A Summary of the New Bible Code: Part 2


'Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.' Matthew 24:42, NIV '84



This is part 2 of my summary of the New Bible Code.

In part 1, I showed that Jesus Christ has already returned and completed his Second Coming. He incarnated as two men, Osama bin Laden, who inspired 9/11, and Karol Jozef Wojtya, who became Pope John Paul II. The messianic expectations of all three Abrahamic religions were thereby fulfilled: for Jews and for all the world, Jesus of Nazareth; for Christians, Karol Wojtyla; for Muslims, Osama bin Laden

Christians, along with Jews and Muslims, believe that God has two complimentary attributes: justice and mercy. 

'Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.' Psalm 89.14, NIV '84

Justice always comes first then mercy, a concept that is built into the foundations of the Bible, with the Old Testament laying down God's laws for his chosen people and the New Testament showing God's love for all people through his son. Jesus' crucifixion (for men's sins) came before his resurrection. The pattern of the Second Coming was the same: first we had God's justice dispensed on 9/11, then we had the funeral of Pope John Paul II, releasing a great outpouring of love for a man whose life of service, outreach and forgiveness exemplified God's mercy.

This section will complete the summary, starting with the third statement. 


3. The Second Coming was presented to the world as a drama: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ

9/11 depicted Jesus' Crucifixion

Matthew 27.37 is the 1019th verse in the New Testament and contains the first version of the Superscription. This is the entire verse:

'Above his head they placed the written charge against him: THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS.' Matt. 27:37, NIV '84

Matt. 27.37 (o)  = 826
The Crucified Lord (s)  = 826

343 is the cube of 7 and was also created by the September-11 attacks, as a nest of two cubes.

The Pentagon (o)  = 125   5 cubed
The World Trade Centre (o)   = 218 cubic shell
Sum = 125 + 218 = 343 7 cubed


Cube 125 218 343

A cubic shell can open out to become a cross. 

Cube and Cross 218

The WTC can therefore symbolise the cross. Opening out shell 218 on cube 343, to represent the wounding of Jesus and the 9/11 strikes, we create an elegant fusion of meaning, number and form, which I call The September-11 Crucifix. and which is another version of the familiar Rosy Cross, used as a symbol by many Christian and esoteric societies.

September-11 Crucifix Rosy Cross

The wild rose has five petals to symbolise the five wounds Jesus suffered and cube 125, representing The Pentagon (which also has five sides, rings and storeys) has the same meaning.[2]

The 9/11 death toll included three cubes, including the two that form the September-11 Crucifix. These numbers combine in two ways to form two versions of Jesus' name in Hebrew.[3]

Number of NY Fire Dept. personnel killed on 9/11  = 343 Cube of 7
Number of deaths in Pentagon  = 125 Cube of 5
Number of deaths on Flight 77 = 64 Cube of 4
Yehoshua HaMashiach (s) = 754  
Overall death toll on 9/11 = 2996   749 x 4
Yeshua HaMashiach (s) = 749  

In the September-11 Cube, cube 125 is nested within two shells. Their removal to symbolise the tearing of the double curtain creates further numbers that reveal the truth about 9/11.

The North Tower + The South Tower (o)   = 386   shell of cube 729
Yeshua (s) = 386  
The World Trade Centre (o)  = 218 shell of cube 343
Death (s) = 218  
386 + 218 = 604 double shell of cube 729
The Second Coming (s) = 604  

Finally, the Pentagon symbolised Jesus on the cross and as Jesus was penetrated by a soldier's spear, so the Pentagon was penetrated by Flight 77. The Bible's single mention of the soldier's spear is in John 19.34.

'Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water.' John 19.34, NIV '84

John 19.34 (o)   = 911
Christ (o) = 77
The Soldier's Spear (c)  = 1146 = 191 x 6
The Second Coming of the Messiah (s)   = 1146

 There is further symbolism here, some of which I will deal with in a later section.


The funeral of Pope John Paul II depicted Christ's Resurrection

After a long and highly successful papacy, Pope John Paul II died on 2/4/05. His death was mourned by a billion Roman Catholics and St. Peter's Square in the Vatican was thronged with people who came to pay their respects. His papacy was one of service, outreach, forgiveness (demonstrated after the asassination attempt) and inclusion and although doctrinally conservative, he also took an active part in Vatican II. He travelled more than any other pope, blessed more people than any other priest and drew the largest crowds in history: five million Catholics were present at the gathering in Manilla on 15/1/1995. His funeral drew four million pilgrims to Rome during the memorial week following his funeral and the TV audience was possibly the largest in history. After his death his title was regularly appended with the honorific 'the Great'.

