The Lord God

The formal title 'The Lord God' is the English equivalent of the Hebrew YHVH Elohim, used in Genesis 2.4 - 3.23 to signify that he is the God of Israel (YHVH) who is also the Creator of all things (Elohim). The component names of the English version, 'the Lord' and 'God', are similar in meaning.

Both names play prominent parts within the code. For instance, the name 'God' is found in a beautiful, interrelated pattern encodings in the NIV's opening verses. God identifies himself as the Creator of the code in further ELS encodings within the same location. 'The Lord' is found in another suite of encodings within the final verses of the NIV Bible.

Here I will show that, in accordance with its supreme importance, the name 'The Lord God' has been designed with fundamental numerical geometry in mind, the same geometry which underpins the New Bible Code.


The Numerial Values

Three schemes of English gematria are direct equivalents of the Hebrew absolute (here called 'standard'), ordinal and reduced systems, and similar Greek systems. They are derived from - in fact logical outcomes of - the fixed order of these alphabets and our denary numbering system. These are the values.

The Lord God (s) = 468

The Lord God (o) = 108

The Lord God (r) = 54


God and Heaven

Every third triangle, those with a single central disc, create a hexagram/hexagon pair by self-intersection. Triangle 703 is one of them and its self-intersection creates hexagram 937, with hexagon 469 tucked inside and a 'crown' of six triangles, summing to 468.

Hexagram 937

This beautiful figure embodies an even more beautiful relationship, mediated through the standard value system. The points of the star sum to 468:

The Lord God (s) = 468

The internal hexagon created through self-union has 469 discs, and 469 is the standard value of a word closely related in concept to God.

Heaven (s) = 469

So the numerical values of God and heaven are here brought together to form the Star of David!

On the same heavenly theme, triangle 703 (upon which the above star is based) is the value of the Greek phrase meaning 'The God of Israel'. Here is the figure illustrated.

Triangle 703

703 is found in the opening verse of Genesis in the original Hebrew, as the standard value of 'and the 'earth', crowning triangle 2701, which is the value of the full verse. [1] In English gematria, 703 is the standard value of the significant word 'Crown', and I believe Jesus' 'crown of thorns' is the Star of David.

Geometric figures have structural properties, one of the most significant being the outline, the number of counters around the perimeter of the figure. The outline of triangle 703 is 108, the ordinal value of 'The Lord God'.

Triangle 703 108

The Lord God (o) = 108

108 is also the number of units forming the outline of hexagram 541, which happens to be the standard value of the Hebrew word Yisrael, or Israel.

Hexagram 541 and 108

In The Creation Snowflake I show how a fractal snowflake is encoded within the first two verses of Genesis (NIV). Snowflake 373 is a part of that figure and it too has an outline of 108 units.


Snowflake 373 outline

Here we see the ordinal value of the English title 'The Lord God' forming the outline of three figures - triangle 703, hexagram 541 and snowflake 373 - all three numbers being the numerical values of Greek and Hebrew names relating to God and God's country. The three figures are the numerical representations of the first three iterations of the Koch snowflake, starting with a triangle. This also means that they are 'G' Triangles by default.

Every hexagram can be drawn as a Star of David, because of the inscribed hexagon created by the self intersecting triangles. The hexagon created here is 271, with an outline of 54, the reduced value of 'The Lord God'.

Hexagon 271 and 54

The standard value of the title is also found in hexagram 541, as an annulus of 468 units, surrounding a core hexagram of 73 units.

Hexagram 541 and 468

The number 73 is the value of these interesting phrases. [2]

Chockmah (Wisdom, Heb) .......= 73
I am he (Heb) ...........................= 73
Thy Creator (Heb) ....................= 73
I am the almighty God (Heb, o) = 73

So we see that beautiful and meaningful geometric relationships are built into the gematria of this formal title for our Creator, the God of Israel and creator of heaven and Earth!



In keeping with it's preeminence amongst the names by which we call our Creator, the title 'The Lord God' embodies the geometry of the triangle and the Star of David, through numerical geometry. These figures are prominent throughout the New Bible Code, and further links to the code through gematria. This is surely further solid evidence that God created English gematria and the New Bible Code, and fashioned his own name to reflect the beautiful geometry that underlies them.


Bill Downie 18/9/14

Revised 23/9/15



1. See Vernon Jenkins' Other Bible Code website.

2. Thanks to Richard McGough for the Hebrew gematria on his Bible Wheel website.