Psi File 2010 onwards


Last night at work I heard/saw

You’re speedin’ up = 193

The three initial letters are YSU, equivalent to the Hebrew word Yeshu. I felt an inner ‘fire’, which I’ve had before (last winter) and which always makes me feel a little unstable. Is this my vibrational rate increasing?


The instability has continued, reaching crisis point a few days ago. I feel a little better now, but my head still feels as if it is on fire. I must see this through.

Today I got a vision of a layer of dark chocolates, below which were two layers of white chocolates, almost like pearls or shells (I’ve been eating Terry’s All Gold at BH). The symbolism is obvious and encouraging. I also got the words

The infancy (105) - our sister (144)


After an extended dream last night, which involved repeatedly travelling to a lower realm, I went down one last time. This time I knew I was going somewhere dangerous, and that I had to avoid groups or pairs of people who were travelling along indoor passages (perhaps being controlled or accompanied by others - it was hard to tell). I went into another room, at the

far end of which were shutters. I could hear bright female voices in the room that was on the other side of the shutters. I also suspected there was someone scary around. I decided to risk opening the shutters. When I did so there was a sinister-looking black man on the other side, so tall I could only see the lower half of his face. He handed me a note, which I took before closing the shutter.

I thought at first this might be a message and the man was or represented an angel, but it also occurred to me that the man was me, since I had just posted an application to speak at a new age conference. (13/2/10) I also think it may be a sign that my sombre message is out of tune with the breezy atmosphere at these gatherings.


Dreamed about a week ago, during a particularly difficult time, that I was observing Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock in a room, possibly in a spaceship, arguing over a patient who was ‘down on the planet’ (I think was meant to be Captain Kirk). McCoy had a magnifying glass and was taking a small black object from Kirk (even though Kirk wasn’t actually in the room - McCoy somehow could fix him). They were being told by a higher authority that they had to work together, because they were three parts of a whole (or something like that). If they couldn[‘t work together they would en masse be transfered somewhere else. I think this was related to my own internal divisions, possibly the conflicts between my emotions and my intellect.

A few nights ago I got

“You’re right - you’re inside.” (290)

This was I think a reference to a recent spiritual dicussion where I suggested that this universe is a kind of jail and that it is ‘within’ God. It also featured the number 290, which is the number of the cottage we eventually picked in the Ireland holiday brochure.

As soon as I resolved to cut down drastically on my drinking things changed internally. My dreams/visions are reflecting this improvement.

Three nights ago I dreamed I was going to a pub in a town/city with Princes Diana. This has alarming implications (see below) but also was a precognition of my visit next day to Louise (who, like Diana, has a son called Harry) and our lunch together.

I dreamed last night that David Hughes (108) was in a car with me. He was an authority figure. I had on greyish trousers and the left trouser leg was covered in sick or something like it. We were supposed to be going somewhere, but I eventually decided, with my growing realisation of how much sick was spilled on my left trouser leg, that I would have to go home and change - at which point I visualised a clean blue pair of jeans I had at home. This has good implications, but may also represent a ‘near miss’ and an indication of how troubled I have recently been.


Recently got:

still eighty percent (227)

This must be a reference to the dream I had in about 2001 (before I found the code). I was watching someone called alister get out of bed then fall to the floor with a heart attack. He then became me and I stood up and went through a door with beads, met a little dog and went up a metallic ramp. I passed a young man who lamented the fact that I hadn’t enjoyed that life. I was in a cafeteria where lots of people were eating. Someone noticed me and suggested I clean my glasses (I think). I suddenly felt out of place and nervous. I went outside (to the east) and saw a man hammering some tubular bells and was told I had an 80/20 chance of success. This was obviously a reference to the code I was about to find.

It’s an enormous relief, after my recent travails, to hear that I am still in with a good chance of success.

Last night I got:

Double the 114 (98)

I’m really struggling to understand that one.


I feel like starting the secnd book today (and it’s an auspicious day for it, given the date numbers!). This is the same idea I had on 28/6/09 (another auspicious date). I still think it could be called The Secret Code, but I’ve also been thinking of The Second Chance (which I got from an entry above) , or The Secret Cypher, or The Code, or The Second Coming, or... well, I’ll think of more.

As a subtitle, I thought of

This book is too Christian for New-Agers, too occult for Christians, too rational for either, too flaky for scientists, was written by a nobody, is addressed to everyone and makes the most ridiculous statement ever claimed as fact. But please read it.



Dreamed I was collecting golf balls in relation to earth I was plowing. I collected 16 balls. I was with people and we were having champagne. I was to pour out from a magnum and Karen handed me an almost empty smaller bottle from which to begin pouring.


This reletes to my finding gematria of divine names in Pascal's triangle: El = 31 and Yah = 15 (difference 16).





Having a hard time with neighbours. We will probably move. Dreamed a couple of nights ago about grandfather and grandmother moving somewhere with litle room and neighbours either side. Seemed to be a comment about current situation and also to death of Uncle Robert today (he looked more like grandfather than anyone else).





Worrying dream a few nights ago about having an enemy: short, pear-shaped goblin-like man. We were standing in Broxburn Band Hall and he accused me of being 6'7''. Told him I was 6'3'' and laughed at him. He then kneeled down in front of one of four entrances, this one entitled 'black magic' and began to pray, which seemed ominous. He then took out an old-fashioned razor and gave it to me. I took off the black safety cap and threw it in the entrance (initially went in the 'white magic' entrance but I moved it). Then saw a female associated with me with shaven head, looking upset. This represents the money being demanded of us by insurance companies (so dream books say). Also suggests the FOS investigation I've started won't go well (7/6/11 – it didn't).


Another 'open door' hypnagogic vision two nights ago (although it was more like voices calling me and it lasted a while). I also saw a group of people against a starry background. My soul group? I think so. One woman with blonde hair was especially noticeable. A strong connection?









First and second comings of Christ?







Self explanatory. A few days ago got something like 'Who'll be the one to born the child?', suggesting there are more than one of us working on this.







Not sure what this mean but I hope it's not a rejection.


Just realised I sometimes get related messages separated by huge spans of time. In Nov. 2003 got




Last year got




I think they are related, especially since the first is numerical equal to THE EARTH IS A PRIISON. They sum to 333.





Got, as I awakened




This is a reference to a passage I'd been reading in The ET/Human Link by Dana Redfield, about soft spots in our consciousness where higher consciousness can penetrate with info. There is more info. Encoded here. Same voice that said 'The Muggle'll still be mine'?


Then, a few moments later, got:




Seems to be a countdown. July 2012?


1/7/2012 is 4200 days into 3rd millennium and 19321 days after my birth (139^2).





A few days ago got a dream where I was signing my name against the word TEACHER, but struggling. I managed, though. Interesting. I am a teacher of sorts, but it's not easy.


Last night got




Could God, or our relationship with him, have changed?


I also had a very vivid dream where I kept meeting dead people. George Harrison was one. Adolph Hitler was another. I was in an airplane (OBE?) and Hitler was sitting beside me. He seemed very puropseful and politely asked when I was born (I told him 1959, 14 years after he died). Then he told me I had to think big if I wanted my plans to be realised. I had to plan on a huge, or world, scale if I wanted them to take off at all. Hitler of course thought very big and was successful for a time. Hitler was of course The Father, so I think this was God speaking. Adolph Hitler = 110, so I think this had to be about the code. This dream also had an astral-projection feel to it.





Still stunned by this as I write. I was in the BBC in Broxburn, talking to two formally attired men. Then I became lucid and asked them who they were. The first answered Roth(e)schild (= 121 = antichrist). The second said something I can't recall but which was demonic. They were both demonic and didn't like the fact that I'd woken up. I ran out the door as the demon through a knife at me. Then I was in a house when I noticed a thick fog outside. There was dirty snow falling a nd lying a couple of inches deep (today the big news is a volcanic eruption in Iceland, the ash from which is drifting over us – it's also supposed to snow soon).


I walked through this snow in a locale like Uphall woods when I came across another astral realm, which had a good feel about it. It had an access code I couldn't work out, but I was let in anyway. I was still lucid and when asked what I was doing there by one of the 'receptionists' (young, Christia types) answered 'I must be dead or out of body'. Then I asked which religion was best. Someone answered 'Buddhism holds up well'. He looked Tibetan and I challenged him that he'd only said that because of his origin, but he said that he was a Christian.


Then I toured the realm and saw people engaging in many activities. I asked if they ever slept but they said they never did. Then I noticed people who were part-real part-cartoon. The cartoon part was very detailed, but mostly white. One person had half of his face as a cartoon (I recently watched The Menagerie). Another person's torso was cartoon ( I can think of no explanation in my recent life for that). I asked them why they were like tat but they didn't know. It seemed to make them sad to be reminded of this fact so I eft and woke up. There was very high energy in this dream/astral projection, which left me awestruck for days. I actually woke up or had a false awakening in the middle of the experience then went back into it.