In the previous section I dealt with the numbers endoded into his life, death, beatification and canonisation. Here I will deal with the symbolism of a Catholic funeral. 

As I showed in The Resurrection of Christ, the Roman Catholic funeral liturgy is not really about the deceased. It is focused on one man: Jesus Christ. In Catholic doctrine, the death of Christians is given meaning by the Resurrection of Christ, to whose image they afterwards "conform". Here are two consecutive entries from The Catechism of the Catholic Church [my emboldening].[6]

1681 The Christian meaning of death is revealed in the light of the Paschal mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in whom resides our only hope. The Christian who dies in Christ Jesus is 'away from the body and at home with the Lord'.

1682 For the Christian the day of death inaugurates, at the end of his sacramental life, the fulfillment of his new birth begun at Baptism, the definitive "conformity" to "the image of the Son" conferred by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and participation in the feast of the Kingdom which was anticipated in the Eucharist - even if final purifications are still necessary for him in order to be clothed with the nuptial garment. 

Any Pope is regarded by Catholic Christians as Christ's representative on earth: 

"Roman Catholic doctrine holds that the Bishop of Rome is successor to the primacy of Simon Peter and thus the 'vicar of Christ' for the entire world."[6]

Putting all this together, then, the funeral of Pope John Paul II, arguably the most important pope since St. Peter himself, and, for half of the world's Christians, Christ's earthly representative, was the perfect symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The numbers and tables I showed in part 1 confirm it wiith stunning insistence. However, I have saved one more table for here. First, here again is the pair of identities linking the funeral of Karol Wojtyla, which was 1559 days into the Third Millennium, to 9/11, which was 254 days into the Third Millennium.

Our Lord Jesus Christ (o) = 254
Our Lord Jesus Christ (o).  = 1559

1559 is also the ordinal value of first verse in the Key: 1 Thess. 5.23:

1 Thess. 5.23 (o)  = 1559
Our Lord Jesus Christ (s)   = 1559
Incarnation (s) = 523

The first 16 and 24 words of the 1984 NIV Bible and the first 14 and 22 words of 1 Thess. 5.23 contain two references to Pope John Paul II, as the Incarnation and the atonement cover (a symbol of Christ).

First 14 words of the Key (o)  = 736
First 16 words of NIV '84 = 736
The Incarnation (s) = 736
Pope John Paul II (o)  = 736
First 22 words of the Key (o) = 1169
First 24 words of NIV '84 (o) = 1169
Atonement cover (s = 1169
Pope John Paul the Second (s).  = 1169

Finally, the event that marked Christ's Resurrection, the funeral of Pope John Paul II, is found at the very apex of the NIV Bible, in two reflective encodings, making a perfect stack of word blocks.

Table Pope Funeral

This encoding is truly worthy of the subject matter and ends on the 26th word, 26 being the first cubic shell (Most Holy Place) and the gematria of the Creator himself. This is also the 112th letter of Genesis, giving the Creator another opportunity to sign His name. 

YHVH (s, o)   = 26
God (o) = 26 
YHVH Elohim (s)   = 112


4. 9/11 Symbolised the Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement was the high point in the Hebrew calendar and was a sacrificial rite atoning for the sins of the people of Israel, performed by the High Priest. There were five sacrifices and each was represented on 9/11 by the sacrifice of a structure, performed in the same chronological order as on the Day of Atonement. Note that the release of the scapegoat into the wilderness was also considered a sacrifice.

Day of Atonement Sacrifices (in order) 
Equivalent Sacrifice on 9/11  Time
Sacrifice of a bullock for the High Priest  Attack on WTC 1 by Flight 11  8.46AM
Sacrifice of a goat for the people  Attack on WTC 2 by Flight 175 9.03AM 
Release of the scapegoat into the wilderness  Veering off course of Flight 93  9.28AM 
Sacrifice of a ram for the High Priest  Attack on Pentagon by Flight 77  9.37AM 
Sacrifice of a ram for the people Collapse of WTC 7 5.20PM

The Second Temple existed when Jesus lived and could be entered by as many as thirteen gates. However, the only gate used to bring Day of Atonement offerings was the sacrifice gate (1), located in the north wall. The firstborn gate (2), located in the south wall, was used for entering with offerings of firstborn animals, which was reflected in the crucifixion of Jesus, "the firstborn of all Creation" (Col. 1.15). The layout was based on the tabernacle, with the Most Holy Place (3) near the west wall, and protected by a double curtain.

