9/11: Psalms

Psalm 119 (NIV)

Psalm 119 is concerned with the glory of Scripture and is significant for being the Bible's longest chapter. The psalm is written in the style of an acrostic and is divided into 22 stanzas, each numbered by a character in the 22-letter Hebrew alphabet (Hebrew characters double as numbers, the basis of Hebrew gematria). These facts almost invite us to enquire further, and the first thing we note is that this psalm is two chapters after Psalm 117, the Bible's central and shortest chapter. These extremes of length mark both psalms out for attention.

The number 119 is a simple reversal of the digits 911. I have found that 9 and 11 are often encoded together to allude to 9/11, for instance in Genesis 10 and 19. The fact that Psalm 119 has also apparently been marked out by its length suggested that it might too be encoded. This is supported by a simple analysis of its structure.

Number of verses in Psalm 119 = 176 = 11 x 16
Number of stanzas in Psalm 119 = 22 = 11 x 2

In addition, Psalm 119 is the Bible's 597th chapter, which is the combined value of 'Immanuel' (remember also that 11 is the reduced value of 'Jesus'). So Jesus and 9/11 are once more being related, by the simple yet extraordinarily powerful method of numerical confluence.


Bill Downie 4/3/06

Latest update 25/9/13


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