The Alpha and the Omega

The New Bible Code is centred on the NIV Bible (1984) and on recent historical events, principally 9/11, which was the signal event of modern times. However, the code's reach extends to other events in history, western culture and even the movements of the spheres. A growing body of evidence has also led me to conclude that the New Bible Code extends backwards in time to the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament. In other words, it was a very long time in the planning. [1]

With the work of Vernon Jenkins and coworkers [2] much hidden geometry has been uncovered within the fopening words of the Hebrew Bible [3]. In 2014, during a lull in my own code work, I turned my attention to the Hebrew Bible and began to make my own discoveries. [4] These complement and underline the findings already made by other researchers, show just how densely encoded is the Hebrew Bible's opening verse and suggest that the Hebrew, Greek and later the English codes were all the work of one Encoder - and what a masterwork it is!

Some of my findings are presented here, including what is surely the solution to the riddle of 'the beast' posed in Revelation 13.18.


A Star of Stars in Genesis 1.1 (Mas.)

The standard value of Genesis 1.1, 2701, is 37 x 73. Significantly, both are hexagram numbers. A few years ago I noticed that if we sum the first and central words then sum the rest, we have two numbers, 1314 and 1387, both of which are divisible by 73, and from which a compound Star of David can be created. This is displayed below, along with the first verse of the Hebrew Bible, from where it shines.

 Hexagram 73 x 37

This perfect 'star of stars' utilises the entire first verse of Genesis and visually displays both hexagram factors of its standard value of 2701, this time as the Star of David proper. Thus it stands as a symbol of all that follows, sealing the Bible's first and seminal verse with the emblem of modern Judaism and an ancient symbol of Christ, who was a Jew from the line of David.

This compound star represents hexagram 37, the very figure which has been found to be so deeply encoded within the Hebrew Bible's first verse. 37 is the ordinal value of the Hebrew word Yeshu, a shortened form of Yehoshua/Jesus. The number 37 is also central to the New Bible Code - for example, it is the reduced values of 'The Lord' and 'Spirit' and is the 'seed' figure at the centre of the Creation Snowflake - evidence that the same hand encoded both Hebrew and NIV Bibles.


Trefoils in Genesis 1.1 (MT)

For students of gematria, the five most significant numbers that can be obtained from Genesis 1.1 are the standard value (2701), ordinal value (298) and reduced value (82) of the verse, along with the number of words (7) and the number of letters (28). The most significant of all is the standard value, 2701, which has been intensely studied. It forms a G-triangle, the core triangle of which has 703 units and is also a G-triangle. 703 is the standard value of the last two words, 'v'et ha'erets/and the earth'. If we now take the ordinal and reduced values of 'and the earth', as well as the numbers of words and letters in the phrase, we have a set of numbers displayed in the table below, comparing these five properties of both the whole verse and the last two words.

Significant Numbers Derived From Genesis 1.1 (Mas.)

Standard Value

Verse/Wds 6 & 7

Ordinal Value

Verse/Wds 6 & 7

Reduced Value

Verse/Wds 6 & 7


Verse/Wds 6 & 7


Verse/Wds 6 & 7

2701/703 298/73 82/28 28/7 7/2

In The First Day I show how two trefoils frame the first five verses of the NIV Genesis. 'Trefoil' means 'three-leaved' plant and the two trefoils in verses 1 and 5, the first five verses describing God's actions on the first day of Creation. Within these verses are a suite of encoded numbers I call The Garden.

Trefoils are also the first iteration of the Koch antisnowflake and are the equivalent of the hexagram, which is the first iteration of the Koch snowflake. Both hexagrams and trefoils can be derived from G-triangles, which have been extensively utilised in the encoded geometry of the Hebrew Bible, Greek New Testament and English NIV Bible, a clear indication that all three texts were inspired by the same Mind. The use of G-triangles - which in numerical geometry are unusually fertile figures as they give rise to hexagrams, hexagons, trefoils, snowflakes and antisnowflakes - is an obvious reference to God's creation of life in all its manifestations, and manifest forms in general, symbolised by the beauty and variety of snow crystals.

Therefore it is particularly apt that nine of the ten numbers derived from Genesis 1.1 are trefoils derived from G-triangles. The only exception is the smallest of the set, 2, the number of words in 'v'et ha'erets/and the earth'. The trefoils are of three types:

1. rhombic trefoils, the first iteration of the process creating Koch antisnowflakes from G-triangles;

2. triangular trefoils, the first iteration of the creation of Koch antisnowflakes from hexagrams;

3. rhombic trefoils deriving from centred triangles rather than regular triangles. 

4. triangular trefoils deriving from centred triangles rather than regular triangles. 


