Wonderful Counsellor

A major theme of the alphanumeric code woven into scripture is that Jesus of Nazareth was the Word Incarnate. This message is found in the English language New Bible Code (NIV), the Greek New Testament (TR) and the Hebrew Bible (BHS). Some notable examples are found in The Signature of ChristThe Creation Seal and elsewhere.

Now the crowning glory of these encodings can be revealed. It is found in the Hebrew Bible's opening verse and, transcending time, it has borrowed words from future Biblical writings, a language that did not yet exist and the then-unknown mathematics of fractals, in a spectacular coordination of number, language and geometry.


 Two Stars

The geometric integration of Jesus Christ and the Logos is already well established in the code. It is best illustrated in a hexagram I found (formed from a centred triangle), which fellow researcher John Elias kindly named 'Downie's Star'. [1] Precisely fitting within this Star is the now well-known Logos Star, discovered and named so by Richard McGough. This emulates, using discrete units, the second iteration of the Koch snowflake in plane geometry. Precisely fitting within the Logos Star are two figures, giving us two versions of the star. The first is a Koch antisnowflake of 151 units and the other is a star of 115 units, both of which signify Jesus Christ through gematria. Each of these figures contain a precision-fitted shape that points towards the Lord.

Both versions of Downiie's star, which are self-reflective evidence of the awesome creative power of the Logos, are illustrated below.

 Star 925 373 151 115 

These two kaleidoscopic images integrate the concepts of Jesus Christ and the Word. Note that the combined value of 'God' and the ordinal value of 'Word' are also depicted, as the ring surrounding the central figures. In the second star, each component of the pale blue ring around the central star hexagon has 43 units, the reduced value of 'Jesus Christ' both in English and Hebrew.  

The perfection of these figures is a wonder to behold and reminds me of flowers like the Star of Bethlehem.

The Star of Bethlehem

 Star of Bethlehem


The Koch Connection

The structures I've shown inside Star 925 are justified by the gematria and by the natural formation of the Logos star and antisnowflake 151 from a rigorous mathematical process that creates the Koch Snowflake, explained here. This implies awareness of fractal geometry, 2500 years before man knew of it. [2]

Since only one or two iterations are shown in these figures, this might be explained away as coincidence. However, another snowflake, encoded over Genesis 1.1 and John 1.1, when these seminal verses are combined, emulates three iterations of the Koch snowflake. Moreover, one of its possible internal structures is already encoded into the word string within which the entire snowflake is found - and this again pairs the Word with the Word Incarnate.

This frozen miracle contains 3517 counters and has crystalised within what I call the Creation Seal. It is reproduced below. [3]

Snowflake 3517 Within the Creation Seal

Creation Seal 6b 3517 373 151

The snowflake was found after each verse was divided into word groups as shown. The precedent for this action was the discovery by Richard McGough of a Star of David within The Creation Triangle in Genesis 1.1, after the verses was divided in this way. The nearest equivalent in John 1.1 is a 5-7-5 division and within the Creation Seal this reveals snowflake 3517, which gives the number string 2-3-2-5. 2325 is 93 x 25 and the mirror number, 5232, is 654 x 8.

The Word (o) = 93

Word (s) ......= 654 

The existence of mirror codes has been well established by the work of Leo Tavares, Glen Manning and Alex Marcussen. Additionally, reading the number 2325 both ways is itself a reflection of the fact that Hebrew and Greek are read in opposite directions.


Wonderful Counsellor

In a similar way, another magnificent geometric construction has been built into Genesis 1.1 itself. It is found by this time separating the seven Hebrew words of Genesis 1.1 into a 1-5-1 pattern, immediately suggesting the ordinal value of 'Jesus Christ'. 

The central five words sum to 1492, which is 373 (Logos) x 4. A few months ago I realised they were meant to be displayed together geometrically. Since the snowflakes are triangular arrays, the resulting combined figure is a rhombus of four snowflakes, shown below. Like the Creation seal above, this construction is again justified by the encoding of its internal structure in the text! 

Rhombus of Logos Stars

The internal structure of each snowflake is indicated by the numbers in the verse, so we have 'Jesus Christ' and 'Logos' together once more, in a construction that began with the separation of the seven words of Genesis 1.1 into the ordinal value of 'Jesus Christ'!

