The Sign and the Seal

In The Bookend Encodings I show how Christ’s Second Coming is announced in four encodings that bookend the NIV Bible, vehicle for the New Bible Code. The primary purpose of this code is to show how two recent events of worldwide impact, 9/11 and the funeral of Pope John Paul II, were, in fact, staged dramas that represented the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Taken as a whole, these two events, along with many signs inserted within our culture, represented, and were manifestations of, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Encoded within the first two verses of the NIV Bible are three numbers describing a fractal snowflake I call the Creation snowflake. The numbers are integrated with the first of the bookend encodings, with several numerical signatures of Christ and with other encoded material, attesting to the snowflake’s unusual importance. This beautiful figure could in fact be described as a geometric mandala, symbolising God’s immanence within all of creation. (note 1) It is also the source of further snowflakes, symbolising our Lord Jesus Christ. Here I show that the Creation snowflake is the geometric source of the numbers found in the bookend encodings.

Note that all numbers are extracted using the ordinal value system of English gematria. For a review of the numeration schemes employed in the New Bible Code please click here.

The Creation Snowflake Within Genesis

The snowflake and its two principal geometric features, the diadem-like outer ring and the outline, are encoded within the NIV Genesis. Only the snowflake and its outer ring are of interest here; these are shown below.

1. The Creation Snowflake: Outer Ring

Genesis 1 (NIV) - first eighteen words
1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.


1st 18 words NIV Genesis (o) ........ = 906


2. The Creation Snowflake: Complete Figure

Genesis 1:2 (NIV)
1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.


NIV Genesis 1:2 (o) ...= 1279


This is the Creation snowflake in all its glory, a tribute to the Creator Himself both in its magnificent form and in the number of its constituent units, 1279, which is the standard value of this title:

The Almighty God (s) = 1279

As I have shown the entire snowflake can be built from two ‘tiles’: hexagon 19 and hexagram 37. This subdivision, which also reveals two smaller nested snowflakes of 151 and 373 units, emerges from the six-plus-one day creation sequence described in The Creation Snowflake and is the most fundamental way of subdividing the snowflake. The internal structure shown be borne in mind when reading the rest of this page, as it forms the background for most of the geometric figures I will display. Indeed it was through the study of this internal structure that I found them.

The Second Coming Bookends within the NIV

Four encodings at the very beginning and end of each testament in the NIV announce the second coming of Jesus Christ. Here are all four. I have shown the number of words in each coloured word string, ordinal values of each string and the word or phrase of which this is the standard value.




Note that these message split into two related pairs. The Genesis/Revelation encodings and the Malachi/Matthew encodings. The Genesis/Revelation word strings both cover eighteen words and are each split into two parts, the first part relating to Jesus Christ, the second part to His Second Coming.

The numbers associated with these cryptic messages - 515, 391, 604 and 397 - can all be represented on the Creation snowflake, leading to further proof that the snowflake was deliberately encoded within the NIV Bible and leaving us in no doubt as to which event it proclaims.

The Second Coming in Genesis and the Creation Snowflake

The first ‘bookend’ encoding, featuring the numbers 515 and 391, is shown again below. This is part of a suite of encoded numbers found by cutting the first twenty-four words of the NIV Bible into consecutive strings of six words, as shown in The Signature of Christ. The two word strings are of twelve (6 x 2) and six words and total eighteen (6 x 3) words. This inclusion of the number six in the encodings is an obvious reference to the six days of Creation and to the sixfold symmetry of the Creation snowflake.




The Numbers 515 and 391

By considering the fundamental geometric properties of snowflake ring 906, we can create a complementary pair of ring structures. These require 515 and 391 units and show that structural properties of the ring are reflected in the Genesis encoding. The two structures are illustrated below.


Jesus (s)  = 515
Second Coming (s) = 391

In each structure the missing units equals the number of units in the other one: the structure of 391 units is created by subtracting 515 units from the ring of 906 units and vica versa. (note 2) The structures each have only one axis of symmetry, but together suggest a skeletal ring with six axes of symmetry, like the Creation snowflake itself.

