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In The September-11 Crucifix and the Resurrection of Christ I show how two events, the terrorist attacks of September-11, 2001, and the funeral of Pope John Paul II, on 8 April, 2005, were staged dramas representing the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The three-and-a-half years between the two events symbolised two important periods of time in the Bible. These were the three days between Jesus' death on the Cross and His tomb being found empty, and the the 'time, times, and half a time', 1260 days, 42 weeks, etc, impressed upon us in the books of Daniel and Revelation, in connection with the 'end times'. In other pages I show that these two modern events also portrayed the Day of Atonement and the Day of the Lord. In case we are in any doubt left ab out the ultimate meaning of this two-part millennial message, the code announces over and again that these events were manifestations of the long-awaited Second Coming of Jesus Christ

If the code is telling us that the Second Coming is now upon us, where, then, is the Lord?

Two men played extraordinary roles in the Millennial drama that played out on the world stage. They were Osama bin Laden and Pope John Paul II.


Osama bin Laden

It is generally accepted that 9/11 was the signal event of our modern age. We now say 'pre-9/11' and 'post-9/11' in much the same way we used to say 'BC' and 'AD', in recognition of the fact that, as with the death and resurrection of Jesus, the tumultuous events of that day fundamentally changed our world. The terrorist organisation al-Qaeda is charged with the responsibility for 9/11 and Osama bin Laden, who co-founded al-Qaeda in 1988, immediately became the world's most wanted man and a menacing symbol of a newly-heightened terrorist threat.

In the Muslim world he was perceived very differently, however. A devout Muslim, bin Laden was well educated, soft spoken and popular among his peers:

"His [...] generosity, the simplicity of his behavior and his personal charm [were] legendary." (Gilles Kepel).

He was also noted for his strength of will:

"Despite his serene demeanor, no one ever thought of Osama as being weak-willed." (Najwa bin Laden, his first wife).

Osama bin Laden certainly dedicated much of his life to fighting the 'enemies of Islam'. However, although he was directly involved in the Afghanistan conflict and other Muslim struggles, it is thought that his probable contributions to 9/11 were in funding and in being a source of inspiration to other radical muslims.

9/11 was portrayed by western governments and the western media as an inexplicable act of evil, committed by foaming-at-the-mouth religious zealots, consumed with hatred for our "freedom". But this was little more than propaganda, deflecting our attention from an unpalatable truth. In his book Osama bin Laden, Michael Scheuer, first director of the CIA's Bin Laden unit, and no friend of the man, wrote:

"Americans ought to understand that bin Laden and the Islamists are attacking the United States and its allies precisely because of the negative impact their government's actions have in the Muslim world." [1]

The official story behind 9/11 now sounds so hollow that it can be said with near-certainty that there were forces within the US government and the Mossad that were at the very least aware of what was about to happen that September day, and let it happen for their own reasons, or even played a hidden role in its planning and execution. But the hijacking of the four flights and the subsequent attacks do appear to have been carried out by al-Qaeda. [2]


Osama bin Laden in Numbers

The first piece of code I discovered, on 13/11/01, was the ordinal value of the most popular English transliteration of bin Laden's name (Google searches show that this is about 50 times more popular than any other spelling).

Osama bin Laden (o) = 110 = 11 x 10

The number eleven, clustered around the events of 9/11 and in particular the World Trade Centre, was also found in the version of his name he reportedly began using after the attacks:

Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden (o) = 209 = 11 x 19

The number of his full name was a mystery to me at first, but that was before I cracked the Key to the code (given me on 26/11/01). The Key taught me that words and phrases were encrypted as ordinal values and took on meaning as standard values.

Osama bin Awad bin Muhammad bin Laden (o) = 263

Messiah (s) ........................................................= 263

According to, there were many links with eleven in his life, including the fact that he was 44 years old on 9/11. Eleven is the biblical number of disorder, disintegration and imperfection, but is also the reduced value of 'Jesus', who was 'numbered with the transgressors' (Isaiah 53.12, Luke 22.37, Mark 15.28).

