The Creation Seal

Security SEal



 What you see above is a security seal tag, with a unique identifying number, used for example to ensure certain products are untampered at the point of purchase. This is a useful metaphor for what has been done in Scripture: a product has been packaged for us, a gift from the Lord, with its own unique identifying number that assures us it has been preserved untampered for two Millennia by generations of faithful writers, copyists, translators and editors. So as we open the gift we can be sure we are seeing it exactly as it was when it was wrapped up for us in heaven's gift store.

In the previous page I showed some of the geometry encoded into the first verse of the Gospel of John, as found in the koine Greek Textus receptusThis was compiled by Erasmus 500 years ago, from manuscripts written 2000 years ago, but which contains mathematics only discovered in the last 100 years. The first verses of John (TR) and Genesis (MT) are already linked both in meaning and because they jointly encode a pixellated image of triangle 6328 (see image below). 

I recently discovered two more links between the verses, which I detailed in the previous page. These are summarised below:

1. The outline of triangle 2701 is 216 and the outline of trapezium 3627 is 260. These numbers are also encoded in each verse, as the standard value of the first word minus the values of the central and last words (G1.1) and the values of the last word minus the central and first words (J1.1), which is exactly the reverse order. Since Hebrew reads right to left, the direction the numbers are read in John is now also right to left.

2. Two hourglass figures are encoded in J1.1, by two calculations also performed in G1.1 to reveal a Star of David. Again, though, the numbers have to be read right to left, as they would naturally be in the Hebrew G1.1. 

The joint encoding of a single triangle suggested to me that Genesis 1.1 and John 1.1 should themselves be joined, and the reversals just noted suggested that they should be joined as shown above, reading right to left as a single message, which I call The Creation Seal.


The Creation Seal

The Creation Seal


The Security Tag

The numbers in the security tag come from the 2-3-2 (G1.1) and 5-7-5 (J1.1) word-group separation that shows both verses to be ancient zip files packed with information, and is shown above. Joining the verses concatenates these numbers to give a single six-digit number, 575232.

575232 ...............................................= 749 x 768

Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah (s) = 749

Reading it right to left, for the reasons I explained earlier, now gives 232575, 

232575 ...............................................= 443 x 525

Ho Logos/The Word (s) ................................= 443

So Jesus Christ (749) and the Word (443) are factors of this number and its mirror. Numerically and geometrically we see signs that these verses, already similar in meaning, were designed to be joined. Now that the security tag has been removed we can open the message and read its contents.


Triangle and Trefoil 

The sum of G1.1 and J1.1 is 6328, the 112th triangle. This has been called the Greater Creation Triangle, as it augments the Creation Triangle (triangle 2701).  [1]

Triangle 6328 CS1a

Triangle 6328 is a G-triangle and all such pixellated triangles can be taken one or more steps towards the Koch Snowflake or antisnowflake. [2] These figures are metaphors for life and growth and their encoding is a message about the nature of our Creator and His desire for His creations.

If we divide the Creation Seal as shown below, we reveal two numbers that show the first iteration of the Koch antisnowflake process, when it is performed on triangle 6328. 

Creation Seal 5a 4330

As we have already seen and as this split now confirms, the tag number 575232 has been carefully chosen.

from 575232 . . . . 

5752 = 719 x 8
The High Priest (s)   = 719
archi/beginning (s) = 719
2575 = 515 x 5
Jesus (s)  = 515

 The number not highlighted in red, 32, is the reduced value of 'Christ'.

Finally, breaking the seal here splits the entire 24 words of the Creation Seal into 5 words and 19 words, suggesting 519.

Christ (c) ................= 519 

Trefoil 4330 is a beacon, signalling an important and aesthetically pleasing design on the seal: a miraculously-woven Star of David perfectly enveloped by the Holy Spirit. The design covers exactly the same territory as trefoil 4330, the last four word groups. 

Creation Seal 547 1749 1488


The Koch Snowflake

Mirroring is an important concept in the code, so I split the word-groups at a point two groups in from the left instead of the right, mirroring the first splitting. This reveals a beautiful snowflake that is the third iteration of the Koch snowflake, starting from a triangle, a rare phenomenon and only the second such figure that can be created. [3] The two word-groups in John sum to a trefoil formed from the very star encoded within Genesis 1.1, star 937.

