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Ecce Homo Caravaggio 1605

Ecce Homo, by Caravaggio 1605    



In this page, I continue to share the revelation I was given, the first part of which concerned the dimensional nature and location of God and heaven.

The journey to the foot of the cross is the same journey the High Priest took to stand before the Ark of the Testimony in the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle. They are two sides of the same divine coin. The Ark was the only material object considered sacred by the Israelites. Given what had already been revealed, and as I detail on several pages on this site, that was a necessity. [1] When the High Priest entered the Most Holy Place - as only he was entitled to do and then only on Yom Kippur - he not only symbolically but literally stood in the presence of YHVH.

So let us also stand in awe before the Ark of the Testimony and witness the unveiling of some of its deepest secrets.


The Dimensions of the Ark

In Exodus the Lord instructed Moses to build a chest with the following dimensions.

Bezalel made the ark of acacia wood—two and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide, and a cubit and a half high.

Ex 37.1, NIV

This made the ark just under four feet long and just over two feet wide and deep. We are more concerned with relative dimensions that actual ones, though, so if we double the biblical dimensions we have an ark 5 units long, 3 units high and 3 units wide. This has the advantage of allowing the ark to be represented by discrete units, like most of the figures on this site. I will use spheres, because they allow internal structure to be seen.

An initial exploration by Vernon Jenkins has already revealed that this doubling reveals encoded triangular numbers in the Ark, a sign we are travelling in the right direction. The triangles are identified by their index. T9 = 9th triangle = 45.

 Ark Triangular

That's an unusually high number of triangular properties for both representations. The three totally enclosed units in the second figure suggest the Trinity and the three sacred objects held the Ark. The spheres surrounding them sum to 42, the value of Eloah/God in Hebrew.

The Ark dimension numbers, three and five, are pregnant with meaning. Three represents divine perfection and completion and represents the cube, the holiest object in Judaism. Five stands for God's blessing, grace and favour. Given that the Ark was the focus of the atonement ceremony, which was replaced by the Crucifixion, it's also of interest that these three numbers are also nailed to the Cross.

Cross (s) = 353


Five and the Tabernacle

More than any other number, five is built into the blueprint God gave Moses for theTabernacle (Ex. 25-27). [2] For example:

  1. The Torah that sat beside the Ark had five books (The Pentateuch). In the New Testament we have the four Gospels plus Acts, which contain Jesus' life and teachings.
  2. The spices for consecrating the Tabernacle furniture were used in quantities that were multiples of 5 (Ex 30:23 – 25). There were five ingredients: four spices plus olive oil.
  3. The Tabernacle contained five curtains, bars, pillars and sockets (Exodus 26:3, 26 - 27, 37).
  4. The altar was five cubits long and five cubits wide (Exodus 27:1).
  5. The height of the court within the tabernacle was five cubits (Exodus 27:18).
  6. On the Day of Atonement the high priest performed five sacrifices: a bullock, two goats (the scapegoat was also considered a sacrifice) and two rams.
  7. There were five sacred objects within or beside the Ark: the Torah, the staff, two tablets and a jar of manna.

These and other details show that the number five had special import for the Tabernacle.


The Ark in Genesis 1.1

There is an astounding piece of code in the first verse of the Hebrew Bible that suggests that the Atonement Cover and cherubim on the Ark represent the vesica piscis, the intersection of two circles to form between them an almond shape called a vesica - this is discussed in Divine Proportions.

Of more interest at this point is an encoding running down the centre, which confirmed my growing sense that the Ark might have been built to suggest an extra dimension. [3]

Genesis 1.1 3335

The highlighted numbers running down the middle are the reduced values of the four Hebrew characters for the number three, shalowish:

 Genesis 1.1 Three 3335

These four digits run down the centre of this atonement cover-shaped matrix, exactly where the Glory of the Lord would manifest to the High Priest (Ex. 25.22). Using it as a guide I constructed an ark with an extra dimension, a tesseractoid or hypercuboid. [2]

Tesseractoid 3335 

This 2D picture shows a wireframe model of the 3D 'shadow' of this tesseractoid (which is beyond illustration). The inner cuboid is the shadow of the figure's extension into the 4th dimension.

In The Throne of God the code makes the staggering claim that this universe has its origin in a 'higher' realm with the properties of a tesseract, and that this literally is God. [4] In other words, everything in the universe was originally part of God, who is truly our heavenly Father. 

