The Number of the Beast

 the greek number 666 


This page offers a solution to the riddle we are invited to solve in Revelation 13.18:

This calls for wisdom. if anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666. 

The mysterious challenge is given in Greek, but the pieces of the puzzle came from three languages and scriptural texts, two ancient and one modern. It would not have been complete without every piece. [1] The 'number' turned out to be legion, scattered within the bedrock of scripture like fossilised bones. From these numbers I have reconstructed the beast, which is on display below in its lair.


A Star and Trefoil in the Creation Triangle

The sum of Genesis 1.1 (MT) can be displayed as G-triangle 2701, dubbed the 'Creation Triangle'. The last two words sum to 703, another G-triangle, which when inverted fits perfectly inside it. This arrangement is displayed below.

Triangle 2701 666 I


Words 6 and 7 are v'et ha'erets/'and the earth', so this illustration can therefore symbolise the earth situated within Creation. 

All G-triangles can be taken one or more steps towards both the Koch snowflake and its inversion, the Koch antisnowflake. Triangle 703 can be taken as far as hexagram 937 and trefoil 505, which are the first steps (iterations) in these opposing functions. In fact we are encouraged to do so, because Genesis 1.1 actually encodes both figures, as detailed below.

Triangle 2701 937 505


The two encoded figures are found by dividing the seven words of G1.1 into a 2-3-2 pattern and a 4-3 pattern. Significantly, the numbers 232 and 43 are both triangular trefoils. Even more importantly, 232 is the standard values of God's first spoken words in G1.3 and a self-referencing phrase:

Yahi Aur/Let there be light! (s) ............= 232

Davir YHVH/the Word of the LORD (s) = 232

43 is the reduced value of this name in both Hebrew and English:

Yehoshua HaMashiach (r) ................= 43

Jesus Christ (r) ..................................= 43

The discovery of this Star of David and its equivalent trefoil were essential prerequisites for the solution of the riddle. [2]


The Number

Here are the NIV words once more:

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

(Rev. 13.18, NIV '84)

Before I reveal the solution I'd quickly like to show the reader that the NIV words quoted above also bear the mark of the beast. 

In the New Bible Code's two-part decoding system, numbers have been laid down as ordinal values then take on meaning as standard values. This group of encodings is a perfect example of that system. All of the encodings are at the word level. 

Table Rev 13.18

Notice the degree of coordination between the top five word-blocks and the clause structure of the verse.

  • 'Beelzebub', the name used throughout the New Testament for the devil, covers the entire verse.
  • 'The fallen angel' (the only non-biblcal title) covers the first two clauses.
  • 'Satan' covers the third clause.
  • 6 x 6 x 6 covers the fourth clause.

The three word blocks below them represent 'the serpent' or 'serpent' in English, Greek and Hebrew, and are stacked on top of each other, another indicator of design. It would be too exhaustive to go through all the encodings here, but note that the first three groups of four words all use 18 (6 + 6 + 6) letters. 444 is the standard value of 'evil' and 'live'.


The Solution

The solution to the puzzle posed in the Bible's terminal book was encoded in its seminal verse long beforehand, builds on recent foundational work and can finally be revealed. 

Bearing in mind the words of Rev. 13.18, it should firstly be noted that the Hebrew word chokmah/wisdom has standard and ordinal values of 73 and 37, the only two factors of 2701, standard value of Genesis 1.1 (MT).

1. Vernon Jenkins discovered the Creation Triangle and observed that inverting triangle 703 then centering it within triangle 2701, as shown earlier, creates three triangles of 666 units.

 Triangle 2701 666 Ia


2. The central three words in Genesis 1.1 sum to 882. This is 3 x 294 and it can be represented on triangle 2701 as three trapezoidal bands. These delineate hexagon 1801 when in place and simultaneously expose three tips of 6 units at each vertice. [3]

 Triangle 2701 666 IIb


Notice that the number 294 is the ordinal value of the English words 'six hundred and sixty-six'. The three tips of 6 units each add yet another '666' - this makes seven so far. The areas shown in cyan make up the remaining 1116 units, sum of the first two words.

The symmetrical structure shown above is what this 2-3-2 word-split reveals, based only on numerical addition. If we now also allow subtraction (which gave us Star of David 937 and trefoil 505, earlier), we find yet another '666'. Subtracting the central and final words from the first word leaves us with 216 (6 x 6 x 6), the number of counters forming the outline of the triangle.

