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Holographic Sticker



In the previous page in this series I displayed the geometry that is instantly created by the joining of Genesis 1.1 and John 1.1, as originally penned, and which I call The Creation Seal. I ended by revealing a hexagon encoded over the two central word groups in the Seal. This central figure is not a single design like a wax seal, but is like a holographic sticker used like a seal to prevent tampering, with an image that subtly changes with the viewing angle.

This is as good a metaphor as I can find for what has been acheived within the Creation Seal. These, remember, are simply a set of numbers within the text. But as soon as they are understood to be a huge geometric puzzle they open up like a zip file, unfolding into a series of images that depict in word, number and form the miracle the entire Code was created to announce.


The Sticker

Hexagon 1519 is displayed again below, along with the profound statement that accompanies it.

Creation Seal 1519

Both verses have contributed here:

1. the last clause of J1.1 - "and God was the word"

2. the last part of G1.1 - "and the earth".  

So the hexagon is made from heaven and earth and can therefore be viewed as a symbol of Jesus Christ himself, as the Word become flesh (John 1.14), which this statement asserts. The fact that these are the final, 'omega' phrases in the two verses also suggests the "end of days" and Jesus' return.

That the statement "Jesus, the Word of God" is the one we are meant to derive from this number is indicated by an encoding right beside the hexagon.

Creation Snowflake 1519 1004

So that is the very phrase indicated! Note that the phrase "the Word of God" has the same numerical weight as the Greek words translated as 'with God", which the test itself says was the case: "and the word was with God."


The Setting

Before I go further I'd like to show you a dazzling little encoding. This uses the two word groups either side of the central hexagon and provides a setting for it. As you can see above, these sum to 1536 and 882. 

Addition 1532 + 882 = 2418
  2418 = 39 x 62
  The Word (r) = 39
  Logos/Word (o) = 62
  2418 = 93 x 26
  The Word (o) = 93
  God (o), YHVH (s, o) = 26
Subtraction 1536 - 882 = 654
  Word (s)  = 654

This exquisite piece of ornamentation again highlights that the hexagon is a central figure in meaning and import as well as in position. Here then is the setting for the holographic seal.

 Creation Seal Setting

Hexagram 1519 works like a TV screen, or, for fans of old sci-fi films like me, something like the interocitor, which once constructed transmitted images from beyond our world. [1] The first image, already seen, is the Creation Snowflake, containing the Logos Star.

Hexagon 1519 1279

Now let's see some of the images being beamed down to us. All the internal structures are based on the Koch Snowflake and G-triangle geometry, therefore all are part of the same message, as the gematria confirms.


Triangle 595

The largest triangle that can be accommodated by hexagon 1519 is triangle 595, already a biblical feature as the midpoint of Scripture by chapter. This divides the hexagon into a central triangle and three outer trapezia, symbolising the beast - which as the previous page documents, is already encoded here.

Creation Seal 1519 595 308 

Again we see the link with both the beast and the Second Coming. 595 is the standard value of the Greek word paravasis/transgression. But also of the important phrase O agiasmos/The Sanctification, required after a sin has been committed. 

paravasis/transgression (s) ...........= 595

O agiasmos/The Sanctification (s) = 595

The 595th Bible chapter is Psalm 117, the shortest chapter in scripture with just two verses. Because 595 is a triangle and the 595th chapter is the midpoint of Scripture, the number of chapters in the Bible is an hourglass figure, narrowest at the central and 595th unit (counting from either end), just as Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible!

But it also shows two triangles of 595 units about to merge to create a Star of David, suggesting that the Bible offers sinners the route to sanctification. In fact, the protestant Bible is structured to suggest two hourglass figures, including one representing the entire Bible, as shown. [2]

Hourglass 1189

The subject of Psalm 117 is praise. [3] 

1. Praise the LORD all you nations; extol him all you peoples.

2. For great is his love towards us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.

Praise theLORD.

Ps. 117, NIV '84

So we could say that sanctification may be gained through praising God and reading His Word! The change this makes to a Christian can be inferred by the image of the two triangles gradually merging to become a Star of David.


Hexagram 793

The Star of David thereby created, breathtakingly, turns out to be a symbol of the Lord and his Appearance!