Jesus (r) = 11

Another numerical sign is bin Laden's age in days on 9/11. He was born on 10 March 1957, and so was 16002 days old on the last day of the second Millennium (the most important marker date for the end times). This is 63 x 254, and so Osama bin Laden was 16256, or 64 x 254 days old on 9/11. This also means that 9/11 itself took place on the 254th day of the new Millennium. 254 is the ordinal value of the following title:

Our Lord Jesus Christ (o) = 254

It is also the standard value of these illuminating words:

Light (s) .= 254

Risen (s) = 254

The death of Osama bin Laden occurred in the early hours of 2 May, 2011, (1 May 2011 GMT), when he was shot in Pakistan by US Navy SEAL troops. The conjunction of this event with the beatification of Pope John Paul II is discussed later.

Islam also expects a Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who, as the prophet Isa, was the penultimate prophet of God for Muslims (Muhammad being the final prophet). He is expected to return as a devout Muslim, probably an Imam (teacher, leader), during a time of great conflict. He will take on and defeat the Antichrist, after which the followers of all the three Abrahamic religions will believe in him. [3]


The Destruction of the Antichrist

The World Trade Centre and the Pentagon stood for a system of economic and military imperialism that sees the world and mankind as resources to be exploited, a system many people regard as evil, indeed satanic. In 2002 I was given a vision that showed me why 9/11 occurred. It was two words, so bright I could perceive them with my eyes open:


Arms refers to the Pentagon, centre of the USA's military power. Avarice is lust for money and refers to the World Trade Centre. The words are built upon a foundation of 11, reduced value of 'beast' and biblical symbol of disorder, disintegration and destruction. There are 11 letters, the initial letters, AA, represent 11 and the ordinal value is 110. There are 4 and 7 letters in the words, giving 47, which is the ordinal value of 'beast'. The individual words have ordinal values of 51 ('demon') and 59 ('dragon'). The vision was identifying this system of economic and military imperialism, and specifically its most potent expression, the United States of America, with the Antichrist ('antichrist' has an ordinal value of 121, or 11 x 11). The Pentagon and the World Trade Centre, or more symbolically those two towers standing over lower Manhattan, would then have been the very horns of the beast. From a Islamic point of view, then, Osama bin Laden, as the destroyer of these symbols of the 'great satan' (the west), could be viewed in a messianic light.


The High Priest

As I showed above, bin Laden was also marked with the number 11 (the reduced value of 'Jesus', remember). In The September-11 Crucifix I show that 9/11 also represented the Crucifixion, with the twin towers symbolising Jesus through gematria and both 9/11 targets representing the crucified Lord. For Christians the Crucifixion was the ultimate Atonement sacrifice and I also said that 9/11 also represented the Day of Atonement. Through the revelations given to E. E. Brooks, the Day of Atonement represented the conception of the male child. The High Priest entered the Tabernacle, a symbolic female, and fertilised the egg that was the Ark of the Testimony. This was represented by Flight 77 piercing the Pentagon (this was also the soldier's spear piercing Jesus). If Osama bin Laden was ultimately behind these attacks then he would naturally have played the part of the High Priest.


The Divine Serpent

In Exodus 7.10-12 there is a passage showing how Aaron's staff turned into a snake and swallowed the snakes of the magicians. I show here that these verses are encrypted with the number 11 and so are telling us something more about the meaning of 9/11. Aaron's snake was the 'divine serpent', and in fact 'the Serpent' has the same Hebrew gematria as 'the Messiah'.

Ha Nachesh (Heb., s) = 363  = 11 x 11 x 3

Ha Mashiach (Heb., s) = 363 = 11 x 11 x 3

On the morning of 9/11 several hours before the attacks (in live in the UK), I woke up to hear two words spoken softly into my left ear:


The word was stating that 'serpent power' was unleashed on 9/11 to destroy those two symbols of wordly power, just as Aaron's snake devoured the magicians' snakes. In this contest Aaron was representing Moses, who was "like God to Pharaoh" (Ex. 7.1). In a similar vein the 'serpent power' unleashed on 9/11 was under divine command. [4]


Jesus the Messiah

The following tables show remarkable matrices of encoded numbers within the Garden (Genesis 1.1-5, NIV), confirming that Osama bin Laden played a central role in the end-time drama that was 9/11.

