Numbering the Word

It is an article of Christian faith that Jesus Christ was the Word Incarnate and many pages on this site confirm it. The identification of Jesus Christ with the Word is encoded over and again in the NIV Bible and in the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. It is also supported by the profound geometric connections implied by the numerical values of these names in all three languages. These create memorable visual symbols of this scriptural truth. For example:

Star 925 373 151 115                

Trefoil 754 211 373

The Word is introduced in the opening verse of John's gospel.

John 1.1 TR

These Greek words from the Textus receptus are so packed with alphanumerical codes they resemble zip files awaiting extraction. Along with two other densely encoded portions of text, the verse is explored in the suite of pages I call The New Garden.

Now I would like to turn your attention to the equivalent English words recorded in the 1984 NIV Bible, vehicle for the New Bible Code.


The Word in the NIV

In the NIV John 1.1 is given as follows:

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. 

(John 1.1, NIV '84)

The very structure of John's opening verse has been influenced by it's theme.

a) The central word in the verse is 'Word'. 

b) There are 24 letters in the first clause

Word (r) = 24

c). There are 60 letters in the verse. 

Word (o) = 60

d) The three clauses have 24, 20 and 16 letters. Dividing each number by 4 gives 6, 5 and 4 spanning the verse.

Word (s) = 654

So we have the standard, ordinal and reduced values of 'word' implied in the structure of the verse. The number of words is 17, reduced value of 'God'.

Three more findings indicate just how important this verse is in the Bible and the code.

1. John 1.1 is already known to take part in the encoding of three irrational numbers, pi, e and phi. When summed these Biblical estimates are in error of the true sum by only 1 part in 5 million. [1]

2. It is also marked with a cross, GOD crossing GOD, in the same way as Genesis 1.1, as detailed in Equidistant English. [2] The ELS matrix is shown below. Note that the skip interval is 29.

ELS Code John 1.1

Messiah (r) ..........= 29

3. Finally, John 1.1 is the NIV Bible's 26037th verse, this being 263 x 9 x 11.

Messiah (s) ........= 263

The number 263, along with the other factors, 9 and 11, have further significance - see below.

So we can see that John's opening verse is marked out for our attention in the modern English NIV just as much as in the Greek Textus receptus.


Jesus and The Cross

Many significant numbers are found in word strings within the verse and three of them are shown below. These were found by application of the New Bible Code's two-part decoding procedure, where numbers are encoded as ordinal values and take on meaning as standard values. [3]

Table John 1.1 515 386 353

The verse has an ordinal value of 695, as shown in the cyan word block. Four interesting subtotals are also shown: the standard values of 'Jesus', 'the Cross' and Yeshua, a Hebrew word that translates as 'Jesus'. The encoding of Yeshua links Jesus to the Cross, because it is formed by the overlap between the other two encodings.

The phrase 'the Cross' is double witnessed here, if we include the first word of John 1.2:

Table John 1.1-2 708 566

The link between Yeshua (386) and the Cross is strengthened by the fact that 386 units form a cubic shell, the outer shell of cube 729.

A hollow cube opens out to form a cross, as shown.

Hollow Cube and Cross

Similarly, a cubic shell opens out to form a cross. Here, then, are cubic shell and cross 386.

Cube and Cross 386

These images are already found in this site, encoded within the dramatic events of September 11, 2001. Recall that John 1.1 is the 26037th verse in the NIV and that this is 263 x 9 x 11. The event is encoded twice in John 1.1-2.

 Table John 1.1-2 708 528 114

I said that John 1.1 is the NIV Bible's 26037th verse, this being 263 x 9 x 11. The number 263, as well as being the standard value of 'Messiah', is the sum of the three flight numbers of the planes that struck their targets that day, Flight 11, Flight 175 and Flight 77.

11 + 175 + 77 ...= 263

Messiah (s) ......= 263

The flight that was destined for the White House in Washington DC, but was diverted after the passengers heroically resisted, was Flight 93.

The Word (o) ..= 93

The main exploratory pages in this website are The September -11 Cube and The September-11 Crucifix, where I show how all the significant numbers encoded in the 9/11 attacks are found together in a tight cluster within The Garden of Eden.


The Most Holy Place

Cubic shell 386 also alludes to the fact that 9/11 simultaneously represented the event Jesus' Crucifixion replaced, the Day of Atonement. [4]

The fall of the three towers, the piercing of the Pentagon and the crashing of flight 93 in Shanksville were the five atoning sacrifices, all in the same order as they were performed during the atonement rite. The three strikes represented the three times the high priest entered the Most Holy Place during the atonement rite. Flight 93 represented the scapegoat, released into the wilderness after the sins of the people were placed upon it; this was also considered a sacrifice.

Cubic shell 386 (the standard value of Yeshua) is nine units on a side. By inference from the Biblical instructions given for its construction, the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle was thought to be a perfect cube, with an interior dimension of nine cubits on a side (cube 729) and an exterior dimension of ten cubits on a side (cube 1000). As shown earlier, the number 386, the outer shell of cube 729, is encoded between 'Jesus' and 'the Cross' in John 1.1. Remarkably, the outer shell of cube 1000, which is cubic shell 488, is also found in the same verse! 