I had a dream two nights ago about being Scooby Doo in Fife with three humans (there was snow again) and trying to rescue my master. He needed me and I fouled up without him, but together we were succesful. Obvious meaning. Scooby = 79


Last night told




Interesting and slightly disturbing.





A lot has happened. Two days ago got






Got a lot of information whilst in hypnagogic state. For instance,








This depressed me. However, Mike Sherlock had a dream yesterday. He woke up (in the dream) in hospital bed in a room where everything was white. A posh man next to him was looking out of a window and was covered in blood. He asked if the man had sexually attacked him but the man said he had gotten it wrong. They had both been riding a motorbike but had crashed. Then Mike noticed he too was covered in blood. The man said tey had to wait here until God decided what to do with them. Mike then woke up at 4:29PM.


I think the posh man was me and this was about the 2nd Coming.





Saw '689' this morning. 13 x 53 but no idea what its significance is.


I had a dream yesterday about looking at a house I wanted to buy numbered 119 and up a bit from house we nearly moved to (written 7/6/11). Beautiful on inside but bad view and in a block where every other house demolished. Seemed quite exposed.


In another dream I came down to the ground in Uphall woods from the treetops by holding onto branches (which seemed risky but I went ahead regardless) and gently lowering myself by putting my weight on them and letting them bend. Once on the ground I climbed up onto the street (there was a cemetery for pets, below one for people). I think I then repeated it then when on the ground I saw the words in red THIS, THIS GOOD PAINTING. I hope this is a refernce to my 9/11 Cube Article for Reality Sandwich.





I'm getting my article published on Reality Sandwich (a big score for me, as it features some major thinkers). I finished it on 15/5/10, the day Harry was 5 months old. I am 50 and there were 11 illustrations and 5 notes.


(28/5/10) On 14/5/10 the odometer read 61866. Next morning, after I found out the article was going to be published, ti read 61888.


Last night had a dream in which I was killed, then dreamed I was a chinese or Japanese pupil in a class of mainly Jewish pupils at a Jewish school. Iduring the dream I recalled that I'd had it earlier in the night.


As I woke up, got NEEDED AGGRESSION (151)


This came across like a revelation about the purpose of my lifeand I think answered a question I posed long ago, after another communication, when I was told I was here to 'gain a tone'.


Much earlier I got STAND RESERVE (141)


I'm not sure what this means (standing reserve?, reserve a copy of a paper on a newstand?) but it may have to do with Reality Sandwich.


Karen dreamed last night that Kilroy-Silk was dead, which Terry Wogan and Graham Norton told here.


Mike Sherlock dreamed he was asked by two well-built characters (one with dark hair/Scotland shirt (No. 9) – Mike thinks this could have been me), the other, who was smaller and fairer with an Ireland shirt (no.11) – I think this might have been Mike) to join their 'dance group' at the golf course next to Gullane. There were lots of numbers in the dream, such as 17, 15, 9, 11, 171, 177 (or 175), and 20. There was a new law that meant Mike had to be 17 ½ stone instead of the 17 stone or 17 st 1 lb he weighed. The dark haired man was 17 ½ stone (the ½ stone on his shoulders) but was now to be 17 stone.


I had a dream last week where I was told that Liam Neeson had fought or been in action until he was 51.





Dreamed Harry was 1 and I was 51 (151). He was now aware he was a seperate person.


Big dream about long spaceship with different compartments. An enemy shiip drew alongside, trying to mimic it. One of ships turned into shark which swallowed me and a partner, taking us north. We waited until we could escape, related to shark snapping at a pike. It regurgitated us (Jonah) and we jumped onto the shore to escape. We were in north of Scotland at a fishing ahrbour. A black journalist was in a cubical (Daniel Pinchbeck? 9/11 Cube article?) and I showed him the shark which was now a giant gecko, but slipped into water again. Then I was lying on a grass verge next to a fence. On the other side was some papers I'd put there for safe keeping. One showed years 2001 to 2005, with a gap then 2005 to 2010. Next to second group of years was 'preparing to exit'. Second paper had four different years. Base year (a few yeasr ago) showed global warming at 0. Present year showed it at 1100. Third year (2368 or 2386 (JC) showed about 386 000 000. The last year, about 200 years later, showed 750 000 000. I think this might be a reference to New Bible Code (I hope so anyway), showing it will one day be widely recognised. Global warming may refer to spiritual temperature. Then in dialogue with higher consciousness and worrying if anything bad I'd thought or done counted against me, but assured that only 'gift thoughts' (141) count.


New PIN number gematria of God in Hebrew and English!


Two days ago was told that I will go into a chamber when I pass over. Also got 'two thirds of a month' around same time.





Got picture of road to Swift Brae with words ROAD CLOSED>


Woke up with confident voice saying GRAVITY NOW (154). Came down an octave in speaking, so about SC and also refers to my first house (21) and first mention of Immanuel (7:14). Interesting and awesome in implications.


Two nights ago got REBEL and THE UNWORTHY, with vision of bodies lying around. Also got TRY AGAIN. Could be about article or about me coming back.


Dreamed last nigth I threw Turkish couple out of house and travelling people in back garden. David Crookston was with me. We weren't speaking at first but eventually did. Good sign after dream when man with broken nose from Care Shelter kicked Chris (CS) out of a crowd I was part of (Chris was Christ and was more colourful than rest of us). Then we went into the man's toilet. Was careful around him but he seemed timid (shadow?). This had me worried. Couple of days ago had a dream about Mick Jagger, who was also a toilet seat, sayinh YOUR TOILET SANK (I think). Also got THE MONSTER IS DEAD (or DESTROYED).




Dreamed of Andrew Eelbeck last night. We were in a bus headed east along Broxburn Main Street. Religious theme, involving standard v unorthodox beliefs. This is probably third Christ dream I've ad in a row.


Lying in bed today got at 5:00pm, ANTICIPATED IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES, I THINK. This from a high, childlike voice.




Got JOSEPH CHOOSES YOU (218), this morning. Got vision of teapot filled with mouldy teabags and tea. Not good.


Louise and I saw a dust devil yesterday afternoon at Freeland Avenue. Also saw two cars soon after with 738 and 391. Wondered if this was a sign. Yesterday was 3443 days into 3rd Mill.




Yesterday voice said GREAT IS HARRY'S PAST. Interesting!




Last night got A'VE JIST SLAMMED DORS. Refers to trouble with a resident at BH and my own failings.




Got WRECK HIS BARE BONES. WE WERE DISAPPOINTED SO and other communications. Very negative, so prayed, then got I STILL CAN.








Stopped Sertraline and this has boosted my visions.


Met Kathryn LeCorre and Karen Gush. Kathryn was told I was a 'key' to understanding modern events.


About Pascal's triangle codes I was working on (in Donegal)




The missing letters may imply I am supposed to supply missing words and/or letters to find even more info.




Dreamed Ewan MacGregor (Ob Wan Kenobi) offered me a new job. He wanted to ask me about my BP years. We were in a lecture theatre east of Broxburn. The job (shown earlier in dream) was scientific, involving growing new potato strains. Just before I met EM I saw Jim Powers (BP).




Asked what my 'power animal' was. Got




Is the NBC the pearl? Or is it my inner Christ? Or the SC?


A few days ago got


WHO AM I? (69)


69 is combined value of YHVH (Heb.)




Two crop circles in Danebury Hill and Cley Hill (6/7 and 9/7) seem to be connected to 9/11 Cube! They depict cube of 3 and 19 units left when corners removed or 3 strikes through central axes.


The dates are 3474 and 3477 days into 3rd Mill. Two hills represent duality/Towers.


Last night dreammy 'mother' was congratulated for doing better than anyone else. Best I can put it. More a mission than a competition.




Another crop circle – two which summed to Christ-like face on 30th. 3498 days into 3rd Mill.


While using Revelations CD saw Harry-like face smiling at me. Experience of divine grace. Next day heard something like




Ov 630. Feels like I made connection to higher self and been trying to 'let go' more.




Last night got




Interesting. Could have been satanic consciousness that created universe and is dreaming us – or could have been God. Was beginning to read Your Immortal Reality.


Got another glimpse of blue blob I once saw (my soul?).




Last night got




Karen Gush thought this meant Bride of Christ – and she may be right.


Also got rerun of light bulb/fire scenario. I had been worrying abput whether to include this in story The Key (not published by RS). On going to sleep in basement heard LIGHTBULB and two taps. Fire alarm sounded a few minutes later. Was from flat 4 but, mysteriously, no alarm was activated.




