The Alpha and the Omega


The New Bible Code was written into the English-language 1984 NIV Bible and on two recent historical events, principally 9/11, which was the signal event of modern times. As I worked on the code, I soon realised that its reach extended to western culture and beyond. Now, a growing body of evidence has convinced me that the geometric element of the code aligns with the geometry uncovered by other researchers [1] working with Christianity's foundational texts: the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament. [2]

This evidence indicates that the same mathematical language, particularly the language of G-triangle geometry, is common to all three languages and texts, witnessing that they should ultimately be regarded as one body of work.


A Star of Stars in Genesis 1.1 (Mas.)

The standard value of Genesis 1.1 is 2701, or 37 x 73. Significantly, both factors are hexagram numbers. In 2014 I noticed that if we sum the first and central words then sum the rest, we have two numbers, 1314 and 1387, both of which are divisible by 73, and from which a compound Star of David can be created. This is displayed below, along with the first verse of the Hebrew Bible, from where it shines.

  Hexagram 73 x 37

This perfect 'star of stars' utilises the entire first verse of Genesis and visually displays both hexagram factors of its standard value of 2701, this time as the Star of David proper with an internal hexagon. Thus it stands as a symbol of all that follows, sealing the Hebrew Bible's first and seminal verse with the modern emblem of Judaism and an ancient symbol of Christ.

This compound star represents hexagram 37, the very figure which has been found to be so deeply encoded within the Hebrew Bible's first verse. The number 37 is also central to the New Bible Code - for example, it is the reduced values of 'The Lord' and 'Spirit' and is the 'seed' figure at the centre of the Creation Snowflake - part of the evidence I've found that the same hand encoded both Hebrew and NIV Bibles. 

37 is also a hexagon number and embodies the Star of David both on its own and in concert with hexagram 73, as together they form Star of David 73/37. Less well known, however, is that 73 is also a trefoil number. This expanded list of figurate propertie. s for 73 and 37 is illustrated below.

Hexagram 73 37 


Trefoils and hexagrams are the first iterations of two functions producing the Koch antisnowflake and the Koch snowflake and both are built into the foundations of the New Bible Code. Within the first few verses of Genesis two trefoils mark a suite of encoded numbers I call The Garden

In the next few sections I will demonstrate that trefoils and associated figures are also important within the Hebrew and Greek codes, particularly within the foundational verse for all of Scripture and its translations.  


Trefoils in Genesis 1.1 (MT)

The two most obvious numerical properties of Genesis 1.1 are the number of words (7) and letters (28). For students of gematria, the standard value (2701), ordinal value (298) and reduced value (82) of the verse are also of great import. 

The standard value of 2701 forms a G-triangle, the 'core' triangle of which has 703 units (also a G-triangle) and is the standard value of the last two words, 'v'et ha'erets/and the earth'. The geometric structure of the triangle is therefore reflecting this semantic division in the verse.

However, this geometric analogy runs deeper than previously supposed. The table below sets out the five numerical properties stated above, comparing the entire verse with the last two words.

Some Significant Numbers Derived From Genesis 1.1 (Mas.)

Standard Value

Verse/Wds 6 & 7

Ordinal Value

Verse/Wds 6 & 7

Reduced Value

Verse/Wds 6 & 7


Verse/Wds 6 & 7


Verse/Wds 6 & 7

2701/703 298/73 82/28 28/7 7/2

The code's use of G-triangles and the stars, trefoils and snowflakes that emerge from them is a reference to God's creation of life in all its manifestations and to manifest forms in general. Therefore it is stunningly relevant that, with the exception of the smallest of the set, 2 (which has no figurate properties), all of the numbers in the above table are trefoils derived from G-triangles!

The trefoils are of four types:

1. rhombic trefoils, the first iteration of a Koch antisnowflake from a triangle;

2. triangular trefoils, the first iteration of a Koch antisnowflake from a hexagon;

3. rhombic trefoils deriving from centred triangles (rather than regular triangles);

4. triangular trefoils deriving from centred triangles. 

Remarkably, the trefoils derived from the last two words are each of the same type as their opposite numbers symbolising the whole verse. Each fits inside the larger trefoil, just as triangle 703 fits inside triangle 2701. Moreover, like triangle 703, all are ultimately derived from the self-intersection of the parent triangles!

The nine trefoils (eight of them paired) are displayed below. 

Trefoils from Genesis jpg 


The following table shows how the G1.1 numbers (emboldened) derive from the geometry of G-triangles. I have used G-triangle 55 (T10) to show how trefoil pairs naturally arise.