The Bible claims that this is a fallen world through Adam's sin, which caused his expulsion from Eden. The perfect geometric analogy here is the 'falling down' of a tesseract into a lower dimension. This illustration shows the unfolding of a hollow tesseract into 3D space. One of its possible unfoldings is a 3D cross shape, which can then project as the simplest 2D cross. [5]

Tesseract 3D Cross 2D Cross 2

These finds are upheld by encodings in the NIV Bible, which are obvious references to the tesseract:

1. The first example is Matthew 18.24, where in one of Jesus' parables we are told that a man owed his king 10,000 talents. 

As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand talents was brought to him.

10,000 is the tenth tesseract number! In fact other than the relatively small number 16, 10,000 is the only tesseract number the Bible mentions.

One dimension down, the cube of ten is thought to have been the outer dimensions of the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle.

2. The number 1824 is a concatenation of the hypervolume, volume and surface area of a tesseract, given above. This number is encoded as the first 39 words of the NIV Bible, which is the combined value of this, in every sense profound, statement: 

The Lord God is the fifth dimension (c) = 1824

3. The number of edges and corners in a tesseract are also encoded in the Garden (Genesis 1.1-5, NIV). Here is a list of the tesseract's dimensional properties.

A single 4D tesseract has:
8 cubes (3D 'envelopes')
24 faces (2D surfaces)
32 edges (1D lines)
16 corners (0D points)

These properties are encoded in the Garden as shown below. The second encoding goes one word past the Garden, but I have accepted it. Note that the dimensions of space for each property, from the tesseract itself residing in 4 spatial dimensions, to the 0-dimensional corners, are encoded between the two numbers, which are concatenated from the properties.

Table Tesseract Dimensions

4. The number 3216, representing the edges and corners, marks another stunning code, this time in Leviticus, showing how not only the Ark but the high priest's actions also represent the dimensions of space.

Leviticus 16.14 is the Bible's 3216th verse. This describes the central part of the atonement ceremony, where the high priest sprinkles bull's blood on the atonement cover of the Ark. This sacrifice was for the High Priest and for Christians represents Christ's shed blood. So this is already of interest.

   "He is to take some of the bull's blood and with his finger sprinkle it on the friont of the atonement cover;                                                                                                                                                                                
then he shall sprinkle some of it with his finger seven times before the atonement cover."

To the ancients life was in the blood, and therefore like the manna, the sprinkled blood represented not just atonement for sin and a life in Christ but, more fundamentally, the zero-dimensional corners of the Ark. The high priest's finger represented Aaron's staff, the one-dimensional edges. 1D and 0D are exactly what the numbers 32 (1D edges) and 16 (0D corners) represent, so this is another neon sign indicating the Ark's true dimensional nature and what it represents.

Real cubes in this world exist in four-dimensional spacetime, therefore a real tesseract would exist in a five-dimensional realm, four of space and one of time. Interestingly, the first word used for 'God' in the Hebrew Bible is Elohim, with ordinal and reduced values of 41 and 14.

So adding the flow of time to 4D space, gives us a heavenly realm that is 5-dimensional. This is why the Tabernacle was extensively decorated with that number, why the Pentagon attacks on 9/11 were stamped with that number and why Jesus on the Cross has traditionally been represented by a rose with five petals on a cross, or an apple tree, botanically related to the rose. 


The Creation and the Crucifixion

The cross shape that arises from this unfolding into 3D immediately suggest the Crucifixion. These pages already show that the Crucifixion is encoded with cross and cube geometry. This utilises the fact that hollow cube will open out to form a cross and as we saw above a 3D cross from a tesseract can project the same 2D cross shape.

Hollow Cube and Cross

The unfolding of a cube into a cross is the 3D analogue of an unfolding tesseract and it links Judaism and Christanity, through their most sacred objects - the Ark and the cube in general for Judaism and the Cross for Christianity - and because of what they mean within these religions: the Crucifixion and the Day of Atonement both convey the idea of sacrifice as an atonement for man's sin. 

Now, the unfolding of the tesseract into 3D space conveys exactly the same ideas, but it also links them to the creation of this universe. The 3D cross created as the tesseract unfolds conveys the fact that sin was built into this realm from the beginning and that Christ, the Creator, has been crucified since its foundation:

All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast - all whose names have not been written
in the book of life belonging to the lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.
Rev. 13.8, NIV '84

[As a quick aside, the division here into those who follow the beast and those who follow Christ is also shown by the numbers 13 and 8, discussed in the previous page.]

