The Gardener

Jesus in the Garden 

In The Garden of Eden I showed how the large-scale structure of the Garden (Genesis 1.1- 5) encodes numbers pointing to the Gardener himself, Jesus Christ. In particular I showed how the first 70 words encode a large haxagon of 3169 counters. This has a crown of 3168 counters, standard value of 'The Lord Jesus Christ' in Greek. In this page I display more plant life in the Garden that embodies the DNA of the Gardener Himself.

To complete the previous page I showed a cluster of numbers at the entrance to the Garden that identified Jesus Christ as the Gardener. Here they are once more.


The standard values of 'Gardener' and 'the Gardener' are both significant. 252 is the outer ring of the Creation Snowflake, which is antisnowflake 1279, the ordinal value of verse 2.

The other number, 465, happens to be the positional value of the middle chapter of the Old Testament, which has 929 chapters. This pairs it with 595, positional value of the middle chapter of the entire Bible, with 1189 chapters, and found at the other end of the Garden. Both numbers are also triangular: 465 is the 30th triangle and 595 is the 34th. As well as being of interest in their own right, these figures form the crowns of two numerical hexagrams, which is where we begin.


Two Hexagonal Features

The Garden has some of the properties of a kaleidoscope. A sllght change in viewing angle creates a new vista to explore. Further large hexagons are encoded in the Garden. Two of these have 3571 and 2791 counters and they form two pairs with triangles 595 and 465, because these are the elemental triangles for each hexagon.

Every centred hexagon can be broken down into six elemental triangles plus a central counter. A further six copies of each triangls form the crowns around the hexagons to create the corresponding hexagrams. This is shown here for hexagon 169, with six copies of triangle 28 around its central counter. Another six copies form the crown. 

 Hexagon 169 Elemental Triangles

Likewise, six copies of triangle 595 plus a central counter gives hexagon 3571 and six copies of triangle 465 surround the central counter in hexagon 2791. The positions of each triangle and hexagon in the Garden are shown below.

Two Hexagons and their Elemental Triangles

The two hexagons come from G-triangles 4186 (T91) and 5356 (T103). These triangles self-reflect to form hexagram 5581 and hexagram 7141.[1] All these figures form three matching pairs of hexagrams, triangles and hexagons, which reveal the handiwork of the Gardener once more.

 5356 4186

Another hexagonal feature in the Garden is the Lily Pond, which shows how the simplest possible model of geometric growth in a triangular array produces the template for the G-triangle geometry through which the code is expressed. The growth of the template models the growth of lily pads, which also grow geometrically and are used here as a metaphor for life and growth. 


Three Triangular Features

On a slightly smaller scale, there are two triangles encoded over the NIV Bible's first eighteen words, bisected into two nine-word segments. These are triangles 378 and 528 and they sum to 906, which is a hexagonal ring made from six copies of of antisnowflake 151 (= Jesus Christ (o)), already discussed in The Creation Snowflake. In particular it is the first statement of Jesus' Second Coming under the standard value system in the NIV Bible. 

Jesus Second Coming 345

 The position of the three Garden features under discussion is shown below.

 Table 378 528 906

Because they sit at the head of Scripture I suspected the two triangles had to be important, but I didn't know what to do with them, since neither are G-triangles. But recently I found that although only G-triangles can self-reflect to form hexgram/hexagon pairs, all members of the sequence of numerical triangles can form trefoils. Here are the trefoils that can be made from the two triangles. 

378 528 294 363 

 Both triangles form trefoils that are linked to Jesus Christ through Greek and Hebrew ordinal values!

The next nine words sum to 345, which is the standard value of El Shaddai and HaShem, two preemminent Hebrew titles for our Creator. This significant number is also the sum of the first seven words, and when we display them in the Garden we find a third triangle hidden between them.

Nine Nine Nine

Triangle 561 is the 33rd in the sequence and if we now sculpt from it the natural trefoil that it contains, we discover another reference to the Messiah!

561 366

The combined value of 'The Word' is 999, supporting this 'nine nine nine' code. 9 is the number of endings, finality, judgment, fruits, etc, and so it is another potent sign of the times. [2]


The Messiah in the Garden

In The Signature of Christ I show six numerical signatures formed from four consecutive word strings. There are three pairings here and two of them are the standard values of the word 'Messiah'.

The Signature of Christ

 A slight turn of the kaleidoscope and we see another suite of numbers in the same location, displaying more of the patterns therein.