But there is more here. I began this page by stating that a major theme of these codes is the pairing of Jesus Christ and the Word. Another huge theme, the very purpose of the New Bible Code in the NIV, is the announcement of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The numbers 888 and 604 are there for that very purpose. [4]

Ihsous 888

Our Risen Lord (s) ........................= 888

The Lord's Second Coming (s)) .....= 888

The Second Coming (s) .................= 604


The Template

The rhombus of snowflakes is a precise fit inside rhombus 2601, which is 51 x 51. Superimposing the snowflakes leaves a background of 1109 units:

 Rhombus2601 1492

Lord Jesus Christ (s) = 1109

Our Lord Jesus (r) ........= 51

The rhombus itself is a precise fit inside triangle 5151 (note the number 51 again). This splits the triangle into two smaller triangles of 1275 units, sitting either side of the rhombus. 1275 is the standard value of the first phrase of John 1.1 in the original Greek and this has a natural trefoil of 867 units, which is the standard value of two titles again pairing Jesus and the Logos! All this is shown below.

 Triangle 5151 The Word

In The Language of the Logos, I show how another figure, triangle 15051, is implied by joining Genesis 1.1 (BHS) to John 1.1 (TR) and Genesis 1.1-5 (NIV), to create what I call The New Garden, a paradise of fractal gemetry. In a further mind-boggling feat of numerical rhyming, the three components of the New Garden, one verse each from the Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament, along with five verses from the NIV '84, again suggest 151 and 115.

The crowning glory of this magnificent geometry is the pairing of 1492 with a well-loved phrase from the Book of Isaiah, where the coming of Immanuel is prophesied and his praises are sung in chapter 9, verse 6. [5]

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the governent will be on his shoulders. An he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9.6, BHS, my emboldening). 

In the original Hebrew, this phrase sums to 1492! Here it is, along with the English translation, word values and the total.

 Isaiah 9.6

 Here, then, is the encoded image and accompanying statement in Genesis1.1:

Wonderful Counsellor


The Crown

Rhombus 2601 is formed from triangle 1326, the 51st in the sequence of triangular numbers, and 1275, the standard value of the first phrase in John 1.1. 1326 is the standard value of the Greek word stephanos, meaning 'crown' and, along with the standard value of the English word 'crown', it already takes part in an astounding encoding within the Greater Creation Triangle (Gen. 1.1 + John 1.1), where each member of the Trinity is found paired in Hebrew and Greek. This is shown below:

Triangle 6328 Trinity

The number 1326 is found together with 1492 (the four Logos stars) within Genesis 1.1 by addition and subtraction of the word values. If we place a Logos star within triangle 1326, we have another symbol of Christ's Manifestation.

 Triangle 1326 953


Further Treasure

At the start of this page we saw two versions of star 925. One has antisnowflake 151 inside the Logos Star, which represents the ordinal value of Jesus Christ. [6] The other has star 115 inside the Logos Star, which represents the ordinal value of its Hebrew equivalent, Yehoshua HaMashiach. [7]

Sectioning Genesis 1.1 into groups of 1-5-1 words revealed the rhombus of Logos stars. If we now section off the last five words of the verse we now suggest 115, with this result.

Genesis 1.1 1585

1585 is the 33rd centred triangle. As I explain here, all centred triangles map onto a G-triangle and centred triangle 1585 corresponds to triangle 4753 (T97). This leaves a background of 3168 counters, which is the standard value of the Greek title we know as 'Lord Jesus Christ'!

 Triangle 4753 1585 3168

 1585 itself is the standard value of this statement of Christ's coming into the world.

Jesus Christ + Advent (s) = 1585

The number 1585 has a second geometric expression. It is also a trefoil with three conjoined leaves, which is cut from triangle 2278 (T67). 

Triangle 2278 1585 

Triangle 2278 is the source of the Creation Snowflake, a Koch antisnowflake formed internally by three iterations of the Koch snowflake process, starting with this triangle and showing internal structure. The first iteration forms hexagon 1519, the central figure in the Creation Seal. Alternatively, the Creation snowflake can be formed directly from hexagon 1519, after two iterations of the Koch antisnowflake process.

Hexagon 1519 is formed inside triangle 2278 by self-reflection (or one iteration of the Koch Snowflake process) and it is shown below, with what remains of trefoil 1585 inside: triangular trefoil 826. The numbers 1519 and 826 are the standard values of two further titles for the Lord. [8]

Hexagon 1519 826 


Our Immanuel

Isaiah 9.6 is of course refering to Immanuel, who Christians know as Jesus. The name is given in Isaiah 7.14 and 8.8 and is mentioned a third time in Matthew 1.23, which quotes Isaiah. Here are the three verses (my emboldening):

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. (Isa. 7.14, NIV '84)

And sweep on into Judah, swirling over it, passing through it and reaching up to the neck. Its outspread wings will cover the breadth of your land, O Immanuel. (Isa. 8.8, NIV '84)

"The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel" - which means "God with us." (Matt. 1.23)

The identity of Immanuel is firmly established when we sum the three chapter and verse indicators. 