 Trefoils from Genesis 3

This wonder of gematria is unlikely to have manifested within the biblical text by chance. [3] How unlikely?

Among the first 3000 natural numbers there are

a) 31 rhombic trefoils
b) 44 triangular trefoils
c) 19 centred rhombic trefoils, and
d) 26 centred triangular trefoils

The sum is 120 and since some of the numbers are shared this reduces to 114. Modelling this as a ball-in-a-bag problem (ie, calculating the probability of drawing ten balls out of a bag of balls numbered 1 to 3000 (with replacement), nine of which happen to be one of the above trefoils) gives us the following variables.

The probability of success on a single trial (p) is 114/3000 = 0.038.

The number of trials (n) is 10 - the ten numbers I derived from Genesis 1.1: 2701/703, 298/73, 82/28, 28/7, 7/2.

The number of successes (k) was 9 - the nine trefoil numbers (as defined above) are 7, 7, 28, 28, 73, 82, 298, 703 and 2701.

The probability of this occurrence can be calculated using the binomial formula and gives a probability of success of <0.000000000002, or 2 in a trillion, or 1 in 500 billion, based on that calculation.

However, it's an after-the-fact calculation, further numbers could be derived from Genesis 1, potentially diluting the number pool, and there are other geometric figures that could have been found. Also, when they are compared with the likely outcome of an actual ball-in-a-bag experiment, the ten derived numbers are skewed towards smaller values. This is important because the smaller the number the greater the chance of randomly hitting a trefoil. All of these factors increase the probability of chance occurrence. 

On the other hand the ten numbers are very prominent within the verse - likely the first that would be taken from it - the trefoils are of the simplest two types (rhombic and triangular) and all derive from G-triangles, already shown to be central to Genesis 1.1. These are strong indicators of coordinated design.

I did a second much more pessimistic calculation, excluding standard values to reduce the hits to 7 out of 10 and increasing the probability of success on a single trial (p) to 0.1, to take into account the fact that smaller numbers are more likely to be trefoils than larger numbers. The odds of the number pairs being trefoils are still over a million to one against chance.


A Star of David and Trefoil in the Creation Triangle

The sum of Genesis 1.1 (MT) is more usually displayed as triangle 2701, dubbed the Creation Triangle. But if we sum the first four words of G1.1 then subtract the last three words, the difference is yet another rhombic trefoil, which, when inverted, fits neatly into the Creation Triangle. The 4-3 split suggests 43, reduced value of 'Jesus Christ' in both English and Hebrew.

 Creation Triangle Inv. Trefoil 505

Trefoil 505 is the antisnowflake opposite of a Star of David found by Richard McGough. This is achieved by first dividing the seven words into a 2-3-2 pattern. The number 232 is a triangular trefoil and the standard value both of God's first uttered words, "yahi aur"/"Let there be light", and the phrase Davar YHVH/the Word of the LORD. All this suggests we are dealing with a matter of literally primal import.

Here is how the 2-3-2 word division yields a Star of David.

 Triangle 2701 937:469

1116 - 882 + 703 = 937

882 + 703 - 1116 = 469

Star of David 937/469 is firmly identified with the Judeo-Christian God through both form and numerical weight, as displayed below:

 Triangle 2701 468 469

The progenitor G-triangle, 703, is the standard value of 'Crown' in English and O Theos Israel/'The God of Israel' in Greek. [4]

All three figures guided me to a solution to the most intractable of biblical mysteries, given in the following page.


Jesus Christ From Genesis 1.1 (MT)

Triangle 2701, like all G-triangles, shares its base with an isoceles triangle, the apex of which is the central unit in triangle 2701. This 'base-triangle' required 925 units, the standard value, amazingly, of Jesus Christ!

 Triangle 2701 703 jpg

.Jesus Christ (s) ................= 925

Each row of base-triangle 925 is the foundation of every G-triangle within triangle 2701 (which all share the same central counter). G-triangles symbolise the generation of life and our triune God is the source of Life, so the base triangle melds both ideas into one potent symbol.

The sequence of base-triangles is numerically equal to the pentagonal numbers and also to the regular trapezia [5]. The first few members of this triple sequence are:

1, 5, 12, 22, 35, 51, 70, 92, 117, 145, 176, 210, 247, 287, 330, 376, 425, 477, 532, 590, 651, 715, 782, 852, 925, 1001, 1080, 1162, 1247, 1335 . . . .

