The Language of the Logos

 Rosetta Stone



The Rosetta Stone is currently situated in the British Museum, London, having fallen into British hands in 1801 after its discovery by a Frenchman in 1799. The stone is an ancient Egyptian tablet with several inscriptions in Egyptian and Greek and three writing scripts. The two Egyptian hieroglyphic scripts had previously been indecipherable, but the third was ancient Greek; knowing this language allowed archaeologists to decypher the two hieroglyphic scripts.

In this page I will show how an analogous situation between the codes I and others have discovered in the Hebrew MT, Greek TR and English NIV is resolved by a simple extension of The Creation Seal, the holographic Seal formed when Genesis 1.1 and John 1.1 are joined. 

Extending the Creation Seal reveals the final part of the message - brought to us, so to speak, on tablets of stone - of Christ's Second Coming and what lies beyond.


The Garden of Eden 

This is The Garden of Eden  - the first five verses of the NIV Bible and the crowning glory of the New Bible Code - showing the number of words in each verse and its ordinal value.

1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. 3. And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. 4. God saw that the light was good and he sepaated the light from the darkness. 5. God called the light "day" and the darkness he called "night". And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

Genesis 1.1-5, NIV '84

 Creation Seal Garden

The Garden lies within the text describing the first day of Creation and the fractal forms that lie within are of the same family as those discovered within the first verses of Genesis (MT) and John (TR), even though the three texts were all written in different eras. As this suite of pages has already shown, the same kind of G-triangle geometry, among all the possible geometries, is an integral part of all three texts. That in itself suggests the same Author was at work and that, as with the Rosetta Stone, the same Message has been given in three different langages, chiselled into the 'tablets' of the Hebrew Bible, Greek New Testament and English NIV Bible. [1]

Note: I also call these verses The Oracle, as they comprise a numerical template which offers commentaries on current events.   

The Garden's total ordinal value of 3764 has two intriguing features.

1. It splits into 37 and 64. These are geometrically related: a cube and its projection onto a surface along a diagonal. They multiply to give 2368:

 Ihsous Christos

2. If we add 3764 to its mirror, 4673, we get 8437. Amazingly, this is the hexagram formed by the self-union of triangle 6328, the numerical value of the Creation Seal! 6328 is also a numerical anagram of 2368.

Two Links Between Garden and Seal

These are signs pointing to the Creation Seal and a place therein for the Garden of Eden.


Locating the Garden

The Creation Seal features mirror codes and palindromic numbers such as 373, 575 and 232. Placing the Garden in the centre of the seal gives the palindromic number 151, ov of 'Jesus Christ' and 'Holy Spirit', from the verse totals (1, 5, 1). So that's where I placed it.

Placing the Garden in the Centre of Creation (where it belongs!) also breaks the seal, as in cutting a ticker tape, opening a letter, entering a temple or even breaking a hymen. So let's see what results from this action. Here is the Garden within the Creation Seal.

 The Garde in Creation

The three numbers sum to 10092, which is a large trefoil, displayed below, in what I call the New Garden

The Trefoil in the New Garden

The New Garden (s)  = 925
Jesus Christ (s)  = 925
The New Garden (c) = 1110
Ark (s), Eden (c), Aleph (Heb. full)   = 111 

Each leaf of the trefoil symbolises one of the three text portions and by extension the scritpures from where they were taken. 


Trefoil 10092

Before we turn to its trefoil expression let's look at the number 10092 itself, because it has significant factors.

10092 = 87 x 116
Ihsous/Jesus (o)  = 87
Anointed One (o)  = 116

Trefoil 10092 is ideal for representing Jesus Christ and a renewed Creation.

1. It reflects the Word. 

John 1.1 (TR) sums to 3627, which is 39 x 93. Trefoil 10092 added to its digit reflection gives the same numbers with a spacer in between:

10092 + 29001 = 39093

The Word (r)  = 39

The Word (o) = 93

2. Each leaf of the trefoil has 3364 counters (or cells, since it's a leaf!) and represents Jesus:

3364......................................= 58 x 58

Yehoshua/Jesus (s) .....................= 58

Each leaf can be formed by summing T57 and T58

Each trefoil leaf is built from 3364 cells

1653 (T57) + 1711 (T58) = ..........3364


Trefoil 10092 Leaf 

 Yehoshua/Jesus (o) .............= 58

HaMashiach/the Messiah (o) = 57


3. The outline trefoil sums to 684 cells, the standard value of 'Jesus' Coming'! 

 Trefoil 10092 684

 Jesus Coming (s) = 684


The Generating Triangle

If we now go back one step in the Koch antisnowflake process, we can see the triangle that generates trefoil 10092: triangle 15051.

Triangle 15051

The New Garden of Eden (o) .................................= 173 


Let's take a look at the numbers it contains.

1. 15051 has two complementary pairs of factors: it is 173 x 87 and 29 x 519

Ihsous/Jesus (o)   = 87
Messiah (r)  = 29
Christ (c) = 519

2. The outline triangle, shown above with the solid triangle, has 516 counters, giving three divine identities:

Triangle outline 516

The Lord (c) = 516
The Appearing (s)   = 516
The Blessing (s)  = 516


The Core Issue

 If we look at the core and satellite triangles within 15051, we witness more wonders.

Triangle 15051 T87

Time and again we see the vital statistics of these figures happening to align with the nomenclature of the Trinity, with awareness of the precise formulations used (such as "Word" and derivatives being found so often in John 1.1). The only possible reason is because language and writing have been guided to produce a 'best fit' with inalterable geometric properties. The geometry adds meaning too, so that we have a trinity of word, number and form, witnessing to the truth of God's words and proclaiming the event the world so desperately needed.

Like the Rosetta Stone itself, the New Garden proclaims the same message in three languages, seen here to be the work of one Hand. Why? Because all three Bibles - Hebrew, Greek NT and English NIV - supplied verses for the construction of the trefoil. All three languages provided gematria for decoding the numbers and the same alphabetic substitution systems were used each time. They have been united through the one language that is universal: mathematics, the language of the Logos.



Here is a visual summary of the geometry I've displayed so far.

Trefoil In New Garden 2 


Bill Downie 2/10/22 



1. The NIV is the most popular modern translation of the Bible in the international language of choice.  The New Bible Code is contained within, but extends beyond, the NIV 1984, 2001 Edition (British English). Translations in US English, as versions such as the KJV, contain parts of the code too, but only one version contains the complete code. The same is true of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia and Erasmus' Textus Receptus. The NIV is based on the Masoretic Text and the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament. So the main part of the encoding of the NIV must have been done during translation in the 1970s and so is not dependent on the source text. The same goes for the codes, which employ and reference gematria already woven into language, but are a separate level of codes.