Yehoshua Osama bin Laden

Here we see two reflective encodings of the name Osama bin Laden reportedly began using after 9/11, alongside the full Hebrew name for Jesus: Yehoshua. [5]

Next I show how both word blocks representing Osama bin Laden are bookended by the English and Hebrew words for 'Jesus' and 'the Messiah', respectively, double witnesses to the divinely-appointed role played by Osama bin Laden.

Jesus Osama bin Laden b

I also show here the word block representing 'Ark of the Testimony' so you can see how well they integrate with it (and with the verse structure). This also highlights the profound truth that the Ark and its contents were a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ.


Pope John Paul II

Karol Jozef Wojtyla became leader of the Roman Catholic Church on 16 October 1978, after Pope John Paul I died unexpectedly. In honour of his predecessor the new incumbent took the name John Paul II and he soon became a major world leader, making pastoral visits to 129 countries and so becoming the most widely travelled pope in history. Among many other achievements, he engendered a widespread renewal of Catholic Christian faith, worked tirelessly to heal divisions between Christian communities and forged improved relations with other faiths. Credited with inspiring the collapse of communism in eastern Europe, he also regularly criticised the excesses of capitalism. 

Strong in faith and conservative in stance (although he supported Vatican II) he reached out to others in a way many found admirable, even if they didn't always agree with his traditionalist views. As a true man of faith he forgave and later befriended the man who had attempted to assassinate him in May 1981. He regularly drew enormous crowds and his funeral drew four million mourners, attracting possibly the biggest TV audience in history. Even at his funeral there were calls for him to be declared a saint and in due course he was beatified and canonised. He is now called 'Saint John Paul the Great' by some Catholics.

The night after Pope John Paul II died I was given the following dream: I am standing with my wife outside a local cemetary. My old boss walks past, heading north, with a determined look on his face. I see he has a white bishop's mitre on his head. My wife then says to me: "That's our Lord lost his hands and his feet." The dream was about John Paul II, who blessed more people than any pope in history (his hands) and travelled further than any pope in history (his feet). My old boss represented authority, the cemetery symbolised death and moving north in the dreamscape represents returning to the Source. So the dream was telling me that this pope was a figure of great spiritual authority. How great?

On the morning of the funeral of Pope John Paul II I had a vision of the following words:


The funeral took place on the 1559th day of the third Millennium and this is the standard value of the formal title for Jesus Christ I discussed earlier.

Our Lord Jesus Christ (s) = 1559

9/11 took place on the 254th day of the Millennium, which is the ordinal value of the same words:

Our Lord Jesus Christ (0) = 254

So these two events are linked by the title and by the words I received on each day: SERPENT POWER and I BEGIN NOW, which sum to 272: 


Jesus Christ + Second Coming (o) .........= 272

Between 9/11 and the funeral there were almost exactly three-and-a-half years (1305 days, or 3.57 years), a period of time referred to in Daniel and Revelation in the context of the "end of days". Three days is also mentioned frequently in relation to Jesus, who said "In three days I will rise again" (Matt. 27.63) and "Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days" (John 2.19). It should also be noted that the pope's death and funeral took place just after Easter of that year.

As I showed in The Resurrection of Christ, the Roman Catholic funeral liturgy is focussed on one person: Jesus Christ. In Catholic doctrine, the death of Christians is given meaning by the Resurrection of Christ, to whose image they afterwards conform. The Pope himself is regarded by Catholics as the "vicar of Christ for the entire world" (Wikipedia). Therefore the funeral of Pope John Paul II, arguably the most important pope since St. Peter and for Catholics Christ's representative on earth, was the perfect symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Pope John Paul II in Numbers

As with Osama bin Laden, the life and death of Pope John Paul II was numerically encoded.