The Second Temple

On 9/11, Flight 11 came from the north (the sacrifice gate) to strike the North tower and Flight 175 came from the south (the firstborn gate) to strike the South tower.

The Attacks on the Twin Towers

This table (there are more) shows 9/11 and the Day of Atonement clustered together in the Oracle.

Table Nine-Eleven & The Day of Atonement

 Here are each of the 9/11 sacrifices.

 Table 9:11 Sacrifices

Here is more detail on the Scapegoat.

Table 9:11 Scapegoat

9/11 re-enacted the Day of Atonement and the perpetrators included an organisation that would be very familiar with this rite.

Table 9:11 Perpetrators 2

This table confirms the opinion held by many researchers that 9/11 was the work of The Mossad, with collusion from elements within The CIA. Al Qaeda, which was created by these organisations, were also involved (although the airplanes may have been guided by remote control). But the planning and organisation was the work of people who likely wanted an atonement sacrifice and an excuse to go to war in the middle east. 

Athough these were the players in the 9/11 drama, the play itself was written and directed by Christ, for an infinitely greater purpose.


5. 9/11 was the conception of the male child.

The Day of Atonement rite required the high priest to enter the Most Holy Place three times, so as to perform the rite of atonement by sprinkling the blood (which symbolised life) onto the atonement cover of the ark. In an excellent article The Union of the Spirit and Soul, E. E. Brookes shows that this is a symbolic union between a man, represented by the high priest, and a woman, represented by the tabernacle.[7]

The Tabernacle

In Hebrew the sides of the outer court were called katheph/shoulders, the sides of the Holy Place were called tsela/ribs and the west wall of the Most Holy Place was called yarek/thighs.

The Tabernacle as a Female Torso

The high priest entered from the east, which hid the true significance of the rite. However, on 9/11, flight 77 struck the Pentagon, which represened the Most Holy Place, from the west. Thus was the hymen broken and the Day of Atonement sacrifice properly conducted for the first and final time.

The Attack on the Pentagon

This interpretation makes sense of many aspects of the ritual. For example, the High Priest had to be a male and physically perfect, as specified in Deuteronomy, 23.1:

"No-one who has been emasculated by cutting or crushing may enter the assembly of the Lord." Deut. 23.1

This verse is the Bible's 176th (11 x 16) and the chapter and verse indications suggest 231 (11 x 21). It was another verse marked with an 'X' and therefore linked to 9/11.

If the Most Holy Place was parable of a womb then the ark was an ovum. E. E. Brookes brilliantly saw that the sacred objects within it were the generative parts of a male.

Object Significance
Aaron's staff-that-had-budded   penis
two tablets of the testimony testes
Jar of manna sperm

The sprinkling of blood on the atonement cover of the ark was therefore the symbolic fertilisation of the female egg by the high priest to create a zygote which would grow into a male child. Blood represents life and sprinkled on the atonement cover it has the same symbolism as the manna inside: the lifegiving seed of the high priest.

Therefore on 9/11, Jesus Christ, our High Priest, conceived the male child. Here is the moment of conception recorded in The Oracle.

 Table Male Child Seeding


6. The image of the male child is the New Bible Code.

The New Bible Code literally didn't exist until 9/11 occurred. It was the 'turnkey' event that created the numbers necessary to unlock the code. What existed was the equivalent of the ovum in the Most Holy Place, ready to be seeded with numbers. This is why I call it the image of the male child. 

For example, before 9/11, the numbers 125 (The Pentagon) and 218 (The World Trade Centre) would have have nothing to connect them to a day and an event, or to Biblical narratives such as Genesis 11 (The Tower of Babel), Genesis 22 (Abraham sacrificing a ram), Daniel 8 (the vision of the ram's horns being shattered by a flying goat), Revelation 11 (the destruction of the Two Witnesses) and Revelation 13.11 (the beast with two horns like a lamb).