A remarkable number of these early members of the sequence are numerical values relating to the Trinity, particularly Jesus and the end times. [6].


Yehoshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah from Genesis 1.1 (MT)

As already stated, the standard values of Genesis 1.1 (MT) is 2701 and that of the last two words, v'et ha'arets/and the earth, is 703. Both are G-triangles and triangle 703 fits perfectly inside triangle 2701 as shown. [7]

Triangle 2701 703


If we inscribe a trefoil of three hexagrams that just fits within triangle 703, we obtain the gematria for the Hebrew Title: Mashiach/Messiah.

Creation Triangle 358 Inv


If we now circumscribe three hexagrams of 253 units around triangle 703, we obtain the complementary trefoil of 754 counters, the standard value of the Hebrew for 'Jesus Christ', Yehoshua HaMashiach

Creation Triangle 754 Inv.

Within the Creation triangle, then, we can centrally place two figures with clear Judaeo-Christian symbolism, emerging from the G-triangle geometry encoded in the verse and embodying the Hebrew for 'Jesus the Messiah', 'Messiah', 'Hashem' and the Greek for logos, around a directly encoded figure representing 'the God of Israel' in Greek. Bearing in mind what I said earlier about these figures symbolising the manifest forms of life, it is interesting that 703 is also the gematria of 'and the earth'.


The Word

The Greek logos/Word is stunningly represented by snowflake 373, two iterations towards the Koch snowflake beginning from triangle 253 (T22). One day it occurred to me that the snowflake should have an antisnowflake equivalent. Here are the two specimens, with their generating triangle.

 Snowflake 373 Anti-snowflake 142

Incredibly, both the snowflake and its complementary antisnowflake are identified with God's word! All three figures are connected to the general idea of speech or words. Moreover, the two snowflakes sum to the standard value of 'Jesus' in English!

In Christ's Snowflakes I show how snowflake 373 tucks neatly inside star hexagram 925 (Jesus Christ (s)) and how antisnowflake 151 (Jesus Christ (o)) tucks neatly inside snowflake 373. The geometry is an independent witness to the biblical identification of Jesus as the Word - created by that Word!

Here is another witness. Triangle 253 neatly contains star hexagram 115, ordinal value of 'Jesus Christ' in Hebrew:

253 115

Regarding the biblical sources for the gematria of 142, Genesis 22.18 is referring to the voice of God, whereas Samuel 15.14 refers to the lowing (mooing) of oxen. Oxen may seem a rather lowly connection to the Word, but words are based on letters and the Hebrew letter aleph was derived from a pictogram of an ox. Situated at the head of the Hebrew 'alephbet', aleph is regarded by Jews as the 'father' of the other letters, as God is our Father. The lowing of the ox is then an analogy for the Word as a sound - "my voice".

Finally, 253 counters can be arranged into a hexagram as well as a triangle. Hexagram 253 is the basis of the trefoil summing to 754 counters (Jesus Christ in Hebrew) that was shown earlier. It also fits perfectly into hexagon 469 (also shown above inside triangle 2701), the standard value of 'heaven'.


The Names of God in Genesis 1.

We have already seen how subtraction can reveal encoded numbers in Genesis 1.1. For example, the outline of triangle 2701 is formed by subtracting the central and final word values from the first.  Here it is again, along with the verse for reference.

Genesis 1.1 Mas.

Sum of all words in G1.1 = 2701 (T73)

913 - 401 - 296 = 216 (outline of T73)

Some of God's preeminent titles are also found in G1.1:

  • 401 - 203 - 86 = 112
  • YHVH Elohim/the LORD God (s) = 112
  • 401 - 203 + 86 = 284
  • Theos/God (s) = 284
  • 401 + 203 - 407 = 197
  • El Elyon/God Most High (s) = 197
  • Emanuel/Immanuel (s) = 197
  • 401 + 395 - 86 = 710
  • Pneuma Hagion/Holy Spirit (s) = 710

The number 401 is central to all of these calculations. 401 here is aleph tav, the Hebrew alphabet's first and final letters, which itself points to God, who declared in Rev. 1.8 "I am the Alpha and the Omega,".

Of the seven words in G1.1, only the central five were required for all four of God's titles. 

203 + 86 + 401 + 395 + 407 = 1492 = 4 x 373 (logos/Word (s))

The four titles themselves sum to a number that points to the modern English language.

112 + 284 + 197 + 710 = 1303

1303 is a star hexagram, the six spurs of which sum to the English 'Word'.