Karol Wojtyla was born on 18/5/1920 and died on 2/4/2005. He therefore lived for exactly 31000 days. To live for an exact multiple of 1000 days is fairly noteworthy in itself, but 31 is the standard value for the Hebrew root word ‘El’, meaning ‘the Deity’. In English 31 is the reduced value of the English word ‘Father’, which is particularly appropriate for the leader described as ‘the Holy Father’.

The names ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘Pope John Paul II’ have the same ordinal value.

Jesus Christ (o) .........= 151

Pope John Paul II (o) = 151

The pope was also known in English as 'Pope John Paul the Second' (note the word 'second' and his two Christian names, representing the most important figures before and after Jesus). This papal title is marked with the number 11 (reduced value of 'Jesus'):

Pope John Paul the Second (o) = 242 = 11 x 11 x 2

But the connections to 11 and to the name of the Lord run deeper still.

John Paul II was inaugurated as Pope on 22/11/78, which was 8360 (11 x 760) days before 9/11. The other factor, 760, is standard value of 'The Lord has Risen!' The primary reference date for these events is the last day of the Second Millennium, 31/12/00. His inauguration was 8106 days before 31/12/00, which is 386 x 21. 386 is the standard value of the Hebrew word for Jesus, Yeshua.

An assassination was attempted on 13 May 1981, the date being the anniversary of the first appearance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima and the assassination attempt apparently having been prophesied by the Virgin. This date was the 22275th day of the pope's life. The number is a multiple of 11, which, given that the shooting was a type of 9/11 and that 9/11 is codemarked with 11, fits the same pattern of destruction (the factors also include two squares):

22275 = 11 x 5 x 5 x 9 x 9.

The number of days from Karol Wojtyla's birth to the last day of the Second Millennium was 29447, which is 11 x 2677 - which means that the attempted assassination was 11 x 652 days before the end of the Millennium.


Addendum: the Beatification and Canonisation of Pope John Paul II

The Beatification

Pope John Paul II was beatified on 1/5/2011. This was the most numerically-significant day I have ever found.

1. It was 3773 days into the third Millennium. In the Hebrew Bible, Genesis 1.1 (s) = 2701, which is 37 x 73 (both hexagram numbers). 3773 is also 11 (Jesus (r)) x 343 (THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS (o)).

As well as being the ordinal value of Matthew's Superscription, 343 is the cube of 7 and plays a central role in the New Bible Code.

2. It was 3519 days after 9/11. This is 391 x 9, 391 being'Yehoshua'/Jesus (s) and 'Second Coming' (s). 

3. It was 2220 days after the pope's death and 2214 days after his funeral. 2214 is 738 (The Second Appearing (s)) x 3. 2220 is 74 (Jesus (o)) x 30.

4. It was 33220 days since the birth of Karol Jozef Wojtyla. 33220 is 151 (Jesus Christ (o)) x 11 (Jesus (r)) x 20 (redemption in the Bible). 

5. 1/5/11 was the 121st day of 2011, 121 being 'Second Coming' (o).

6. As I show above, this was the same day (in the west) that Osama bin Laden was killed by US troops. 

1/5/11 was also a significant two days after the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, which can be seen as a symbol of the return of the Bridegroom for his bride. 

The Canonisation

The pope was canonised on 27/4/14. This date is numerically tied to the two events that brought us the message of the Second Coming: 9/11 and the funeral of Pope John Paul II. 

a) It was 3306 days after his funeral on 8/4/05, which, as I showed above, was 1559 days into the third Millennium, the standard value of 'Our Lord Jesus Christ' and represented Christ's Resurrection.

3306 is 57 x 58, which, incredibly, are the ordinal value of Yehoshua/Jesus and HaMashiach/the Messiah!