The four trefoils derived from splitting the verse before the last two words, v'et ha'erets/and the earth, are of the same type as those symbolising the whole verse. Each fits inside the larger trefoil, as triangle 703 fits inside triangle 2701, and like triangle 703 are derived (directly or indirectly) from the self-intersection of the parent G-triangles and centred triangles! This is extremely unlikely to have occured by chance. The intersection of a G-triangle with an inverted copy of itself creates a hexagram, so, given what I said above about G-triangles symbolising God's creation of life, we could say the hexagram is the child of the two parent triangles. Again the geometry of G-triangles represents the creation of life.

The nine trefoils (eight of them paired) are displayed below. 

Trefoils from Genesis jpg 


The following table shows how the numbers derive from the geometry of G-triangles. I have used G-triangle 55 (T10) to show how trefoil pairs naturally arise.

 Trefoils from Genesis 3 jpg

I stated that this is unlikely to happen by chance. How unlikely?

There are

a) 31 rhombic trefoils
b) 44 triangular trefoils
c) 19 centred rhombic trefoils, and
d) 26 centred triangular trefoils

in the first 3000 natural numbers. 

The sum is 120 and since some of the numbers are shared this reduces to 114. Modelling this as a ball-in-a-bag problem (ie, calculating the probability of drawing ten balls out of a bag of balls numbered 1 to 3000 (with replacement), nine of which happen to be one of the above trefoils) gives us the following variables.

114/3000 = 0.038, which is the probability of success on a single trial.

The number of trials is 10, the ten numbers I derived from Genesis 1.1: 2701/703, 298/73, 82/28, 28/7, 7/2.

The number of successes was 9, the nine trefoil numbers (as defined above) are 7, 7, 28, 28, 73, 82, 298, 703 and 2701.

The probability of this occurrence can be calculated using the binomial formula. Plugging in the numbers gives a probability of success of <0.000000000002, or 2 in a trillion, or 1 in 500 billion, based on that calculation.

Of course, it's an after-the-fact calculation and there are many complexities it doesn't take into account. For example, there are other numbers that could be derived from Genesis 1 and many other geometric figures that could have been found. Also, when they are compared with the likely outcome of an actual ball-in-a-bag experiment, the ten derived numbers show a skew towards smaller numbers, with only one of them (2701) being larger than the middle value of the numbers 1 to 3000 (1500). This is important because the smaller the number the greater the chance of randomly hitting a trefoil. All of these factors increase the probability of success. 

On the other hand the five numbers chosen would top any list of numbers that could be derived from a Bible verse, the trefoils are the simplest of their kinds, and they all derive from G-triangles, which makes a chance occurrence even less likely, since G-triangle geometry has already been shown to be central to Genesis 1.1 -  in other words, these phenomena are coordinated. Triangles and trefoils also point to the Christian concept of the Trinity and are therefore in harmony with the claims of the Bible itself, another factor arguing aganst chance and for a form of intelligent design.

I did a second, much more conservative, calculation, taking the standard values as given, and so calculating the probability of all the other numbers being trefoils or triangular trefoils. I also increased the probability of success on a single trial to 0.1, to take into account the fact that all the other numbers are much smaller and more likely to be randomly hit. The odds of the other number pairs being trefoils is still over a million to one against chance.

Even this calculation could be refined and is no more than a crude indicator. But it strongly indicates that this may be an extremely unlikely phenomenon. The Genesis-derived numbers are no more unlikely to have appeared than any other set of numbers. But as these incredible trefoil pairs witness, nine of the ten numbers point to the same general class of geometric figures and eight of the ten are in four pairs derived from the hexagram/hexagon pairs formed by self-intersecting G-triangles. It also aligns with the emerging code theme of the creation of life, represented by the trefoil, a word meaning 'three-leaved plant' - and in the book all Christians recognise as our route map to life! That is what makes this phenomenon extraordinary. 


Further Structure in the Creation Triangle from Genesis 1.1 (MT)

Summing all the words in Genesis 1.1 gives 2701, which can be displayed as a G-triangle Vernon Jenkins calls the Creation Triangle. If we sum the first four words of Genesis 1.1 and subtract the last three words, the difference is another rhombic trefoil, which, when inverted, fits neatly into triangle 2701.

 Creation Triangle Inv. Trefoil 505

The trefoil complements another encoding found by Richard McGough, of Star of David 937/469. This beautiful star is found by first dividing the seven words into a 2-3-2 pattern. The number 232 is a triangular trefoil and the standard value both of God's first uttered words, "yahi aur/Let there be light", and the phrase Davar YHVH/the Word of the LORD. All this suggests we are dealing with a matter of literally primal import.

The resulting sums are 1116 (wds 1 & 2), 882 (wds 3, 4 & 5) and 703 (wds 6 &7). 