Triangle 2701 666 III jpg 


The wrapping of the triangle in 216 counters is reflected in the locations and symmetry of the three words that take part in this elegant encoding.

The final '666' then, is wrapped around the entire structure.

In summary, we have eight variants of '666' within the Creation Triangle, all derived from a numerical reading of Genesis 1.1 by a symmetrical 2-3-2 word separation:

  • Three satellite triangles of 666 units, around core triangle 703.
  • Three bands of 294 units framing hexagram 937, 294 being the ordinal value of "six hundred and sixty-six".
  • Three triangular tips of six units each, giving one '666'.
  • The perimeter of 216 units, 216 being 6 x 6 x 6.

If we now superimpose all of these features upon each other and add one identity, we are presented at last with the solution to the mystery of mysteries.

 Triangle 2701 666 VI


This is the beast in his lair, surrounded by a plethora of '666' decorations - his mark and number. [4]

Subtraction of numbers revealed hexagram 937 and its inverse, trefoil 505. This represents the dragon, as you can now witness.

Triangle 2701 505


When trefoil 505 is surrounded by the three bands of 294 units, as above, there are a total of 1296 (6 x 6 x 6 x 6) units left, in three heptagonal 'boats' totalling 432 units each. This is the standard value of the Hebrew word chidathi/my riddle!

Triangle 2701 505 882


The triangular progenitor of hexagram and trefoil, G-triangle 703, also takes part in the symbolism. Note that both 597 and 106 can be derived from G1.1, again by subtraction.

Triangle 2701 597 106


Theriou is another spelling for 'beast', found in Revelation 13.18 itself. Trefoil 106 is the standard value of the words spoken by Lucifer in Isaiah 14, which led to his fall from heaven. 

The internal structure created by the 2-3-2 word division creates three trapezia of 366 units around the core triangle. 366 is yet another 'number of the beast', this time the combined value in English. Again, this number can be derived from the numerical structure of the verse.

Triangle 2701 666 II


The book of Revelation was written in koine Greek and within it three spellings for 'beast' are employed:

 Therion Spellings


Two of these numbers you have already seen. The third is 247 and this is also found within triangle 703, as its 'base-triangle'. [5]

Triangle 2701 247


All three spellings of the word for 'beast' in Revelation, then, yield numbers with structural links to core triangle 703. The standard value of ha'erets/'and the earth' is 703 and triangle 703 gives rise to these forms as the earth gives rise to life. This metaphor is given added purchase by the fact that fractal geometry is built into both life itself and these beautiful figures.

456 is the standard value of 'foxes' from Judges 15.4. The fox has traditional associations with the devil (see below) and in English sums to this number:

Fox (s) = 666

One final point here. Triangle 666 at the apex joins with base-triangle 247 to form a kite of 913 counters. This gives us a natural division within the Creation Triangle between word 1, bereshith, and the rest of the verse.

We observed how trefoil 505, encoded within G1.1, expresses one spelling of the Greek word drakon/dragon. An alternative form of the word is found in Rev 12.3 and sums to 975. This number can also be extracted from the Creation Triangle and again the materials are found in the text itself.

The seven words after G1.1 sum to 1726, which is the 24th rhombic trefoil.

 Genesis 1.2

If this trefoil is centered within triangle 2701, it fits neatly inside the outline units to leave an unbroken surround of 975 units, shown in red.

Triangle 2701 1726 975

Each leaf of the trefoil has 576 counters, 576 being the standard value of pneuma/spirit. In the first example in scripture, Mt 10.1, Jesus is giving the disciples power over unclean spirits. 

The number that precedes 1726 in the sequence of rhombic trefoils is 1585. Significantly, it also precedes 1726 in Genesis, as the standard value of the last five words - and also turns out to be a mark of the beast!

Triangle 2701 1585


The word division here suggests 25, also a rhombic trefoil.

So all the numbers of the beast found by reading the book of Revelation as numbers, along with three numbers representing the dragon, lurk within the numerical geometry so plainly encoded within the Bible's seminal verses. Moreover, all of these numbers are associated with the geometry of hexagrams and trefoils derived from G-triangles.


For it is Man's Number

The number 666 expresses a range of biblical and mathematical ideas.

In Hebrew gematria, 666 represents Arun HaQadosh/The Holy Ark, Nezar Haqadosh/the Holy Crown, and, in its cubic form (216), Davir/Most Holy Place. 

