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Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) 

Detail from Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus), Dali   



This page continues the hidden narrative running through the Crucifixion drama by displaying its geometric basis and the message contained therein, which I believe to be the greatest revelation I have ever been given: the location of heaven. 

Jesus' journey to the Cross has a parallel in the Hebrew Aleph-bet. In the previous Page I showed how the staff and crown Jesus was given after his trial and sentence represented the progression from the letter vav (6) to the letter zayin (7), the crowned vav. The next Hebrew letter is chet, with a numerical value of 8. 


Chet (8)

Chet is a vav 'yoked' to a zayin, which is a picture of Jesus (zayin) and his disciples (vav). The 'yoke' is represented by the connection between these component characters. Here I will show that there is a geometric analogy that explains the fact that although Jesus is strongly linked through gematria to the number seven, representing spiritual perfection, he is just as comfortably wrapped in the robe of the next number, eight, representing superabundance and new beginnings and using the same symbol we use to denote infinity.


     Eight and Thirteen

Although chet has gematria 8, its two component numbers sum to 13. In Number in Scripture, the great E. W. Bullinger shows how the number 8 belongs to God's people. For example, the gematria (standard values) of the Seth line of names from Adam to Japheth sums to 3168:

Name Gematria
Adam 45
Seth 700
Enos 357
Cainan 210
Mahalaleel 136
Jared 214
Enoch 84
Methusalah 784
Lamed 90
Noah 58
Japheth 490
Sum 3168 = 8 x 396


Japheth was the elder brother of Shem, the branch from which Jesus was to sprout. Very apty then, the total sum is also a crown, and, even more aptly, the gematria of the full title for the Saviour Himself!

3168 2

Kurios Ihsous Christos 

Compare this, now, with the line of Cain, who killed his brother Abel.

Name Gematria
Adam 45
Cain 160
Enoch 84
Irad 284
Mehujael  95
Meshusael 777
Lamech 90
Jabal 42
Jubal 48
Tubal Cain 598
Sum 13 x 9 x 19  =  2223

Another factor, 19, is the biblical number of manifestation. In English, it is the ordinal value of 'Adam', who was expelled with Eve from Eden after rebelling against God's instructions, of which Cain's murder of Abel was the next major consequence.

The third factor, 9, is the biblical number of judgment and this twin theme of rebellion (13, Zayin + Vav) and judgment has an astonishing and very enlightening geometric analogy that is encoded as a 'zip file' in the number 2223 and in English gematria, proving that the message was encoded for NOW! [1]:

 Trefoil 2223 741

All stars and crowns are or derive from the first stage of the Koch process for generating snowflakes. In a complete inversion, all trefoils and triangular trefoils are or derive from the Koch antisnowflake process. 'Trefoil' means 'three leaved plant' and trefoils and antisnowflakes point to the world and the life therein - and all life in this fallen world is subject to God's judgment, a reality mirrored in gematria. [2]

Each triangular leaf of this trefoil is also stamped with the Lord's judgment on rebellious mankind:

Triangle 741 247

So the Chet is a picture of a rebellious mankind being yoked to the Messiah, who under His protective cloak, or scarlet robe (Matt. 27.18), are given a fresh start in life, encapsulated in the phrase 'born again' and symbolised by the number eight, representing new beginnings and superabundance.


Seven and Eight

Bullinger also shows that in, a biblical sense, ascending from seven to eight is also a transition from life to death.

For example, YHVH made eight covenants with Abraham, seven before Isaac was offered up to Him, the eighth afterwards. Joseph had eight communications with his brother, seven before Jacob died, the eighth afterwards.

Jesus Christ is identified with both seven and eight:

Jesus and Seven     Jesus and Eight  
Our Lord (c)  = 777   Ihsous (s) = 888
THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS (o) = 7 x 7 x 7   Ihsous Christos (s) = 8 x 8 x 37
 Christ (o)  = 77 Kurios Ihsous Christos (o) = 8 x 396
 Lord (o)  = 7 x 7 Immanuel (o) = 88

To understand this we follow the Biblical pattern. Jesus received his crown of thorns before his death on the Cross, which would be represented by zayin (7), signalling his status as Messiah and King. After the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus was represented by chet (8). 

As well as grace, wisdom and new beginnings, chet is associated in the Jewish and Christian traditions with life (chayim, chai, etc, which begin with chet), with the doorway to life, covered in the blood of the lamb, and with discipleship to Jesus, pictured very literally by its character, a vav (man) yoked to the crowned man that is zayin (7).[3]


This 2-in-i quality of chet is symbolised by two simple geometric transformations that alludes to Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection and to the resurrection into new and eternal life for those who become His disciples.