By a round-robin of addition and subtraction, the following numbers are thereby obtained:

1116 - 882 + 703 = 937

882 + 703 - 1116 = 469

Star of David 937/469 is shown below within the triangle, for comparison with the trefoil above. Their common progenitor, triangle 703, is easy to discern in both figures.

 Triangle 2701 937:469

1116 - 882 + 703 = 937

882 + 703 - 1116 = 469

The hexagram and trefoil are in fact the first iterations of two mirroring functions, one of waxing the other of waning, that lead to the Koch snowflake and Koch anti-snowflake.


The Number of the Beast

The 2-3-2 division of the opening words of scripture leads us to a solution to the invitation given in Revelation 13.18:

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666. (Rev. 13.18, NIV '84)

The ordinal value of this verse is 1151, which is the standard value of this name for the devil, used in the New Testament. [5]

Beelzebub (s) = 1151

The solution to the puzzle is geometric, was already encoded in the Bible's first verse and can finally be revealed:

1. Genesis 1.1 sums to 2701 and the final two words sum to 703. Vernon Jenkins discovered that inverting triangle 703 then centrering it withn triangle 2701 leaves three triangles of 666 units.

 Triangle 2701 666 I jpg


2.  The central three words in Genesis 1.1 sum to 882. This is 3 x 294, which can be represented on triangle 2701 as three ribbons framing hexagon 1801 (the sum of words 1, 3, 5 and 6) and exposing three tips of 6 units at each vertice. 

 Triangle 2701 666 II jpg

Notice that the number 294 is the ordinal value of the Lord's name in Greek and is linked to 666 in English. The three tips of 6 units each add another '666' - this makes five so far. The areas shown in cyan make up the remaining 1116 units, sum of words 1 and 2.

The above structure is what the 2-3-2 split encodes, if we only allow addition of numbers. If we now also allow subtraction we find one final 666, making six in total. By subtracting the central and final words from the first word, we find the number of counters around the edge of the triangle.

Triangle 2701 666 III jpg 


The final '666', then is wrapped around the entire structure.

In summary, we have six variants of '666' within the Creation Triangle, all derived from Genesis 1.1 by a symmetrical 2-3-2 word separation. 

If we now superimpose all of these features upon each other we are presented at last with the solution to the mystery of mysteries.

 Triangle 2701 666 VI

This is the beast in his lair, surrounded by six sets of '666' decorations - his mark and number. 


The Second Coming in Genesis 1.1 (MT)

Here is the first verse of Genesis in its original form (in Hebrew words are read right to left).

Genesis 1.1 Mas.

I would like to focus here on the first three words - In the beginning created God - which hide a remarkable piece of code prophesying the Second Coming and the event that announced it and which makes sense only in modern English - the end contained in the beginning! The table below shows the entire code fragment, six letter strings, starting with each letter of the first word, bereshith (In the beginning):

 Genesis 1.1 (Mas.) Letter Sum 3 jpg

The sequence ends there, the first letter of each string spelling the Hebrew Bible's first momentous word. All three essential elements of the New Bible Code - Jesus Christ, 9/11 (here representing both the event and its status as a new beginning for mankind) and the Second Coming, appropriately beginning with Tav, the final letter in the Hebrew alphabet - are here.

The sum of these numbers is 1116 + 911 + 960 + 912 + 410 + 604 = 4913, or 17 cubed! 17 is the reduced value of the Hebrew word 'YHVH'/the Lord and the English word 'God'. So we have God's triple seal on this encoding and our first links between Hebrew and English in the first words of scripture. [6] 

The total number of letters used is 37, or Yeshu/Jesus (o). 37 is prominent in the encoded geomery of Genesis 1.1.


Jesus Christ From Genesis 1.1 (MT)

The standard value of Genesis 1.1 is 2701, which is best known as a G-triangle, shown below, along with an isoceles triangle with the same base, the apex of which is the central unit in triangle 2701. This triangle required 925 units, the standard value of Jesus Christ!

 Triangle 2701 703 jpg

.Jesus Christ (s) ................= 925

Each row of this 'base' triangle is the base of all the G-triangles within triangle 2701, all of which have the same central counter. The number of units in the chevron above the base triangle is 1776, or 888/888 (Jesus in Greek).

The sequence of these base triangles is numerically equal to the pentagonal numbers and also to the regular trapezia [7]. The first few members of this triple sequence are:

1, 5, 12, 22, 35, 51, 70, 92, 117, 145, 176, 210, 247, 287, 330, 376, 425, 477, 532, 590, 651, 715, 782, 852, 925, 1001, 1080, 1162, 1247, 1335 . . .

A remarkable number of these early members of the sequence are numerical values relating to Jesus and the end times. [8].


Yehoshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah from Genesis 1.1 (MT)

As already stated, the standard values of Genesis 1.1 (MT) is 2701 and that of the last two words, v'et ha'arets/and the earth, is 703. Both, astoundingly, are G-triangles and triangle 703 fits perfectly inside triangle 2701 as shown. [9]


Triangle 2701 703

The standard value of the Hebrew for Jesus Christ, Yehoshua HaMashiach, is 754. This is implied within the set-up above by replacing triangle 703 with a trefoil composed of three hexagrams of 253 units, giving rise to two remarkable numbers.

Creation Triangle 754 Inv.

Along with the standard value of the Hebrew for 'Jesus the Messiah', we have the standard value of logos, Greek for 'word', embodied in a beautiful and highly symbolic Judeo-Christian figure.

If we now inscribe a trefoil of three hexagrams that just fits within triangle 703, we obtain the gematria for Jesus' Hebrew Title: Mashiach/Messiah.

Creation Triangle 358 Inv

The symbolism is the same again, the Trinity as a trefoil of Star of Davids. Both of these trefoils are linked to triangle 2701 through triangle 703, gematria of 'and the earth', which is under Jesus' rule. 

The hexagrams here require 121 units each. 121 is the ordinal value of 'Second Coming' and plays a central part in the New Bible Code, through the September-11 Cube.


Jesus Christ in Genesis 1.1 - 2 (MT)

The opening two verses of the Hebrew Bible contain an astonishing triple signature of the Lord.

Genesis 1.1 and 1.2 9 jpg 

As can readily be seen, the standard values of the name 'Jesus Christ' in English, Greek and Hebrew are all found in a tight cluster within the first two verses - the first twelve words in fact! There are 4095 possible word combinations in the first twelve words, so we could expect some or all of these numbers to be present. However, they have features that suggest something other than chance at work.

Both name (Ihsous) and title (Christos) in Greek are encoded, in the correct order and with no overlap between the numbers. The ratio of 888 (Ihsous) to 1480 (Christos) is 3 to 5, which is reflected in the number of numerical elements summing to these two values.

If we sum the positional values of the numerical elements, we have 2 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 9 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 11 + 12 + 12 = 110, the ordinal value of Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah. Finally, the total sum of the words that take part in these encodings is 2571, or 3 x 857. 857 is the standard value of this phrase in Greek:

Theo logos/God's Word (s) = 857

So the three encodings give rise to three expressions of God's Word. These subsidiary encodings are not merely ornaments around the main encodings, they help to validate them and simultaneously reveal the touch of an artist of extraordinary virtuosity.


The Trinity in The Greater Creation Triangle

If we sum Genesis 1.1 (MT) and John 1.1 (TR), both numerated according to the long-accepted numeration scheme I call here the standard value, we obtain 2701 and 3627. These sum to 6328, which, in another truly remarkable encoding, is another G-triangle, the 112th (YHVH Elohim/The Lord God). Triangle 6328, dubbed the Greater Creation Triangle, can be cut into segments that represent the three members of the Trinity in Hebrew and Greek. 

Greater Creation Triangle Divine Names (3)


So in Hebrew we have this expression of the Trinity:

Yehoshua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah (754), Ruach Elohim/The Holy Spirit (623) and YHVH Elohim/The Lord God (112)

In Greek we have this expression of te Trinity:

Kurios Ihsous Christos/The Lord Jesus Christ (3168), To Hagion Pneuma/The Holy Spirit (1080) and O Theos Israel/The God of Israel (703)

Triangle 703 can also be split into The Face of God and The Holy Lord God. In English Crown (s) = 703 and in Greek Stephanos/Crown = 1326


Bill Downie 17/12/19

Latest update: 5/7/20



1. As several pages in this website attest, the Hebrew, Greek and English codes appear to have been conceived as a single divine thought, manifesting in the world over an extended stretch of time - well over 2000 years. This view correlates well with physicist David Bohm's concept of the 'implicate' and 'explicate' orders, where events occur in the universe (the explicate order) according to a blueprint created at a deeper level (the implicate order). 

2. See

3. Biblia Hebraica, based on the Masoretic Text (MT). 

4. This occurred after what I can only describe as a 'download' of information, which I received one evening.

5. Other diabolical numbers are found in there too, including in one clause 352 (Satan (s), in another 216 (6 x 6 x 6) and 555 (Lucifer (c)). This alone is clear evidence for the reality of gematria. Rev. 13.18 itself is the NIV Bible's 30911th, underlining the supreme importance the New Bible Code attaches to the event universally known as 9/11.

6. These verses were taken from Richard McGough's Biblewheel website.

7. I define regular trapezia as those requiring the same number of counters for a side as for the base. 

8. For example: Son (210), the Dragon (425), Divine (477), Therion/beast (247), the Risen Lord (651), Jesus Christ (925), The Second Coming Of Christ (1080), To Hagion Pneuma/the Holy Spirit (1080).

9. See