The Tree of Life

 Tree of Life

The Tree of Life sat in the centre of the Garden of Eden, where it stood as a symbol both of God's life-giving presence and of eternal life in fellowship   with Him.  

The Tree is mentioned in eleven Bible verses, distributed among three books: Genesis, Proverbs and Revelation. Genesis and Revelation sit at either end of the Bible, whereas Proverbs is the 20th and central book of the Old Testament. There is also a progression from Eden, where there was also the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, to the New Jerusalem, where the Tree of Life stood either side of the river of life, its leaves "for the healing of the nations" and no mention is made of the other tree.

The New Jerusalem

Significantly, only the tree of life is found encoded within the Garden, which suggests that we are meant to view these encodings in the context of the New Jerusalem.

The New Jerusalem is encoded within the Garden, as shown, double-witnessed by its standard and combined values. 

New Jerusalem 

Like an incredible number of these encodings, both sit very close to each other and to the beginning of Scripture, where they are much less likely to be present by chance and of course to emphasise their significance.


The Tree of Life in the Garden

The name 'tree of life', with and without the definite article, is encoded in three places within the Garden, as shown (and see later for more).

 The Tree of Life

Note their distribution, reflecting the Biblical distribution of the three books with verses on the Tree of Life: Genesis, Proverbs and Revelation. The Tree's position in the middle of the Garden of Eden is symbolised by the two central word strings and because Proverbs is the central book in the Old Testament.

The central chapter in the Old Testament is Job 29, the 465th and the central chapter in the entire Bible is Psalm 117, the 595th. Both 465 and 595 are triangular and both are encoded in the Garden, 465 being the standard value of The Gardener, encoded alongside 'Gardener', as shown. 


Triangle 465 can be trimmed to make a natural trefoil of 303 units. This is the standard value of 'Appearance'.

465 303

Trefoil 303 is encoded beside triangle 465 at the Garden gate.

 Table 465 303

 This makes trefoil 303 a figure of interest. Each leaf of the trefoil has 100 units, connected at the centre by a triangle of 3 units, which is the natural trefoil for this kind of triangle. I made a larger trefoil from it with exactly the same link between each trefoil as there is between the rhombuses in the trefoils. The result is a trefoil of trefoils with 912 counters, a number related to the Gardener in both English and Hebrew.


 What a lovely, leafy plant it is too - perfect for the Garden. Is it planted there? It is, close to it's elemental trefoil. 

465 303 912

Notice how 912 begins at verse 2 and covers 18 words. In fact if we take the three word-strings beginning at verse 1, 2 and 3 of Genesis, we find three numbers associated with Jesus Christ through standard values. 

Table 906 912 699 

In English, 18 is the reduced value of 'love'. 18 x 3 = 54, ordinal value of 'love'. 18 also takes part in The Bookend Encodings, announcing the Second Coming.

An alternative configuraton creates a Christmas tree shape.

912 CT


A Christmas Tree

912 here is a triangle of trefoils. If we iterate a third time we create a larger triangular figure of 2739 units, with some of the attributes of a Christmas tree, down to the star-shaped baubles.

 2739 CT

This is the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. The figure can also symbolise an acacia tree, which is very common in the middle East and northern Africa and a natural candidate for the biblical tree of life, because it provided a huge variety of life-sustaining materials, including the wood the Israelites used to make the Ark of the Covenant. Here are the two figures and trees for comparison.

Tree of Life 2739 


Addendum (3/12/23). This very form is visually encoded in a spectacular double-witness code in the Garden of Eden.

Table Tree of Life in the Garden

The acacia tree supplied the wood for the ark of the testimony, so I could justifiably have inverted this arrengement to produce the acacia tree arrangement. However, in 2021, after I completed this page, I was told by the Holy Spirit that the tree of Life is a pomegranate tree, which has a flat Christmas tree structure. Another beautiful double-witness code in the Garden makes the same statement.

Table Pomegranate Tree 

 This theme is developed further in The Leaves of the Tree and The Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem.


The Tree of Life in the Garden

The tree is found just where it belongs, in the middle of the Garden, alongside each of the previous iterations of this fractal and its template triangle.

 Table 2739 912 303

The tree sits between 430, the ordinal value of Genesis 1.1, and the last twelve words, which sum to 595. We have already met 595, as a prominent feature in the Garden and the positional value of the central chapter of the Bible. Trefoil 303 was created from the positional value of the central chapter of the Old Testament, 465, so let's see what we can sculpt from triangle 595.

 595 430

So the two figures framing trefoil 2739 are triangle 595 and its natural trefoil. This is the first step in the creation of a Koch antisnowflake. Unusually, 595 can be taken two further steps to create the digital image of a delicate snowflake, requiring 298 counters. 

 595 430 382 298

So the creation of a Koch antisnowflake from triangle 595, already known to be important to both the English and Hebrew/Greek codes, creates the ordinal value of the first verse both of the Hebrew Bible and the NIV Bible! [1] The second iteration creates yet another number telling of Christ's Coming.


Elementary Beginnings

Triangle 595 can be deconstructed into nine elemental triangles of 66 units each, plus a central counter, as shown.

 595 66

The coordination between these figures from the Garden is incredible. 595 is the positional value of the Bible's central chapter, its first and third antisnowflake iterations are the ordinal values of the Bible's first verse in English and Hebrew and it is now is seen to contain the Bible's number of books, 66, as an elemental triangle.  

The Bible itself has no central book, but it is split into testaments of 39 and 27 books, the two numbers concatenated in trefoil 2739. Those two numbers, point to the snowflake geometry of the code, forming trefoils that fit like Russian dolls inside triangle 66. 13 and 7 are of course the first hexagram and hexagon, representing the geometric foundations of the entire code. [1]

 66 39 27

Further clear evidence of design, displayed in The Gardener, is the fact that 595 and 465 are both elemental triangles for hexagons of 3571 and 2791 units, both found in the Garden alongside their respective triangles.


The Triangular Template for the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is cut from triangle 7626, the outline and positional values of which show that the Tree of Life and it's template triangle have been waiting to be discovered since the NIV was translated in the 1970s. Here is the tree in its acacia orientation, with the triangle in the background.

7626 2739 


 Bill Downie 12/11/21



1. The snowflakes also suggest the Hebrew/English double witness codes, found in the same location. 

2. These properties were first reported by Vernon Jenkins.