Got the worrying advice




Also includes ovs of letters of GOD in no. of letters.




Dreamed I was offered a job by man who phoned my mobile. I had just woken up (may have spiritual meaning) but Karen took it, because I was only getting partial reception. The job was as a scientist. Later, heard




As I was working on my second RS article, and after asking if it needed further work, got




suggesting my website also needed work, and




I've had some amazing dreams, recently. In one there was a realm outside God's kingdom, where 'light was dark and dark was light'. This must be related to me starting ACIM again. I went there: it was hell-like and very hot. There were small, almost mechanical aliens, who seemed happy with their lot. A fish appeared and lovingly wrapped itself around the neck of one, which fried it. Obvious implications.


A couple of nights later dreamed a mostly-white cat was being attacked by a darker, tortoishell cat, which was smaller and eventually said 'Oh I give up'. Then heard


JUNIOR: SHE GOES (165 = Resurrection)


Dreamed Margaret McCaw had vacated her office and gone to England to work. I felt this gave me more freedom but also that I had disgraced myself, as if I had bullied her into going.


The night after dreamed there was an immense flood in Uphall – worst ever. Debbie McKenzie was in house and going to leave but told her to stay as she wouldn't be able to drive home (I had tried to go west but car cut out in Uphall). Ethel appeared at door, to give Fiona engagement present. Thers in house too, as if we were giving a party. Neighbours outside congratulated us on beautiful baby grandson. Flood can be symbolic of HS.


Dreamed was in Broxburn in winter and temp. dropped to -31C, because conditions were ideal, which I seemed happy about.




Dreamed a fortnight ago that I was in a lab where experiments were going on. I opened a jar where a tiny pink man was partially immersed in some kind of caustic fluid. I decided it was high time he was taken out as he was suffering badly. A woman (a bit like Gail Callaghan) said that it wasn't her idea to do this experiment. Am I the pink man?




A few weeks ago got:




This seems like the separation from God spoken of in ACIM. This would be the Fall/expulsion from Eden. (As I rewrote this into my Macbook Pro the cursor dropped down half a page – I'm not sure if it was a sign or not but the timing was perfect - which seemed to be a demonstration of what happened then!).




The Big Bang (s) = 291, which is 162 inverted.


A few days ago got:




which seems like a comment on my current state. John = 47 = beast . John he's = 79 = William.




Had an interesting experience during the night. I found that I could 'rise' into my (eyes-closed) visual field by an act of will, which made me quite dizzy. I breathed a bit harded to keep me grounded. The rise may have been dimensional – it was not my body! Later I came out of it and had a vision of falling down. I also had a vision of a dark cat trying to claw up into a white cat, which was preening itself unconcernedly and sitting on the window-sill outside our livingroom. I think it's meant to be the other way around – the white cat descending into the dark one.


Currently reading EE Brooks. Kathryn and Karen (who I had accurate visions of a couple of months ago) put me on to him.


Last week Louise moved into her flat, Fiona moved into her flat and we sold our house and bought another. A sign?




A few nights ago I was shown in a hypnagogic vision my next life. I am to be a female who rebels against her parents as a teenager, whereupon something, possibly bad, happens to her. I was shown her. She is prettyish, has long, fair hair and, although she is smiling, has mixed emotions. I don't know whether to believe this or not: I was previously told I wasn't coming back.


I had a dream where I was a handsome, dark-haired man, looking in a mirror. Then I was asked if I had to go to the Moon 2000 times (this could have referred to reincarnation or OBEs). I was shown a pair of brown, suede shoes. Later I had a UFO dream, where I was shown alien fruits outside the Halfway House.




A few weeks ago got:


DREADFUL MOMENT (71, 80 = 151)


This was while I was reading ACIM and I think it relates to the 'moment of separation' and perhaps my own thoughts at the time (see 21/9/10).


Last night dreamed my father came to me. This was very realistic dream. I grabbed him in surprise and amazement and looked closely at his face. Behind him was a smaller man with a face like Jacob Marley in Scrooged (decaying) or like the Bruce's father in Braveheart. I didn;t get the sense he was vil. My father then asked me if I was 'ready' ('are you ready?') and said 'it' would happen at 8:30 or 9:00 AM. He was holding my wrists and looking at them as he said that. I confirmed I was ready and told him I loved him. This reminded me of a dream I had (25/5/09).




place (East Calder?) associated with Kevin Saxby. I noticed cobwebs on me, then saw a black, poisonous-looking spider. Dougie Paterson, who was there, said 'Prophecies' to me then seemed to make the spider swing towards me.


PROPHECIES (o) = 114 = God © = September 11 (o)


I think this might have been a warning to get working on the code again and concentrate on biblical prophecies of 9/11.




A couple of nights ago got




296 surrounds cube 216 to make cube 512 (8 x 8 x 8).






Couple of weeks ago got




Reference to the scalet thread running through the Bible. I had spent too much time on forum arguing with atheists.




Got key to the house on 29/10/10. Got the call to go to solicitors when we were in queuein Scotmid across the road. Reminded me of incidents with man and girl in Scotmid in 1998/99.




Some interesting dreams lately. Just before I moved to Tarbrax I had one where I was driving on a motorbike to Tarbrax, through Currie and I had to make my way through junctions, past roadworks and along unfamiliar roads. There was the threat of snow and I think when I eventually got to Tarbrax the snow was deep.


I had another around the same time where we were in Currie (through which I pass on my way to work) and eventually went mountaineering there, as there were huge mountains around Currie.


Last night I heard


I'M THE DEVIL. DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME? (107, 181, 288)


This seems ambiguous, given the gematria.





Got the following, a couple of nights ago:








198 + 193 = 391





Two inches of snow and temp of 16F this morning. Pipes now frozen.


Last night (at BH) I had a fascinating and, I think, important dream which I can barely recall now. It was about creatures who were migrating north (towards God) and which were then saved, or told the truth. The movement was due to magnetic attraction. There were twins (tiny, humanoid and black, almost like golliwogs) which were the incarnation of a person or spirit who came to save or help someone – who had told this person this after they accused the spirit of not coming to help them. There was also a battle involving a kind of army which suffered losses then had to regroup.





I had a disturbing dream last night of a dog with the head of a human controlled by a man who was hiding underneath it. The dogman had once been a person (its past was visible to me as a picture on the collar on which the head was positioned) and I was weeping with anguish over its wretched state. The man then killed the dogman by sticking something down its throat and I then did the same to the man. The message of this dream is obvious, disturbing and highly motivating.


Leith has three inches of wet snow. After I heard a voice telling me yesterday that there would be 'more than a few inches', we got about eight inches of snow overnight. Broxburn also has eight inches and West Calder has a foot. Temperatures ranged from 34F in Leith to 26F in Tarbrax.




This is rapidly becoming the worst snow event in living memory. We had another six inches overnight and about two or three inches more today. West Lothian has even greater snow depths, I was told today.


which I assume means I'll definitely be asked to do the Dundee shelter in January. Andy Murray asked me a month ago if I would do it and I agreed. (16/2/11) It didn't happen and now I'm asking management why. Perhaps the words Dundee She mean something else, the fact that the shelter was on my mind giving my higher self those words to use.





Another four inches of snow fell overnight and a couple more inches fell today. We have at least 18 inches of snow – it would probably have been more except the wind has been blowing it around and compacting it somewhat – and can now look forward to intense frost, as high pressure slips down from the north. The Met Office think the British all-time low record temperature may be broken tomorrow night, wth some highland glens in line for -25 to -30C.


Given that winter has barely started I wonder if this is a taste of winters to come. The jet stream has buckled intoa horseshoe shape and this may be linked to a weakening of the NAD, a scenario the Master of the Key predicted on 6/6/98 in the Key. Of course we are also in year 15 of the 16-18 year cycle of cold winters, so it may be that we are due a run of cold ones, but it's very extreme weather for so early in the season and follows a very cold winter, itself remarkable for a month-long cold snap. Interesting times.


Last night I got several communications. I wrote down two of them:






The two ovs are spectacular and obviously concern the Second Coming.


The number of letters, words and the ovs of the initial letters are also spectacular. I must get down again to working on the code. I may be squandering the greatest opportunity of my existence by giving up too easily. But how to I proceed?



We had another six inches of snow two days ago, which effectively snowed us in. Today a snowplow came through, so we can get out again, so it's back to work tonight. Max. temperature for the last two days was -9C. I heard it got to -16 last night. Temp. at 4:00PM was -11C.



A couple of days ago I asked if I could get better information, as I sometimes find the cryptic clues hard to understand. Eventually I got my reply:




This was spoken in a petulant voice by Diane Chambers (Cheers). Actress Shelley Long was notoriously difficult to work with and I, like her, am an actor playing a role, so this seemed like a rather sharp suggestion that I improve my spiritual seeing.