Star 1303 654 

We had 'Jesus' (515), earlier and now we again see geometry derived from biblical Greek and Hebrew reflecting modern English. All three languages are facets of one shining gem, or if you like three streams fed from one source.

The numbers 515 and 654 are braided through the first twenty-four words of the NIV Bible. Their sum is 1169, ordinal value of those first twenty-four words and standard value of this phrase

Atonement Cover (s) = 1169

Jesus Christ is our Atonement Cover and the Signature of Christ shows how the 'atonement cover' of the NIV's first 24 words hides three paired encodings of 'Jesus', 'Messiah' and 'Word', all in a regular pattern built upon the number six.


The Aleph and the Tav

The letter aleph represents God's Fatherhood and quiet presence in Creation and a neat little encoding involving aleph is found on Vernon Jenkins' website. The sum of the positional values of all the alephs in G1.1 is 86:

Elohim/God (s) .......= 86

I summed the relative positional values of the same alephs and found they summed to 26:

YHVH/the LORD (s) = 26

Here are the two encodings.

Genesis 1.1 aleph


I also summed the relative and positional values of the three tavs in G1.1 and they came to 46 and 22. These are the reduced values of the Greek for 'Jesus Christ' and 'Christ'.

Ihsous Christos/Jesus Christ (r) = 46

Christos/Christ (r) ......................= 22

46 is also the value of alternative spellings of both 'the LORD' and 'God' in Genesis 9.26 and Exodus 8.10.

Elohi/God (s) .............................= 46

K'Yehovah/the LORD (s) ...........= 46


Jesus Christ in Genesis 1.1 + 1

The Hebrew Bible's first eight words also sum to a triangle, the 77th, with 3003 counters. This triangle can be sectioned in such a way as to create three yods summing to the standard value of Yehoshua HaMashiach, 754. [8]

The letter yod represents God's omnipresence in Creation and is the first letter of Yehoshua and YHVH. As the smallest of the Hebrew consonants it also represents Jesus as the humble mediator between God and man and as the 'hand' of God (yod means 'hand' or 'arm').

Triangle 3003 754

The three yods emanate from the centre, suggesting Jesus' mediating role between heaven and earth. As the gematria of 'and the Lord' in Daniel 2.47 (note the chapter and verse numbers), the number 247 here affirms his divinity: 

The king said to Daniel, "Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of Kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery."

For an excellent article on the symbolism of yod, please see here.


Jesus Christ in Genesis 1.1 - 2 (MT)

The opening two verses of the Hebrew Bible contain a triple signature of the Lord. [9]

Genesis 1.1 and 1.2 9 jpg 

As can readily be seen, the standard values of the name 'Jesus Christ' in English, Greek and Hebrew are all found in a tight cluster within the first twelve words. There are 4095 possible word combinations in the first twelve words, so we could expect some or all of these numbers to be present. However, they have features that suggest something other than chance at work.

1. The standard values of both name (888 = Ihsous) and title (1480 = Christos) in Greek are found, in the correct order and with no overlap between the numbers. The ratio of 888 (Ihsous) to 1480 (Christos) is 3 to 5, which is reflected in the numbers of words summing to these two values.

2. The positional values of the numerical elements sum to  2 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 9 + 10+ 11 + 12 = 65, standard value of the Hebrew Adonai/Lord.

3. The sum of the numerical elements of these encodings is 2571, or 3 x 857. 857 is the standard value in Greek of Theo logos/God's Word.

4. In verse 1, the numerical elements sum to 1387. This is the value of the hexagon within the compound Star of David with which I began this page. It's also a hexagon in its own right and precisely accommodates star hexagram 925, standard value of 'Jesus Christ' in English.

5. In verse 2, the numerical elements sum to 1184, which is exactly half of 2368, the standard value of 'Jesus Christ' in Greek.

These subsidiary encodings are not merely ornaments around the main encodings, they help to validate them and simultaneously reveal the touch of an artist of extraordinary virtuosity.


The Trinity in The Greater Creation Triangle

If we calculate the standard values of Genesis 1.1 (MT) and John 1.1 (TR), we obtain 2701 and 3627. These sum to 6328, which is another G-triangle, the 112th (YHVH Elohim/The Lord God). Triangle 6328, dubbed the Greater Creation Triangle, can be cut into segments that represent the three members of the Trinity in Hebrew and Greek. 

