The Staff and the Crown

Aarons Staff New Garden 


In The Crown of Thorns I showed three verses from the Gospels that relate how Jesus was given a crown of thorns. The thorns represented fractals, especially fractal snowflakes, which are the authenticating signature of God on His Word. The thorns also represent the kots/thorns and tagin/crownlets found on Hebrew characters (from which words are formed, of course), lending these characters, formed in accordance with scribal tradition, a slightly fractal appearance. This is an aleph as formed in traditional Ashuri script, covered with kots/thorns.

 Aleph Ashuri Script

Note the resemblance between this aleph and Aaron's budding staff. Aleph is composed of a vav between two yods. The staff is now the vav and the emerging leaves are the two yods, the smallest letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet, representing "the starting point of the presence of God in all things - the "spark" of the spirit in everything." [1] 

In one of the verses, Matthew 27.29, we are told that Jesus was also given a staff. The rest of this page continues this journey through the Crucifixion narratives, by showing how  the epoch-making events of that day and their spiritual significance are encapsulated in two Hebrew characters: vav, which resembles a staff, and zayin, the crowned vav.


The Staff 

The staff is a symbol of male spiritual power, strength, support (staff), guidance (shepherd's crook), discipline (rod) and kingly authority (sceptre). For example, in Exodus it is used by Aaron to defeat Pharaoh's magicians and display the Lord's power to the Egyptians. Later, Aaron's right to be the first high priest of the Israelites is shown when, out of the staffs left by Aaron and the tribal leaders in the Tent of Meeting, his alone buds overnight (in other words, with Aaron as their spiritual leader, the Israelites would thrive). We just saw Matthew's record of how Jesus was given a staff along with his crown of thorns, in a mock coronation. In Revelation we read that the male child at the end of days will wield an "iron sceptre".

Here I will be focussing on the eight mentions of a staff or stick in the Gospels, as recorded in the 1984 NIV Bible, because they contain two remarkable signs that point directly to the New Garden.

The Gospel mentions of "staff" or "stick" are given below (my emboldening). [2] 

The Staff in the Gospels

1. Reading the chapter and verse totals as numbers and summing them, shows a significant resonance with the meaning these words convey. Firstly,

1010 + 2729 + 2730 + 2748 + 68 + 1519 + 1536 + 93 = 12433

The sum is a prime number and of little interest here. But when we read the verses, we see that in the first and final verses above, the disciples are told not to take a staff, so it is mentioned only in a negative sense. Here is the sum again, this time without these two verses:

2729 + 2730 + 2748 + 68 + 1519 + 1536 = 11330 = 515 x 22

Jesus (s) .......................................................................= 515

Lord (r) ............................................................................= 22

This links Jesus to the authority of a staff. Without the staff, the numbers do not reflect him.

2. If we now sum the separate totals in each verses we have the following:

Matthew's Sum   1010 + 2729 + 2730 + 2748  = 9217  = 709 x 13         
Head of the Church (s) = 709
Mark's Sum 68 + 1519 + 1536 = 3123 = 347 x 9 Son of God (s)              = 347
Luke's Sum 93 = 93 = 93 The Word (o)                  = 93

All of the sums proclaim the truth about Jesus but I'd like to focus on the first, which factorises into 13 and 709, 

In gematria, 13 is the value of Ahavah/love and Echad/unity in Hebrew and the first Koch snowflake. This site records the many fractal snowflakes encoded within Biblical words relating to the Logos and Rhema. Star 13 and its identities suggest that love and the desire for unity lie behind all fruitful communication.

The other factor is even more interesting. "Head of the Church" is a title for Christ in Ephesians 5.23. 709, it's standard value, is also the standard value of "six", the number of man, who was created on the sixth day, and borne by Jesus, who was "numbered with the transgressors" (Isaiah 53.12). 

Six (s) = 709

The sixth Hebrew character, with numeric value 6, is vav.


Vav means 'hook' and a hook joins two things previously separate; it was used to fix the curtains to the tabernacle. A vav is also a nail, with essentially the same function. A third identification is with the phallus, the male life-bringer.