Yesterday was Harry's 1st birthday. We woke up to hear Human by the Killers the very song playing when he was born.


This morning I heard something like




If this is the correct wording (I'm far from sure about 'a final' and I thought the original ov was 317, although that could be wrong, as I did it in my head), it would relate to something I was told nine years ago:




The voice was the same, the 'wise child' I see as my higher self. Starting with 'just' is possibly a reference to the Jewish concepts of the justice and mercy of God, which might suggest I've almost finished being tested! I was using the word 'justice' a lot yesterday. (22/5/11 - this test could have been the incident with our neighbours, where we were threatened but didn't buckle).





Last night got


ONLY YOU CAN DAE (DAY) IT (184 (204))


The second seems more likely because of the gematria and because of the connotations of bringing the code into the light of day.


This probably refers to the code (1279 – 184 = 1095), but it could also mean allowing the HS into my life. I have decded to cut down drastically on my drinking so I can more clearly hear my guidance, which should help my work on the code too.



Heard the name George Kennedy last night. I also woke up with the Barbera Dickson version (in 4/4 time) of 'Answer Me' in my head.



I've had some very disturbing dreams recently and last night was no exception. I woke up wondering if I've blown it and been dropped. I said a prayer asking to be allowed to continue and got





These reminded me of AW, who I do not want to contatc again, although I would if that was what was wanted.


I was also unsure about whether 'they' want me to do another book (which I've started) or continue with the website. I asked for a clear sign from them. This afternoon Louise phoned me aftr I'd visited her to say that Lee Blackburn had just phoned out of the blue to ask whether he could read my first book. Louise told him a little about it a few days ago. That's enough confirmation for me!



A few weeks ago I had a dream where I was in New York and went into a skyscraper near the top floor to meet a dark-haired woman who was called Flo Shapiro. She was busy working in a huge office, along with many others. We went for a walk and discussed her interviewing me or working with me (she kissed me at one point). I asked her if she wanted to go with me and do something long term but ashe said she was too busy. We were in a kind of plaza about a half mile above ground. (8/7/12 - this probably refers to the fact that I got the help of Susan Mears in publishing the book, but that she declined to be my agent long term).


In a vision just after that I was told






Both vision and dream seemed to be about the book I'm writing.


Last night I had a vivid dream about working in a laboratory where some kind of sauce was being prepared. We were in competition with other laboratories. The sauce was red with a geeen vegetable in it (cube 125/343?). Our product was chosen, which delighted my new boss, who was Japanese, with short, dark hair. She kissed me. Then I dreamed I was in the Royal Mile and went to an exclusive club there. The place was called “Dug...” (I can't recall the rest but it was three or four words). Then I managed to sing a tune in a competition. It was difficult to do that and all I managed was to get the rythm. I think I stopped at one point and started again. The competitor before me got 6 and I expected to do worse, maybe a 4. But I actually got a 7. Then they gave me an extra point becase I had 'asked for help'. This has to be about the book. I've just finished chapter 7 and started work on chater 8 today. Asking for help might be a reference to the readers I've organised, or it could be spiritual help requested in prayer, or some other help.



After the barney with the Rajs next door I was lying in BH, fuming over the situation when I saw




Was that a warning not to do anything illegal (I was thinking dark thoughts)? Or a tip-off? Last night I had an encouraging dream about this situation (male dog that turned female), after making a few enquiries. I was also told to have 'complete compassion', presumably for them.(4/5/11 – the troublesome neighbours went a week or so after this).


In a recent dream I was looking down on a country like the USA. There were various states, one of which was 'Nick's'. This must be our universe.



Osama bin Laden was killed by US troops on 1/5/11 (1.00AM on 2/5/11 Pakistan time). I think I got a warning of that a day or two before when I heard




Of course, the timing is perfect, because 1/5/11 was the day of JPII's beatification, and the most encoded day I've ever come across.




I have been on the point of changing the ending of my book (currently called The Secret Code) to say that bin Laden was also an incarnation of JC. I asked for a sign and got


  1. NO

  2. ...(these were unclear)


The sv of his full name is 1415, which gives the ovs of the letters NO. A later hypnagogic vision I can't recall now said something similar. My dream/vision of 2001/2 where bin Laden or Christ appeared before a European man was the reason I wasn't sure.


I also had a terrible nightmarish dream two nights ago that ended in a boy (me, I think) being executed. Maybe I'm Hector's son, then, rather than bin Laden. I asked what to do to change and had a flash of light, a white disc with 76 inside. Yesterday, while out driving, I saw a house in Carstairs (which has a prison) which was no. 76 – the number was black on a white background.


In an interesting dream last week (in Belfast) I was in deepest Dedridge, Livingston, lost and trying to find my way somewhere. I eventually saw that this was another gnostic dream about this universe (Dedridge/dead, Livingston/living).




A few nights ago I dream about my cousin George being injured (he actually had been, badly) and standing over what looked like a bath. There was muck in it because of his injuries and I found gold and silver coins, saying, 'where there's muck, there's brass'. Next day (19th, I think) I made what might possibly be the last major find I'll make, lining up 9/11 with the sacrifices on the Day of Atonement. It was simpler than I'd imagined, as usual.





Dreamed today Harry was 1 and I was 51 (151). He was now aware that he was a separate person. Also dreamed about a group of Glasgow thugs who were running through Grangemouth looking for a woman. I gathered together a gang to fight them but in the fight I got beaten up.


Big dream yesterday about a spaceship with different compartments. An enemy ship drew aside, looking to mimic it. Then one ship turned into a shark which swallowed me and a partner. Then it swam quickly along a sea/river, taking us north. We waited until we had an opportunity to escape, related to the shark snapping at a pike. Eventually it regurgitated us and we jumped onto the shore to escape (a clear analogy to Jonah). We were in the North of Scotland and I was at a fishing harbour. A black journalist was at a cubicle (possibly Pinchbeck/The 9/11 Cube) and I showed him a shark which had left the water and now looked like a giant gecko) but slipped into the water again. It was grey and white and about 30 ft long. I was then lying on a grass verge next to a fence, the other side of which were some papers I 'd put for safe keeping. One showed the years 2001-2005 with a gap then 2005-2010. Next to the second group of years was 'preparing to exit'.The second paper I picked up had four different years. The 'base' year (a few years in the past) showed global warming at '0'.The present year had it at '1100'. The third year (2368 or 2386 – an obvious ref. To JC) showed about 386000000). The last year, about 200 years further on, showed about 750000000. I think this might be a ref. To the New Bible Code, showing how it will eventualy be widely recognised. 'Global warming' refers to the spiritual temperature., I think. Afterwards I was in a dialogue with higher consciousness and wondering if anything bad I'd thought or done counted against me, but was assured that only the 'gift thoughts' (141) count.


My new PIN no. is the gematria of God in Hebrew and English!


A few nights ago had a vision of someone preparing a big white sheet, then saw Uncle John saying 'Saturday Night' in a leering tone.


Two days ago I was told that I will go into a chamber after I pass over (the tunnel?). I also got 'two thirds of a month' (a month = 71 = God) around the same time.



The Psi File




Last night, I got




I think this is asking why I haven't joined them yet. Interestingly, I wasn't really in the hypnagogic state when I heard it (in the Bethany office), although it was faint. I also got








Good signs, since I'm now going 'all out' to finish my 'assignment' and give birth to the new book and new website. The first referred to the manuscript, the second to the treasure chest analogy I use in the book.









I wonder if I should put my soul's ET origin in the book.


Since I'm aiming to finish the manuscript for publication tonight (although of course there will be more added later, no doubt) and since this is 29/5, I wonder if this is the 'baby' I was told about in 2004, this being it's 'birthdate'.





I had a hypnagogic vision of a manservant at a window or similar opening, with a wig and dressed in eighteenth Century garb. It was white, I think. He showed me the number 233 (the Lord Jesus Christ). There was a very good feeling about the vision.





(recorded 12/6) Finlay Andrew Peden was born yesterday morning at 12:14 AM. He's a lovely and obviously bright boy. The elevens continue!





Saw a yellow road sign in a vision (it was on the left of the road, which was at 'the beeches' near Tarbrax). It said something about the code or 9/11 but I couldn't make it out. Then saw a white road sign in a later vision (this was on the right (north) side of the road, which was interesting). I could make this one out. It said WELL (ON) 9/11 DONE. Not sure whether it was 'on' but the WD was me, of course. This is very encouraging. The white/yellow signs either side of the road suggest the three lights I saw in my April 1998 vision. Could the yellow lights have come from an astral realm this side of the Door? Is only the white light of God?





