it was encoded in the Hebrew Bible's second verse, written about 2500 years ago.

 Table G1.2 BHS 911

Here we see the number 911 sitting on top of a large and very improbable stack of elevens in the centre of the verse.[12]

Notice that the cube of 11 is encoded within the central six words, and 911 occupies the central four words, lying between the 11th word of Genesis and the 11th word of the second verse. There are also three double multiples in the verse and the triple multiple is split into two further multiples by splitting the word tehum/the deep, itself containing two multiples of 11.

The sum of the 11th word of Genesis and the 11th word of the verse is 19 + 728 = 747. This, in English, is the combined value of 'Second Appearing'.

Why the number 11? In the Bible the number 11 symbolises disorder, disintegration, imperfection and disorganisation, good descriptors for the terrible events of 9/11 and also for Jesus' Second Coming, which in Biblical accounts and in reality was a day of destruction. As the reduced value of 'Jesus' and as its square, 121, the ordinal value of 'Second Coming', the number 11 can be considered a shorthand symbol of the Second Coming itself, which is why 9/11 is marked with 11 in a bewildering number of ways. The most obvious examples were that the date was the 11th, the towers resembled a giant 11, they had 110 storeys and flight 11 was the first to hit the towers. I've recorded others I've found on this page, give several Biblical examples on this page and many more in the pages accessable here. I also discuss portents of 9/11 in history and western culture on this page.

A second table based on the original Hebrew words in Genesis 1.2 (BHS) shows another cluster of codes related to Jesus Christ, imprinted like an ancient watermark on the same words, which were penned 500 years before Jesus' Incarnation. 

 Table G1.2 BHS 1485

The central word block, bookended with the Hebrew for 'Word', also encodes 11, along with Jesus and His Coming in the ordinal and reduced systems.

1. 1485 ends on the 11th word and is 11 x 135.

2. The verse sum to the 11th word is 3211.

Jesus (r) = 11
Christ (r) = 32
Jesus' Coming (o) = 135

3. 1485 splits down the middle into 671 (451 + 220, both multiples of 11) and 814 (86 + 728). This simultaneously splits its factor 135 into 74 and 61.

671 = 61 x 11
814 = 74 x 11
Jesus (o) = 74
Coming (o)      = 61

A second arrangement reinforces the message.

Table G1.2 BHS 1485 2

Much more material is encoded in this passage, but what I've shown should hopefully be enough to convince the reader that 9/11 both announced and began Jesus' Second Coming.



9/11 was encoded by the Holy Spirit to proclaim Christ's return, but who were the perpetrators 'on the ground'? The official line is that 9/11 was the work of Al Qaeda. However, the Oracle has more to say on that subject.

Table 9:11 Perpetrators 2

Because 9/11 was a precise enactment of The Day of Atonement rite, The Day of the LORD and the sacrifice of the red heifer, I suspected that the Mossad were involved. Given the strong ties between the Mossad and the CIA there is little doubt that elements within the CIA would have cooperated with them. Additionally, some researchers claim that Al Qaeda itself was a creation of The CIA and The Mossad.[13] In any case, The Oracle is clear: all three agencies had a hand in planning and executing 9/11, a day of death and destruction, but one prophesied throughout the Bible.

In Part 2, I deal with two more recent crises: the Covid-19 pandemic and the current war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.


Bill Downie




1. Two years ago, at midnight on 24/11/21, I was taken out of my body and given a remarkable, complex experience, which lasted for perhaps a half hour. This happened just as I completed the Garden of Eden pages on this site and it was, I feel, a reward for my efforts. Completing this suite of pages took three weeks, during which time I was subjected to continuous spiritual attack. But I was protected and lifted up every time I stumbled and fell, which was many times. After I coalesced back into my body, God spoke to me. I had been helped to complete the pages because He wanted mankind to have a GOLDEN AGE, which I understand is to last a thousand years. I asked why the world is anything but golden at the moment and the answer I received was IN THE END. I belive The Oracle will help guide us into that future Golden Age, which in a spiritual sense at least, has already begun.

2. The words from the Holy Spirit that led me to the double-witness codes came through Kathy LeCorre, my silent partner in this work who, sadly, died earlier this year. Her contribution was enormous and her support steadfast and essential.

3. The entire tabernacle and its structure is also found here, double witnessed in English and Hebrew. I found it all in 2017, but didn't publish it, because I couldn't find one of the two numbers for the outer court. I now realise why that is so (it is related to the fact that the outer court was given to the gentiles, and was therefore not considered holy) and regret not publishing the material. The original work is lost now, but if time permits I may do it all again.

4. In this work I was assisted by Richard McGough, during an online forum discussion.

5. The larger the number the lower the chances of it being found in the Oracle, because large word blocks fit into the Oracle fewer times. For example, the first 82 words will fit in only twice (1 to 82 and 2 to 83), whereas a block two words long will fit in 82 times (1 to 2, 2, to 3 . . . . 82 to 83), giving far more chances to randomly hit a small number than a large number.

6. If we split the five verses into 5 even portions, there is a 3-in-5 chance of a cluster landing in one of them. This leaves 4 verses, so the next cluster has a 2-in-4 chance of landing in one. Finally we have a 1-in-3 chance of the final cluster landing in the last portion. 3/5 x 2/4 x 1/3 = 0.1. So 1 in 150 reduces to 1 in 1500. Two of the clusters lie slightly outside those parameters, so I'm calling it 1 in 1000.

7. As I was doing this table the TV was on, showing a report on the Gaza conflict. I suddenly heard the word 'Hamass' and realised it is almost identical to 'Hamassa'. As this page makes clear, the Israel-Hamas conflict is a fulfilment of prophecy and an extremely significant event. 

8. As a finite a set of numbers The Oracle cannot have everything already encoded within it. These numbers are simply a template that the Holy Spirit uses to encode events so that they will appear in The Oracle. In this way, The Oracle can be used far into the future.

9. 911 is simply a number and is double witnessed by being present twice. 

10. The extreme improbability of all the values of these phrases being present in The Oracle only applies to those specific phrases, although they cover most of the terms for Jesus and the sentence structures one would commonly use along with ''Second Coming' (rather than the less common 'Coming', 'Second Advent, Second Appearing, etc), However, as with Biblical words describing Jesus in The Signatures of Christ, the ones I chose are the phrases Christians most often use when referring to the Second Coming. This answers any charge of cherry picking results, since chance has no way of determining popularity. 

11. Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensis. The original document for this verse was the Masoretic Text.

12. There are 105 word strings within this verse and three double multiples and one triple multiple of 11. By chance we would expect one double multiple at most and no triple multiples. Moreover they are all in a tight cluster the centre of the verse and sitting between the 11th word of the verse and of the book, further reducing the odds. So this is a rare phenomenon.

13. Most of the public are aware of the infamus 'Dancing Israelis', Mossad operatives caught filming the terrorist attacks as they occurred. Other Mossad operatives were arrested too and one of the vehicles displayed a mural of the towers being hit by an airplane.