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This page focusses on encodings within the Garden of Eden related to the concept of the Word, first introduced in John 1.1.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

John 1.1, NIV '84

Later in John's prologue Jesus Christ is identified as the Word Incarnate.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1.14, NIV '84

The Word of God is well represented in the Garden of Eden, where His praises are sung throughout. 


The Word in the Tree of Life

In the previous page, The Tree of Life, I revealed a fractal tree encoded within the Garden of Eden, which represented the Tree of Life. It is based on triangle 465, the positional value of the Old Testament's central chapter. 465 is also the standard value of "the Gardener" . In John 15.1 we read 

"I am the true vine and my Father is the Gardener."

From triangle 465 can be created a trefoil of 303 counters. From that trefoil we can grow the fractal tree of 2739 counters, via a smaller tree of 912 counters. The fractal is shown below, along with the two earlier steps.[1]

  Tree 2739 912 303

As we can see, the Tree of Life is already associated with the concepts of the Appearing and Jesus Christ. 2739 is a concatenation of 27 and 39, the books in each testament of God's Word.

The tree can be oriented like a Christmas tree, replete with star baubles, or as an acacia tree, the species from which the Ark of the Covenant was made. Here it is again, in its acacia-tree orientation. [2]

 2739 Acacia

 In the centre of the tree is a figure implying three conjoined hexagons, shown below along with the title it expresses. 


This naturally separates the Tree of Life into this central figure and three satellites of 509 counters, another significant number.

 1212 509

Twelve is the number of perfect government. The trefoil from which the tree was grown sums to 303 units, the standard value of 'Appearing'. 

The three hexagonal 'baubles' forming the star shapes sum to 606 each. Each pair of rhombuses connecting the hexagonal rings sum to 205, ordinal value of the Greek equivalent of 'Jesus Christ'. 

2739 606 205

The standalone figures of 1212 and 606 units are both are found planted in the Garden, alongside each iteration of the tree and the generating triangle.

 1212 606


The Word in Two Sierpinski Triangles

The Sierpinski triangle is another kind of fractal, which can be made from numerical triangles, this time by removing the largest inner triangle from a triangular array, then repeating this process with the remaining trangles. The process can be performed indefinitely in plane geometry. In numerical geometry it can be taken a finite number of steps, as with fractal snowflakes.

If we take triangle 1891 through two iterations of the Sierpinski process we arrive at the following triangular fractal:

 1212 ST

679 is a star tetrahedron, derived from tetrahedron 455, the 3D expansion of triangle 91 featured in an earlier page, and the three smaller cutout triangles in the Sierpinski triangle. [3] Again we have a reference to the Tree of Life growing from the Word of God, supported by the conifer-like shape of the fractal.  

An identical fractal is also found encoded in the Garden as the number 393, shown here alongside 1212 and some of the other Word-related encodings I've found in the Garden.

 Table The Word in Gen 1.1-5

 The word string that sums to 393 has been highlighted in black. It is a contraction of 39 and 93, both of which mean 'the word'.

The Word (r) = 39

The Word (o) = 93

The number 393 brings to mind another palindromic number, 373, which means logos/word in Greek. It is well established that the standard values of Genesis 1.1 (MT) and John 1.1 (TR) sum to numbers with analogous properties:

Genesis 1.1 (MT) = 2701 = 37 x 73, which condenses to 373

John 1.1 (TR) ..... = 3627 = 39 x 93, which condenses to 393

So through its numerical associations with 373 and 3627, 393 is also pointing to John 1.1, the verse introducing the word itself! [4]

 John 1.1

373, the 'logos star', is a beautiful fractal snowflake derived from triangle 253 (b'emeray/words, v'emeru/said, legeis/say, etc). It turns out that 393 is also a fractal of the same type and number of iterations as Sieprinski triangle 1212 above, itself representing The Word.of God.