Last night I googled '11:11' and went onto a website about the Midwayers. A few seconds after I read on the homepage that they need to be verbally asked for help and that they have a special affinity for electrical equipment, the office telephone rang twice. The time on the computer was 11:11PM. I went onto the '11:11' forum (I'm already a member from 2004) and told them about it. I also realised that 25/6/11 is the 176th (11 x 16) day of 2011 and the 3828th day since the start of the millennium.


I also verbally asked for help with my thoughts. Later, in the goldfish bowl, I was told




which I think was advice not to retaliate when I feel under spiritual attack. I'm going to try it.





Lots of interesting yet often disturbing dreams recently. In one, I was working at Unico when Claire-Louise told me I had 'no, no, no time left'. There were three letters, one of which was C and I was on the cusp or edge at the middle of the letter.


In another I was at a long table in a hall with my 'family'. At the next table down Claire-Louise was sitting in the same position as me, with her family.


I had a possible sign yesterday (11/7/11). I was driving home from work when the CD, which was stuck (although I didn't know it), briefly played a note at 5:15 (Jesus), then got stuck again, then played another note at 5:16 (the Appearing), then got stuck again.


Last night I dreamed I was too smart for the menial job I was doing, as I explained to a woman about the difference between the transference of heat by radiation and by diffusion. An asian man told me I was an Einstein and should be doing something far more challenging. He was working on an asian pop tune and I told him to work on an off-beat rythmn, such as counterpoint. We were slightly north of Broxburn, around Kirkliston.


I had a brief hypnagogic vision of a dust storm approaching (based on recent footage of a storm in Phoenix). I wonder what's ahead.





This morning I got




This has got me worried and thinking I must join soon. This afternoon I got




When I asked how I could join with God (I also asked a few times this morning) I got







This morning got




Which is a good sign, I think.


A few days ago I got some health advice:




which I think means take six cranberries every night. Looking them up I saw that they have excellent health benefits, including protection from ulcers and urinary infections. They're hard to come by at this time of year, so I'll have a look for them in a big supermarket next week.


The same night I got another ACIM-related message.




The word 'out' was emphasised, so the meaning is obvious. How do I stop dreaming, though? I don't feel as if I'm being determined about it.





Heard a female voice, saying




This was about the book, as I'd ended this morning at work by inserting an apostrophe (Yud) into the word 'its' in chapter 12, then considered it complete.


I tinkered around a little again tonight, then heard a male voice say




which sounded bad. Perhaps I should go back to the earlier version. The change I made was about Osama bin Laden representing Satan (Rev. 13:18), so maybe that's off. (15/8/11) I've changed it back, although I've also made a few other changes, mostly additions.





Vivid dream about being in a city (Paris, I think). I had left the white van I was driving and had to return for it (a woman had hired it to me – some female comediennes then arrived in a car to this district). I got the car (which had originally been in Freeland Avenue) and tried to drive it, but there was too much traffic and I abandoned it somewhere in Cardross, which then became Paris. In returning for the van I found myself in a passageway through a building. A young boy was there too. At one point I found myself in a room with Stuart, discussing dad's relationship with Andrew and me. I climbed stairs which just seemed to stop in mid-air then found a small door raised from the ground with another door behind it (familiar now from double door dream in my childhood). The second door seemed derelict and unopenable, but then I recalled that I'd opened it before (2nd coming ref.? ACIM?) and did so. There was a big drop and a frozen landscape ahead. Then I saw a sign to the left of the door saying The Unusual Key. Press. I found a ring near it and pressed it and the entire landscape changed from black-and-white to colour – it seemed to warm up. I dropped to the ground and hid because the small boy was right behind me. But he saw the open door and jumped out in front of me. Then, as I was waking up, a voice told me that this was the ninth case. If it was to manifest or incarnate again it would be in Ireland (ire?) and I would be taken there. The numinous dream atmosphere lingered for hours after I woke up, before my usual state of consciousness returned.


This suggests a lot of interesting possibilities. Am I a kind of detective or sniffer dog (as I was once shown)? Was the key a reference to the key to the code? Does my finding the code mean that things will be different in future for mankind? Does the boy represent my animal self or shadow side? This also recalls a dream I had around Karen's 40th birthday, where I was being chased through a door and made it through but my pursuer also got through. I was in what looked like an advanced alien spaceship, with a very secure feeling.





I'm going to add here some communications I got in the past but wrote on scraps of paper or in my wallet or in book flaps and may not have transferred to this diary. I'll give dates where known.


(January 2011 (approx.))




LIKEWISE, NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE (277 = the manifestation of Christ (o))


CAN'T TELL YOU HOW IMPORTANT ALL THIS IS (429 = the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (o))






No. letters above = 71 = God (s). I think I got this while I was wondering why I didn't seem to fit in anywhere.










This was obviously a comment on my usual state of mind. Then got:




Got this along with a vision of Christ on the Cross.




THIS IS CRUCIFIED (162 and 4, 2, 9 letters)





A few days ago got




The word was only partly formed, as if Christ's arrival was not yet fully manifested.


Last night had a horrible vision of two withered breasts then the words







Had two visions today of a smoothly-flowing river. I seemed to be travelling along it. After the first I heard the words


FORFEIT YOUR PERSONALITY (296 - Appearance (s) = 296)


The gematria is a hollow cube eight units on a side. This perhaps suggests that on entering heaven (surrounding the universe like hollow cube 296 surrounds the cube of six) you lose your personality, or that you have to give it up to get there.





I had a vivid dream two nights ago about Angela standing at the kitchen sink in our parents' home, washing dishes and looking very unhappy. She told me (I was in the position of the wise child in my vision of him in Loaninghill Road) she felt all the guilt of the Second World War. Mum was behind her saying something I can't recall but which added to Angela's statement. I immediately knew what she needed and went to find Brian Weiss's Through Time Into Healing. After looking for it on a strange looking bookshelf (more like CD racks), beside which Angela's friend Theresa was sitting (I told Theresa she could use my Macbook but she said she would use Karen's laptop), I found the book under water in a basin and gave it to her, saying 'You need past life therapy.' The book was green (as it is in real life) but had a golden CD pictured on the cover.


Adding this to Maggie's reading of several years ago, telling me I was a general who fought a great battle and lost many men, along with the dream I had (and which the reading referred to) about being a commanding officer in WW1, and the spiritualist medium who told me she saw a man in army uniform standing behind me, I think Angela was me and the dream was telling me that I need past life therapy. I have contacted a therapist and hope to see her soon. This doesn't seem like wish-fulfillment because I have been considering the entheogen route, and had just made up my mind to get some psilocybin truffles.


After the dream I was told something like my team was fighting another, but because the other team had 'Ducker' in it, the 'ever watching' ones had noticed and my team had lost, or something like that. The man saying this was standing in the Unico lab at the time and I had for some reason been thinking a lot about people I'd worked with there.


After this I woke up then had a vision of a white cat with a black mark on her head (a comment on my recent spiritual state and not the first) lying by the side of a road. I picked here up and started to carry her across, but fell down a traphole, another worrying comment on my spiritual state. A voice said 'body count's huge', a seeming comment on the dream.


A day or so earlier I had a dream about my brother Stuart driving a car. Another car with registration plate 352515 (Satan/Jesus) bumped into it from behind on the right side. I currently have back pain on the lower-right side.


I was also told, as I awoke:




This has an ov of 222 and 22/2/12 is almost six months away, 4070 days into the 3rd Millennium and 19191 days after my birth.









the other night, along with other statements. The morning before, got




and other negative statements.


I also got a message about a 'singularity' that 'mutated', presumably a reference to the Big Bang again.





Today got:




That's duly noted. I must pray more and be more responsible in life. Also


LIKE(D) THE TABLE (110/114)


I'd asked if I should keep the extra material I'd included in the book yesterday evening. I think that means I should keep the bit about my name being encoded in Matthew 1.





This morning (after a very rough night at BH) I received what seemed to be a perfect coda to my early spiritual experiences and code signs. At the checkout in Lidl, I met Felicity Murrie, who I haven't seen for years. I told her about the book I finished two days ago and reminded her it was 10 years to the day since the Alpha Course's Holy Spirit Weekend (this was 3652 (11 x 332) days). This was two days before I started work on the code, and I finished and uploaded the edited manuscript two days ago (apart from an illustration I finished yesterday), which was beautifully symmetrical. The checkout encounter was meaningful too, reflecting my encounter with the little man and the fact that The Open Door had a service counter, but I received the Holy Spirit across the room, just as I first met the little man in the middle of Scotmid (I was there with Harry just after meeting Felicity). This had also been reflected in my Uphall Scotmid encounter with the girl.


About a week ago I had a dream where I stood at the western end of the Gyle and using thought opened a large glass door, then walked out. I woke up at this point, whereupon I saw the words




which could have two possible meanings.