The Number 391

In Christ’s Snowflakes Part 2 I showed how a snowflake of 391 units can be found within the Creation Snowflake. Cutting snowflake 391 from the Creation snowflake leaves a ‘snowflake ring’ of 888 units, 888 being the standard value of the Greek word for Jesus! The two figures and the associated word and phrase are shown below.



The number 888 is also the standard value of the phrase ‘The Lord’s Second Coming’. Therefore we can again restate the Genesis message, this time by substituting the Hebrew word Yehoshua for the phrase ‘Second Coming’.


The Second Coming in Malachi and Matthew and the Creation Snowflake

The second and third ‘bookend’ encodings are repeated below. Whilst the first encoding featured the number six, these are both over fourteen words. As I show in The Bookend Encodings, this is a reference to the first chapter of Matthew, where the ancestors of Jesus Christ are named in three lists covering fourteen generations.



The Number 604

The number 604 is 4 x 151 (ordinal value of ‘Jesus Christ’!), 151 units forming the fractal snowflake sitting at the centre of the Creation snowflake and those forming the outer ring of the figure. The following triangular snowflake requires 604 units and can be cut from the Creation snowflake, as shown.



The Second Coming (s) = 604


It is now beginning to look as if gematria concerned with the Second Coming is deliberately referencing the Creation snowflake! This snowflake has three axes of symmetry. (note 3) Triangular snowflakes, though rare, are also found in nature.

The Second Coming in Revelation and the Creation Snowflake

The fourth and final ‘bookend’ encoding is shown again below. In reflection of the Genesis ‘bookend’, this encoding is over the Bible’s final eighteen words and restates the message in a two-part form. However, this time it is bisected into two strings of nine words each. This is entirely appropriate for the Bible’s final, apocalyptic book, as nine is the number of endings, finality and judgment.



The Number 397

The two component word strings have ordinal values of 397 and 391. I showed above that 391 units can be rendered as a fractal snowflake that can be cut from the Creation snowflake. What about the number 397? This is a centred hexagonal number. Cutting this simple, hexagonal snowflake out of the Creation snowflake leaves a symmetrical ring of 882 units, which, amazingly, is the standard value of a phrase that is a commonly-used alternative for ‘Second Coming’!

Second Advent (s) = 882

Here we see more evidence that the gematria of the Second Coming is no accident and must have been designed with the Creation snowflake in mind! The figures are illustrated below.


The Lord (s) .........= 397

Second Advent (s) = 882


Hexagon 397 does not fit onto the Creation snowflake’s basic platelet structure. However, an alternative snowflake of 397 units can be cut from the Creation snowflake, which does have this property. This is shown in the final illustration.



The Lord (s) .........= 397

Second Advent (s) = 882



As I have shown elsewhere on this site, the Creation snowflake is a symbol of God’s immanence within Creation. It is also the source of much of the gematria of the Trinity, particularly that of Jesus Christ, whose numerical signatures are encoded alongside the snowflake within the first few words of the NIV Bible. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also the template from which a flurry of snowflakes symbolising our Lord can be cut.

Now we see that this fertile source of so many wonders is also the geometric reference for the gematria of the Second Coming, including the numbers found within the NIV ‘bookmark’ encodings! A huge number of irregular shapes can be cut from the Creation snowflake, but the number of symmetrical figures that can be produced is obviously very limited. Therefore it would appear that the Creation snowflake (which, remember, is encoded beside the first bookend encoding) is the sign and the seal of the Lord’s Second Coming.

Bill Downie 12/3/09


1. A mandala (from the Sanscrit word for wheel) is a circular space, usually quartered, which is used as an aid to meditation by Buddhist monks. C. G. Jung used mandalas as an aid to psychoanalysis.

2. As I show in other pages, the number 391 is also the standard value of the Hebrew word for Jesus, transliterated as Yehoshua. So the complementary rings can also symbolise the English name ‘Jesus’ and its Hebrew equivalent ‘Yehoshua’.

3. Four less symmetrical variants of this snowflake can be cut from the Creation snowflake, making five variants in all.