Table John 1.1 488 386 308 

 This time, the word block that is defined by their overlap has an ordinal value of 308. This is the standard value of the following word:

Beast (s) = 308

On the Day of Atonement, the High Priest sacrificed five animals and sprinkled their blood on the atonement cover of the Ark: two bullocks, a goat and two rams. The word 'beast' is an obvious reference to them and to the Day of Atonement, with the beast sitting within two encodings of hollow cubes, pointing to the form and dimensions of the Sanctuary. So both the Crucifixion and the event it replaced appear to be encoded here, as well as the modern event to which they give transcendent meaning.

In the page The Number of the Beast and the video The Mark of the Beast, I show that the beast that is the subject of the riddle in Revelation 13.18 (the NIV Bible's 30911th verse) is Jesus Christ, who was "numbered with the transgressors" (Isa. 53.12) and so bore the mark of the beast, so he could be sacrificed in man's stead. The identification of Jesus with the beast is also made here in John 1.1:

 Table John 1.1 515 386 308

In one of the Boble's most famous verses, John 1.14, we are told that Jesus was the Word made flesh.

The Word became flash and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1.14 (NIV '84)

This verse speaks of Jesus' incarnation, during which he bore the mark of the beast. This is reflected in the positioning of this verse, which encodes another important number.

John 1.14 is the NIV Bible's 26050th verse

26050      .................................. = 521 x 50

The Beast (s)   .................................. = 521

Through some stunning tables, the verse also confirms that Jesus truly was the Word become flesh. The first table delivers a clear statement of the divine identity of Jesus Christ:

Table John 1.14 1212 1119

The second displays a double-witness encoding of the standard and combined values of the Greek word logos/word. Note that these are adjoining word blocks.

John 1.14 Table Word 2

An important feature of these codes is the clustering of related themes, showing that these are non-random alignments. This is displayed again here in the encoding of the combinedvalues of 'word' in English, Greek and Hebrew.

table John 1.14 Word Combined

The next table shows Jesus as the Word of God and the Crucified Lord. B'Golii means 'my word', from Gen. 22.18).

Table The Word of God John 1.14

The next table from this verse, which contains many more encoded numbers, shows alignment with the text itself, encodings of themes being found within the regions of text where they are mentioned:

Table John 1.14 777 469 106 

Finally, I would like to show how the formal names we have given Jesus in English, Greek and Hebrew are also found in the text, proving beyond doubt that he was the Word Incarnate. The first encoding is particularly clever. Since 2368 is too big for the text it has been broken down into 1352 and 1016, which are the two outer layers of cube 4096.

Table 1Jesus Christ John 1.14

Here is cube 4096, shelled to display the double outer covering and cube 1728.

Cube 4096 2368 1728

Double cubic shell 2368 represents the Most Holy Place and the double curtain that barred the entrance, opened during the Day of Atonement and torn in two during the Crucifixion. 



The Word and 9/11

I said that 9/11 represented the Day of Atonement and that within John 1.1 I there is an encoding of cubic shell 386, standard value of Yeshua:

Table John 1.1 515 386 353

This number is one of two encoded into 9/11. The other one is cubic shell 218 (which also opens out to form a cross). These are the two outer shells of cube 729, which is encoded into the 9/11 targets as follows.

The Pentagon (o) .............................................= 125, ..................................or 5 cubed

The World Trade Centre (o) .............................= 218 ....218 + 125 ..= 343 ..or 7 cubed

The North Tower (o) + The South Tower (o) ....= 386 ....386 + 343 ..= 729 ..or 9 cubed

The three airplane strikes, which came from three directions (north, south and west), can be modelled as three strikes through cube 729. This creates the central visual metaphor in the entire code, the September-11 Cube

The September-11 Cube II

The September-11 Cube

The encoded numbers afford us a heavenly view of this tragic event and when we now shine a light through this image and view its 2D projection on a surface, we are given the ultimate, transcendent meaning of 9/11.

Shining a Light Through September-11 Cube

The figure created is hexagon 217, which is the number created by the three towers that fell on 9/11, in the order in which they fell: tower 2, then tower 1, then tower 7. Inside hexagon 217 is Star of David 121 and this combined image delivers 9/11's message to mankind.

Sum of six blue rhombuses ...........= 96 = Christ's (o)

Sum of six yellow spurs .................= 60 = Second (o)

Sum of central orange hexagon ....= 61 = Coming (o)

Star of David 121

Second Coming (o) ..= 121 

This is the briefest of summaries of what my other pages reveal in detail.




John 1.1 and the Second Coming

The Second Coming is imprinted upon John 1.1, in two centrally-placed word blocks. 

 Table John 1.1 570 429

The central message encoded in the September-11 Cube, 'Christ's Second Coming', is also reflected in John 1.1.

Table John 1.1 570 217 429



John 1.1 is a brief summary of the entire New Bible Code. It encodes references to 9/11 and the Biblical events it dramatised: the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and The Day of Atonement. These announced and gave the context within which we should understand the greatest event in history, also firmly imprinted on this seminal verse: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, of which both 9/11 and the code itself are manifestations.


 Bill Downie 25/9/23 



1. Even better, unlike the otherwise scintillating encodings of pi in Genesis 1.1 (BHS) and e in John 1.1 (TR), there a re no zeros to ignore this time. Pi is encoded as 2pi, but this is a better way of expressing the number, because it simplifies physical constants such as Plank's constant, which now becomes h/pi, instead of h/2pi.

2. This was discovered by Gary val Tenuta.

3. This was indicated to me by encodings within The Key I was given. Numbers are also encoded using the other two systems, the combined and reduced values. See here for details.

4. 9/11 was also the symbolic conception of the male child, the ark of the testimony representing an ovum, the Most Holy Place representing a womb.