I also got




a day or two later.





Last night, just before I went to sleep, I got a vision of a blonde female handing me a bunch of keys. She looked unhappy but had to do it.


Last night I dreamed that I was beside something like the union canal, handling large golden balls. They were an alloy. I was shown pure gold, which was slightly crystalline and not suitable for beating into a ball shape. One of the golden balls fell into the canal (it was mud, rather than water) and I think I retrieved it. This could have been a comment on the book, which is code finds 'alloyed' with personal experiences to make the book more readable. A previous dream said much the same thing, with a chocolate-and-cream mouse I was whipping up. I added more whipped cream to lighten it (at the time I was adding a few more personal experiences to the book).


I also dreamed about Karen and I going to a holiday home. We had more than one house. I also dreamed I had the power to make myself invisible. This was an 'occult' power, and I felt it was something I wasn't necessarily supposed to be doing, but I could (by saying 'Ayeh' and passing my hand over my chest from right to left) and used it. I was 'fined' £14 and £11 for doing this, but I felt it wasn't such a bad thing to do. People and locations in Pumpherston were involved in this dream.


I also had a vision on waking up that seemed important but I couldn't quite recall it. It was a word that suggested I should take it easy for the rest of November. A male voice then told me with some exasperation that I should just follow the clues - perhaps the word got mixed up because my own mind interfered with the transmission of the message (Jesus once said that to Helen Schucman when she was scribing ACIM). A couple of nights ago I had visions of sheets of paper with writing on them appearing one after the other, then receding into the distance before I could read them. Perhaps this was a comment on my conscious mind's attempts to control these visions.


I also saw the word DEPTH during these hypnogogic visions, The Depth being God, which confirmed that our route to God is within.





Got two worrying statements this morning, one after the other.






This, after a recent vision of my shadow approaching on the other side of a mirror (like the vision in December 2009) and the top three dots on a triangle being shaded in, as well as two recent dreams about a strong weed growing in my garden (my house was the shop in Pumpherston) and (last night) a huge plant growing in my house, which my mother didn't want but accepted and which was colourful and associated with some kind of psychotropic effect.





I had a frightening dream last night about a group of people being touched by demons and becoming like them. Their faces went from convex to concave, like the demons. One maintained his Christian faith afterwards, which seemed pointless. I also dreamed of being a student and seeing a mathematical puzzle which there was a prize for solving (none of the lecturers could). I was nowhere near prepared to tackle it, but thought I might try. The college first appeared as a private girls school in Edinburgh. I was standing naked outside my car when some of the pupils appeared. That's all I can recall.


Two nights ago I had a very powerful dream about two spiders, one a black widow, which was capturing the other one, to wear it as a jewel round its neck, which I stopped. A woman who looked like Jenny Malcolm then fixed the spider (and lots of other creatures, it seemed) by sticking it to a table with something like white wax, which suffocated it. I then went to the bathroom (this took place in 6 Loaninghill Rd.), which was like a wet room. In it were lots of tall plants, one or two with a few yellow leaves but mostly healthy. they were being continuously watered and were sitting in water, one or two directly on top of an inlet. Could this be my soul group? Could the woman be God or a Monad? She seemed divine. After I woke up my usual uncontrolled thoughts started, but I drifted into the hypnogogic state and heard a female voice saying "That's a bit of a disappointing start". I tried hard to control my thoughts after that.


Three or four nights ago I had a long dream where I was at a brass band contest and, looking to urinate, found a door which opened onto an outside wall. This set off an alarm, which made me feel guilty, and led to me going back to the contest. This has an obvious interpretation.





Two disturbing (though not surprising) messages:








Had a dream about being on holiday somewhere milder than home and seeing a weather forecast of a polar low coming straight from the North Pole. It was going to hit us directly as well as hitting home, and was going to give snow.





A lot has happened recently. I'll try to summarise the most important events.


Last night had an incredible dream about going to a kind of shaman (that's not quite right, but I have no words for it) who told me to look into his eyes a few times and healed me. After this CLM came to me and kissed me. We went into a room but the door slammed and a guard dog caught us (we weren't supposed to be in the building we were in). I woke up and saw it was 4.00 a.m.


This seemed related to a hypnogogic vision I had yesterday afternoon, when I saw


TWO A.M. (72)


FUCK(S) SAKE (77/96)





A lot (and I mean a lot) has happened in the last few weeks, most of which is in my emails. I'll eventually get them transferred, but I wanted to note a dream I had today. I was descending to earth from a great height. Some force was with me but it then told me I could do the last part on my own, which I did, returning to a house I recognised as mine in the dream, and which had a few elements of this house (e.g., firesticks currently sitting on the hearth were on the roof, like boarding). This was slightly scary, as I could vividly see the Earth's oceans and wasn't sure I could maintain my height. It had some elements of an OBE, rather than a dream.





Hypnogogic word:




Am I adopted in some way? Is this the Christian idea of gentiles being adopted sons?


Dreamed that Patrick Moore (= 144) died. I'm sure he is dead in real life. There was also something about him starting something in 1965 in the dream (1965 = 131 x 15). I also heard a voice saying that someone had a year to live. In another dream I was seeing pictures of the weather on my upcoming holiday in three weeks. There were pictures from Sunday 1 April to Thursday 5 April, the weather generally improving. On the picture for Monday 2 April there was a dark cloud with a skull on it. I got the impression it was a prophecy of deaths related to food shortages.





Missed a lot out over the past six tumultuous weeks. Here are a few words I got over the past few days.






Very, very worrying, this one. (1/5/12: Could also be The Knesset). I also got something along the lines of 'We did fail', or something like that. This morning, however, got a very positive message, which I can't quite recall, but which suggested I was going to get home.





Last night, got


JOIN US (88)


There was a button I was supposed to push, but I held back, as I didn't know if 'they' were good or bad. They were good, though, as the gematria shows.





Finished paying for Fiona's wedding dress today, which may be significant as it is one year from 1/5/11.







Dreamed I had sold 30 copies of the book already. I was happy in the dream but when I woke up I realised it might be a reference to Judas. I asked if it was God's will that the book be written. Then got


A DEBT (32)

then something like I AM YOU (but not that). Then I had a vision of me leaving the house and there being something like an empty shopping trolley or even a wheelchair lying against the step. This is all very confusing, as the main reason I write the book was because of the vision of two books I had in 2006, the vision saying BEST BOOK I had in about 2008 and also because I was being urged to do something in December 2010 (ONLY YOU CAN DAE IT).





Dreamed today that I had graduated from college with an HNC (25) in something (NBC?). The certificate printed and I took it. I was telling classmates that it wasn't worth doing an ONC (32). Margaret Paul was there, saying that my version of the book wasn't selling (was she representing the apostle Paul?). I was agreeing that sometimes you just have to read the first two words to know that. I got a level 2 pass in my HNC, except in one area: I got a 1 for "extraordinary mathematical care". I woke up with the song 'Distant Drums' in my head. An extraordinary dream!





Dreamed at work that I was in a building taking part in some terrible sacrificial ritual, which involved going down a ramp to my death. There was a succession of people before me and the last victim before me was an older woman related to me. I was standing very near the edge of this awful machine and was next to be sacrificed, when I decided I was not going to take part and escaped through a window, running away as the woman shouted that I was a traitor or something like it. It seemed to me that she was mesmerised into believing she should be sacrificed.


(17/5/12) This probably related to a near-confrontation I had with a woman in a supermarket, who had short, dark hair and was crowding me as I was served (another woman had cut in on me as I went to that checkout). The conveyor belts, the woman and the glass doors/windows all fitted, as did the feeling I had that it was a set-up to test me or that I had attracted it to me, because of the anger I felt at Dougi and a few other things that had gone wrong that morning.





Dreamed last night that Karen and I passed my old house in Uphall, regreting that someone else had it. Then it turned into my parents' house. We headed west towards Uphall (which was slightly different in the dream), then as we headed south to cross the road, I saw a path I'd never noticed before (roughly behind the Boags' house) and which kept us on the north side of the road. We took it.





Just had a vision of a man shaking my hand as I stood that the doorway of the lounge in flat 5 of BH. I stood there for a long time, as I couldn't figure out if he was good or evil, but I eventually did take his hand. He was tall with a moustache and quite a 'he' man and I think it was related to my letting some very negative feelings I'd just had (relating to being mocked or something similar) just flow through me, instead of reacting..





In a recent 'driving' dream, I upset Louise then was awarding Fiona some kind of licence to leave an industrial complex in her car. There were three exits, all with a large speed bump to go over. Fiona was just about to leave by an exit to the left of the main exit in the middle and I was going to get a large sign that I would place over the bump at her exit. The main exit already had such a sign. Fiona was a bit out of control and immature, but she was ready to leave.