 Table The Messiah

How marvelous are His works! All of these word strings in this incredible confluence are consecutive with others and all concern the Messiah and his return. Hopefully the reader can now see that the Garden is no wild meadow strewn with random numbers, but a carefully tended landscape of interlocking patterns forming an information-rich matrix. 


Jesus in the Garden

In The Garden of Eden I showed how the ordinal value of the Garden twice implies the standard value of Jesus Christ in Greek; 2368. In the last table we saw how Jesus Christ in Hebrew is also encoded. This section shows how the Garden has also been designed to contain the standard values of Jesus Christ (925) and Yehoshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah (754). [3]

There are exactly three encodings of 925 and 754 in the Garden, clustered around the centre, particularly the three instances of 754, which sit almost directly on Genesis 1.3.

 754 and 925

Verse 3 - 'And God said, "Let there be light" and there was lght.' - has an ordinal value of 408. However, its standard value is 2262 and this is 754 x 3, reflecting the three encodings of 754 at that very location!

'And God said, "Let there be light" and there was lght.' (s) = 2262 = 754 x 3

In The Alpha and the Omega i show how the number 754 is a triangle of stars that can replace triangle 703 within triangle 2701 in the Hebrew Bble's opening verse. Note how the gematria of logos/word is also found.

Creation Triangle 754 Inv.

Placing three of these figures in triangular formation we create a large triangular figure, this time implying triangle 2775. But we already know that triangle 2775, encoded as the sum of the opening verses of the four gospels, is formed from three trapezia of 925 counters! Both figues are shown below.

 2262 2775

So the three encodings of 754 and 925 in the Garden lead us, via its central verse's standard value, to this beautiful geometric connection between the name of the Lord in Hebrew and English, the two languages that form the double witness encodings. This triangle of stars grows in the centre of the Garden, like a tree in blossom.

Triangle 2775 is the 74th member of its sequence, designated T74, and 74 is the ordinal value of 'Jesus' and 'Messiah'. The outine of triangle 2775 is 219, the sum of the first five words of the NIV Bible:

'In the beginning God created . . . . ". 


Combining the Word

The blue triangles forming the crowns in figure 2262 sum to 1119 and the triangles in the three component trefoils sum to 373, which as we saw above is the standard value of logos/word. 1119 is the combined value of Jesus Christ, who is the Word made flesh.

Jesus Christ (c) = 1119

1119 is also 373 x 3 and so in one number we have Jesus Christ and the Word implied. Moreover, the standard value of 925 is a star that perfectly accommodates the well-known logos star, symbol of God's word.

Star 925 373

Therefore, from both figure 2262 (754 x 3) and triangle 2775 (925 x 3) we can derive 1119 (373 x 3) through natural geometric properties of numerical triangles.

1119 can form a triangle of stars similar to figure 2262. When we create this figure we find the handiwork of Gardener once more, because the smallest triangle that can circumscribe figure 1119 is triangle 2346, leaving a background of 1227 counters. This is the combined value of 'Jesus the Messiah'.

 2346 1119 1227

So we have the combined values of both English titles combined in one figure.

Finally, given the importance of the number 6 in the Garden, it is perfectly appropriate that 2346 is 391 x 6.

Yehoshua 391

Second Coming s)........................= 391

This code from the centre of the Garden displays Jesus' principal name and title in Hebrew and English and in a way that shows their common geometric origins. Both standard values are snowflakes emerging from G-triangle geometry and both are geometrically linked to the number 373, standard value of the Greek logos/word, identified in John with Jesus Christ, also known as Jesus the Messiah.

Finally, the combined value of 'the Gardener' has been made in God's image.

The Gardener (c) = 630

The Lord God (c) = 630

Christ's Snowflakes displays several more snowflakes cut from from the logos star and other figures from G-triangle geometry, all representing Jesus Christ in English, Greek and Hebrew.

There are many other pages on this site showing encodings related to Jesus Christ and the Second Coming, both within the Garden and within other parts of the NIV Bible. A good place to start would be Footprints in the Sand.


Bill Downie 8/11/21



1. Hexagon 2791 is also the smallest hexagon that will accommodate hexagram 1441, already found in the Garden alongside hexagon 3169. 

2. Strong's Concordance ends with the word Tattenai, the official who resisted the rebuilding of the temple, resistance that was swiftly overturned. The three words before it mean 'nine', 'ninth' and 'ninety'. 

3. In the supplimentary section I have an article showing that Yehoshua (391) is the most formal name for Jesus, with Yeshua (386) also used. Occasionally Yehoshuwa (397) is also found. HaMashiach/the Messiah is 363. So the most important standard value for 'Jesus Christ' or 'Jesus the Messiah' in Hebrew is 754.