666 and 9/11


The main body of the New Bible Code is found within the NIV Bible. However, the code has also been inserted within the 9/11 event and within recent western popular culture. (1) These encodings link biblical prophecy with 9/11 and the current world crisis. In this short page I will show evidence that 666 is encoded within the 9/11 event.

Note that the following calculations are all made using the ordinal value system, following the same procedure used for finding encoded numbers within the NIV Bible. The fact that both the NIV Bible and place names, etc, relating to 9/11 appear to have information encoded under the same system of numeration is good evidence that they are two parts of the same message.

The Three 9/11 Cities

Here is a summary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, organised by flight number.

1. American Airlines Flight 11 left from Logan International Airport in Boston and hit The North Tower of The World Trade Centre in New York.

2. United Airlines Flight 175 left from Logan International Airport in Boston and hit The South Tower of The World Trade Centre in New York.

3. American Airlines Flight 77 left from Dulles International Airport in Dulles, within the Washington Metropolitan Area, and hit The Pentagon in Arlington County, also within the same metropolitan area.

4. United Airlines Flight 93 left from Newark International Airport in Newark, within the New York metropolitan area, and crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The three cities (including the metropolitan districts of these cities) in which almost all of the 9/11 events occurred were therefore Boston, New York and Washington D.C. The most formal names for these cities are The City of Boston, The City of New York and The City of Washington D.C. (2)

These three cities are marked with the number of the beast.

The City of Boston + The City of New York + The City of Washington D.C. (o) = 666

New York

The shortest name for the city in which most of the 9/11 events played out is ‘New York’. This has an ordinal value of 111, which is interesting in itself, as 11 is the key number for understanding 9/11. (3) However, this name combines with the shortest name for the events of September the 11th, 2001 - which is ‘nine-eleven’ - to again reveal the number of the beast.

New York + Nine-Eleven (o) = 216 = 6 x 6 x 6

These very numbers are encoded within the list of the numbers of exiles released from capticity in Babylon, as recorded in Ezra and Nehemiah. That they refer to the two names above is suggested by other encodings within the same lists.

The Presidents of the United States

The president of the USA at the time of the 9/11 attacks was George Bush. The ov of his name is a very important number in the New Bible Code.

President George Bush (o) = 217

1. The number 217 is also implied by the numbers of the three fallen WTC buildings and the order in which they fell.

WTC 2 fell at 0959HRS
WTC 1 fell at 1028HRS
WTC 7 fell at 1720HRS

2. 217 and the related numbers 127 and 271 are hexagonal numbers, affording us a geometric method of implying three sixes.

3. 217 is a two-dimensional projection of cube 729. Both numbers form part of the central message of 9/11.

However, if we combine the name of that president with the two previous incumbents - the run of three being a common feature of encodings within the NIV Bible - we get a rather beastly result.

President George Bush + President Bill Clinton + President George Bush (o) = 666

Note that it is in their presedential capacity that these men represent the beast, the presidency being the ultimate expression of temporal power.


The number of the beast is to be found just as surely in the events surrounding 9/11 as in the pages of the NIV Bible, linking the world’s most important artifact and the most significant event in recent world history, as part of the numerical code that straddles the two. This code identifies 9/11 as the end-point of biblical prophecy, one of its many functions being to represent the destruction of the beast. Since these encodings are found within names related to the 9/11 targets, this is an interpretation that finds further support in this page.

Bill Downie
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1. By ‘western popular culture’ I mean books, films and other artifacts created within the mainly Judeo-Christian world. This is fact would also include the NIV Bible itself, which was produced around the 1970s in the USA by scholars from mainly English-speaking countries.
2. ‘D.C.’ stands for ‘District of Columbia’ and is essential for disambiguation purposes, i.e., to distinguish it from The State of Washington.
3. In fact if we set A = 6, B = 12, etc, then New York = 666. Such a system does exist and is used by many researchers. I employed it myself in the earliest days of my work but soon abandoned it for the ordinal value system, which seemed more natural and elegant to me - and more importantly was the system (actually one of the systems) that whoever encoded the NBC had really employed. I think God is too economical to contemplate using such an artificial convention for such an important task. However...the first 18 words of the NIV Bible have an ov of 906, which, in an alternative to the ordinal/standard value two-stage decoding process, is the x6 value of ‘Jesus Christ’. So maybe this system has been employed after all.