In Glorious Geometry, I show how the Ark of the Testimony has a hidden dimension, encoded in Genesis and in the numerical dimensions of the Ark. Its location within the Most Holy Place resembles a tesseract, the extension of a three-dimensional cube into four dimensions of space. Here are the Ark and Most Holy Place beside a tesseract from its usual viewing angle. [4]

Tesseract and Most Holy Place 

The Ark sits inside the Sanctuary, as the inner cube, formed by the tesseract's extension into the fourth dimension, sits inside the outer cube that appears to contain it, except for the fact that like (for UK readers) Dr. Who's Tardis, the tesseract is larger on the inside than it appears. The dimensions of the ark have a ratio of 3:3:5 and if the Ark was viewed end on they would appear identical. Gold was liberally used in the Ark's construction and symbolised enduring value. At the subatomic level (unknown of course to the Israelites) there is a relativistic effect associated with the outermost electron that gives gold its beautiful yellow hue, unlike nearly every other metal. Relativity theory showed that space, time and mass can be interchangeable, therefore gold is almost uniquely qualified to stand as a metaphor for an extra dimension.

The Ark's location within the Most Holy Place, a perfect cube, and the Ark's construction from gold, especially the atonement cover and cherubim, symbolise perfection, a higher dimension and therefore heaven, from where YHVH spoke to the High Priest from between the cherubim of the Glory. All this is encoded within the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1.1-5, NIV), as shown in this remarkable table, which is 'pinned' to the Bible's opening word, to escape the possiblity of being swallowed by the gaping maw of the Law of Truly Large Numbers, which the code deftly avoids through encodings like this one.

The Ark of the Testimony

This is even more remarkable than I've shown, because encoded here too is 'Altar of Incense' (words 1 to 14), which on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), was moved beside the Temple curtains and for that day only considered to be part of the Most Holy Place (Heb 9.4). This is the ceremony that the Crucifixion, the subject of this suite of pages, replaced once and for all time.

Altar of Incense 

Note that the precise wordings used here are found only in the NIV '84, the vehicle for the New Bible Code, which is self-reflective and greatly increases the odds against this happening by chance. Primacy is always important in the Bible and 'Ark of the Testimony' is also the first title used for the Ark in the NIV. Even if we take that as a given, the odds against the other three names being present are around 1 in 90,000 (p = 0.0001). It is also another pointer to the importance of the Day of Atonement, one of the principal themes of the Code.

Amongst several further Ark encodings in this preeminent location is an elegant little ELS encoding, totally independent of gematria-based codes, that gives the ark's location in exactly the same place!

Ark Here 

With YHVH present the Most Holy Place symbolically and in some sense literally was open to an extra dimension, often called the 4th dimension, but really the 5th dimension, because time itself is a dimension. This revelation is completed by further encodings in these seminal verses!

 Table 4D Ark

Jesus' death on the Cross marked a transition into the spiritual realms, into a higher dimension, which is what happens to those who are yoked to him, as the letter chet symbolises. We are 'born again', in other words spiritually born into a higher dimension, through Jesus, who is the Gate, also symbolised by chet.

The tops and frames of the doors of the Israelites were spread with the blood of a lamb and were passed over (hence 'Passover') and were therefore spared the death of their firstborn son. In Ex. 12.7, speaking of the Israelites, The LORD says:

Then they are to take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops of the door-frames of the houses where they eat the lambs.

Ex. 12.7, NIV

This action to save the firstborn son from death foreshadows the Crucifixion narrative. Jesus is the Passover lamb who was slaughtered and whose shed blood protects us. The chet resembles a door frame and therefore this is a picture of Jesus as the Gate to Life.

Chet as the Protector of the Israelites

Chet red

 " . . . . I am the Gate for the sheep." (Jn 10.7)

This is the origin of popular Jewish amulets displaying a chet, the first letter of the word for 'living', chai ("I am the Resurrection and the Life," Jn. 11.25)."


The Geometry of Eight 

A tesseract is a 4D cube and a hollow tesseract is the 4D equivalent of a hollow cube. Just as a hollow cube will unfold to form a cross, so a hollow tesseract unfolds to form its 3D equivalent. [5] In this illustration I derive the number 8 from Unity (1) simply by reducing the number of spatial dimensions from 4 to 3. This necessitates the unfolding of a 4D hollow cube into 3D. There are 261 different 'nets' (unfoldings) of the tesseract, two of which are 3D crosses, one a traditional cross shape, the other a T shape. 

Viewed laterally and projected onto a surface, these give the two figures Christians most often associate with the Crucifixion. The superficial surface area of the 4D tesseract is 24 sq. units, that of the 3D figures is 34 sq. units and the area of the cross and T are both 6 sq. units, six being our vav again and symbolic of the vav/nails put into the three vav/men on their crosses. All of this is illustrated here.