Rev. 13.8 is the Bible's only use of this image, and its location was no accident, because it is the 30901st verse in the NIV Bible, hinting at the number 391. [6] 

Yehoshua (s) = 391
Second Coming (s) = 391

Finally, the chapter and verse give 138.

Tesseractoid (o) = 138
Mind of Christ (o) = 138
Spirit of God (o) = 138


Weighing Up the Tesseractoid Ark 

The structure of the four-dimensional Ark and the numbers that emerge from it contain the second part of the revelationFirstly,

every one of the four spatial dimensions is symbolised by the Ark! 

This is illustrated below.

 Ark, Tesseractoid Dimensions

Do you see what has been done here? The items placed within the Ark are visually displaying the same information encoded in the Bible:

There are four dimensions of space and the highest dimension is heaven itself!

Even the physical height of the parts confirms it:

  • The Glory manifested in the space above the Ark, symbolising the highest dimension. Cherubim are spirit beings and the colour of gold is caused by its relativistic properties, which affect space, time and mass.
  • The atonement cover tops the Ark, symbolising Christ as the Gate between dimensions.
  • Just below is the chest of the ark, symbolising three dimensions of regular space.
  • The tablets sit on the base of the ark and symbolise the two dimensions of a flat surface.
  • Finally, the staff and manna beside the tablets represent a side and a corner, for dimensions 1 and 0.

 Ark, Tablets, Staff, Manna

Biblical verses such as Psalm 90.4 confirm that heaven also has a time dimension, even though it may flow differently.

A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.

In 2 Peter 2.38 we have a similar statement:

But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

Though it may flow differently, time does exist in heaven.


Unfolding a Tesseractoid 

Unfolding a tesseractoid is almost the same as unfolding a regular tesseract. Instead of eight cubes, though, we now have two cubes and six cuboids, although the cross shape is similar.

Tesseractoid Cross Shape


The Soldier's Spear

The shape is a pierced cross and this suggests the incident on the cross where Jesus is pierced by the soldier's spear, related in one Bible verse, John 19.34. 

 Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water,

The ordinal value of this verse is a familiar number from recent history:

John 19.34 (o) .........= 911

As I relate in The September-11 Crucifix, 9/11 was a drama portraying the Crucifixion and the Day of AtonementBoth were prefigured by Passover, when the blood of lambs eaten in the houses of the Israelites was spread on the tops and sides of their door frames, which protected their firstborn sons from the Angel of Death. The letter Chet, resembling a door frame, symbolises this miracle. But it was also symbolised on 9/11 because the twin towers resembled the Hebrew letter Chetbecause the North Tower had a giant spike on top, resembling a zayin beside a vav, which are the components of chet. The fall of the towers symbolised the blood sacrifice of the lamb and simultaneously Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross.

ChetTwin Towers Chet

However, the towers stood separate, unyoked, and so symbolised the number thirteen and rebellion against God, rather than the eight they would make if conjoined to form a Chet. 9/11 reprsented the Crucifxion, so this also recalls Jesus being 'numbered with the transgressors' (Isaiah 53) to die on the Cross for man's sins.

9/11 is therefore intimately linked to these revelations and in fact encodes five almost as much as elevenThe soldier piercing Jesus' flesh was the attack on the Pentagon, which was deliberatly built and named with the number five in mind, having five stories and five sides. However, some things were beyond the planners' control and had to have been built in at a higher level. For example, the 9/11 attack killed 125 members of the public, this being 5 x 5 x 5. [6]

Again, the English language had to have been preloaded with numbers:

The Pentagon (o)        = 125
Pentagon (o) = 92, 8th pentagonal number


The Ark as an Ovum

The Christian mystic E.E. Brooks was shown during a period of revelation that the Ark represented an egg, contained the male generative organs (staff = penis, tablets = testicles, manna = sperm) and that the atonement sacrifice was a holy consumation (which is why there were laws to ensure the High Priest was capable of conception). The act would then produce the male child spoken of in Revelation 12 and of whom 9/11 symbolised the conception.

