Pascal's Hexagon

These final pages complete the New Bible Code, a work I was commissioned to begin on 26/11/2001, by being given the Key.

This is a fragment of text from 1 Thessalonians (NIV 1984) that enabled me to unlock the huge quantity of information that had been encoded within the NIV Bible. [1] I was also given the NIV Bible itself in three parts, the first part being the Key itself. The Key had manifested on 15/11/2001, by appearing on a bookmark used by my Alpha Course director as she was reading her NIV Bible (this was in a Christian cafe called, appropriately, 'The Open Door') and on a day that unbeknownst to her was also significant for me. An internal voice twice told the woman that the Key was for "Bill" (it was also addressed to "Bill") and she duly passed it to me on the 26th. [2]

Keys open locks and the lock on the door to Life, complete with keyhole, came to me only this year, after I had completed the bulk of the New Bible Code. The lock opens the door to the code's central, compelling message and will be revealed later, after I have introduced the Water Lily.


1. This was eleven days after she received it and on the 330th day of the New Millennium, 330 being 11 x 30. The preponderance of elevens attending 9/11 was the sign that first alerted me (and others) that 9/11 was no ordinary event. The date the Key appeared, 15/11/2001, when you remove the zeros, gives 151 (Jesus Christ (o)) concatenated wth 121 (Second Coming (o)). My own birthdate was 15121 days before the close of the second Millennium. I was 15451 days old when I received the Key, 154 being The Second Coming (o). The Key appeared on the bookmark when I was 15440 days old, this being 386 (Yeshua/Jesus (s)) x 40. On that day, two days after a miraculous healing I received, which was two days after I had received the Holy Spirit, on 11/11/2001, I twice switched on the car radio (which I seldom played) to hear the opening octaves of Verdi's overture to La Forza del Destino/The Force of Destiny.

The NIV Bible came to me in three parts. Firstly I received the Key, which was two verses from the New Testament (1 Thess. 5.23-24 - amazingly, the subject is the coming of Jesus Christ). Secondly, my eldest daughter handed me a Gideon New Testament she'd gotten at school, just as I was reading through my first crude article on the high incidence of the number 11 in the details of 9/11. Thirdly I asked for an NIV Bible for Christmas (siply because I liked the way it read). As my wife was looking at the many Bible versions in a bookstore, unable to recall which version I had requested, an NIV Bible fell from the bookshelf into her hands.

These were a few of the many signs I received around that time pointing me towards this work.

2. The New International Version Bible 1984 edition, 2001 reprint (British English). Earlier editions and other English variants (US, etc.) contain nearly all of the code too.


The Second Coming

The purpose of the New Bible Code is to announce the Second Coming of Christ - see here for one example. The Water Lily is no exception and bears the same message in a magnificent double presentation that utilises the entire template and features the same star and star hexagon once more.

 The Lily 1080 1146