Last week I had a vision of me carrying Harry along a road out of a dark building into sunlight. A sign at the exit said VICTORY ROAD.





Dreamed yesterday (25th) that it was 21st/22nd december and I was preparing for something. I was given a very small necklace, with a piece looking as if it was made of pewter or something similar (chthonic type metal, as per email to Kath?). It was broken and I threw it in a box. I was also driving around a housing estate with Steve Collins, when he said he was going to go a route I'd already taken. At the end of the dream it was Christmas Eve and I had the feeling of being on the brink of something.


Made some final discoveries about the code - six encodings each of Pope JPII and OBL in the Genesis Watermark. I'm going to put all my watermark findings down in a series of tables, to be put on my website. These may explain the dream. (29/5/12) The date is very significant; for instance, 391 days after 1/5/11 and 3910 days after 11/9/01. I watched the last episode of Frasier just as I finished these discoveries, the last one being the six encodings of Second Coming (391). I started watching the episode at 5.15 pm and it features a birth and wedding on 5/15. Frasier goes from Seattle to Chicago (SC) to chase the woman he met a few episodes earlier, whose office was room 1510.





Had a lot of visions as I napped today. One suggested I had spoiled my work.




That was sad. I asked why but couldn't get much through, except one vision, which confirmed what I feared it might be. Another suggested that the book was not a good idea, as an earlier vision also hinted. It was a personal project for sure, but the website is still ongoing and can be improved.


Another vision showed a left foot the foot of which was engulfed in blackness. This was probably me and the spiritual attack I've been under. A recent dream showed a map of the UK with cold easterly winds along the English channel. It perhaps suggested the same.


The first visions I had though were of me outside what looked like a church. In the first vision I pulled a plug out of the rear of the building, from which a cable ran to the front and inside.





Yesterday I had a little conversation with God about my life. he told me I was lucky to still be alive (two words, the second one being 'alive' and the first starting with s I think: ov 137). I agreed and then he said he was going to change things so that I would live longer. There was some kind of change and it was done, I believe.


Dreamed yesterday I had buried a man in a blue suit (father? spiritual me?) with a visor for the face and loins, although the loin visor was the wrong way round.









answered by







Dreamed last night I went up to Margaret Dunn in the SFS warehouse and said, in reference to a pallet of packaged goods, 'pass'. This seems like a good sign, but ominous in a way too.


Over the last couple of weeks I had some interesting visions, at one point involving white-silhoueted figures cavorting within electric realms.


About an hour after my iboga arrived last week Margaret Ado came to visit me. Interesting synchronicity.





A couple of nights ago I got something like:







Two nights ago got




This might have been related to my question about iboga (how much?). I got more but can't recall it now.



10/7/12 (4.30pm)


My iboga experience is now over (I was told OVER after 16 hours, in fact, but the physical effects are still abating) and can truthfully say it was an ordeal. The unpleasant physical side effects were most of what made it an ordeal but some of the spiritual truths I was given were frightening too. Most of the spiritual side of the experience was pleasant, however. Lots of smiling faces pirouheting by in a slow and stately fashion (several hours of it!) and scenes that could have been from past lives or equally could have been symbolic. One face that will haunt me is the man looking down in horror, within a huge building that could have been a church or even a barn. Soon afterwards, I got another vision of me creeping round a corner within a building, to see a group of figures, but it ended before I had any idea what they were up to. I was often shown the top of a figure or room then taken down to see the floor, or the feet of the figure. One was a large, powerful-looking man, who had some kind of moccasins on. I'm sure I saw dad and Joe. Joe was with lots of other people in a realm that had the number '7' associated with it (seventh heaven? the seventh astral realm?) and dad was looking down from somewhere higher. Jesus looked in on me twice, appearing like the Prince of Peace in Akiane Kramnik's painting. One figure looked demonic, but as soon as I suspected that it shook its head sadly and reemerged from below as a young, innocent boy. A lesson for me there! Near the beginning I was starting to drift into reverie when a voice said: THE CHILDREN ARE TALKING! Obviously the spirit of iboga wanted me to pay attention. In another vision (they were surprisingly faint and usually but not always monochromatic) I saw Audrey, Angela and another woman between them on a bench outside and the other side of the road from where Audrey now stays., The woman in the middle was probably Pauline as she used to live in the block behind the seat (Angela lives on the other side of the road, so the seat was placed to suggest all three). Angela was twice the size of the other two, which may be an indication of her greater spiritual maturity. I saw a woman in black clothes and headdress with a baby. She seemed to be pushing it's head through the wall of a dark-looking building. That was possibly a vision of a hell-like realm. I was called QUASIMADO and I understand that I am insane at some level. Hopefully the iboga will help me here. I was also told that I hadn't gotten my 'jackrabbit' under control, the implication being that I should have by now. I was called a 'traitor' too. Saw an innocent-looking figure (probably me) with an evil Star Wars Emperor-type figure on his back. I was also told by five women looking out of windows a couple of storeys up (the room behind was lit) YOU DON'T HAVE TO DISAPPEAR. YOU CAN COME WITH US AND DO ANYTHING YOU WANT. That was frightening. I saw occasional bursts of flashing lights, and during the night I could see them with eyes open. Also saw something white on the floor, about the size of a pillow, when I went to the bathroom. I thought it was physical but when I went to the bathroom I realised it was another vision. 12/7/12 - No, it was physical! It was a faint light from the smoke alarm on the ceiling. I think I saw a black woman at one point, possibly the spirit of iboga (which I thanked several times for the healing it was providing). I also saw what looked like tiny figures wearing african masks, or perhaps they were aliens. The faces were flat and almond shaped and the bodies tiny. Later in the experience I was shown a figure chopping what looked like my left arm into slices. I seemed to spoil a lot of the visions that sailed down to me. My unwillingness to face what I was seeing or my desire to change the course of the vision would distort it or cause it to fade away. I was shown over and again that my attempts to reverse the course of visions or my own awry thoughts was deadly to me (a skull was shown each time). About eight hours into the experience I heard LAST ORDERS. Presumably if I had any requests I'd better get them in (I didn't have any). At the sixteen hour mark I heard/saw OVER. Just before I woke up this morning I saw myself having emptied the litter bins in the offices, but that the corridor outside had buckets that still needed emptying. That of course means that I still have work to do. The last quarter of the iboga may help there, but I'll extract the indole alkaloids this time. The combination of the taste and texture of the root bark granules is unspeakably awful.





Dreamed this morning that I had 'changed sides' and was working for Martin McGuinness. He was a 'rebel' fighter, so this is bad news. I also saw a baby with something on its back, like a demonic device, which was severely restricting it's movements. I asked for help from God but was told it wouldn't happen today. Also heard something to the effect that someone wasn't going to be frightened (the demon?). Just before all this heard SHE's GONE! Christ, what do I need to do?





Last night dreamed about an Egyptian woman with straight, black hair. I couldn't see her eyes, just the upper half of her head. But she was me. Then I saw STARS ON 45 (151). Later, I saw myself in a mirror, looking quite unhappy, then heard (... INSISTENTLY) REFUSE, TO GO BACK (148, 74, 74). I saw then what was going on, and suggested they give me something, which led to a spark of light in my field of vision immediately afterwards.





Dreamed of a very large spider (like a bird-eating spider) on the wall of a room with lots of clothes in it. It walked into a smaller room I was in, then I saw the leg of another spider sticking up through a clothes rack. The spider dropped down and walked towards the other one, then I saw Libby where the spider had been. A small piece of the end of her tail then fell to the floor. In another dream I was working in the lab at Unico. David F. in a dark suit came in but didn't walk right into the lab. Then I interacted with a senior colleague, who was working with me on something I had to do.


In another dream about the same time I was in a race, which was also connected with brass bands. At the finishing point, which was a concert hall, IF was getting friendly with the Coop, Band, something I commented on to others. This was significant, I think.





Dreamed I entered a lift which was already pretty full, with about seven people in there. I eventually squeezed in anyway and was taken up. Thereafter I dreamed about being on a bus, with AH kissing me, some women from ARH and Karen. Then I went off on my own somewhere. It seemed important, Karen telling me I looked nice with my scarf and other clothes. Another significant dream.





Dreamed of watching over two babies as they played in a swimming pool. There were crab-like creatures in the water, mainly near the overflow drains. I scooped one child out of the water. She was a bit like Fiona and was biting one of the crabs. In a later dream I went to the Moon with Harry. Here I was jumping up and down to see if I could jump six times higher (re. the Moon/s gravity being a sixth of earth's), but I could only jump three times higher. I had gotten there by going through a tunnel. A couple of nights ago I had a frightening vision, where I was told that there were three people and one of them had been captured. I heard GOT DAVID.