The product of 39 and 93, 3627, the standard value of John 1.1 (TR) is a concatenation of 36 and 27, which are the ordinal and reduced values of 'child'. Also we have these identities:

The Word (c) .......................................= 999

Legei to Pneuma/the Holy Spirit says = 999

The Holy Child (c) ...............................= 999

The factors of the standard value of Genesis 1.1, 37 and 73, are the reduced and ordinal values of 'living'. We now also have the encoded Tree of Life, with 2739 units, giving 27 and 39, which are two of the numbers just mentioned and the New/Old Testament split in the Bible's 66 books. So we see a numerical and geometric integration of the ideas of life, the Word and the Bible, which is why we call the Bible the Living Word of God.

The Word (c) .......................................= 999

The Bible is the Tree of Life (s) ...........= 999

Fnally, Triangle 561, from which it is cut, can also form a trefoil of 366 units, which is the combined value of 'Messiah', as I show in The Gardener.

561 366

The standard value of John 1.1, 3627, is a trapezium on top of which can be placed triangle 2701 to create the 112th triangle of 6328 (analogue of 2368). It is perfect, then, that it also witnesses to these encodings as a major feature in the Garden of Eden itself. Here it is, along with 393 and 561, the template triangle for Sierpinski triangle 393. 

 3627 393 561

 Encodings geometricaly conflating Jesus Christ and the Word are found throughout this website. I suggest  The Word of the Lord to begin.


The Incarnate Word

The Incarnate Word is the Lord Jesus, who is already present in the tree as a component trefoil of 912 units. This figure is shown below, alongside a larger version, based on rhombus 169.

1533 912

Tree 1533 is found growing near the centre of the Garden, double-witnessed by its standard value nearby. Alongside them are the leaves of 169 units and the trefoil of 510 units created from triangle 780.

 Table 1533 1276 510 169

In fact the Incarnate Word has put His mark on the entire book of Genesis, which has exactly 1533 verses! 

The Incarnate Word (c) ................= 1533

The Resurrection and the Life (s) = 1533

1276 is also the standard value of 'Holy Spirit'.

When the atarting trefoil of 510 units is cut from triangle 780, there are 270 unused counters in three cutout figures of 90 units each. 

780 510 270

Triangle 780 is the 39th triangle, and of course 39 is the reduced value of these titles:

The Word (r) = 39

Lord God (r) = 39

For trefoil 510 we also have an identity perfect both for trees and for Christ.

The Apple (c) = 510

So we have the Word and the Incarnate Word profoundly integrated in these related figures. The elemental rhombus has 169 units, 169 being the standard value of 'coming' and as hexagon 169 the number plays a central role in the geometry of the code.


The Good News 

We saw earlier that the combined value of 'the Word' is 999. Nine is the number of endings, finality, fruits and judgment and completion, so its triple expression is God's final word on a matter.

Another triple expression is the cube of nine, 729, which was encoded into September-11 to send a message to the World that the Great Day of Judgment had arrived on that terrible day, prophesied throughout the Bible.

The Good News of Christ's Appearing is the subject of this website and the prominent encoding of 999 within the Garden of Eden puts God's seal upon it.

The Good News (s) ............................= 999

The Word (c) ......................................= 999

The Holy Child (c) ..............................= 999

Legei to Pneuma/the Holy Spirit says = 999

The Bible is the Tree of Life (s) ..........= 999


Bill Downie 17/11/21



1. There are two basic ways to build the Tree of Life, each with minor variations. The first is to build larger G-triangle type trefoils, starting with trefoil 303; the second is to build triangles from trefoil 303, joined by a single unit at each vertex. 

2. Some scholars believe the acacia may have been the species referred to in the Genesis account.

3. It is also the standard value of the phrase "I am the tree of life", although this phrase is not actually found in the Bible. The number 679 is also found encoded within Genesis 1.1 (MT) as the alternate sum and difference of the standard values of its seven words: 913 + 203 - 86 + 401 - 395 + 407 - 296 = 679. 

4. This graphic was originally created by Vernon Jenkins for his website.