The Jewel in the Crown


Scottish Crown 

 The Scottish Crown



In the previous page I showed how the three text portions comprising the New Garden can be joined at either end to form a band, which is engraved with fractal snowflake geometry and can therefore also be seen as a crown of thorns, which are the fractals encoded in the verses. These fractals are particularly associated with the Logos, the Creator and Ordering Principle in the universe, the Rhema, which is God's word for our particular situation, the Word Incarnate (Jesus Christ) and, as these pages display in detail, the written Word of God. [1]

The crown of thorns, here displaying its signifying crown of 1536 counters (encoded over the second clause of John 1.1), is shown again below.

The New Garden as a Crown

The crown can also be seen as the setting for a jewel, which is the subject of the rest of this page.


The Voice

The jewel in the Crown of Thorns is hexagram 1441, which is displayed below, along with its internal hexagram. This is the very arrangement suggested by two identities closely related in meaning to the Logos become flesh, who spoke the rhema in all he preached.

Hexagram 1441 721 

Bearing in mund the jewel sits within the crown of thorns, we have in addition,

The thorns (s) ........................................= 721

So the jewel in the crown symbolises Jesus as the voice of God, the speaker of the living Word - and that is a bright gemstone indeed! And it fits perfectly into crown 1536 to form a shining symbol of Jesus preaching to the multitudes. Here it is in its proper setting, forming hexagon 2977. This is the number of the event for which Jesus' crown of thorns was made.

The Jewel in the Crown

Adding all the numbers in the jewel and its setting gives us 3723. This is 73 x 51 and these two numbers encapsulate the entire New Bible Code.

Our Lord Jesus (r) ........= 51

The Second Coming (r) = 73

So hexagram 1441, symbolising the giving of the Word, completes the crown by portraying Jesus as the Word, the Voice of God and the Messiah and King, preaching to the World. It is therefore eminently suitable for bejewelling Jesus' Crown of Thorns.

Star 1441 is already found in the New Garden, in its own setting, surrounded by a choir of numbers singing that we are sanctified by hearing the Word. The table below gives the details.

 Table The Sanctification

In The Holographic Seal I show how the sanctification process works, starting with triangle 595, standard values of paravasis/transgression and O Agiasmos/The Sanctification in Greek). Two such triangles can then merge, beginning at hourglass 1189 and ending with a Star of David, symbolic of the sanctified and delivered man. The diagram I created is given again below.

 The Sanctification

The second part shows how obedience to God's Laws (for Christians and Messianic Jews, the Golden Rule) is also essential for sanctification.


The Lily Pad

The jewel in its setting is hexagon 2977 and in the suite of Pages I call The Lily PondI show how hexagon 2977 is the basis for the snowflake geometry used in these codes and therefore the geometric fountain of life from whence springs the Word!

Here is the structure directly resulting from the geometric growth pattern, which resembles lilies and lily pads in a pond. [2] Hexagram 1441 within the hexagon is a 5th-iteration fractal Star of David. This single figure (within which I've only shown one of three possible fundamental growth patterns) is the source of all the fractal geometry used in these pages!

 The Lily Pad Hexagrams:Hexagons


The Word in a Snowflake

Within star 1441 is hexagon 721. This is the largest hexagon that can circumscribe the Logos Star, leaving a surround of 348 counters, which proclaims the Risen Lord!

Hexagon 721
Snowflake 373, surround 348 

Hexagon 721 373 

euaggellisen/preached (s) = 721
Logos/Word (s)  = 373
Risen (c) = 348

The Logos Star also fits precisely inside star hexagram 925, which is the standard value of 'Jesus Christ'! The star representing Jesus Christ emerges from a defferent growth pattern on the Lily Pad.

Star 925 373

Within the Logos Star is antisnowflake 151, a 1st-iteration Koch antisnowflake, this time the ordinal value of Jesus Christ.. 

Antisnowflake 151 114

Jesus Christ (o) = 151
Holy Spirit (o) = 151
Jesus is Lord (o) = 151
Christ the King (o) = 151
God (c) = 114
The Tabernacle (o) = 114

Within this antisnowflake is hexagon 37, the very stones from which the temple has been rebuilt, again displaying through fractal self-similarity that Jesus and the Word are one and the same, right down to the last jot and tittle.

Hexagram 37 24 13

The Lord (r)  = 37
Word (r) = 24
Ahavah/Love (s)  = 13

Here then is the jewel, engraved with the Word, in its setting on the Crown.

The Word in the Jewel


Bill Downie 11/10/22



1. If any reader hears words/locutions, they might like to write them down and numerate them using the ordinal value system. Every Rhema word is encoded.

2. The white lily is associated with death in many cultures, so this is apt for the Crucifixion, as well as for the growth of life itself: lily pads follow a geometric growth pattern during their vegetatve stage and this is precicely how the hexagrams and hexagons grow.