The Oracle

NIV Bible 



The first five verses of Genesis (NIV '84) may turn out to be the most important words ever written.

My early code work showed that they contained a watermark that authenticated the New Bible Code. So I named them The Genesis Watermark in acknowledgment. This watermark is holographic and I eventually learned that they were the location for the Ark of the Testimony, its component parts, the sacred objects it contained and its original home, the Most Holy Place [add to page] of the Tabernacle.

As I learned more I found that the first five verses of the NIV Bible team with fractal forms, are home to Adam and Eve and all that God created, through a new type of code I was shown. I thereafter termed these verses The Garden of Eden.

Recently, I discovered that the Most Holy Place was a model of a tesseract, the 4D analogy of a cube, and that it represented the Kingdom of God (of which this universe is a 3D 'envelope'). The Ark itself embodied the four spatial dimensions of the tesseract and its contents represented the male child written of in Revelation[1].

Then I discovered that they were only only one part of a larger, three-part entity, which comprised those five verses plus the Hebrew Bible's opening verse and the opening verse of John's Gospel in the Greek New Testament. This larger string of words, 107 in all, I call The New Garden.

But the opening five verses in the NIV Bible are greater still in content and purpose. They form an Oracle, which may be consulted for guidance on the most urgent questions of our time, now and into the future.[2] 

The Oracle is a tool for us to use and in the rest of this, my final page, I will show the reader how to use it. Firstly I will prove that these five verses have this oracular power, by showing its commentary on events now in the past, but occurring after the verses were translated in 1978. Secondly I will reveal what it is saying about current world events, which are of great concern to us all.  


The Oracle 

The Bible has always been regarded as a living oracle, a word which originally meant 'the Most Holy Place', or 'the word of God'. Here is a note about the oracle from the website Bible Study Tools.

In the Old Testament used in every case, except 2 Samuel 16:23, to denote the most holy place in the temple (I Kings 6:5; 1 Kings 6:19-23; 8.6). In 2 Samuel 16:23 it means the Word of God. A man inquired "at the oracle of God" by means of the Urim and Thummim in the breastplate on the high priest's ephod. In the New Testament it is used only in the plural, and always denotes the Word of God (Romans 3:2; Hebrews 5:12, etc). The Scriptures are called "living oracles" (compare Hebrews 4:12) because of their quickening power (Acts 7.38).

The miracle I am calling The Oracle speaks to us through that previously-unknown type of code I mentioned, which I call the double-witness codes, given me by the Holy Spirit in 2017.[3] Using them I found what I call the Code Signal (bottom of this page), powerful statistical evidence that these codes are real and further validation for the New Bible Code. 

The New Bible Code itself is founded on a two-stage decoding procedure, where numbers are encoded as ordinal values, but take on meaning as standard values. The double-witness codes found within Genesis 1.1-5 are a simple extension of this principle to pairs of numbers. Both are encoded as ordinal values, but one is decoded under the standard value system, the other under the combined value system. In the tables below, both are shown as coloured word blocks under the text and denoted 's' and 'c'. 

There is a second type of double-witness code that uses the standard values of the same word or phrase in English and Hebrew for the double witness, and which reveals God's creations and the ark and its contents within the five opening verses[4]. These can combine with the first type to form double-double witnesses, as I show in the second table. But the first type is the one I will focus on for the most part, as it is the language in which The Oracle speaks.

The Oracle is self validating, as shown in the first table. 

 Table The Oracle

I've shown every instance of the standard and combined values of 'Oracle' (orange) and 'The Oracle' (yellow). Note that there are three neat clusters and that these are placed at the borders and centre of the entire Oracle, like three evenly-spaced flower beds in a border.

What are the odds against this pattern emerging? By the binomial formula, there is about an 83% chance of numbers of this size being found once somewhere in the Oracle/Garden. The chances of both standard and combined value being found for any word are about 70%. The chances of finding the name with and without the definite article, under both systems, is about 45%. The probability of finding ten instances of these numbers is about 14% and of them clustering so strongly is maybe 0.5% (1 in 200). Finally, the chances of these clusters creating a beginning-middle-end pattern is obviously much lower than 0.5% - I'd guess about 0.2% (1 in 500) or lower.

What would we expect from randomly-chosen numbers? As a control experiment, I subtracted 1 from each of the four numbers, reducing them from 189, 270, 402 and 531, to 188, 269, 401 and 530. Then I looked for these new numbers in the Oracle. 

Table The Oracle Control

As you can see, only three of the four numbers were found at all, there were five instances in total instead of ten with the genuine numbers, and although there was a little clustering of the word blocks it was much less impressive - about what would usually be expected. A control experiment for the English-Hebrew double witness codes, which gave similar results, is shown in The Double Witness.

But there is more. One Hebrew name for an Oracle is HaMassah/this oracle (Isaiah 14.28). This is also found in these verses, filling the spaces between the three clusters in another fairly symmetrical pattern.[5]

 Table The Oracle 2

So The Oracle proclaims itself as such, double witnessed by two validated systems of alphabetic numeration and in the languages of the original words and the modern translation.


The Oracle's Commentaries on Recent Events

Next I'd like to display the Oracle's ability to offer commentary on important current events. I can do this because important events occurred during the period between the 1984 NIV being released and today, so I can show you what the Oracle says about them.