In The Number of the Beast I show how deeply Jesus is linked to 666. This identification is most apparent during the Crucifixion, which involved three men (666), each of whom had three nails (/666) driven through them. In Genesis 1.1 the first use of a vav is as the first letter of word 6, where, in line with its meaning of a hook that joins two thing previously separate, it 'mediates' between heaven (word 5) and earth (word 7). [3]

Genesis 1.1 Word 6


The Staff and the Crown

vav is also a phallus and symbolises male authority and leadership, as does a staff. In the Gospel Crucifixion narratives Jesus was given a staff to mock his claimed authority. At the same time Jesus was given a crown. This points to the next Hebrew character in the aleph-bet: Zayin.

Vav, as we have just seen, is linked to Jesus' being identified with the "transgressors". Zayin is a vav with a tagin/crownlet placed on top.

 Vav and Zayin

The tagin literally crowns the vav and we have a picture of the crowned Messiah, tagged with 7, the number of the completed Creation Week. Seven is the number of spiritual perfection and features in some impressive identities, including Matthew's Superscription:

THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS (o) = 343 = 7 x 7 x 7

Our Lord (c) .........................................................................= 777

Christ (o) ...............................................................................= 77

Lord (o) .....................................................................= 49 = 7 x 7

The crown of thorns put on Jesus' head as he was led to his Crucifixion symbolised, then, his crowning as King and Messiah. The staff represented the man Jesus, the letter vav, and symbolises male authority and generative power. The vav was the hooks that kept the curtain fixed to the Tabernacle and the nails fixing Jesus to the Cross, ie linking heaven and earth. By allowing himself to be crucified he displayed his right to be the Mashiach and signalled to the world, confirmed by the splitting of the temple curtains as he died, that he was the Mediator between heaven and earth, signified by his crown of thorns, the letter zayin, the crowned vav

God's Word is truth. Truth does two things: it pierces through lies and deceit and it nourishes those who love the truth. This is encapsulated in the letter zayin, which means 'sword' but also 'nourishment' through its root word. Jesus himself gave John a vision of a two-edged, or two-mouthed, sword emerging from his mouth. 

In his right hand he held seven stars, and coming out of his mouth was a sharp, double-edged sword.
His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.
Rev 1.16

The two edges or mouths are the Rhema words, which rightly judge the world.


The Rhema as Manna

In the Ark, identified with the Lord, the Rhema Word is represented by manna, placed there beside Aaron's staff and the tablets of the testimony - symbols that the ark contains a male child - and it is represented in the code by encoded fractal snowflakes. The standard value of 'manna' confirms its identification with the Word of God.

Manna (s) .......................= 142

B'goli/my voice (s) ..........= 142

Theos/God (s) = 284 = 142 x 2

God (s) ................= 71 = 142/2

142 is a beautiful fractal snowflake that is inextrricably linked to the Logos through the number most associated with verbal communication in the Bible: 253. 

Triangle 253 373 142

The standard value of Logos/Word, 373, refers to Genesis 1.1, which sums to 37 x 73 and which contains the instructions for generating fractals through the iterative Koch snowflake process, undiscovered by man until a Century ago. The clear metaphor here is life and growth, which man's seed (symbolised by the manna) contains through it's DNA and which are governed by the same fractal geometry seen here and in plants, snowflakes, mountains, trees, spinning galaxies and man himself.

 Life and Growth

The fractal generator encoded in the Hebrew Bible's first verse is a message to us that the universe and all life within it were generated by God (Genesis means "The Book of Generations"), that Jesus Christ is God Incarnate and that in a world of lies, corruption and death, only God's Word can be trusted to bring life.

Most of this is described in more detail in these short videos: The Logos Star and The Mark of the Beast


Two Markers

Mark's verses are reproduced again here. 

These were his instructions: "Take nothing for the journey except a staff - 
no bread, no bag, no money in your belts. . . ."
Mark 6.8
Again and again they struck him on the head with a staff and spat on him. 
Falling on their knees, they paid homage to him.
Mark 15.19
One man ran, filled a sponge with wine vinegar, put it on a stick, and offered it
to Jesus to drink. "Now leave him alone. Let's see if Elijah comes
to take him down," he said.
Mark 15.36

These verses contain two markers that signal we are to pay close attention to them, because they point directly to the New Garden.