Yehoshua/Jesus (o) = 58
HaMashiach/the Messiah (o) = 57

Osama bin Laden would have been 20867 days old on that date. Here, 2 is used as shorthand for the Second Coming, a technique I've already found to have been employed elsewhere in the code. The zero is a spacer between 2 and 867, which is another indication of bin Laden's spiritual identity.

The Word (s) = 867
Christ the Redeemer (s)  = 867
Christ Risen (c) = 867

b) It was 4611 days after 9/11, which, as I also showed above, was 254 days into the third Millennium, the ordinal value of 'Our Lord Jesus Christ' and representing Jesus' Crucifixion.

4611 is 53 x 87, which equally incredibly, are the ordinal values of a Hebrew and a Greek name for Jesus!

Yeshua/Jesus (o)  = 53
Ihsous/Jesus (o) = 87


The Funeral

The funeral of Pope John Paul II, the second act in this two-part end-time drama, was again watched by the entire world. Another reflective encoding in the first few verses of Genesis confirms its significance.

 Funeral Pope John Paul II

Interestingly, the number 736 is also the standard value of the following phrase:

The Incarnation (s) ...= 736

Pope John Paul II (s) = 736

The name 'Karol Jozef Wojtyla' is similarly encoded:

The Second Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (s) = 2583

Karol Jozef Wojtyla (s) ...............................................= 2583

I calculated the value of his name in Polish, using the same rules to numerate the Polish alphabet as for English gematria, and found that it also came to 2583.[6]

Finally, we also have this extraordinary numerical equivalence.

 Karol Jozef Wojtyla is the Messiah (s) ...........= 3168

Kurios Ihsous Christos


Jesus and Pope John Paul II

Earlier I showed how Osama bin Laden is reflectively encoded alongside the Hebrew word for Jesus, Yehoshua. John Paul II is also reflectvely encoded here, this time alongside the English name 'Jesus'.

Jesus Pope John Paul II

Note the Hebrew/English double witness running through these encodings, and also in the second encoding of Osama bin Laden, shown earlier. In The Garden I formally introduce this new type of code and in subsequent pages reveal many more examples of this phenomenon, all found within the same few opening words of the NIV Bible. [7]

I also showed earlier how the encodings of Osama bin Laden's name were integrated with the world block representing 'Ark of the Testimony', the chest kept in the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle and the only material object considered holy by the Israelites. The ark foreshadowed Jesus Christ. In particular the atonement cover, which was sprinkled with sacrificial blood during the rite of atonement, represented Christ, our Atonement Cover. A further encoding shows both English versions of the pope's title encoded alongside 'atonement cover'.

Atonement Cover Pope John Paul II 

Note also that the structure of this matrix suggests 888, the numerical value of the Greek name for Jesus, Ihsous. See also its close integration with the Signature of Christ.

Therefore the code also identifies Pope John Paul II with Jesus Christ.


The Scarlet Thread

We now have two men - one the most reviled terrorist in recent history, the other the most beloved leader in recent history - representing one person: Jesus Christ.

Osama bin Laden played the role of Jesus Christ as the 'divine serpent', who dispensed divine justice by defeating the antichrist on 9/11. He simultaneously represented the High Priest, performing the atoning sacrifices on the Day of Atonement. The ultimate Day of Atonement was the Crucifixion, which 9/11 also represented. Pope John Paul II lived an exemplary life and played the role of Jesus Christ as our Shepherd. As 'vicar of Christ for the entire world' he also represented the High Priest. His funeral three-and-a-half years after 9/11 was the perfect symbol of the Resurrection.

The lives of these two men were connected by a thread of divine will, evidenced by these beautiful encodings and by the numbers woven into their lives. In the end this thread was tightly drawn together by two almost simultaneous events, which revealed the connection between those seemingly disparate lives. The two events were the beatification of Pope John Paul II by his successor and the killing of Osama bin Laden by US Navy troops. They happened within a few hours of each other and in the west were both accomplished on 1/5/11 (2/5/11 Pakistan time for the assassination).