The ability of the Oracle to show us what's ahead of us in time is limited, because we usually can't predict what's around the corner and won't know what questions to ask. Its principle value is firstly in affirming, by their very inclusion, the importance of events or phenomena that have just begin or have recently occurred. It also comments on agencies that may have been involved in creating them or otherwise have an impact on our world. Secondly it ascribes meaning to events, through nearby encodings, the numbers themselves and by similar means. Anything that might be considered important on a global scale can be checked for inclusion by converting its official nomenclature or most popular name (generally in English) into standard and combined values, although the other two systems are also useful. 

1. The event that triggered the release of the New Bible Code was the terrorist attacks of 11 September, 2001, or '9/11', which happened 17 years after the NIV '84 was released.

In The September-11 Cube, I show how the ordinal value of the names of main targets, the north and south towers of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, combine to form three nested cubes: cube 729 (9 cubed), with 343 (7 cubed) and 125 (5 cubed) inside, like Russian dolls. By 'striking through' cube 729, representing the three strikes on 9/11, we colour 217 spheres, which form an apparent Star of David 121/61, when projected onto a surface. Here is the September-11 Cube and the hexagon 217, with inset star 121, that is its 2D projection at this angle.

The September-11 Cube III 

The Pentagon (o) ......................................= 125

The World Trade Centre (o) .....................= 218

218 + 125 ..................................................= 343

The North Tower + The South Tower (o) ..= 386

386 + 343 .................................................= 729

Hexagon 217 Star of David 121

Christ's Second Coming (o) = 217

Second Coming (o)  ............= 121

Here now is the table, showing all of these numbers, along with '911' and 'Nine Eleven'. Note that 'nine eleven' is double witnessed and '911' is present twice, which itself a kind of double witness. 

 Table 9:11 & The 9:11 Cube

Clustered around 911 and 'nine eleven' are the numbers forming the September-11 Cube and hexagon/hexagram that it projects. This clustering effect means that nearly all the numbers are found in the second half of the Oracle, which itself speaks of intelligent design, because a random distribution would give a more even scatter. By chance alone we would expect one or two of the numbers to be absent, far fewer multiple instances and much less clustering.

What the Oracle is confirming here is the transcendent import of 9/11. By showing the numbers emerging from the September-11 Cube, it also showed that this is the figure I was meant to derive from the 9/11 targets and the way they were attacked, something I had completed fifteen years before I was led to the double-witness codes. Many pages on this site show how 9/11 has been encoded throughout the Bible and confirm that it announced the commencement of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which is the message encoded in the September-11 Cube itself. 911 is the standard value of the Hebrew word reshith, meaning 'beginning'.

Who were the perpetrators of 9/11? The official line is that 9/11 was the work of Al Qaeda. However, the Oracle has more to say on that subject.


Table 9:11 & The Perpetrators

The New Bible Code reveals that 9/11 was an enactment of the Day of Atonement rites, which the day's events followed to the letter. So I already had a strong suspicion that the Mossad were involved.[7] Given the strong ties between the Mossad and the CIA there is little doubt that elements within the CIA would have cooperated with them. Additionally, some researchers claim that Al Qaeda itself was a creation of The CIA and The Mossad. In any case, The Oracle is clear: all three agencies had a hand in planning and executing 9/11, an 'antichrist' day of death and destruction, but one prophesied throughout the Bible.







1. This discovery began with my reading of a remarkable document by the late E. E. Brooks, The Union of the Soul and Spirit.

2. Two years ago, at midnight on 24/11/21, I was taken out of my body and given a remarkable, complex experience. This happened just as I completed the Garden of Eden pages on this site and it was, I feel, a reward for my efforts. Completing the section took three weeks, during which time I was subjected to continuous spiritual attack. God protected me and lifted me up every time I stumbled and fell, which was many times. After I coallesced back into my body God told me He had helped me finish the pages because He wanted mankind to have a GOLDEN AGE, which I understand is to last a thousand years. I asked why the world is anything but golden at the moment and the answer I received was IN THE END.

3. The words from the Holy Spirit that led me to the double-witness codes came through Kathy LeCorre, my silent partner who, sadly, died earlier this year.

4. The entire tabernacle and its structure is also found here, double witnessed in English and Hebrew. I found it all in 2017, but didn't publish it, because I couldn't find one of the two numbers for the outer court. I now realise why that is so - it is related to the fact that the outer court was given to the gentiles, and was therefore not considered holy - and regret not publishing the material. The original work is lost now, but if time permits I may do it all again.

5. As I was doing this table the TV was on, showing a report on the Gaza conflict. I suddenly heard the word 'Hamass' and realised it is almost identical to 'Hamassa'. As this page makes clear, the Israel-Hamass conflict is a fulfilment of prophecy and an extremely significant event. 

6. Some of the modern institutions found in the Oracle existed before the NIV Bible was written, so strictly speaking there is no prophetic element in this case. However, I think we can be confident that the team of NIV translators were solely interested in their translation efforts. The encoder was the Holy Spirit, working through their unconscious minds.

7. Most of the public are aware of the infamus 'Dancing Israelis', Mossad operatives caught filming the terrorist attacks as they occurred. Their minivan displayed a mural of the towers being hit by an airplane.