Took a small dose of iboga liquor an hour or so ago. Definitely made me feel better. I lay down for a nap and had a lovely vision of being on a mountain top in highland-like scenery, then another of someone releasing water, which cascaded into the room below. I also heard








The second one seemed positive.





After my second iboga journey on 25/7, I heard a female say JUST BE GOOD. Next morning (I think) I heard a female voice say NOT SUCCESS BUT HEAVEN, which has obvious meaning.





A vision today of me in my pale blue Focus, snapping towards the gate of the old cemetary, as if I am going to drive into it. Facing south on the right of the gate is a black car.


Dreamed of being upstairs in house and seeing a row of stacked Aero bars (Aero = 39 = angel). There are about 40 bars and another one is being added. Aero chocolate is full of air, perhaps a reference to spirit. So are these spiritual treats awaiting me? Or waiting angelic souls? Also dreamed of stacked books, most of which were light in subject matter, apart from one which was black and red and seemed emotionally heavier.





Big dream yesterday with a lot of energy in it. I was going to Tarbrax for a meeting (I was too in real life), and seemed to take a while to get there, also having each of my daughters with me at different times and dropping them off at little shopping areas. At one point someone in Woolfords asks me how high Tarbrax is. I tell him it is 947 ft but also point out that Woolfords is almost 900 ft too. I get to Tarbrax for the meeting and have to climb up ladder to get there. I leave while the rest of the participants start by doing something I'm not needed for and climb down a level. There is a little musical group there but I pass them and go to a toilet. Little bags of cooked meat and vegetables which had been frozen or refrigerated are thrown down to me. There is also a block of honey but that falls onto the floor. I am going to get it but a bee lands on it and I seem disappointed. I head to the meeting again, going up what now looks like a ramp, which people are being pushed up. I don't want any help, so I jump up onto the top of the slope beside the ramp, with a gap between the top and a brick wall a few feet beyond. There is a drop of maybe twenty feet between the slope and the wall. The meeting room is in the floor above, accessed by a stepladder or by being helped up. Someone is clinging onto the wall like a spider. I make it into the room again, which now seems like an open area. I challenge someone who is 6'5" and who looks like Darth Vader. I also speak to a woman who likes books that are like a modern, less literary, equivalent of Jane Austin. At the end of the dream I see two male angels, who are congoined with one slightly smaller and behind the other. The smaller angel is '1' and the other one is '10'. As I wake up I see an iboga-type vision of a dark-haired man viciously biting someone (who seems like a blob of energy) as they spin away from me. A lot in this dream, which I suspect used y future meeting in Tarbrax that evening to send me a message about the state of my soul and perhaps show me my soul group. I was again worried about having unwelcome spiritual attention, but last night I twice ordered anything demonic to leave, which sees to have helped. The second time I saw (with eyes closed) a blue blob being surrounded by black and carried off. The spirit of iboga still helping me?





This morning got TELLING EVENTS (79, 85, 164), which suggests the crucifixion (= 164), William Tell and the earth. This all points to my role in interpreting 9/11, although it may have other significance. I'm getting less of this type of information now and more pictorial visions, which is interesting. In fact I only have to shut my eyes and visions usually begin within a few seconds.


Also got (PLAYIN' WITH SOMEBODY THAT) BLENDS THE BETTER ((284), 159, 443). Several visions, including one of being about to enter a house in the country, which was semi-detached or end-terraced.





Asked today in the hypnogogic state why I was being attacked so much. Heard (YOU) STOLE MY EARTH ((222), 161). Good sign.


A lot has happened over the past three weeks, but I feel it won't help to record it, as I'm now sure that a lot of the information I get is from a demonic source.





This morning, got




This was encouraging and seemed to come from Jesus. Just before, I'd seen a script in black with red sections highlighted, which was very negative. I couldn't really make it out, so a voice read out the end of it, which was a reproach for not 'going to prison' and a warning that this 'moral' deficiency would be 'eternal'. I think this was from a satanic source.


I was told yesterday, while thinking of how to proceed in life, that




I think 'kinny' is a reference to 'kin', so this seemed to be from God. 'Skinny' might be a reference to soul loss, me being a Grey, or something else. It may have started '(you've) no options', or something similar. I think it's probably also significant that the BT hub was put out by lightning and that discovered two blown fuses in Tarbrax today. I got the car radio fixed in Stenhousemuir this afternoon. I was told it couldn't be done as a fuse would have blown in the stereo system because I'd put the wrong code in more than 10 times, but after he repeatedly tried to reprogram it (and after I'd given up hope) it suddenly asked for the new code. Hallelujah!





I'd just like to record that a few days ago I had a quick vision of a plant with long white leaves and a yellow flower, emerging from a stone wall. I'd been noticing the tiny alpine flowers on stone walls in Kirkcudbright. The white and yellow colours represent spirit (my first vision).





I had a vivid dream last night about moving into a new house (in a previous dream my old house was becoming infested with spiders). It was terraced and newly built but when Karen and I got there I couldn't remember the address. Then it was given to me (it was an alphanumeric, including 79, commemorating the victory of white people over blacks - meaning, presumably, of good over evil, not anything racist) and I went inside and looked around. It was a bungalow inside. It had a tiny toilet with a little shower across the hall. There were bedrooms too and a room containing a stove built into the wall, with space I could store logs in. The main area, though, was a large livingroom/kitchen, with a second built-in stove. A man and woman were talking in the kitchen and I went to speak to them but they left. I had a feeling they were just putting the finishing touches to it.



It's my aunt Isa's funeral today, after she died on the 22nd. Kath thinks there's prophetic significance to her death (the High Priest entering the MHP, etc).

Yesterday got a vision of my calculator under the shoe rack at Tarbrax, along with the word RECIPROCITY. I take it to mean that I have more work to do on the code and that if I do it something (a spiritual home?) will be constructed for me (the shoe rack looked like the beams of a house under construction, which I saw when we were out walking tonight).


Over the last few days, got




A bouquet garni, or bouquet de garnier, adds flavour to a dish and this suggests that the code is the Christian equivalent of the 'spice of the Torah', which kabbalists call Hebrew gematria.

Also got




Interesting, but disturbing.



Last night I dreamed I was walking along a street in Edinburgh (how symbolic) when a white van stopped and out came a man who was dressed like a member of the emergency services but who was actually an assassin out to kill me. I took his big rifle from him before he could shoot me, though, and turned in on him. But there were no bullets. Then a second van stopped and another man came out to shoot me. I got his rifle from him too, turned it on him and this time shot him dead, because the rifle was loaded. "Oh, my God, I'm a killer now", I thought. But I knew they were evil, part of the secret control apparatus of our corrupt governments and after me because of what I knew, so I firstly phoned my wife/mother to warn her these people were about and there had been an incident. Then I was about to phone a man I know called Brian Allan, who is (in real life) a paranormal investigator and knowledgable about conspiracies, when the dream ended. Interestingly, the only people I mentioned on the phone today were Kath and Brian Allen, who has also helped me, so there may have been a precognitive element to the dream (I've been getting a few of these again recently).


A very strange dream yesterday morning just before I woke up. I was watching a young man singing a song. It was the 1950s and he was a student, Scottish, with blondish hair and a confident air. The song he was singing had become a national hit and I can hear it now as I write this. It was a Scottish ballad and he was singing it unaccompanied. I don't recall the words, but the tune is as clear as a bell. It was in waltz time (3/4). I don't know how my dream compiler can compose a tune for me, but I've never heard it before as far as I can recall.


I had a dream two Saturday nights ago about someone being cut in half. He was in agony but it had to be done. I had the awful feeling it was me, in that I've always had trouble integrating my spiritual side with my baser nature. I was very troubled by it and went to Beecraigs to wander around. Later I had a vision about two paths, one taken by me, the other taken by a young blonde-haired man I've occasionally seen in my dreams. Maybe I take my dreams too seriously, but one like that can really throw me off. From K.: I was told that this is the foundational type and shadow of the New Covenant. Abraham had to take one animal (typifying the Christ) and cut it in half. God then put Abraham to sleep and passed a burning torch between the pieces. It was called "the cutting of the covenant" the burning torch is revelation. It's how the two pieces are made whole/one. We can't integrate the two ourselves.


Important vision this morning. I saw a toilet seat (me, representing the mercy seat) being dipped into the toilet by a black haversack. Then I heard the words "You're a terrible storm, terrible storm." (ov = 434) The meaning is obvious, as haversacks are meant to be worn on the back. Hurricane Sandy is raging in NE USA and . I was also told something like "We've warned you about this before." This is true, as I've seen me as an innocent man with The Emperor from Star Wars on his back. Dreamed last night of driving my car in various places. At one point I was in Broxburn, another time I was in the Falkirk area with people and children who reminded me of people from Unico.