Note that triangle 703 sits atop the larger triangle. We saw above that this is the core triangle within the Creation triangle, which can be aligned either with it or inverted to align against it. Given its new position at the apex of the Greater Creation triangle, the word and phrase with that gematria are clearly the correct ones to use here, crowning this magnificent pair of triple identities and even paired itself with another crown.

Note also how the English system was necessary for the full revelation.

Triangle 6328 Trinity


So in Hebrew we have this perfect expression of the Trinity:

YHVH Elohim/The Lord God (112)

Yehoshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah (754)

Ruach Elohim/The Holy Spirit (623)

In Greek we have this expression of the Trinity: [10]

O Theos Israel/The God of Israel (703)

Kurios Ihsous Christos/The Lord Jesus Christ (3168)

To Hagion Pneuma/The Holy Spirit (1080) 

We also have in English and Greek:

Crown (703)

Stephanos/Crown (1326)

Note that all of the above numbers are standard values.

Finally, four of the five strata are based on G-triangles, further validating them and confirming again the importance of G-triangle geometry to a full numerical exegesis of God's word.


The First Three Words

Here is the first verse of Genesis in its original form (in Hebrew words are read right to left). 

Genesis 1.1 Mas.

I would like to focus here on the first three words - In the beginning created God - which hide a remarkable piece of code prophesying the Second Coming and the event that announced it and which makes sense only in modern English - the end contained in the beginning! 

The table below shows the entire code fragment, six letter strings starting with each letter of the first wordbereshith/In the beginning: 

 Genesis 1.1 Words 1 - 3

The sequence ends there, the first letter of each string spelling the Hebrew Bible's first momentous word. 

The essential message of the New Bible Code, that 9/11 announced the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, was there in the opening words of Scripture all along!

The message is signed by by 'YHVH', the English transliteration of the Tetragrammaton, over the first two words and the third word spells Elohim/God. 

We also have the following profound statement, from God's words to Abram in Genesis 17.1 (NIV): 

I am God Almighty (s) = 1116

The codes cover the first 13 letters and use 37 letters, these are the first two hexagram numbers proper. 37 is the number with which I began this page and the reduced value of 'the Lord'.

The sum of these numbers is a perfect cube:

1116 + 911 + 960 + 912 + 410 + 604 = 4913, or 17 x 17 x 17!

YHVH/The LORD (r) = 17

 God (r) ...................= 17

In biblical numerics 17 is written as yod (hand/arm) zayin (sword) and is the number of victory over the enemy. So we have God's triple seal of victory on this encoding, given in ancient Hebrew and modern English, the aleph and tav of Scriptural languages. 


The End in the Beginning

The Creation Triangle now makes a final triumphant appearance.

A centred triangle twisted by 30 degrees will fit precisely into every G-triangle, dividing the rest of the G-triangle into three right-angled triangles. This centred triangle is found by subtraction within the verse and makes another statement of the Second Coming - the end contained within the beginning.

 Triangle 2701 901

This statement is reiterated in another figure found in Genesis 1.1 by alternately adding and subtracting words from the beginning of the verse.

Genesis 1.1 Pyramid 819 679 140

 The next page in this suite is The Number of the Beast


Bill Downie 17/12/19

Latest update: 11/9/23



1. See, for example,

2. Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Hebrew Bible) and Textus Receptus (New Testament).

3. Any particular group of numbers would also be astronomically unlikely. What is miraculous is that the numbers taken from Genesis 1.1 have coordinated figurate properties..

4. The words O Theos Israel/'The God of Israel' are found in the Septuagint text.

5. I define regular trapezia as those requiring the same number of counters for a side as for the base.

6. For example: Son (210), the Dragon (425), Divine (477), Therion/beast (247), the Risen Lord (651), Jesus Christ (925), The Second Coming Of Christ (1080), To Hagion Pneuma/the Holy Spirit (1080). 

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8. This is particularly apt because eight is known as the Dominical number and represents Jesus in numbers such as 888 (Ihsous/Jesus (s)) and 88 (Immanuel (o). 

9. The verses below were taken from Richard McGough's Biblewheel website. 

10. This title for God is found in the Septuagint.

11. 'Saviour' is the British English spelling of this word, because the vehicle for the New Bible Code was the British-English edition of the 1984 NIV Bible. Two further titles for Jesus could be substituted here, one English, the other Hebrew. Firstly, 1116 is the combined value of 'The Lord Jesus'. 912 is the combined value ofYehoshua HaMashiach. The final encoding, of 'the Second Coming', begins appropriately on the letter tav