Tesseract 8 6

We can see that the surface area of tesseract and 3D cross are 24 and 34 sq. units. Now look at these two complementary pairs of identities:

Word (r)  = 24 Second (r) = 24
Immanuel (r) = 34 Coming (r) = 34
Yehoshua (o)  = 58 = 24 + 34.        Second Coming (r) = 58

Throughout this suite of pages and the entire website are many examples of 'Jesus' paired with 'Word'. Here is the fundamental example, the archetype, with Jesus as Immanuel, the incarnate Word. His Second Coming into the world has been tagged with the very same numbers.

As can be seen in the diagram, the three numbers giving the hypervolume of the tesseract, the volume of one of the 3D cross it unfolds into and the area of the projected 2D cross are 1, 8 and 6.

Golgotha/Golgotha (Jn 19.17) = 186
Pa'alu/His Work (Deut 32.4) = 186
Gegonen/It is done (Rev 16.17)        = 186

These identities suggest a profound link between the Crucifixion, a higher dimension and God's Word.

The number 186, which hints at these dimensional shifts, suggested in phrases like "lifting up", "falling from grace", "ascension", and in Jesus' final act of giving up his Spirit (Luke 23.46), is also the outline of hexagon 2977, the completed Jewel in the Crown of Thorns.


The Most Holy Place

In numerical geometry, 8 is the second cube number after 1 (which is all figures and none). Cube 8 can be created simply by rearraging the eight cubes on the 3D cross.

Cross 8 Cube 8

Cube 8 diagonally projects onto a surface to give hexagon 7, the number of zayin, and the completed Creation week. Following the biblical pattern shown earlier, where the eighth mention of a subject comes after death, cube 8 then represents Jesus after his crucifixion. Both Jews and, through Christ as the Gate, Christians see chet as the doorway to heaven, the Light. So after his death Jesus was no longer symbolised by zayin, the crowned man, but chet, the Gate to Life, the Way.

This is symbolised by the transition from a 2D hexagon up to a 3D cube. The cube is the holiest object in Judaism and represents the post-death transition to a higher dimension. As I showed earlier, the Most Holy Place with the ark inside again represents a higher dimension.

Hexagon 7 Cube 8

Note the central counter in the hexagon, which in the cube has one hidden sphere behind the visible central sphere, making eight in all. This 2-in-1 counter in the centre of the hexagon becomes two spheres - the chet with the zayin and vav yoked together!

How do we know the central counter in the hexagon is the Zayin? We briefly turn to the Genesis Creation narrative.


the Creation of Matter

If the transition up a dimension is returning to heaven, then coming down from heaven is going down a dimension. At the correct angle, cube 8 would then projected hexagon 7 onto a surface. In The Creation Snowflake I show how hexagon 7 represents the Creation week and can grow by an iterative process that emulates those 6+1 primal days and creates hexagrams and snowflakes. Here below is the first example, showing hexagram 13 surrounded by hexagon 7:

Snowflake 55

The first Star of David appears in the centre, symbolising the seventh day, which "God blessed and made holy". So the central counter in hexagon 7 is star 1, the seed for the Star of David sequence in larger versions. Hexagon 7 is also the first hexagonal antisnowflake, which I just showed represents created life. The star in the centre is the divine spark within.

Hexagon 7

So this central counter is the projection of two spheres, only one of which can be seen in the projection. The other is cloaked and this is a picture of the Chet as a Vav yoked to a Zayin. and under its 'protective covering'. The seventh day counter is star 1, as I showed, and is Jesus as the Star of David and the Crowned Vav. The concept being symbolised here is Jesus as man's atonement cover and shield, to whom Christians are yoked.



The Hebrew Character Chet foreshadows the Crucifixion, pictures the Messiah and his disciples under his yoke and protection and suggests the projection of hexagon 7 from cube 8. A related dimensional shift is the projection of a 3D cross from a single hypersphere in four-dimensional space, which can then project a 2D cross. All this suggests an interaction with at least one higher dimension, from where life began and receives its spark, and from where it is suggested we can return.

The yoking of man in discipleship to Jesus shields him from sin (symbolised by Vav (6) and Zayin (7) separated and summing to 13) and allows him to share in Jesus' Resurrection (8, symbolised by Vav yoked to and cloaked by Zayin and illiustrated in cube 8, which becomes a new number, Chet (8)).

The Crucifixion narrative was prefigured in Jewish tradition, held together by gematria and modelled on sophisticated geometric processes unknown to the writers. Other examples have already been documented on this site, most notably in the first verse of the Hebrew Bible, which contains the first steps for generating Koch snowflakes and antisnowflakes, metaphors for life and growth. As with life, so with death: all is under God's control.


