The September-11 Cube

They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.

Matthew 24.30, NIV

In The Sign of the Cross I showed how a major Old Testament prophecy is encoded with a cluster of numbers and symbols, linking the terrorist attacks that took place in New York and Washington DC, on September the 11th, 2001, with one real and one prophesied event: the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and ‘day of the Lord’. In this page I will expand on the connection between 9/11 and ‘that day’. This will be achieved by revealing further ‘crossed’ numbers within the Bible and by solving what appears to be a geometric puzzle compiled from the 9/11 targets and the three strikes on them. The solution provides a higher perspective on 9/11 which gives it new and breathtaking meaning.

A word on nomenclature: my findings in this page are almost entirely based on officially accepted names for the structures targeted in the terrorist attacks. These are The World Trade Centre and The Pentagon. The two structures within the WTC complex hit by the hijacked airplanes were known as The North Tower and The South Tower. [1]


The World Trade Centre and the Pentagon

In the New Bible Code, numbers are nearly always encoded as ordinal values, so let's look at the ordinal values of the names of the two building complexes targeted on 9/11.

The Pentagon (o) .....................= 125
The World Trade Centre (o)      = 218

Observe that the ordinal value of ‘the Pentagon’, 125, is the cube of 5 and therefore figurate. [2] A cube of 125 units can be constructed from uniform spheres or cubes, as shown:

Cube 125

If we now sum both ordinal values we see that a second cube is created:

125 + 218 = 343 = 7 x 7 x 7

218 is therefore the number of units required to form a cubic shell that will surround cube 125 to create cube 343, as shown below, in this diagonal view of the three objects:


So the two 9/11 targets appear to encode cube 343 and the two numbers into which it is split when it is ‘shelled’ to reveal the inner cube of 125 units. The encoding of numbers that imply two cubes, one nested within the other, is certainly intriguing, but could reasonably be regarded as coincidence wihout further evidence. However, more evidence is right at our fingertips.

Of the collection of buildings comprising the World Trade Centre, only two were struck, The North Tower and The South Tower. Again, lets take their ordinal values.

The North Tower (o) ....= 189
The South Tower (o).....= 197

Lets now sum the ordinal values, as before.

189 + 197 .................= 386

This is the precise number of units in a cubic shell that can surround cube 343 to create an even larger cube, with 729 units!


Therefore the ordinal values of the 9/11 targets appear to encode the numbers required to construct a series of nested cubes, those of 5, 7 and 9:

The Pentagon (o)............................................                                                    = 125 = 5 x 5 x 5
The World Trade Centre + The Pentagon (o)......... = 343 = 7 x 7 x 7
The North Tower + the South Tower + The World Trade Centre + The Pentagon (o)...   
= 729 = 9 x 9 x 9

I think that the ‘reasonable’ explanation of coincidence is seriously undermined by this second discovery, which takes us beyond the reasonable world into a realm where at least some events, far from being senseless accidents of history, are created by an infinite Intelligence who has imbued them with deeper meaning.

The meaning behind 9/11 is locked into this nest of cubes encoded into the names of the 9/11 targets. These present a kind of multi-disciplinary puzzle, to be solved by finding the links the Puzzle Maker has forged between the numerico-geometric properties of the nest of cubes and a group of meaningfully related phrases. The overall context within which it can be understood is given by the number 9, the index of the largest cube, which in biblical numerics represents endings, finality, judgment, fruits and suffering.


The September-11 Cube

9/11 was the result of three strikes made by three hijacked airplanes on the WTC and the Pentagon. These came from three different directions.

1. Flight 11 struck the North Tower of the World Trade Centre from the north.

2. Flight 175 struck the South Tower of the World Trade Centre from the south

3. Flight 77 struck the Pentagon from the west.

The nest of three cubes I derived from the names of those very targets can also be ‘struck’ three times to reveal the meaning behind 9/11. If we take a cube oriented in the north-south plane, cut a cross-section through the centre of the cube from a northerly direction, then repeat this process from the south and the west, we can create the appearance of a Star of David inside.

Three Slices Through a Cube

A similar operation can be performed on cube 729 by colouring the central slice in each direction. Each coloured slice therefore represents an attack by one of the three airplanes on 9/11. The three strikes this time are represented by three coloured bands, one unit thick, veining the cube in each spatial direction. 