666 is the ultimate expression of triangularity - the triangle being the simplest expression of the Trinity - since 6, 66 and 666 are all triangular numbers, as is its index of 36 (6 x 6) and its outline of 105. 216 is a cube - also symbolising the Trinity through the number three - and the outline of triangle 2701. 

666 is associated with the work of creation. In the Creation narrative God made everything in six days. The Hebrew phrases Yahi moroth/Let there be lights and Asah aretz/He made the earth both sum to 666. This idea is repeated in the encodings such as The Signature of Christ, where four strings of six words at the apex of scripture are encoded with the Lord's numerical signatures. 

666 is also linked with wealth and profit. In 1 Kings 10.14 Solomon's annual tribute was 666 talents of gold. The Greek word Euporia/wealth sums to 666.

Man himself was created on the sixth day, so 666 can also represent man and his works - and we are told 666 is 'man's number' (Rev 13.18). The direct link between 666, man and the beast is made in the Bible's plain text words in that same verse. 

Many encodings in the NIV support this connection. Here are two.

1. The Bible's 666th verse is Genesis 25.7, which tells us of the end of Abraham's life:

Altogether, Abraham lived a hundred and seventy-five years.

Genesis 25.7 (o) = 521

The Beast (s) .....= 521

In Genesis Genealogies I show how this verse is a central part of another remarkable piece of code, relating transitional periods in the history of the Israelites to the Second Coming.

2. The Bible's 666th chapter is Ecclesiastes 7. Appropriately, the subject of this dolorous chapter is wisdom, the central theme of the book attributed to the very wise Solomon, who received 666 talents of gold annually as tribute.


Man in Opposition to God

As shown earlier, the word 'fox', a traditional symbol of the devil and wisdom, has a standard value of 666.

The first three biblical mentions of the word 'fox' are in Judges 15.4, Judges 15.5 and Nehemiah 4.3. Summing these as numbers gives this related identity:

154 + 155 + 43 = 352

Satan (s) ..........= 352

The last mention is in connection with the opposition to the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, led by Tobiah, who claimed that " . . . . even a fox climbing up on it would break down their wall of stones." (Neh 4.3).

In Ezra the name given to the leading opposer of God's plan to have the Temple rebuilt is Tattenai. This account has 666 built into its own foundations. Ezra's account of the resistance to God's plans is given in a short section in Aramaic, from Ezra 4.8 to 6.18. 

48 + 618 = 666

Tattanai himself is first mentioned in Ezra 5.3 and is last encountered in Ezra 6.13. [4]

53 + 613 = 666

It's significant that 'Tattenai' is the final entry in Strong's Concordance (H8674). Immediately before 'Tattenai', are the Hebrew words for 'ninth', 'nine' and 'ninety', nine being the number of endings, judgment, fruits, suffering and finality.

Even the English transliteration of his name bears the mark of the beast.

Tattenai (s) = 666 

Tattenai's opposition to the rebuilding of the Temple was overturned by a decree from King Darius, the contents of which are give in the text and which ends at Ezra 6.12, immediately before the final mention of Tattanai, who was now diligently obeying the decree. Tattenai here represents Satan's ultimately futile plan to oppose God.


Opposing Geometries

Within the Creation Triangle there is a geometric analogy for Satan's opposition to God's plans. Triangle 703 in the centre can symbolise both opposition to God and alignment with God. Pointing downwards, in the opposite direction to the larger triangle, it automatically conjures the entire '666' pattern surrounding the beast! It fragments the surrounding area into three triangles of 666, allows the three bands of 294 counters to be placed around it and exposes the three tips of 6 counters each. 

An upwards-pointing triangle leaves an unfragmented triangular ring summing to 1998, which is the standard value, for example, of Bereshith bara Elohim et hashamayim/'In the beginning God created the heavens' and pas ho on ek tis aletheia/'everyone that is of the truth'.

Triangle 2701 1998 Triangle 2701 666 I


Bearing the Mark

Jesus Christ, by being born among us and therefore being 'numbered with the transgresors' (Isa 53.12), does not escape the number of the beast. In the Textus receptus, the most frequently used source text for translations of the New Testament, the final words of Revelation 13.18, "and his number is 666", sum to 2368. 

kai o arithmos auto chi xi stigma/and his number is 666 (s) = 2368

Ihsous Christos/Jesus Christ (s) ..........................................= 2368

 One of the '666' signifiers was 'six hundred and sixty-six', summing to 294. This is also linked to Jesus.