Hexagram 793 397

If we now place the star within hexagon 1519 we find a ready-prepared setting, completing the next image from the divine interocitor. 

 Creation Seal 1519 793

726 is also the standard value of the English word 'Sovereign'.


Centred Triangle 760

The largest centred triangle that can be fitted into hexagon 1519 has 760 units. I've rotated the hexagon 30 degrees so the triangle can be seen standing straight. 

 Creation Seal 1519 760

This symbol of the Risen Lord is surrounded by three isoceles triangles of 253 counters symbolising the Word. In this short video I show how imporant the number 253 is in nomenclature surrounding the concept of the Word and of speech in general. This image introduces these profound links. 

Triangle 253 373 142

A related concept is the act of blessing someone, and this has been symbolised as a particularly beautiful snowflake, a seconday figure that can be created from hexagram 253 (253 is a triangle and a hexagram). [4]

Snowflake 229 

If we create a trefoil from three of hexagram 253, we encounter the Word once more!

Trefoil 754 211 373

754 is also the standard value of 'words', again showing how the language we use to convey the concept of speech has been encoded with these pixellated images, in a profound symbiosis of meaning and symbolism, undergirded by their improbability and strict adherence to mathematical rules.


Trefoil 430

For every Koch snowflake there is an antisnowflake. For triangle 595, the first-stage antisnowflake is trefoil 430.

Creation Seal 1519 430 363 

In Romans, Paul teaches about Christ's relationship to the law.

Christ is the culmination of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.

Rom 10.4 (NIV '84)

So this image symbolises the Messiah as the fulfillment of the Law.

If you compare this with the first image I showed on the seal, you find we begin with triangle 595, representing transgression, surrounded by the beast (308), which, through one iteration of the Koch antisnowflake, is replaced by the Messiah (363), who is the culmination of the Law (430) and through whom transgressors (595) are sanctified (595). Jesus brings life, which is what the Koch antisnowflake process represents. In fact the word trefoil means 'three-leaved plant'. 

Two triangles of 595 counters are required to symbolise transgression and sanctification and for this process of sanctification to occur one must submit oneself to the authority of the Lord (397), who is the Word and the Law , - and be nourished by His Bible (1189). [5] This process is symbolised by an hourglass, representing time and change, and the Bible by the 1189 counters needed to construct it. As you worship God through through His son Jesus and read His Word your inner temple is built, until you are Christ-like, meaning Death is now dead in you and Life now lives in you.

The theme of this page is ultimately the theme of the New Bible Code itself, which exists to announce The Lord's Appearance (793), which is man's salvation.


The Sanctification

Trefoil 430 has an associated triangular trefoil, which can be cut from hexagon 397, triangle 595 and hexagram 793. This has 232 units, which is also the number implied by the 2-3-2 word distribution in Genesis 1.1.

Hexagon 397 232

How delightful that it should be the standard values of each of the above! Yari aur/let there be light, was God's primal utterance, our first encounter with the Word itself. And it happens to be the very trefoil that sits inside a hexagon representing the Lord, the triangle representing transgression/sanctification and the hexagram that announces Christ's Second Coming. [6] 

Triangle 595 363 232 

We are now ready to read the message contined in the Seal and its setting, the subject being the Sanctification of mankind.

The message uses the metaphor of life and growth through the Koch snowflake and antisnowflake, coming from triangle 595

The Sanctification

So sanctification comes firstly from faith in God and His Word, portrayed by the Koch snowflake metaphor of two triangles representing man's transgression and need for Sanctification. After conversion we begin Bible study, portrayed by the Bible's obvious alignment with the hourglass figure, we begin to change inside until Christ lives in us and death is dead in us, symbolised by the triangle merging to become a Star of David. The star is the first iteration of the Koch snowflake and symbolises Christ and his Coming, growth, light and divine order (the Word). Deliverance through faith in God through Jesus Christ is the message and promise of Christianity, and the theme of the New Testament, record of the New Covenant between God and man. 