 Creation Seal 5b 3517

 Amazingly, 2811 is the value in Greek of Pilate's reference to Jesus Christ in Matthew 27.17 (TR):

So when the crowd had gathered, Pilate asked them, "Which one do you want me to release to you: Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ?" (John 27.17 (NIV '84)

 Jesus who is called Christ

 Iesoun, ton legumenon Christon/Jesus, who is called Christ (s) = 2811

1st two phrases John 1.1 (TR) ....................................................= 2811

Repeating the numerical analysis performed above on the reflective word string leads to an equally amazing set of factors.

from 575232 . . . . 

5232 = 654 x 8
Word (s)  = 654
2325 = 93 x 25
The Word (o)  = 93

The number not highlighted in red, 57, is the ordinal value in Hebrew of Ha Mashiach/the Messiah.

Finally, breaking the seal here splits the entire 24 words of the Creation Seal into 12 words and 12 words, suggesting 1212. 

The Word of God (c) .............= 1212 

So numbering the first four word groups and the last four word groups reveal a trefoil and a snowflake, their geometric and numerical properties proclaiming Jesus Christ as the Word of God. [2]

The encoding of these particular figures also reveals knowledge of the two complementary processes for creating the Koch snowflake and antisnowflake, almost 2000 years before fractal geometry was discovered. This bolsters a similar encoding in Genesis 1.1. and confirms the Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament have a common Author, just as Christians claim.

Two more mirrored segments of the seal's tag number, 575232, again reveal the identity of the Word Incarnate in Hebrew and English:


Yehoshua HaNotzri/Jesus of Nazareth (s) = 752


Pithgam/Word, command (s) ....................= 523

Incarnation (s) ...........................................= 523

All of these reflective encodings use the central two word groups, to which we will now turn.

But first here's a brief review of a snowflake that is central to the New Bible Code and that grows by a stepwise process. Each iteration illustrates the Creation week, the period referred to in the verses making up the Creation Seal.


The Creation Snowflake

In The Creation Snowflake I show how three numbers defining snowflake 1279 are encoded into the first two verses of Genesis in the NIV '84. This snowflake can be grown using a method illustrating the six-plus-one day Creation week I call the Creation function, the first iteration of which is as follows:

1. Create a ring of hexagons, representing the six working days of Creation.

2. Fill the space inside with a hexagram, representing the seventh day, which creates a snowflake.

Repeat step 1 with the hexagram for the next iteration, and then the snowflakes this process creates for subsequent iterations.

Three iterations of the 'creation function' produce three remarkable snowflakes, illustrated below. These are all Koch snowflakes and antisnowflakes, but created, like real snowflakes, by a process of growth. This method also creates its own internal structure and reveals a close mapping onto the geometry of the snowflake in the nomenclature of the Trinity.

      Ist iteration                              2nd Iteration                        3rd Iteration        

                                                          Step 1                   Step 2                    both steps                               both steps....................                                            .      

  Creation Snowflake 114 151 373 1279

Snowflake 3517, which as I showed above is encoded over the first four word groups in the Creation Seal, is the fourth iteration. The snowflake is formed by  surrounding antisnowflake 1279 by six copies of snowflake 373.

 Snowflake 3517 373 151

Incredibly, this precise internal structure is already encoded within the numbers as grouped.

Snowflake 3517 and Its Internal Structure Via the Creation Function

 Creation Seal 6b 3517 373 151


Bisecting the Snowflake

If we now bisect the four word groups that hold the snowfake and its internal structure into two equal parts by word group, we reveal further internal structure and a self-reflective message.

Creation Seal 6a


Inside the snowflake is hexagon 1519, which also happens to be the sum of the central two word groups within the Creation Seal. Appropriately, then, 1519 is the standard value of a phrase that contains the central statement of the Creation Seal. 

Creation Seal 1519 

The hexagon can be taken two steps towards a Koch antisnowflake to create snowflake 1279, the third iteration of the Creation Function and a divine mandala, symbolising the Lord's return.

 Hexagpn 1519 1279

In the next page we look more closely at hexagon 1519 and its setting.


Bill Downie 21/9/22 



1. The nomenclature used in these pages is due to Vernon Jenkins, whose own work laid the foundations for the discovery of the Creation Seal.

2. In the sequence of triangular numbers only 1 in 3, the so-called G-triangles, can produce a hexagram this way. But every triangle can produce a trefoil. On the other hand, all of the centred triangles can produce hexagrams and trefoils.

3.  The first that can be created is snowflake 1261.