The pierced look of the 3D cross prefigures, in every sense, the Yom Kippur atonement ceremony, both in it's superficial meaning as a sacrifice 'pleasing to YHVH' to atone for sin and as sexual union between the High Priest and a woman. The woman was the Tabernacle itself, as detailed by E. E. Brooks. The Most Holy Place was the womb and the Ark was an egg awaiting the spark of life from the male's seed, symbolised by the manna. The blood sprinkled on the Ark, the blood spilt by the breaking of a hymen (part of the symbolism was that the woman was a virgin) and the blood and water spilled by Jesus after being pierced also represented the conception of life. Blood symbolised life because for the ancients it contained the life force.

The tablets inscribed with God's words are the testes filled with man's seed, each therefore containing the instructions for life at the biological and the societal level. This ancient ceremony is using knowledge not available to the ancient Hebrews about the genetics of life and the modern understanding that DNA contains information that could be compared to written information. The manna, DNA in the seed, and the law on the tablets all represent God's Law, designed for our flourishing at every level.

Aaron's staff-that-had-budded is the organ of a fully functioning male, capable of fathering children, which was symbolised by the buds and tiny leaves. As with Jesus' parable of the mustard seed, the leaves also illustrate growth from small beginnings.

The manna symbolises those tiniest of beginnings, the zero-dimensional 'corners' where every one of the four spatial dimensions meets at every point in space and time. This may seem like the least significant part of the revelation, but it is the most personal. Just as a piece of paper is completely surrounded by space and touches it at every point, so our entire universe is completely enveloped by four-dimensional space, which we now know is heaven itself.

God envelops the universe not in an out-beyond-the quasars sense, but literally at every point in space and timeHe is literally omnipresent, always with us. The revelation that the fifth dimension is God in His Glory is your guarantee that you are right now and forever will be in your Heavenly Father's loving embrace.


The Glory

The structural properties of the tesseract and it's unfolding into 3D space were outlined above. Now, I'll do the same for the tesseractoid encoded within the Ark and the Torah that lay beside it. I'll just give the results to save space.

1. The tesseractoid with dimensions 3, 3, 3, 5 units is shown again.

Tesseractoid 3335

4D hypervolume = 135 quartic units
3D volume of its 8 cubic 'envelopes' = 324 cubic units
2D surface area of its 24 faces = 264 square units
1D length of its edges = 112 units
0D points = 16

Hypervolume: The Glory of God manifested above the Ark, symbolising that higher dimension for us. This is reflected in the mirror of gematria, where we have this stunning identity:

Doxa/Glory = 135

Volume: Its eight cubic 'faces' have a combined volume of 324, which confirm that this is the true Ark of the Testimony:

The Ark (s) = 324

Surface Area: Its 24 faces have a total are of 264 square units, linking the Ark with Christ's Coming into this world.

Coming (c) = 264

Edges: The edges total 112 units in length, the very numerical signature of God in one dimension!

YHVH Elohim

Corners: There are 16 corners in the 4D Ark, representing zero-dimensional points and symbolised by the manna from heaven. This number is associated in the Bible with with love. For example, Paul list sixteen characteristics of love in 1 Cor. 13. [8]


The Man 

The next dimension down is the 3D cross, which unfolded from the 4D Ark. I showed at the start of this page that triangles were found in both the solid and atomised models of the Ark, I have done the same with this 3D cross and numbered both beasts.

Tesseractoid Cross Shape

Volume ...........= 324 cubic units

Surface area = 390 square units

1. The volume is again 324 units, as the Cross is created by an unfolding of the tesseractoid 'envelopes'. So the same identity applies and this figure is cross and ark in one.

The Ark (s) .......................= 324

2. The surface area of this figure is 390 square units. 39 is the reduced value of 'The Word', but a more important identity here is this one:

The Man (c) .....................= 390

This is a direct reference to Pilate's mock proclamation in John 19.5 (39 x 5), which inspired the painting by Carravagio I used to head this page:

When Jesus came out wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe, Pilate said to them, "Here is the man!"

John 19.5, NIV '84

Here indeed is the man, vindicated and returning in Glory! Jesus' ultimate humiliation is turned on its head and revealed as his most glorious hour!


The Atomic Structure of The Man

This 3D cross can be modelled in numerical geometry, using discrete units, which gives a slightly different, but still awe-inspiring suite of numbers.

