The Crown Of Thorns

The New Garden and Foliage



After Jesus was tried and and sentenced he was first flogged, then given a crown of thorns. Three of the Gospels state that a crown twisted from thorns was put on the head of Yeshua

and then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head. They put a staff in his right hand. 
Then they knelt in front of him and mocked him. "Hail king of the Jews!" They said.
Matt. 27.29, NIV
They put a purple robe on him, then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on him.
Mark 15.17, NIV
The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head.
They clothed him in a purple robe.
John 19.2, NIV


This event is given new and profound meaning within the code, showing that the way the Crucifixion was recorded in the Gospels was inspired to lend it deeper meaning.


Crowning the King

Summing all the chapter and verse numbers gives the following, among several encoded numbers:

Ch. & Verse Indicators   Running Total   Factors   Identity
27.29 2729 prime -
15.17 4246 386 x 11 Yeshua (s)   = 386
19.2 4438 634 x 7 Our Lord (s) = 634

The chapter and verse indicators in John's account, 19.2, are resonant of the sum of the entire New Garden, 10092. Both numbers are also trefoils and these common features along with the tabulated encodings hint at a link. Here is the New Garden again, this time showing that the combined value of "Crown of Thorns" is the entire second clause and centre of John 1.1. 

 The New Garden 1536

Crown of Thorns (c) = 1536

The importance of Jesus' crown can be infered from the next diagram, showing how it is ringed by the Logos itself within John's opening verse - which introduces the Logos!

 The Crown of Thorns 1536 373

 Crown of Thorns (c).........................= 1536

Logos 373 

The Logos refers to Jesus Christ, the Rhema to the spoken word of God. 

The Crown of Thorns (s) = 1490

The Thorns (c) = 894 .= 149 x 6

Rhema/Spoken word (s) ..= 149

In The Word of the Lord and in this video, I show how biblical words referring to speech are engraved with fractal snowflakes, God's crystallised thoughts and a self-referential seal of authenticity on His Word. [1] The thorns on Jesus' crown symbolise these fractal snowflakes as they represent God's Word (which also created them), adorning the Crown of Thorns. The Crown itself is the symbol of Jesus' kingship and teaching authority.


Centering the Crown

In keeping with the mirroring element in John 1.1 (39 x 93, 373, 575), the New Garden of Eden is formed from a 1-5-1 distribution of its three text portions. This gives 151 reading from either end (English and Hebrew are read in opposite directions).

Jesus Christ (o) = 151

I centred the crown by placing the verses in chronological order.

 The Crown of Thorns New Garden....5...........................................................1.......................................................1

The number 511 is now suggested:

Adam and Eve (s) ............................................= 511

Reading the verse count right-to-left, as the code itself suggests in The Creation Seal, we now have 115:

Yehoshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah (o) = 115

The Last Adam is Jesus/Yehoshua and this name is also synonymous with The New Garden. [2] In The Creation I reveal a new double-witness code, showing how pairs of words in English and Hebrew are encoded together in the original Garden of Eden. One of the encodings shows Jesus Christ and Yehoshua HaMashiach precisely coinciding with encodings of the first man and woman. Here is the table showing it:

Table 925 754 662 263

Within the original Garden, before the fall of man, lived Adam in his original pure state, made in the image of God. This is signified by these four separate yet perfectly lined-up encodings in blue. Beside him was Eve (neither were named at this point). The Hebrew words are doubly significant here.

Adam B'tselemenu/Man in our image (s) = 263

Messiah (s) ..............................................= 263

 So the New Garden represents our return to a state of Christ-like purity, with Christ living in us.


The Crown in the Garden of Eden

 The Crown is found in a tight cluster in the NIV section of the New Garden, double-witnessed twice and marked with Jesus' name.

Table Jesus Crown

The first five verses of Genesis (NIV), which I call The Garden, are as holographically encoded with numbers, contain the entire code in summary, as well as significant world events, such as 9/11.


The New Garden as a Crown

The New Garden is long and thin, containing 107 words, these encoding yet another reference to the Messiah.

 New Garden Words

The Messiah (o) = 107

The Gospel (o) ..= 107

In The Gospel Triangles, I show how the first four verses of each Gospel in the NIV encode the 64th and 74th triangles, leading us to an elegant geometric link between the Lord's English names, encoded within the 107th triangle.

Triangle 5778 3003 jpg

Again we see the Messiah's numerical signature on the NIV Bible and on the New Garden itself. 