714 + 88 + 123 = 925

Jesus Christ (s) = 925

The lustre of this sparkling piece of code is increased when we sum the positional values of each verse in both the Bible and each testament. The spectacular results are shown in this table: 

Table 1: Immanuel and Jesus Christ

Verse  Inferred Number Position in Bible  Position in Testament 
Isa. 7.14 714 17797th 17797th
Isa. 8.8 88 17816th 17816th
Matt. 1.23 123 23168th 23rd
Sum 925 58781 (43 x 1367) 35636 (151 x 236)
Identity  Jesus Christ (s) = 925   Jesus Christ (r) = 43  Jesus Christ (o) = 151


So the standard, ordinal and reduced values of the English name 'Jesus Christ' are built into the positions, chapterisation and versification of the three verses naming Immanuel as the son born of a virgin who will be man's "Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace". God is indeed mighty! [9]

in the English language NIV '84, these words from Isaiah 9.6 are also encoded with the name 'Immanuel'.

Wonderful Counsellor (s) .....................= 1773 = 197 x 9

Immanuel 197

I showed how 925 units can form a star (a hexagram based on a centred triangle). However, it also forms a compound Star of David, the very structure of which gives the standard values of 'Jesus Christ' and 'Immanuel'.

Hexagram 37 Rhombus 25 925 2

Jesus Christ (s) = 925

Immanuel (s) ....= 475

Here again is Star 925, representing Jesus Christ, our Immanuel.

Star 925

Our Immanuel (s) .............= 925

This equivalence is repreated in the combined system, which results in another beautiful, heaven-sent representation, again constructed from Logos Stars and this time including the combined value of the other title often appended to the name 'Jesus'.

Triangle 2346 1119 1227

Triangle 2346 is the smallest triangle that will completelly enclose this trefoil of Logos stars.

Finally, the number 2346 is 391 x 6, which is the standard values of this Hebrew name and this Engish phrase, summing up the message delivered through word, number and form in such spectacular fashion.


Second Coming (s) ............................................= 391


Bill Downie 15/9/23



1. The name 'Downie's Star' is in general use now among the small community of numerical Bible code researchers, so I use it here, albeit with some reluctance! Personally, I prefer 'The Star of Bethlehem', given its similarity to the flower of that name, shown above.

2. Snowflake 373 emulates the 2nd iteration of a Koch snowflake from triangle 253. Antisnowflake 151 emulates the 1st iteration of a Koch antisnowflake from hexagon 169, or, alternatively, as the internal antisnowflake emerging from two iterations of the Koch snowflake from triangle 253.

3. Vernon Jenkins was the first to realise that these two verses were meant to be joined, because of parallel encodings of pi and e in them and by the formation of what he called the Greater Creation Triangle.

4. It's also the standard value of 'The New Bible Code', which was the name I had chosen long before I numerated it. 

5. I am indebted here to Julie Hogan, who first calculated the gematria of the titles.

6. 151 is also the ordinal value of 'Holy Spirit', as well as a range of phrases referring to Jesus Christ, such as 'The Incaarnation, 'Jesus is Lord', 'Christ the King' and 'The Sacrificial Lamb'. These show 151 as a 'strange attractor' (to borrow an idea from Chaos theory) for English phrases referring to Jesus Christ.

7. The Logos Star also naturally accommodates hexagram 181 ('Jesus the Messiah' (o)) and double star 205 (Ihsous Christos (o)), which is a fusion of hexagram 181 with antisnowflake 151. To see these important figures go to this page.

8. In Three Impressions, I show how the phrase 'Jesus, the Word of God' is implied by numbers surrounding 1519 in the Creation Seal. The number 826, standard value of 'The Crucified Lord', is the ordinal value of Matthew 27.37, which contains Matthew's version of the Superscription. Above his head they placed the writtn charge against him: THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS. (MATT. 27.37, NIV '84). This verse is replete with codes.

9. There is so much encoded material here I can hardly record it all without swamping the reader with numbers. However, three fragments are worthy of mention. Isaiah 7.14 is the 181st verse in that great book. Jesus the Messiah (o) = 181. Isaiah 8.8 gives us the ordinal value of 'Immanuel', which is 88. Matthew 1.23 gives us the ordinal value of 'Lord Jesus', which is 123.