 3D Cross 324 

Number of spheres used in construction = 324

Number of spheres in outer shell ............= 270 

Number of internal spheres .......................= 54

1. With the number 324 we again have 'the Ark', with standard value 324, so this figure combines the symbology of both. 

2. Because it's created from discrete units, this figure has a thin 3D shell, rather than a 2D surface. The shell is displayed in yellow here and requires 270 spheres, which is the combined value of this word:

Son (c)) ....................................................= 270

Two supporting verses are Isaiah 9.6 and 11.2, which introduce the child, whose name is Immanuel. 

For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9.6, NIV

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—
    the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
    the Spirit of counsel and of might,
    the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord

Isaiah 11.2

Isaiah 9.6 introduces the child. Isaiah 11.2 lists his many spiritual attributes. This is conveying the same identification we've seen throughout these pages: Jesus as the Word of God. It is confirmed by their relative positions in Isaiah. 

Isaiah 9.6 is the 181st verse in Isaiah.

Jesus the Messiah (o) ....................= 181

Isaiah 11.2 is the 232nd verse in Isaiah.

Davar YHVH/the Word of the Lord = 232

Yahi Aur/Let there be light!.............= 232 

Meaning and number mark the verses for our attention, and that is because they contain astonishing information. The numbers 96 and 112 derived from them are the frames for the tesseracts that unfolded into the crosses you've just seen! 

 Tesseract 135 Frame

3. There are 54 inner spheres, and they reveal what is inside Isaiah's Wonderful Counsellor.

Love (o) ..............= 54

The Lord God (r) .= 54


Jesus' Undergarment

The story of Jesus' crucifixion has an intriguing detail. The robe Jesus was given to wear for his mock crowning was variously described as scarlet (Matt. 27.29) and in other Gospel verses as purple. These are two of the colours used in the tabernacle's outer gate, the curtains protecting the sanctuary and the coverings oveit. So the robe suggests a protective covering, which was also the function of the atonement cover (mercy seat) on the Ark and of Jesus himself as our Atonement Cover.

The Gospels mention one intriguing detail about the undergarment Jesus wore on the cross. Here is the verse in John that describes the undergarment (notice the four-plus-one pattern again here too).

When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they took his clothes, dividing them into four shares, one for each of them, with the undergarment remaining.

This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom.

John 19.23, NIV '84

The outer shell of 3D cross/ark 324, which is woven from 270 spheres (= 'Son' (c)) can be considered 'seamless' and completely encloses the figure below, which can just be made out within the above 3D cross. This is shown as angled, front, side and top views (or 2D projections) and they clearly identify the child within 'the man'.

The Child

This is thmale child, the one written of in Revelation 12.5 (there's the cube of 5 again):

She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron sceptre. 

The child was conceived on 9/11, when the High Priest entered the Temple to make atonement for man's sin and symbolically fertilise the Ark/egg. He has gestated in Kairos (God's time) rather than chronos and has now been birthed into the world. He is the budded staff, the tablets that hold the law and the manna from heaven that brings life. The Ark, the Crucifixion and Scripture itself were encoded to reveal his birth and divine origin, symbolised by the tesseractoid chest the Israelites rightly regarded as the only sacred object on earth. The male child is also the lamb who was crucified since the foundation of this world, and the soldier's spear is now His iron sceptre.

The ordinal value of the verse above, John 19.23, is 2032, which is 127 x 16. 127 is a hexagon and the projection of cube 343, the value of the first Superscription given in Matthew 27.37 and the number that eternally ties the three concepts of the Day of Atonement, the Crucifixion and the birth of the male child.

THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS (o)                                      = 343
Arun Elohim/The Ark of God (s) = 343
The Male Child (s) = 343


Bill Downie 28/10/22



1. These pages are particularly important.   

The Ark of the Testimony

The Ark

Divine Proportions

Glorious Geoemetry

2. The name 'tesseractoid' is a logical extension of 'cuboid'. I found it here: 'Hypercuboid' is a variation of 'hypercube'

3. The author was anonymous and the site is now gone, but I thank them for this discovery, which I came upon at the precise time I needed it, by Divine delivery service.

4. I do not think it follows that God is precisely a tesseract, but it does follow that this higher space has 4 spatial dimensions.

5. A tesseract can unfold in 261 different ways and a cube can unfold in eleven different ways. Both numbers are deeply integrated with the code.

6. Zero is occasionally used as a spacer in the Code. See this page for other examples.

7. Thanks to Kathy LeCorre here.

8. My thanks to God's Kingdom Ministries for this information.