The New Garden as a Crown

If we bend the New Garden round into a circle and join the ends, we have a crown or diadem, to which I have affixed crown 1536 within John, the Crown of Thorns, as its leading jewel. The rest of the band (in yellow) sums to 8556, which is 713 x 12 (the biblical number of perfect government).

 The New Garden as a Crown

Joining each end of the tape into a band (with the first word of Genesis in Hebrew joining its partner in the NIV), instantly creates a number with large factors representing the Messiah and perfect government. It resembles a mark of purity on a gold crown. [2]

If we now add the two fractal snowflakes either side of the crown we create further numbers.

The New Garden Crown II

If we now section off John 1.1 with its three word groups, we see a self reference to the Word expressed as fractals, highlighting that the English language was necessary for unlocking this part of the code, the crowning jewel in fact, shining out from a Triple Crown forged from three vital parts, written in three different tongues and translated through the Rosetta Stone of gematria. 

 The Word Engraved on the Crown

Finally, either side of crown 1536 are the first and final clauses of John 1.1.

1275 + 816 = 2091

2091 1902 = 3993

These engravings on the Crown display elegant fractals celebrating Jesus as the Messiah and the Word of God. The fractal snowflakes are based on G-triangle geometry and the Koch process for generating snowflakes and antisnowflakes, symbolising life and growth and the Logos as the organising principle of our fractal universe. These encoded snowflakes are the literal signature of Christ, confirming the Bible's Divine Authorship: it's Hallmark of Purity.


Self Similarity

The defining characteristuc of fractals is that they are self-similar at different scales. An exquisite encoding at the very centre by word of John 1.1 shows this property both in geometry and in the message it displays. In a few numbers it encapsulates the very theme in this page and the overal message website. Here is a close-up of John

John 1.1 58

 There are seventeen words in the verse and the central word is en/was, summing to 58.

Yehoshua (o) = 58

Either side of it are 373 and 450. So we have

373 + 58 = 431.....= fractals (s)

58 + 450 = 508 ...= thorns (s)

So we have Jesus and his crown of thorns, identified again as fractals, in the very centre of the seven central words of John 1.1, which have the same numerical value as 'Crown of Thorns'.  Finally, even the main theme of the verse is fractally enfolded:

Fractals (s) = 431

Thorns (s) = 508

431 + 508 = 939

508 - 431 = 77 

 So we have Christ (77) and the Word (39 and 93), fractally encoded together, right down to the last jot and tittle.


Kots and Tittles

Kots is a Hebrew word meaning 'thorn' and are are thorn-like features on Hebrew characters, similar to serifs on English letters. The meaning of 'tittles' is unclear, but they are either another reference to kots/thorn, or are the crownlets (tagin) on some Hebrew characters.

Kots and tittles 

So, although it doesn't apply as much to English and Greek, Hebrew letters, with their kots and tittles giving them a slightly fractal appearance, can also be regarded as thorns. This only adds to the identification of Scripture and of words in general with fractals and Jesus' Crown of Thorns, which represented his status as the Word become flesh and his authority to preach the Word. [5]

The letter zayin means ' short sword' and also  'nourishment'. These qualities are found in abundance in Jesus' Rhema words, which cut through the world's lies and gave spiritual nourishment to his followers. A remarkable trio of identies in three languages, linking Jesus to the sword and to its anagram 'words' can now be given, along with their fractal expression, all based on the number 253, the one number most associated with words in the Bible.

  Trefoil 754 211 373

Sword (s) ....= 754

Words (s) ....= 754


Bill Downie 10/10/22

Latest Update 17/10/22



1. The authenticated versions are the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, Erasmus' Textus Receptus and The 1984 New International Version Bible. Parts of the code are found in all other versions and translations and they might be regarded as reliable to the extent to which they are encoded.

2. The name I gave it, The New Garden, seems to slot in well with these pre-existing numbers.

The New Garden (s) = 925 

Jesus Christ (s) ........= 925

The New Garden (c) = 1110 .= 370 x 3 = 555 x 2

New (s) ....................= 555 The Garden (s) ........= 370

3. The crown also resembles a gold ring.

4. The Garden works like a kaleidoscope. View it from a slightly different angle and a completely different, yet equally valid pattern emerges and the overall view is of a verdant garden of words, numbers and fractal forms, arranged to symbolise the story of Creation, from the first Adam to the Last.

5. Thanks to for the information on kots and tagin.