Secondly and simultaneously, it comes from obedience to God's Law, portrayed by the Koch antisnowflake metaphor, where intricate forms are chiselled from a triangle, by strict application of mathematical rules. This was the duty and privilege of the Hebrews, who God chose to receive His first covenant with mankind. The Jews are the People of the Book, the Torah, meaning the Law. For Christians this is encapsulated in the idea of sacrificial love, through obedience to Christ. This empties us out so we can be filled with the Holy Spirit, an often painful but necessary process.


The Seal in Its Setting

We are now in a position to view the Holographic Seal in its setting, ringed by figures resembing flaming swords and winged cherubim.

Creation Seal Holographic Seal

Correction (12/5/23): The lower-left sum "1536 - 1005 = 515" is wrong. The correct calculation is "1519 - 1004 = 515". 1519 is the number of units in the central hexagon above. 

The word  'sanctification' gives the same message in fractally-compressed form,

Jesus' Second Coming (s) = 906

Sanctification (c) ...............= 906

906 counters form the outer ring of the Creation Snowflake! This is itself made from hexagon 1519, via the Koch snowflake process, and contains snowflake 373, the logos star, within it. 

Hexagon 1519 1279 373


A Tamperproof Seal

The word grouping in this presentation of the Seal gives are two three-digit numbers: 232 and 575.

The Creation Seal

These interact to put a tag on the seal, displaying who fashioned this precious object. Further encoded tag numbers are found in The Creation Seal.

575 + 232 = 807
Christ the Lord (s) = 807
 575 - 232 = 343
 VaYomer Elohim/and God said (s) = 343
 VaYikra YHVH/The LORD proclaimed (s) = 343 

This seal of authenticity, with its simple message of Salvation through faith in Christ and obedience to God's Word, is the proof you need to tell the world that God exists and is in ultimate control of human affairs, that Christianity is the Truth, that Jews were the chosen people and Jesus is the Messiah for all Christians and Jews.

It also shows that this Bible version (NIV, Protestant Bible) and source texts (BHS and TR) were inspired in their creation by God and approved by Him.

'All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful fo teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equiped fo every good work.'

2 Tim 3.16-17 Niv '84


It was within these words, and these words only that the numbers from which the Seal was constructed were laid down. Others would vary in grammar and the intricate patterns here, also exemplified by these resplendent fractal snowflakes, would instantly melt like snow off a dyke by even the removal of a single jot or tittle, which Revelation warns us never to attempt.

'I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.'

Revelation 22.18-19 NIV '84

This is why it was so important, because this code has been growing in the Bibles womb since the first Hebrew scribes put pen to parchment.


Pictures From the Garden

The template and setting for the Holographic Seal have come from the text itself, but the images, although justified by the gematria they created, were beamed from somewhere else: The Garden of Eden, which is the crowning glory of the New Bible Code. A later page will explain more, but for now I'll complete this quite lengthy page by displaying how every number used to create these images is found in a significant location within the Garden.

Creation Seal Table 1519 595 430 232

Note the pairing effect is evident here. Each of the five images in the Holographic Seal is found here in the Garden, alongside one of its surrounding or internal figures (coloured the same). Triangle 595 is surrounded by 3 x trapezium 308, found overlapping it in the table. Triangle 595 contains trefoil 232 and again these two numbers overlap.

The fact that all of the numbers are found in the garden at all is improbable, but each image is encoded close to the figure from its own surround, a clear sign of design. The hourglass1189 representing the Bible, snowflake 1279 and hexagon 1519 itself are also found in the Garden, completing the message.

The next page in this suite is The Language of the Logos.


Bill Downie 30/9/22



1. The interocitor was an alien device with a triangular screen, through which aliens on another world could communicate with to the human builders (This Island Earth, 1955). So the analogy is quite apt as this is what we are viewing here: a communication from beyond our world.

2. This discovery was made by Vernon Jenkins.

3. This translation is from the NIV '84.

4. Masaru Emotu ( claims our words and even our thoughts can influence the growth of water crystals, which look remarkably like these snowflakes.5. It was only 50 years ago that Benoit Mandelbrot discovered that fractal geometry is built into the structure of the universe, many natural structures - from trees to clouds to spinning galaxies - approximating to fractals. 

5. The Bible is also known as the Word of God.

6. Yehoshuwa (397) is an alternative spelling occasionally used in the Hebrew Bible for Yehoshua (391).