The September-11 Cube II

Notice that the three slices again produce the image of a Star of David, and it is this figure that embodies the essence of the 9/11 message.

The September-11 Cube III

Appropriately, the September-11 Cube looks a little like a Rubik's cube. The solution to this puzzle is found by shining a light through it.


Shining a Light on the September-11 Cube

If we place a cube in a beam of light, orienting one of its internal diagonals in the direction of the beam, it will project the shadow of a regular hexagon onto a surface. [3]

Cube and Hexagon
If we now project the September-11 cube onto a surface by shining a light through it along an internal diagonal - imagine it to be a made from glass marbles with the slices represented by coloured marbles - we create hexagon 217, with a Star of David inside.

Shining a Light Through September-11 Cube
The yellow triangular spurs are where the light passes through only one coloured phere. The darker hexagon in the centre are where the light passes through two spheres, or where there is an intersection of colours. So the Star of David inside is a genuine result of the projection.

Hexagon 217 Star of David 121

Notice there are three coloured zones within this hexagonal projection:

Six outer rhombuses each of 16 units, totalling 96 units and coloured blue
Six triangular spurs each of ten units, totalling 60 units and coloured yellow.
One hexagon in the centre, totalling 61 units and coloured orange.

These three numbers are the ordinal values of the individual words in this momentous phrase:

Christ's Second Coming (o) = 217

Christ’s (o) = 96 = units in outer rhombuses
Second (o) = 60 = units in outer triangles
Coming (o) = 61 = units in inner hexagon

If we next subtract the six outer rhombi we are left with the figure that symbolises Jesus Christ through its instantly recognisable form, and His return through the number of units forming it. This is the Star of David , which has 121 discs.

Star of David 121
Second Coming (o) ....= 121

Second (o) = 60 = units in outer triangles
Coming (o) = 61 = units in inner hexagon

The Star of David is formed from two intersecting triangles, representing the meeting of heaven and earth. This magnificent star, shining from the heart of the 9/11 cube, is therefore the perfect figure to deliver the breathtaking news that heaven and earth intersected on 9/11.

A further clue to the real meaning of 9/11 is in the number 911 itself. In Hebrew it is the standard value of reshith/beginning, contained in the Bible's very first word: Beresith/In the beginning.


The World Trade Centre and the Twin Towers

I showed that the ordinal values I derived from the World Trade Centre and the two towers that rose from it were the outermost shell of cube 729, with 386 units, and the first inner shell of 218 units. Therefore we have:

The World Trade Centre + The North Tower + The South Tower (o)..= 386 + 218 = 604

This is the standard value of these words:

The Second Coming (s)  ....... = 604

Again we find the Second Coming encoded into these events! Here it is symbolised by the two outermost shells of cube 729, symbolically shattered during the 9/11 attacks. The splitting of the two cubic shells also represent the splitting of the double curtain thought to have separated the Most Holy Place from the Holy Place the Temple at the moment of Jesus' death on the Cross.

Before we solve the next part of this geometric puzzle lets look at the three structures that collapsed on 9/11.


The Three Collapses At The WTC

Three of the buildings making up the World Trade Centre collapsed on 9/11. These were: WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7. The chronological order in which the three buildings collapsed was as follows:

WTC 2 collapsed at 9:59AM
WTC 1 collapsed at 10:28AM
WTC 7 collapsed at 5:20PM

This ordering gives us the sequence 2, 1, 7 which implies the number 217.

I have found convincing evidence that the Bible appears to be structured so that the numbers 217 and 911 meet at two important points:

1. The Bible’s 217th verse

This is Genesis 9.11. This describes the making of a covenant between God and man. The reference to a covenant is of interest here, as in some theologies the Second Coming is the ultimate fulfilment of the new covenant.

I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth. (Gen. 9.11, NIV)

2. The Bible’s 911th chapter

This is Haggai 2, which begins as follows:

On the twenty-first day of the seventh month, the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai. (Hag. 2.1, NIV)

From the ordinals ‘twenty-first’ and ‘seventh’ we can again infer 217. Haggai 2 is a prophecy of the restoration of the temple, which, in Christian theology, is also usually associated with the Second Coming!

