The Oracle: Gaza

 Four Horsemen

'When the lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!". Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword' Rev. 6.3-4, NIV '84



In the first page of this suite, I showed that the opening five verses in the NIV Bible form an Oracle and revealed the first two of three commentaries on recent crises of great concern to the world: 9/11, which began Jesus' Second Coming, and, in the second page, the Covid-19 crisis, which was the opening of the first of the seven seals.

In this page, I tackle the third event: the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. Unlike the first two events, the war began only two months ago and is currently ongoing. However, as you will see, it is destined to have at least as great an impact on the world as its predecesors. 

Since the New Bible Code concerns the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, this is the context within which anything appearing in The Oracle should be considered.


The War in Gaza

On 7/10 the world woke up to the news of a horrendous multi-pronged attack by Hamas on settlements in southern Israel. Thousands of rockets were fired and the security fence separating Gaza from israel was breached at several points. 1139 people, mostly Israeli citizens, were killed on that day and hostages were taken. The Israeli response was immediate: war was to be waged upon Hamas. All residents of the northern end of the Gaza Strip were ordered to move south, while a bombing campaign unlike anything seen before in the middle east began. 

As I write at the end of 2023, over 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in response and the rest are trapped in terrible conditions and great danger as the war continues, with bombs liable to drop anywhere within Gaza. 1.9 million Palestinians and 500,000 Israelis have been internally displaced, much of Gaza lies in ruins and sporadic conflicts have erupted in the West Bank and the border with Lebanon.

The middle east has long been war-torn, and in recent years we have also seen terrible wars in Syria, Yemen, and in not-too-distant Ulraine. But this conflict feels different and more dangerous, partly because of the great presence Israel has on the world stage and the backing it receives from the USA and most of Europe, partly because it is surrounded by the Islamic world and is seen in the west as an outpost of democracy, partly because Israel is run by an extremely right-wing government and is a nuclear power and partly because Israel has illegally occupied the land once known as Palestine since 1948 and rules it with a system of racial and religious apartheid that has always angered Palestiians, as well as many others. Gaza itself is an open prison and Palestinian land in the West bank is continually being seized by Israeli settlers.

As with 9/11 and the Covid pandemic, the more I learned about the conflict the more it raised disturbing questions and prompted further inquiry. Much of it suggested that the mainstream media, long controlled by interests favourable to israel, were not telling us everything we needed to know for a balanced picture. [2]

I had three initial questions for The oracle.

1. Who is really the aggressor in the Gaza conflict?

2. What was the reason for this aggression?

3. How significant is the conflict for the world?


The Oracle Commentaries

The Aggressor in the Gaza Conflict

The Oracle's answer to the question of who started this war might surprise many people.

Table Gaza Aggressor

As a control I tried to find 'Hamas is the aggressor' and 'Hamas was the aggressor' within the Oracle, but neither were present.

What has been portrayed to the world as a surprise attack, would seem, then, to have been anything but that. False flag attacks and propaganda are lamentable features of warfare and fit better with the capabilities and historically aggressive behaviour of Israel than their claims about their world-class defences being breached by a far less capable opponent, something the ongoing slaughter against paltry resistence has made even more obvious.[1] 

The 1948 occupation and the 1967 war created great enmity between Israelis and Palestinians. This alone made further conflict inevitable at some point. However, Gaza has rich reserves of oil and offshore gas and Israel's Ben-Gurion canal project, creating a rival to the Suez Canal, could be completed more cheaply and quickly if a route through Gaza could be taken. So, just like the Iraq war in 2003, there are material inducements for launching an invasion of the Gaza Strip. 

These considerations naturally led to my second question.

The Reason for the Aggression

The Oracle clearly states that there is a policy of ethnic cleansing being carried out in Gaza. 

 Table Ethnic Cleansing

Whether ethnic hatred alone is enough to have motivated this war or whether Israel wants access to Gaza for its reserves, or simply further expansion of the territory it controls, ethnic cleansing appears to be Israel's policy towards the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The next table squarely lays the blame for the conflict on Israel.

Table Gaza Israels Crime

The Oracle's pronouncements may seem to be a harsh judgment on the State of Israel, but the actions of that state over the past two months have left many people in no doubt that ethnic cleansing is indeed the goal of this 'war', in reality now a slaughter of innnocents, with atrocities being committed against Palestinians every day.[3]

This judgment is underlined by an incredible table revealing that Hamas, the 'evil terrorist organisation that committed unspeakable atrocities on 7/10, is actually a project of Israel, who have been cynically manipulating the world about it ever since..

Table Hamas and Israel

A little research soon revealed that Hamas was created in 1987 by Shin Bet, Israel's internal security agency. While publically claiming Hamas is their bitter enemy, devoted to their total destruction, Israel have maintained a secret relationship with the organisation ever since.

“Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet.” Charles Freeman, US diplomat and ambassador, 2006

“In the visible dimension Hamas is an enemy, in the hidden dimension it is an ally.” IDF Major General Gershon Hacohen, 2006

Hamas has been part-funded by Israel from the beginning, because this is part of a strategy to block the two-state solution to the tensions between Israel and Palestine, a solution which, for their own reasons, Hamas also wish to block.[4] 

“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas.” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2019

The oracle has left us in no doubt about who the aggressor is and what their real objectives were and are: the blocking of a two-state solution to the Palestinians' demands and now the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza strip. Ethnic hatred also plays a part and the Palestinians are the modern incarnation of the Hebrews' traditional enemy, the Philistines. The Oracle also makes clear that in God's eyes this is a crime. 

What about the impact on an already warn-torn region? Given Israel's support in the west and weighty presence on the world stage, what might the impact be on the world? The next section makes grim reading, but we can take comfort in the fact that the conflict was peordained and that there is a higher purpose being worked out.

The Global Effect of the Gaza Conflict

The first table shows that this is much more than just a regional conflict.

Table WWIII Time of the End 1 

We are now in the apponted time of the end, which is also Word War III. The regularity of this table is striking, as befits such an important announcement.

The next tables shows the encodings of WW3, including the date it began.

Table Time of the End WWIII 3

Finally, this table concentrates on the war in Gaza from a Biblical perspective.

Table WWIII Time of the End


Daniel and The Time of the End

The phrases 'the time of the end' and 'the appointed time of the end come from the Book of Daniel.

'As he came near the place where I was standing, I was terrified and fell prostrate. “Son of man,” he said to me, “understand that the vision concerns the time of the end.”' Daniel 8.17, NIV '84 (my emphasis)

'He said, "I am going to tell you what will happen later in the time of wrath, because the vision concerns the appointed time of the end." Daniel 8.19, NIV '84 (my emphasis)

The vision referred to in the verse began with a ram which two long horns that were shattered by a flying goat. This first part is given in chapter 8, verses 3 to 7. This itself is didided into two parts, verses 3-4 and verses 5-7.

'I looked up and there before me was a ram with two horns, standing beside the canal, and the horns were long. One of the horns was longer than the other but grew up later. I watched the ram as he charged towards the west and the north and the south. he did as he pleased and became great.' Dan 3-4, NIV '84

Daniel 8:3-4 (o) = 3102 = 11 x 282 

So these verses are marked with the key number 11. This and the descritpion of the ram with two long horns, one longer than the other (the north tower) suggest it is a prophecy of the twin towers. The next two verses leave no room for doubt:

'As I was thinking about this, suddenly a goat with a prominent horn between his eyes came from the west, crossing the whole earth without touching the ground. He came towards the two-horned ram I had seen standing beside the canal and charged at him in great rage. 7. I saw him attack the ram furiously, striking the ram and shattering his two horns. The ram was powerless to stand against him; the goat knocked him to the ground and trampled on him, and none could rescue the ram from his power. Dan 8.5-7, NIV '84

Daniel 8:5-7 (o) = 4555 = 911 x 5 

The passage was a prophecy of 9/11, which Daniel is later told concerns "the time of the end". Again we see that 9/11 was the first in a sequence of events that included the Covid-19 pandemic and now the war in Gaza, which is "the appointed time of the end". 

It is also the opening of the second seal, as the Bible quote from Revelation 6.3-4 that I start with suggests.

'When the lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!". Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword' Rev. 6.3-4, NIV '84 

Table Second Seal

Remarkably, the table portrays the Hebrew letter aleph, which begins the Hebrew alphabet. Aleph traditionally means 'ox' and implies strength and leadership. It is also regarded as the 'father' of the other characters. Aleph represents beginnings (here, the beginning of the 'time of the end') and for the silent presence of God the Father in our lives. I believe it is the imprimatur of the Father on these codes within The Oracle.

 Aleph Ashuri Script


Bill Downie 




1. In The Oracle: 9/11, The Oracle indicates that the Mossad played a part in the 9/11 attacks, so dupicitous behaviour from Israel would appear to be nothing new. 

2. For example, ex-IDF personnel have made videos questioning the Israeli government's version of the events of 7/10. The hi-tech border fence surrounding Gaza was supposed to be all-but-impenetrable, yet Hamas apparently breached it with ease, with no military response for hours and a 12-hr news blackout in Israel. Other videos have emerged suggesting that many of the killings of Israeli citizens on 7/10 may have been committed by the IDF itself. 

3. Whether or not Hamas were wholly responsible for 9/11, the collective punishment of an entire people for the actions of their government is not only highly unethical, but also against international law and therefore criminal. Again this is not without precedent. Israel has a long history of ignoring UN resulutions condemning its behaviours, of which it has received 45, almost as many as all other nations in the world combined