1. The first marker is the number 1519, from Mark 15.19; this is the hexagon encoded in the part of the New Garden I call the Holographic Seal.

2. The other is the number 1536, which is the Crown of Thorns encoded in the centre of John 1.1.

Summing the two verses reveals more encoded information.

1. The chapter and verse indicators for these three verses are 6.8, 15.19 and 15.36. I'm going to sum to the first and second markers (1519 and 1536).

68 + 1519 ............................= 1587

68 + 1519 + 1536 = 3123 = 347 x 9

Son of God (s) .......................= 347

1587 is yet another trefoil, cut from triangle 2346, which, incredibly, is the 68th triangle, 68 already being encoded!

Trefoil 1587

The three triangles that have to be replaced to create the triangle from its trefoil have 253 units each. As we saw above, this is the generating triangle for the Logos Star and its equally significant antisnowflake. 

2346 has rather interesting factors too.

2346 ................................= 391 x 6 

Yehoshua (s) .........................= 391

2. The ordinal value of the three verses is 1114 (Mark 6.8), 996 (Mark 15.19) and 1470 (Mark 15.36).

1114 + 996 .............................= 2110

1114 + 996 + 1470 .................= 3580

Mashiach/Messiah (s) ..............= 358

2110 is a centred triangle, which is taken from triangle 6328, the sum of Genesis 1.1 MT and John 1,1 TR - which join to form the Creation Seal!

Centred Triangle 2110

So these verses are a direct reference to the Creation Seal and its extension, the New Garden, the crowning glory of the Hebrew, Greek and English Bible codes and the Rosetta Stone that unifies them. [2] The centred triangle inside triangle 6328 is the hidden manna, the pure clean Water of Life and God's Glory.

I showed above that the encoding of centred triangle 2110 is coincident with the number 1519, the hexagon that sits at the centre of the Holographic Seal and the template for the Creation Snowflake. It is encoded over John 1.1 and Genesis 1.1, which sum to 6328, the very triangle from which centred triangle 2110 is taken!

The Hebrew phrase Ha Davar/The Word is found first in Numbers 22.38:

"Well, I have come to you now," Balaam replied. "But can I say just anything? I must speak only what God puts in my mouth. 

 This is Balaam the prophet talling King Balak that he can only speak the Rhema word, and this verse is encoded in a beautiful way, again referencing geometry found in the New Garden and again using the chapter and verse indicators: 22.38.

Snowflake 3517 is encoded within the Creation Seal thusly:

Creation Seal 6b 3517 373 151

This perfect piece of code has an outer ring of 6 x 373 counters, which is 2238. 6 is again the vav, the number of man, and 373 is the Logos, the Word. Put together they are another reference to the Word Incarnate. In fact 2238 is 2 x 1119, which, as we saw above, is 'Jesus Christ' (c). Could Jesus Christ and the Word be more perfectly integrated


The Staff and Crown in the Garden

The staff grows in such abundance in the Garden of Eden that it creates a thicket, giving almost total coverage. This incudes no less than five double-witness encodings, either the inclusion of both standard and combined values for the same phrase, or encodings of the same phrase in both English and Hebrew.

Table The Staff in the Garden 3

 The Crown of Thorns is also encoded in the Garden. I've integrated the encodings in English I showed in the previous page with those of 'Jesus' staff' in the above table. 

Table Jesus Crown, Staff 2

The three double-witness pairs neatly align near the beginning of Scripture. referencing the Crucifixion, and which are part of the holographic watermark on the NIV's opening five verses: The Garden of Eden.


Bill Downie 20/10/22



1. Quote from The article I link to here is worth reading in full.

2. These are from the 1984 edition (I use the 2001 reprint, which is the one given to me for this work). The 2011 edition of the NIV has changed 'spat' to 'spit' where it occurs and created two sentences out of one, which is enough to seriously degrade the code here.

3. Thanks to Hebrew4Christians for this information.