I propose that these ‘crossings’ of 911 and 217 are purposeful and that the purpose was to bring the number 217 to our attention. Hexagon 217 is the planar projection of cube 729. To emphasise that the September-11 cube was encoded into 9/11 to reveal its transcendent meaning through hexagon 217 (and the Star of David highlighted inside), and to show that God planned it all a long time ago, 911 and 217 have twice been placed together in two critical points in the Bible. The first describes the first covenant between God and man, the second a prophecy of the temple's restoration. 9/11 in other words was a new covenant between God and man and the beginning of the restoration of God's Temple on Earth.


Five and Eleven

I have noted on other pages the clustering of eleven around the WTC attacks and five around the Pentagon attack. The reason for both numbers being highlighted on 9/11 is also explained by the geometry encoded into the attacks. 

Hexagram 121, the figure that contains the essence of the meaning conveyed by 9/11, was derived from the September-11 Cube. 121 has the notable property of being bifigurate, and can be rendered as a hexagram - as already shown - and also a square. Here is where the numbers five and eleven appear, because 121 is the fifth hexagram in its numerical sequence (1, 13, 37, 73, 121 . . .) and the eleventh square in its sequence (1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81,100, 121 . . .). So here is another connection to the number 121 - ordinal value of ‘Second Coming’ - through numbers encoded into the twin towers and the Pentagon, this time 11 and five, the numbers for which these structures were virtually pictograms. The two numbers are woven into the ordinal value of Jesus Christ in English and Hebrew:

Jesus Christ (o) = 151
Yehoshua HaMashiach (o) = 115
Trinity (o) = 115

Just as hexagram 121 contains an internal hexagon (only 1 in 3 hexagons have this property), so square 121 contains an internal diamond (only the odd squares have this property). That makes 121 a interesting specimen amongst the figurate numbers. However, both internal figures require the same number of units - 61 - which is the ordinal value of ‘coming’. Therefore, astonishingly, both figures have internal properties that perfectly mirror the ordinal values of the words ‘Second’ and ‘Coming’!

Star of David and Square 121...............

Second (o) = 60 = number of units in the six/four outer triangles
Coming (o) = 61 = number of units in internal hexagon/diamond

The stunning degree of coordination shown here between numerical values, geometric properties and symbolism is singularly appropriate for the message being conveyed. It is also further evidence of the workings of an infinite intelligence: the spellings of all the phrases to which the numerical properties of the encoded cube assuredly points must have been deliberately brought into alignment with those numbers over many centuries.


The September-11 Cube Within the Garden

I recently (May 2017) discovered that every number defining the September-11 Cube, its cubic shells and the hexagon and Star of David it projects, along with the number '911' and the standard values of the phrase 'nine-eleven', are found in a tight cluster within the Garden. The table shows every instance of word strings in the Garden that sum to these numbers.

 September-11 Cube III

This clustering within the right half of the Garden is statistically improbable and not what we would expect from randomly-chosen numbers, which would either be scattered more widely or, as we would expect of three or four of the eleven numbers, not be present at all. Having all of these meaningfully-related numbers present in tight cluster within the garden is a sure sign that we have a genuine code.



Encrypted within names, numbers and forms associated with the two structures at the heart of 9/11 is a multi-disciplinary puzzle, the solution to which provides a profound, disturbing and ultimately moving explanation for the carnage wrought on that day. September the 11th, 2001 was the prophesied final ‘day of the Lord’, when our world was called to judgment by Jesus Christ, who came “on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory” and destroyed the two most potent symbols of man’s sin.


Bill Downie 11/11/03

Latest update 12/11/21



1. The World Trade Centre is the name on the architect’s plans for the complex. The Pentagon’s historic name is the Pentagon Office Building Complex. However, the Pentagon is the other officially accepted name, used in official documents and the Pentagon website. Again, North Tower and South Tower are the names on the architect’s plans, although Tower 1 (or A) and Tower 2 (or B) are also used. For consistency, I am including the definite article (the) in all names.

2.This in itself is interesting because we know that the Pentagon is a five-sided building made from five concentric pentagons and having five stories. See Signs Of The Times.

3. This is known as the planar projection.

4. If we count the units comprising the intersecting slices, we find that they also total 217! This leaves eight small cubes, totalling 512 units. 512 is 8 cubed, which reminds us of 888, the numerical value of the Greek word for Jesus.