The Nature of the Male Child

The nature of the male child is revealed when we view the Most Holy Place and the Ark in a geometric light. The Most Holy Place is a model of a tesseract, the 4D extension of a cube.

Tesseract and Most Holy Place

Genesis 1 also contains a reference to an extra dimension in the Ark (explained in the page). This is stunningly confirmed by matching the ark and its components to each of the four spatial dimensions.

Ark, Tesseractoid Dimensions

The items placed within the Ark are visually displaying that here are four dimensions of space and that the highest dimension is heaven itself! If we include time then ultimate reality consists of five (at least) dimensions of spacetime. Here are some details.

1. The Glory of God manifesting in the space above the Ark, symbolises the highest, spiritual dimension.

2. Cherubim are spirit beings, who belong to the spiritual dimension. 

3. The atonement cover tops the Ark, symbolising Christ as the Gate between dimensions (heaven and earth).

4. Just below is the chest of the ark, symbolising three dimensions of regular space.

5. The tablets sit on the base of the ark and symbolise the two dimensions of a flat surface.

6. Finally, the staff and manna beside the tablets represent an edge and a corner, for dimensions 1 and 0. 

Gold was used to coat the ark and the atonment cover an cherubim were made of pure gold. Nearly every other metal is silver or grey. In contrast, gold has a yellow hue, caused by its relativistic properties, which affect space, time and mass. It also symbolises quality and enduring value. Thus gold was the perfect construction material for an object pointing us to a higher dimension.


The Male Child'a Birth

Birth is a coming into this world and the male child was born into this dimension from the ark, after it was seeded on 9/11, as shown in Ecce Homo .

This is a very short summary. A four-dimensional tesseract unfolds into three dimensions (birth into this fallen realm) to form a 3D cross. Similarly, the ark has an extra dimension (explained in the page), which are in the ratio 3, 3, 3, 5. As a tesseractoid it unfolds to form a 3D cross with the same number of units as the standard value of 'The Ark'.

Tesseract 135 Frame

 3D Cross 324

The Ark (s) = 324

The male child is the pink figure inside, now revealed.

The Child

So the standard, ordinal and reduced values of 'child' are all embodied in this figure! The number 16 identifies it as a male, through the reduced values of the male generative parts, symbolised by the staff, tablets and manna.

The male child then, is a symbol of the gestation and birth of Christ consciousness in us, after the seeding of our unconscious minds by the Holy Spirit. Our minds become the womb in which the Christ within us grows. Our ego minds, focused on survival in a world of competition and danger, are a barrier to this sacred gestation, because it is perceived as a grave threat. So we usually have to be broken in some way before it can begin. This is a process well understood by Christians and it is perfectly symbolised by the Crucifixion and Resurrection.[9]


7. Eschatologically, Premillenniumism was broadly correct.

As per premillenniumism, Christ returned (on 9/11), destroyed the antichrist (9/11) and has ushered in the Millennium, or Golden Age.[10]

Firstly, however, we have to go through the Great Tribulation.[11] 

Here are premillenniumism and the Great Tribulation encoded in The Oracle. Appropriately, they are at the end of the five verses.

Table Premillenniumism


8. The Great Tribulation began with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic was the opening of the first seal In Revelation 6.1-2.

'I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come". I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.' Rev. 6.1-2, NIV '84

The rider is revealed in Revelation 19.11 as Jesus Christ.

'I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war.' (Rev. 19.11, NIV '84)

The code's insistence that it was ultimately Jesus Christ behind the pandemic aligns with the symbols of the rider on the white horse (Jesus), crown (coronavirus) and bow (firing arrows/vaccine injections).

Here is the pandemic in The Oracle. The disease is forally known as the 'Coronavirus disease 2019'.[12]

Table Coronavirus Disease 2019

Despite official denials, The Oracle insists the disease was man-made in Wuhan. [13]

Table Covid-Nineteen Origin

Covid-19 is an attack on humanity through a modified virus and 'vaccines' that are in reality bioweapons.

Table Cull Perpetrator

As the table reveals, the ultimate perpetrator is Satan. The table shows the fangs of the serpent.[14] 

However, operatives on the ground were also required and the next table reveals some of them.