1 May 2011 is the most encoded day I have ever found. It is the 3773rd day of the third Millennium, which is 11 x 343. 11, reduced value of 'Jesus', you already know. 343 is the cube of seven and the value of the first version of the Superscription:


1 May 2011 was also the 121st day of the year:

Second Coming (o) = 121

It was also the 3519th day after 9/11, which is 391 x 9:

Second Coming (s) ......................= 391

Yehoshua 391

The pope would have been 33220 days old, which was 151 (Jesus Christ (o)) x 11 x 20. [8]



In 2002 I was given a vision of the heads and upper bodies of two men, one after the other. The first man was tall, dark skinned, of serious demeanor and wearing a traditional white Arabic turban. I immediately recognised him as Osama bin Laden. Then a second figure was superimposed upon the first, replacing it. This was a smaller figure, European and also wearing white. I did not recognise this person at the time, but eventually realised that it was Pope John Paul II. Underneath this double portrait, which was fairly close to the photographs that head this page, were these words:


They were saying that both men were incarnations of Jesus Christ.

Their combined names would appear to confirm it.

Pope John Paul II + Osama bin Laden = 1089 (363 x 3)

HaNachesh (Heb.) .= 363

HaMashiach (Heb.) = 363

I said that Osama bin Laden represented the divine serpent. In Numbers 2.19 Moses made a serpent (nachesh) of brass and set it on a pole, so that everyone who was 'bitten' as they looked upon it was healed. This is a foreshadowing of Jesus on the cross and so the serpent and the Messiah are different aspects of the same messianic type. 363 and 1089 are double multiples of 11, the number woven into 9/11 and the reduced value of 'Jesus'.


Three Messiahs

All three Abrahamic religions prophesied the return of a Messiah to save their people.

The Jewish Mashiach was Jesus of Nazareth, whose coming was prophesied in the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible) and whose life, death and resurrection were recorded in the New Testament. Judaism does yet not accept Yeshua as the Messiah. However, Christianity, which does accept Jesus as the Messiah, and Islam both expect Jesus to return.

Islam expects Jesus to return as a Muslim leader in difficult times, and Osama bin Laden, the divine Serpent, was widely regarded by Muslims as such a leader. The code appears to confirm that in fact he fulfilled Islamic messianic prophecy, representing Isa to them.

Pope John Paul II, who lived a life of service, outreach and Christian love and who achieved more than anyone could have thought possible during his supremely-accomplished papacy, fulfilled Christian messianic prophecy and represented our Messiah. The code confirms it in the opening words of the NIV Bible, wherein God placed His divine watermark.

Pope John Paul II

These three magnificent encodings, all stemming from the first word against great odds, integrate perfectly with the ark (foreshadowing Christ), the atonement cover (Christ being our Atonement Cover) and two word blocks representing 'Jesus' and 'Christ'.


The Key

I was given a key to unlock the New Bible Code on 15/11/2001 (note the date, which implies the digits 151 (Jesus Christ) and 121 (Second Coming). [9] The key consisted of two verses, 1 Thessalonians 5.23-24, which appeared on a bookmark belonging to my Alpha Course director on 15/11/01. She was reading those verses when an inner voice twice told her THIS IS FOR BILL (my name). She put a plain piece of paper in her NIV Bible as a bookmark and made a cup of tea. When she returned the two verses had appeared on the bookmark, from Paul (Paul was the writer of 1 Thessalonians, also the oldest book in the New Testament) and, she believed, addressed to me, since I was the only Bill in her immediate Christian circle.

The Key is reproduced below, almost exactly as it appears on the bookmark.

 The Key

Note, first of all, that the text is actually shaped like a key, the first indication of its purpose. This was spectacularly reinforced by the fact that my Alpha Course director was sitting in a Christian cafe called The Open Door when the Key appeared! The two verses in the Key had ordinal values of 1559 (1 Thess. 5.23) and 468 (1 Thess. 5.34). The first number we have already met. It is the standard value of 'Our Lord Jesus Christ'. The second number is the standard value of 'The Lord God'. This showed me the two-part system by which numbers were encoded and were therefore to be decoded. The ordinal value of the entire Key is 2194, which is the standard value of Genesis 1.1 (NIV). So the Key also showed me where to begin looking for codes in the NIV Bible. I couldn't have unlocked the code without the Key.

