September 11 and History

This list shows how the events of 11 September 2001 resonated through history, influencing events that occurred even many hundreds of years ago. The shockwaves apparently went forwards in time as well as backwards, because events after 9/11 show the same kinds of influence. Thus 9/11 sits at the epicentre of a psychic upheaval that has been completely rearranging the human landscape. The number eleven and its multiples are the primary means by which these historical events have been linked to 9/11, but other numbers, including nine have also been used, as well as visual imagery, meaning and metaphor.

1. The Ninth of Av is a Jewish day of mourning, commemorating the many tragedies that have befallen them on this date. Av is the eleventh month in the Jewish calander, so this date is a '9/11'. In 2001 the Ninth of Av was on 29 July, which was 44 (4 x 11) days before 9/11.

2. In 1190 there was an infamous massacre of Jews in Clifford's Tower in York, the city after which New York is named. [1]

3. 1605 was the year of the failed attempt to blow up the House of Lords, associated with Guy Fawkes. 1605 is 396 (11 x 36) years before 2001. The day Guy Fawkes was captured, as he guarded the gunpowder in a room underneath the House of Lords, was 5 November, this being the 11th month.

4. New York was the 11th state to join the Union, on 26 July, 1788 (Arlington, where the Pentagon is situated, was the 10th).

5. Armistice Day, celebrating the ending of WW1, happens on 11/11 every year in the UK, with two minutes' silence at 1100HRS. [2]

6. Work began on the construction of the Pentagon on 11 September 1941.

7. President John F. Kennedy was assasinated on 22 November, 1963, the date containing an eleven and a multiple of eleven.

8. On 9 November 1965 there was a huge power blackout in an area covering parts of northeast USA and southeast Canada, which included New York City. The number of days from then until 9/11 was 13090 (11 x 1190).

9. On February 13, 1975, there was a fire on the 11th floor of the North Tower (the first tower to be struck). 13 February was the 44th (11 x 4) day of 1975.

10. Pope John Paul II, head of the Roman Catholic church from 1978 to 2005, was the 264th pope (11 x 24) and the 110th pope from Celestine II to the end of the world, according to the prophesies of St. Malachy.

11. The long-anticipated solar eclipse of 11 August 1999 hit the shores of the UK at 1111HRS.

12. The Madrid train bombings took place on 11 March 2003, 1166 (11 x 106) days into the new Millenium.

13. The 9/11 Commission Hearings closed on 17 June 2004, 1010 days after 9/11. The 9/11 Commission Report was released on 22 July 2004, 1045 (11 x 95) days after the event. These could have conceivably have been deliberate choices on someone's part, but they also fit the pattern of elevens synchronistically clustered around the events of 11 September, 2001.




1. This was pointed out to me by Bill Donachie of Hidden Meanings.

2. November is derived from the Latin word novem, meaning 'nine'. So 11/11 is also a 9/11.