9/11: Index

This is an index of pages summarising the evidence I have uncovered that selected passages within the NIV Bible have been encoded in such a way as to link them to the events of September the 11th, 2001. Some of them are recognised biblical prophecies; all of them can be related to 9/11 by metaphor, allegory and themes of duality, division and destruction.

These passages are nearly all tagged in some way with the key number 11 or its multiples, which act as a marker for them, like an 'X'. 9 and 11 are aften found together too. In Bible numerics, In Number in Scripture, 11 symbolises disorganisation, disorder, disintegration and imperfection. 9 is the number of finality, endings, judgment, fruits and suffering. So 9 and 11 together, as in '9/11', could be said to represent God's judgment on an imperfect system, its ending, its just deserts.

The Old Testament

Ge Ex Lev Nu Dt
Jos Jdg Ru 1Sa 2Sa 1Ki 2Ki 1Ch
Ezr Ne Est Job Ps Pr Ecc SS Isa Jer La Eze
Da Hos Joel Am Ob Jnh Mic Ha Hab Zep Hag Zec Mal


The New Testament

Mt Mk Lk Jn Acts Ro 1Co 2Co Gal
Eph Php Col 1Th 2Th 1Ti 2Ti Tit Phm
Heb Jas 1Pe 2Pe 1Jn 2Jn 3Jn Jude Rev


Bill Downie 15/9/09

Latest update 4/5/18