Kurios Ihsous Christos/Lord Jesus Christ (o) .....................= 294

Six hundred and sixty-six (o) ..............................................= 294

In Christ's Passion is revealed yet another '666'. Six is the numeric value of the Hebrew letter vav, and the three nails used in the Crucifixion could be seen as three vavs, which they resemble. The letter vav also represents man, created on the six day and so the three vavs can symbolise the three men who were crucified that day.

The letter Vav means 'hook', referring to the hooks used to fix the tent covering in the. tabernacle. So vav represents Jesus himself as the connecting force between heaven and earth. It is surely of great significance, then, that the first vav in the Hebrew Bible is in word six, where it stands between heaven (word five) and earth (word 7). [6]

Genesis 1.1 Word 6


The gematria of the sixth word, v'et, is 407, a number next found in Genesis 3.14, where God tells the serpent he is cursed for leading man into sin, using this word:

v'arar/you are cursed (s) = 407

The next instance of 407 is in Genesis 4.15, where God puts a mark on Cain for the murder of Abel. The word is owth, which means mark:

owth/mark (s) .................= 407

This is the mark of the beast, which is the mindset of those who oppose God, like the serpent and Cain in Genesis. We exchanged the love of God for the wisdom of the serpent.

The Hebrew word for 'serpent' has in fact the same numerical weight as the word for 'Messiah':

Nachesh/serpent (s) ...= 358

Mashiach/Messiah (s) = 358

Two numbers identified with 'beast' already shown above are 597 and 366: 

Theriou/beast (s) ..= 597 

Immanuel (c) ........= 597


beast (c) ...............= 366

Messiah (c) ..........= 366

 Finally, the New Bible Code exists to proclaim the Lord's Second Coming:

The Lord's Coming (s) = 666

The Messiah, then, was "numbered with the transgressors" (Isa 53.12) even before he was born on this earth, the last Adam bearing the mark of the beast so he could atone for the original sin of the first Adam.



I realised after I'd completed the page that there was a loose thread. The Creation Triangle and every structural element within it were derived either from addition or subtraction of word standard values within G1.1 itself, or in one case from the sum of the next seven words after G1.1. But there was an exception. I couldn't find the number 247, standard value of the noun therion/beast, or 456, standard value of shuw'alayim/foxes. The numbers emerge geometrically when base-triangle 247 is shown within triangle 703, seen earlier, but not numerically within the verse. So the double witness of numbers and geometry seemed to falter at this hurdle.

However, there is a geometric analogy for Jesus taking on the mark of the beast, which is shown below and which resolves the issue.

Triangle 2701 925 247Triangle 2701 925 247a

Base-triangle 925 is the standard value of 'Jesus Christ'! The tip of this divine iceberg emerges into triangle 703, representing the earth, and creates the number 247. 

The difference between 925 and 247 is 678, which is 86 + 203 + 395 - 407 + 401. Similarly, the cyan chevron above the two intersecting triangles representing Jesus Christ and the earth has 1320 units, which is 913 + 407. The sum of these intersecting triangles,1381, is therefore also found as 203 + 86 + 401 + 395 + 296.

So the entire construction is encoded and the numbers 247 and 456 are strongly implied. The image it creates depicts Jesus Christ "numbered with the transgressors".


Bill Downie 18/7/20

Last update 20/7/20



1. The texts are Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Hebrew Bible), Textus Receptus (New Testament) and the New International Version Bible (1984 edition, British English). 

2. The Star of David was discovered by Richard MacGough, who has written an informative article on 666 in the bible. 

3. 1801 itself is the sum of words 1, 3, 5 and 6, all within G1.1, and also the sum of words 1 to 8.

4. Hexagram 937 has 6 in its DNA, since it is a six-pointed star. The number 2701 is also linked to six, as it is the 37th hexagon (not to be confused with centred hexagons) and the digits 1, 2 and 7 are themselves intimately connected to this six-sided figure: 127, 217, 271, 721, 1027 and 2107 are all centred hexagons; 2071 is a star hexagon.

5. The 'base-triangle' is the isoceles triangle that appears when the base of a G-triangle and every nested G-triangle within is highlighted. This has already been validated by the presence of base triangle 925, standard value of 'Jesus Christ', within the Creation Triangle.

6. This is pointed out in an article in the website Hebrew4Christians, by John J. Parsons.