However, as well as the Key also contains the standard values of both versions of the Pope's name, again stemming from its first word, over the first fourteen and twenty-two words.

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your. . . = 736

 Pope John Paul II (s) ..................................................................................................= 736


May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless = 1169

Pope John Paul the Second (s) .......................................................................................................................................................= 1169

These two encodings of the pope's name are found in 1 Thessalonians 5.23, 523 being the standard value of 'Incarnation'. The ordinal value of the entire verse is 1559, and the Pope's funeral, representing the Resurrection, was on the 1559th day of the new Millennium. So the Key not only showed me how to unlock the code and showed me where to begin looking - it also showed me who I was looking for.


Justice and Mercy

Christians, along with Jews and Muslims, believe that God has two complementary attributes: justice and mercy.

'Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.' (Psalm 89.14)

Justice always comes first, then mercy, a concept built into the foundation of the Bible, with the Old Testament laying down God's laws for His people and the New Testament showing God's love for His people. The pattern of the Second Coming has been the same. First, the world saw God dispensing justice on 9/11. Second, the world watched the death and funeral of the pope whose life of service, ministry of outreach and forgiving, peace-loving character, exemplified God's mercy.

The gospels state that Jesus will return 'in clouds with great power and glory' (Mark 13.26). What better way to announce his return than by destroying the twin symbols of our satanic economic system in a drama depicting his crucifixion and (in a general sense) fulfilling end-time prophecies and by the funeral of a spiritual leader revered throughout the world? Who better to represent Jesus' return than two deeply-religious men, one responsible for 9/11, the other the spiritual leader of half the world's Christians? And how better to reveal the meaning behind these tumultuous events than by crystallising a unique code within the most popular modern version of the Bible, in the form accepted by most of the rest of his church?

The nature and timing of these events are not part of any of the eschatologies of which I am aware, but nearly all of them were going to be wrong anyway. So the huge disparities in their interpretations of end-time prophecies shows how easy it has been to misinterpret the Bible. This is why an intepretation from God of recent world events was necessary in the first place: so we would recognise Christ's return when it finally began to manifest. I do not for a moment claim that the Second Coming is over, but the New Bible Code announces that it has now begun.


Bill Downie 5/8/17

Latest revision 29/12/23



1. Osama bin Laden, Michael Sheuer. 2005

2. It may be that Osama bin Laden was aware that Al Qaeda had been assisted by outside forces in bringing about 9/11. This might then explain why, when he was eventually tracked down, he was shot on sight by US forces, even though unarmed. Dead men can't talk.

3. For more, see this Wikipedia article.

4. In the biblical account Pharaoh's heart "became hard" (Ex. 7.13) and he refused to release God's people from captivity. This too has a counterpart in the furious reaction of the USA to 9/11. Seven plagues were therefore unleashed upon Egypt, which may be a symbol of subsequent world events and of events still to come.

5. This article makes a convincing case for Yehoshua, with gematria 391, being the fullest version of the Hebrew name for Jesus.

6. There are 23 letters in the Polish alphabet (Q, V and X are missing), but certain letters also come with and without diacritical marks, increasing the number to 32. For the calculation I gave all versions of each letter the same value, based on their position in the Polish alphabet. I have no idea whether or not there is a Polish gematria, but this would suggest there might be one.

7. The opening few verses of the NIV are an information-rich matrix, so densely encoded as to warrant the title 'holographic'.

8. The beatification took place 2220 (74 x 30) days after the pope's death and 2214 (123 x 18) days after his funeral. Jesus (o) = 74. Lord Jesus (o) = 123. The marriage of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton took place two days beforehand, the event symbolising the return of the Bridegroom for His bride.

9. I was 15121 days old at the end of the second millennium, the principal reference date for the events signalling the Second Coming.