Hidden Manna

Exodus 16 tells us that a mysterious substance called manna was given to the Israelites by the Lord, to keep them from starvation during their time in the wilderness. For a time it rained down like bread from heaven on six days of the week, appearing on the ground like thin flakes of frost:

When the dew was gone, thin flakes like frost on the ground appeared on the desert floor. (Ex. 16.14, NIV '84)

Later, it is described as being white, like coriander seeds.

The people of Israel called the bread manna. It was white like corriander seed and tasted like wavers made with honey. (Ex. 16.31, NIV, '84)

The numbers encoded within God's Word are also manna from heaven, a scriptural frosting of numerical triangles, hexagons, stars, snowflakes, antisnowflakes and related geometry. Like manna itself they provide spiritual nourishment for those hungry for a deeper understanding of God's Word.

The Bible also refers to 'hidden manna', a measure of which is to be given to the one who "overcomes":

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. . . . (Rev. 2.17, NIV '84, my emboldening).

The G-triangles, of which every third numerical triangle is a member, contain much of the geometry employed by the code. But they also contain 'hidden manna', in the form of centred triangles, each of which can be mapped onto a G-triangle, as shown below.

G-Triangles and Centred Triangle

The phrase 'hidden manna' is perfect to describe centred triangles, relatively neglected arrays which as you can see here are 'hidden' inside every G-triangle. [1] As this website shows, centred triangles and the figures that can be derived from them are a vital element of the New Bible Code.


Some of the Manna in Genesis 1.1 and John 1.1

Genesis 1.1 and John 1.1 are the two most significant verses in all of Scripture.

Genesis' opening verse (BHS) states that God created heaven and earth.

Genesis 1.1 Red

The standard value of this verse is 2701, which 37 x 73. 

John's opening verse (TR) introduces the Word, whom he later reveals was incarnated as Jesus Christ.

John 1.1 TR

The standard value of this verse is 3627, which is 39 x 93, two mirror numbers that also mirror the reflective factors of Genesis 1.1, despite two languages and several hundred years separating them. Over two thousand years separate these verses from the NIV and modern English, yet we see that the factors have profound meaning for us now.

The Lord (r) ..................= 37

The Second Coming (r) = 73

The Word (r) .................= 39

The Word (o) .................= 93

As shown in several pages on this site, these seminal verses are also connected geometrically and together create a garden of fractal delights. The main feature of interest here though is shown below.

2701 is the 73rd triangle, named the Creation Triangle and a G-triangle. 3627 is a trapezium upon which the Creation Triangle sits to form triangle 6328 (T112), named the Greater Creation Triangle.

Triangle 6328 CS1a  

As T112, triangle 6328 also represents the Triune God, known in Judaism as YHVH Elohim.

YHVH Elohim

The number 6328 is also a numerical anagram of the Greek name Ihsous Christos.

Ihsous Christos

Over recent decades much work has been done by researchers in gathering up the manna from these two verses. Yet it turns out that they also contain hidden manna for our spiritual nourishment.


Some of the Hidden Manna

I showed at the start that every G-triangle contains a centred triangle. The centred triangle inside G-triangle 2701 has 901 counters. Similarly, trapezium 3627 contains a centred-triangle based trapezium with 1209 counters. Both are shown below, along with two phrases summing to 901 and 1209.


Triangle 2701 901

 Trapezium 3627 1209 

These two numbers can be derived from the text of Genesis 1.1, by simple addition and subtraction. 

Genesis 1.1 901

Genesis 1.1 1209

 Genesis 1.1 is like a zip file, with all the information for the construction of these figures compressed withi its existing structure.

The hidden manna inside these two components of Greater Creation Triangle is another revelation of the Second Coming, using the standard and combined values of the same phrase! If we now combine these figures to create triangle 6328, we find further manna.

Triangle 6328 2110

John 1.1 introduces the Word, using the Greek word logos three times. This sums to 373, which is a particularly fine fractal snowflake, also known as the Logos star and emulating the second iteration of the Koch snowflake, by applying the Koch process to triangle 253. The antisnowflake inside it sums to 151, the ordinal value of 'Jesus Christ'. The hexagram at its centre sums to 37, reduced value of 'The Lord'. [2] So one figure embodies the Word and the Incarnate Word.

Snowflake 373


Jesus Christ (o) .........................= 151

The Lord (r) .................................= 37 

Another example of the tight integration of these two verses is that 373 'integrates' 37 and 73, the factors of Genesis 1.1, both of which are hexagram numbers and the first iteration of Koch snowflakes. 

The three instances of Logos in John 1.1 can be illustrated within centred triangle 2110, which is the smallest centred triangle that will completely envelope three Logos stars. The three snowflakes sum to 3 x 373 = 1119 counters, leaving a background of 2110 - 1119 = 991 counters. Both totals are related to the Word Incarnate.

CT2110 373 1119 991

The number of units forming the perimeter of centred triangle 2110, which encloses the three stars, is 111.

Ark (s) ...................= 111

Aleph Ashuri Script(aleph, full) = 111

The background counters in this modified figure now sum to 880, which alludes to the idea of testimony. 

The Testimony

Exodus records that the Lord instructed Moses to place the Testimony within the ark. 

Then put in the ark the Testimony, which I will give you. (Ex. 25.16). 

A jar of manna was also kept with the tablets in the ark. So we have a picture here of the ark containing the Testimony and the 'hidden' manna. The three Logos stars within centred triangle 2110, sum to 1119, the combined value of 'Jesus Christ', so, since Christ is our atonement cover, we have the ark, the atonement cover, the testimony and the manna represented in one figure! [3] All of this is illustrated below.

 CT2110 1119 3

The smallest centred triangle from which the Logos star can be cut has 694 counters. Placed centrally inside centred triangle 2110, we find the massage of the entire code conveyed once more. 

CT2110 694 373 1416


Bill Downie 6/9/23

Amended 11/9/23



1. All triangles contain these figures in part, but only G-triangles can be converted into whole centred triangles.

2. Snowflake 373 itself sits inside star 925, a hexagram derived from centred triangle 694 and the standard value of 'Jesus Christ'.

3. These were the only objects in the ark at this point, since this was before the incident of Aaron's budding. staff.