Table UN and WEF

Here are more of Satan's disciples. Through amendments to the International Health Regulations, the WHO are currently attempting to gain authority over individual nations in deciding what vaccines we should all be taking, including the authority to force us all to comply. 

Table The WHO and GAVI

Mercifully, God knew what was going to be planned and offers us a remedy in His Word, communicated via The Oracle. The leaves and fruit of the pomegranate tree will help in treating vaccine injuries. They truly are 'for the healing of the nations' (Rev. 22.2).[15]  

Table Pomegranate Healing 2 


9.  The War in Gaza is Daniel's 'appointed time of the end'

The war in Gaza is also the beginning of World War III. The 'end times' began on 27/10/23, when Israel invaded Gaza, twenty days after the Hamas incursion. 

Table WWIII Time of the End

 The Oracle also states that it is the opening of the second seal in Daniel.[16]

'When the lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!". Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword' Rev. 6.3-4, NIV '84  

Table Second Seal

The real aggressors in this war are also identified.

Table Gaza Aggressor

The war began on 27/10/23. This was part of a timetable that began long beforehand. I am putting the beginning of the Covid pandemic at March 1, 2020, because this was the 7000th day of the Third Millennium, with eschatological implications as the 'seventh day of rest'. The silence of lockdowns certainly put an end to much of the bustle in the world, even affecting the climate and air pollution. 

Event Days Meaning
31/12/2000 - End of Second Millennium
11/9/2001, '9/11' 254th day of 3rd Millennium Our Lord Jesus Christ (o)
8/4/2005, Funeral of Pope JPII  1559 day of 3rd Millennium Our Lord Jesus Christ (s)
1/5/2011, Beatification/assassination   3773rd day of 3rd Mill. (343 x 11).  THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JEWS (o)
Canonisation of Pope JPII 4611th day after 9/11 (53 x 87) Yeshua (s) = 53, Ihsous (s) = 87
  1092nd day after beatification (26 x 42)   YHVH (s, o) = 26, Eloah (s) = 42
1/3/2020, Covid Pandemic 7000th day of 3rd Millennium, 1322 Seventh Day. The Lord Jesus Christ (s) = 1322
27/10/2023, Gaza war
6776 days after 8/4/05 (77 x 88)  Christ (o) = 77, Immanuel (o) = 88 
  1335 days after 1/3/20   Daniel 12:12  

The timetable is ongoing but presently we are beyond the 1335 days of Daniel 12, the final chapter of that book, prophesying the 'end times'.[17]

'Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1335 days'. Dan. 1212, NIV '84


10. The male child will guide mankind through The Tribulation 

The male child will guide mankind by means of The Oracle, the template of numbers in Genesis 1:1-5, which is also the Garden of Eden, the image of heaven itself, from where this guidance is coming. Upcoming events will be encoded so that they appear in The Oracle, offering a truthful witness to these events in a world where truth is currently a rare commodity. 

The Oracle has already authenticated itself through its commentaries on 9/11, which occurred long after the numbers were encoded in the NIV Bible. Two more commentaries, on the Covid-19 pandemic and the war on Gaza, are offered in the website. 

The birth of the male child is prophesied in Revelation 12.5.

She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron sceptre. And her child was snatched up to God and t his throne.' Rev. 12.5, NIV '84

Iron is a symbol of strength and power (including the power to destroy) and the sceptre is a symbol of kingly authority. Therefore the iron sceptre symbolises that the male child will be a King who will rule with power and authorityAs this stunning table shows, the iron sceptre, which in the original Greek is called rhabdo sidera, is The Oracle itself!

 Table Male Childs Iron Sceptre 2

The encodings of The Oracle and the male child combine perfectly with the iron sceptre in the centre of the Oracle, which is also the Garden of Eden, from whence the male child will guide us with kingly power and priestly authority. This is symbolised by square pyramid 204, with dimensions 8,8,8 units (Ihsous (s)), symbolising the male child giving the word.

Pyramid 204 149 55 2

Child (s) = 54  
Oracle (o)  = 54  
Child (r) = 27  
Oracle (r) = 27  
Child (o) = 36  
Face of pyramid  has 36 units  

The frame of the pyramid uses 53 units (Yeshua (o)), leaving 151 units (Jesus Christ (o). Therefore this figure in every respect symbolises the male child, the Righteous One, guiding man through The Oracle. 

 Table The Oracle The Voice of TM

The next encoding shows the atonement cover of the ark at the centre of the Oracle, with the cherubim of the Glory on either side and Christ, who is the male child, as the Glory of the Lord in the centre. The male child guides through the Garden of numbers in Genesis 1.1-5 and this forms the atonement cover itself, another symbol of Christ.

Table The Oracle as the Atonement Cover

The voice of the Oracle comes from the Garden of Eden before the fall and these tables have been glimpses of the Garden itself, the Mind of Christ. Here we see Jesus Christ as the Glory, shaped like a vesica, between the cherubim of the glory, on the atonement cover, the whole making a vesica piscis. Before the fall Satan was one of the cherubim who worshipped God and here he is in his proper place, forming the cherubim of the glory, rising above the atonement cover and with the Creator himself in the centre.

Here is the divine vesica piscis, using the volume of the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle, 1000 cubits, as the area of the originating circle.

Vesica Piscis Area

O Vikov/Him that overcomes (o)   = 1000
The Virgin Mary (s)   = 1609
Yehoshua (s)   = 391

The phrase 'him who overcomes' is from Revelation 3:12. He who overcomes is Christ. He incarnated as Osama bin Laden, his High Priest, who overcame Satan on 9/11. He showed his Kingly authority through Karol Jozef Wojtyla, who became John Paul the Great, who led half the world's Christians with wisdom, humility, openheartedness and forgiveness.

The cherubim on the atonement cover are the two crescents either side of the vesica, (the vesica piscis also symbolises a woman in labour). These sum to 1609 - 391, or 1218, which is 609 either side. This, incredibly, is the standard value of 'nine-eleven'. So the cherubim on the atonement cover were also symbolised by the twin towers, which were the horns of the beast, their destruction symbolising the destruction of Satan, who was of the cherubim.

Christ leads us through his Spirit, which is the male child, whose image is the New Bible Code and whose iron sceptre is The Oracle. He is now leading mankind through the Tribulation into the Golden Age. 

Table The Golden Age


Bill Downie




1. Cube 343 could also be struck through to create a smaller version of the September-11 Cube. The internal Star of David projected has 73 units, which is the reduced value of 'The Second Coming'. So the message is repeated. 

2. 'Pentagon' (o) = 92, which is the eighth pentagonal number!

3. I hope these revelations of 9/11's transcendent meaning bring comfort to those who lost loved ones on 9/11.

4. All four Superscritpions are encoded. For example, they sum to 1170, which is 'Jesus' Second Coming' (c) and 'Christ's Advent' (s).

5. The superficial surface area is important too. For example, for cube 343, the superficial surface area is 6 x 49 = 294. This is 'Kurios Ihsous Christos' ('Lord Jesus Christ' in Greek) and 'six hunderd and sixty-six'. The Most Holy Place in the tabernacle was 10 cubits on a side, with a superficial surface area of 600. Jesus (c) = 600.

6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope 

7. I thank Julie Hogan for publishing this neglected article on her website.

8. Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensis, the standard varsion of the Hebrew Bible.

9. Members of AA, NA and other spiritual organisations are also familiar with it.

10. This was given to me after a remarkable out of body experience (OBE) I had in the early hours of 25/11/21. Afterwards I was told that I had been helped with the code, because God wanted mankind to have a GOLDEN AGE.

11. In 2005 I was given visions of a future time of trouble (tribulation) and told that A BAD TIME IS COMING, BUT IT IS NECESSARY FOR THE SALVATION OF MANKIND.

12. This is from the CDC website

13. It is also claimed that some of this work was done at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

14. I said that Jesus released the virus, which is true. However, as with 9/11, this simply means that he allowed it for a higher purpose: our ultimate salvation.

15. The tree of life has a spiritual interpretation and can be seen as a metaphor for God. However, it seems there is a literal one too. I was told the tree of life was the pomegranate tree in 2021 and research since then has borne out the value of the peel in treating vaccine injuries (the fruit and leaves also contain the active compounds). It also has anticarcinogenic effects. Other useful natural healers are star anise, vitamin C and D and Quercertin/zinc.

16. The entire cluster is a pictogram of an aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and a symbol of the silent presence of the Father.

17. Daniel also mentions 1290 days, which is an anagram of the 1092 days from the Pope's beatification to his cannonisation.