God and the Fifth Dimension

Finally, we have been led to the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle and to the presence of God, whose Kingdom is found in a higher dimension. - one with many mansions, as the unfolding tesseract suggests, but a real place from which we are currently exiled - yet in Christ, who lives within the faithful heart, unbreakably yoked.

The first word string in Genesis (NIV) is over 39 words (39 = the Word (r)) and sums to 1824.

1824 is a concatenation of three numbers, 1, 8 and 24, that distinguish a tesseract from a cube or higher dimensional hypercubes.. These are the tesseract itself (1), the number of its cubic 'envelopes' (8) and the number of its faces (24). 

Before looking at the table recall that the observable universe exists in four dimensional spacetime. So although a tesseract is four dimensional, it would exist in five-dimensional spacetime.

The Fifth Dimension

The Bible's words and its very structure have been imprinted with the geometry of the tesseract.

1. Matthew 18.24, Jesus, in the parable of the unmerciful servant, tells us that a man was brought to the king owing 10,000 talents.

'As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand talents was brought to him.'

10,000 is the tenth tesseract number! The equivalent cube has 1000 units and is thought to be the outer dimensions of the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle. So  we also have a reference to the Sanctuary. The talent was generally a quantity of gold, so we even have the enduring value and relativistic properties of gold, which covered the Ark. Since the King forgave the enormous debt of the man the lesson is the essential Christian message of our sins being forgiven by Jesus, who won it for us on the Cross.

2. The Bible's 1824th verse is Exodus 12.7 

"Then they are to take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops
of the door-frames of the houses where they eat the lambs"

With reference to what I wrote above about Christ being the gate for Christians, this is the very verse that shows Chet foreshadowing Christ's sacrifice and the protection His shed blood, and which instituted the festival of Passover.

Passover (s) = 826
The Crucified Lord (s)  = 826
Matthew 27.37 (o) = 826

Matthew 27.37 is the first verse giving the Superscription:


As I wrote earlier, this statement has an ordinal value of 343, which is the cube of 7. One final thing here: 343 is the cube that projects hexagon 127, already indicated in Exodus 12.7.

3. In Ephesians 3.18, Paul speaks of the love of Christ extending to all of Creation. 

"may have power, together with all the saints, 
to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ."

These words can be read as a hint of four spatial dimensions, encompassed by the love of Christ.

4. Christ Himself pointed to the location of heaven:

               "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say,                                                                                                              
'Here it is' or 'There it is,' because the Kingdom of God is within you."

Luke 17.20-21, NIV'84

The Greek word entos can also be translated as 'among you', or 'in the midst of you'. That is also true, because every point in space touches that higher dimension, or as we say, God is omnipresent. But anyone who has a relationship with Christ knows that it is an internal, very personal phenomenon and that prayer, including group prayer, strengthens that relationship.


The Five-Dimensional Garden 

The identification of the fifth dimension with God and heaven, also identifies our Creator with the tesseract, the 4D cube that originated all of this geometry and which would exist in a universe of four spatial dimensions and one time dimension (suggesting 41 or 14, ordinal and reduced values of Elohim/God).

G = 7 and D = 4, so we have this identification, unique in the code:

Tesseract (s) = 704 giving G O D

The Alpha and the Omega (s) = 704

Anyway, and in every sense, it's all in the Garden.

Table God Garden

The top row is the main encoding and sums to 2229, which sends the same message from On High that this entire website is proclaiming:

The Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (s) = 2229

Coming friom where? It's all in the numbers, the first of which is an ideogram for the gateway to the fifth dimension, the second of which hints at 1824 again.

Fifth Dimension (o)  = 151
Jesus Christ (o) = 151
Holy Spirit (o) = 151
The Fifth Dimension (o) = 184
The Holy Spirit (o) = 184
Lord (s) = 184


Bill Downie 24/10/22 



1. After this example, even the most hawkish of Biblical-Hebrew, Aramaic-and-Greek-only gematria traditionalists must now reconsider. God encoded the English language, and, as the example here warns, rebellion against God's instructions has consequences.

2. Real snowflakes are obvious exceptions to this rule, but snow symbolically falls from 'the heavens', the very wording used in the NIV. The number 13 itself is the simplest star number, but also a trefoil, which reflects its association with rebellion leading to judgment (trefoil) but also love (star), through being the gematria of Ahavah/love and Echad/unity.


4. It's impossible to draw a 4D object, so this is a 2D representation of its 3D 'shadow'.

5. This figure was made famous by Dali's Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus)