Psi File 1999-2004

The Paranormal and Spiritual Incidents (PSI) File

This is a record of the many incidents suggestive of the reality of paranormal phenomena and of a spiritual dimension to which I have been a party since the spring of 1998. I have had occasional paranormal experiences before, but they began to occur in earnest after I started reading a book called
Life Between Life, written by Joe Fisher and Dr. Joel Whitton, about reincarnation and the “bardo” experienced between incarnations. I borrowed this book because it had been mentioned in another book I had read, called Breakthrough, written by Whitley Strieber and concerning his alien contact experiences.

Although I had occasionally been drawn to the subjects of UFO’s and psi phenomena in the past, I had always avoided anything overtly “new age” or religious, having subscribed to the worldview of scientific materialism. However, this worldview had come under increasing strain over the past few years, beginning, I think, after I read Robert Pirsig’s,
Lila and Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, round about 1992. Pirsig’s ground-breaking books (which, I now believe, are a useful bridge between scientific materialism and spirituality) use the literary device of a journey and after reading them I embarked on one of my own, a metaphysical journey which eventually opened my mind to a spiritual dimension, hitherto unsuspected. After reading “Life Between Life” and having the experiences which quickly followed, I became interested in reincarnation and many other spiritual and paranormal topics, such as near-death and out-of-body experiences, religion, mysticism, psi phenomena and other related subjects. What follows are the highlights of my many suspected psychic and, dare I say it, spiritual experiences since then.

I began to compile this dossier on 28/1/99. Where incidents are recorded more than a day or so after the event I have given the date of entry, so that some allowance can be made for inaccuracies due to the elapsed time between the experience and its recording. It should also be stated that I occasionally revise the entries later. This is done mainly for style - seldom for content - and always with care not to distort the facts.

April ‘98

(recorded 28/1/99)

After reading a few chapters of “Life Between Life” (Joe Fisher and Joel Whitton), I was at the point of dropping off to sleep when a female face, vaguely familiar, momentarily appeared in front of me (whilst my eyes were shut). About two hours later I was reading a book called “The Little Mermaid” to my daughters, chosen by Fiona, and not read for about a year. One of the pictures was of a strikingly-beautiful mermaid. Later I realised that this was the face I had earlier seen. 2/6/20 I only discovered years later that the name of the Mermaid, Ariel, was an old name for Jerusalem used in Isaiah 29.

April ‘98 (estimate)
(recorded 28/1/99)

Whilst in the process of waking up one Saturday morning, and though my eyes were closed, I saw three perfectly circular discs of light in front of me - two creamy-yellow spots below a white spot, the three forming a perfect triangle. They were bright, like spotlights, and I felt as if I was being observed, which unsettled me, as I felt quite wretched beneath their scrutiny. I dared to focus on one of the yellow spots, at which point two things happened: firstly, for the briefest of moments I seemed to connect with the light, as if I was sucked into it, sensing I had entered a larger reality, a golden dimension of love and light; secondly, all three spots disappeared. (26/10/02 - part of their function was to represent the first true triangular number, 3.)

May ‘98 (estimate)
(recorded 28/1/99)

Karen had to borrow my car key after getting into my car and finding that she couldn’t get her own key into the keyhole: it had bent almost one centimetre off the straight. A month or two before this she had showed me her key for my parents’ house, which had a sharp bend of about 60° in the middle (the car key displayed a more rounded bend). I had not suspected anything at that time.

Over the next few weeks Karen’s car key gradually straightened then began to bend once more, all apparently of it’s own accord.

May ‘98 (estimate)
(recorded 28/1/99)

One lunchtime at work, whilst dozing, I had another possible precognitive flash of a vaguely-familiar face. That evening whilst putting petrol in my car I found myself opposite an old aquaintance, Fiona Carlyn, whom I had not seen for a few years. I am almost sure it was her face I had seen.

September ‘98 (estimate)
(recorded 28/1/99)

I had a vivid dream, ending in my meeting a woman dressed in black, victorian clothes, with a blue fluorescence emanating from and obscuring her face. At the time I had speculated about the meaning of this dream, connecting it with death and with the fact that, next day, I had for the first time noticed that the door of the pub next to where I had been standing in the dream (The Clifton Arms) was painted blue. About a month later I was walking up the same street to attend the funeral service of my aunt Chrissie, when I had the feeling that I was somehow re-enacting the dream. Close to where I met the woman in the dream, I noticed, for the first time, a fluorescent-blue advertising sign.

(recorded 28/1/99)

I finished reading
The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck, a book which made a deep impression on me. I then went to Scotmid for some groceries. While entering the shop, and thinking over topics associated with the book, I hit on a beautiful metaphor for what is wrong with many people’s lives and how to change them for the better:

When the light goes out of our lives, we look to rekindle it in some way. We might try to find fulfilment through activity or material success. We might look for various ways in which to amuse ourselves - sometimes to the detriment of ourselves or others. If we are really down we might even turn to drugs or crime.

This is like creating our own light when a light bulb blows by lighting candles, or, if we are more desperate, burning our furniture, or even putting our house to the torch, just to keep the light going - because we don’t realise that it’s the flow of electricity (a metaphor for the connection to God) which keeps the light-bulb burning. Of course, we are throwing ever more valuable objects into the flames. But what we really need to do is to replace the light bulb or change the fuse, so that the electricity flows once more - in other words renew our connection to God.

The longer I thought the metaphor through, the more apt it seemed. By this time I was in the supermarket. I was walking along the aisles buying my groceries, when I was suddenly asked by a dishevelled, unshaven old man to pick a pack of four light bulbs from the top shelf (he didn’t speak clearly and I had initially given him a single bulb, but he insisted on the pack of four). I thought nothing of it and continued with my shopping. When I arrived at the tills I saw that there were long queues at every till except the one the old man stood at, so I took my place behind him. Then I saw the light bulbs again - and I was hit by a sudden revelation! Was I being given a message? I don’t know, but I can say that I was very suspicious. The little man had a glint in his eye which I will never forget.

(8/4/00) I feel I should record, despite the fact that it seems ridiculous, that the little man was dressed very like the tramp in
It’s A Wonderful Life, which I had watched for the first time on Christmas night, three days before the experience and after I had started reading the book (I got the book out of Broxburn library on about the 23rd and taped the film on the 24th). The tramp was, of course, an angel who came to show the character James Stewart played that his life was worth living. The scene where the angel saved him from suicide took place during a snowstorm at Christmas. After I finished watching the film I looked outside to see that, at 11.50 PM and with snow falling and lying, we had just managed a white Christmas. Coincidence, or another beautifully-timed synchronicity?

2 + 8 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 40
28 + 12 = 40
28 = MAN
12 = 4 + 4 + 4

December ‘98
(recorded 9/2/99)

Dreamed I was spending a lot of time drinking and socialising. I suddenly felt guilty and found myself trying to build some sort of bridge, made of sods, over the Brox Burn in a local field. Then I was standing beside two stumps of two trees, which had somehow been ravaged, or at least lived in, by ants. David Hughes, who used to play in the band, pointed to the first tree stump I noticed and said something like “You’ve had twenty-four years of this”. He then pointed to the other stump and said something like “You’ll have twenty more years of that“.

This dream intrigued me. I’ve played in brass bands for twenty-four years; do I have twenty left? The ravaged tree stumps seemed to have some relevance to my state of mind. 12/6/00 - Perhaps I’ve got twenty more years of inner turmoil (my usual state of mind). I now also see that this dream was the first version I remember of the water-crossing dreams I’ve so often had since (see entry for 4/3/99 and others).

(13/11/04) The ravaged tree stumps represented the twin towers! The numbers 24 and 20 sum to 44 (11 x 4) and strung together give 2420 = 11 x 11 x 20.

(recorded 9/2/99)

Dreamed I was sitting on a sunny street when a disabled woman approached me and seemed to say the word “yellow” (the day before I had passed a disabled woman in PC World). I was flicking through what seemed like yellow stamen. I acknowledged her, which seemed to cause her delight for some reason.

The next day I was browsing inThins bookshop at the Gyle Shopping Centre when I came across a book with a bright yellow cover, called
The Yellow Book. It was an excellent compendium of spiritual proverbs and advice.

(recorded 24/2/99)

At a meeting that afternoon with a colleague I began to feel very relaxed and somewhat disengaged from the business at hand. Then, for a few minutes, I felt as if my mind first expanded then connected with something which I have heard described as, and which felt like, a “field of consciousness“. I felt enveloped in a peaceful stillness and sensed that I was in the presence of a larger intelligence, or perhaps several intelligences, which radiated a beautiful, poignant sense of the sacredness of life. From this vantage point I recognised my normal waking state to be fraught with unnecessary and mostly negative emotion - and saw that my everyday personality was an illusion. I was so relaxed for the rest of the evening (an unusual state for me) that the tone I produced on my euphonium at band practice was exceptionally clear and ringing.

There was a feeling of being above and beyond the pull of my emotions, and a sense of being connected to a larger reality. I want to get there again.

17 and 18/2/99
(recorded 23/2/99)

On the 18th I began reading
Further Along The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck. This is a sequel to his first book, and concerns itself mainly with spiritual growth.

I had two vivid dreams on the 17th and 18th which seemed to be connected. The first dream concerned my childhood and ended very disturbingly, with me the adult apparently killing myself as a child, for some wrongdoing, on the instruction of a higher authority. I was very troubled by this dream next day. That night I dreamt I was shown a squarish, cockroach-like insect, which I thought represented me. I took hold of the struggling insect, whereupon it metamorphised into a large, energetic, brightly-plumed bird. Later in the dream this theme was repeated as I saw a fish jump out of a stream and sit beside me, immediately turning into a large, eagle-like bird, almost frightening in its vivacity, and eating raw meat. The two dreams taken together perhaps represent a kind of symbolic death and rebirth.

I had recently had two other powerful dreams, one involving a small, luminous insect and the other a tiny goldfish. These were in some danger in the dreams and I found myself trying to protect them throughout. Did they represent my soul? It’s interesting that the dream I recorded above concerned the transformation of both an insect and a fish. 6/12/04 - I’m reading Memories, Dreams, Reflections, by CG Jung. He had a
very similar dream as a youth, which he regarded as revelatory. He regarded the light as his conscious mind. The phantoms behind him he regarded as a Brocken Spectre, a projection of his conscious mind. This explains so much, especially my ‘big dream’ as a child about being chased down a corridor by an evil witch, through two succesive doors, one of which had an apple for a handle (this was a premonition of 9/11, the second door representing NY, both doors together representing NY/WDC and simultaneously the twin towers - my opening of them representing my opening the doors to an understanding of the sigificance of the event).

(recorded 23/2/99)

I finished
Further Along The Road Less Travelled, which impressed me almost as much as the first book by M. Scott Peck.

The same night, after I returned from band practice, I set the grill on fire making toast. The sound of the fire alarm wakened the girls, so I went up to kiss them goodnight. I switched off their bedroom light to see the phosphorescent stars and planets I had stuck to the ceiling. As I looked up at the ceiling, the light twice switched itself on and off! These were definite flashes, lasting about one second each, not flickers. The prosaic explanation for these events is that I had forgot to turn the grill off and hadn’t properly switched the light off. However, bearing in mind the metaphor which came to me after reading M. Scott Peck’s first book, I think I might have been given a reminder! I have since tried to get the light to flash by wiggling the switch, but it is either on or off.


Dreamed, for the first time in many months, that I could fly. There was a quality of freedom and realness to this dream which marked it out from others. In the dream I was standing on the patch of grass outside my parents house when I decided I would fly. I even had to duck to avoid the telegraph wires which were immediately overhead (and are, at that location). I could travel great distances in a very short time. It was a variation of dream I have occasionally had in the past. In it, I can only fly if I have enough confidence in my ability to do so. When I ponder upon it or if other people are around (in the dream), the ability deserts me.

In another powerful flying dream I had several months ago, I could zoom about anywhere I wanted, even through windows, (and whilst floating in mid air, spoke to a naked man standing on a bed, asking if he believed I was real!). If my confidence waned whilst flying I would begin to fall, but through an exercise of will could regain height and speed.

I have no idea if either of these dreams had any paranormal or spiritual component, and I particularly do not wish to imply that I had an out-of-body experience. However, the dream seemed to be important - and I have recently become convinced that dreams are a very mysterious yet fundamental part of our lives.

In two powerful dreams I’ve had recently, I am swimming in a stream/dangerous, swelling, shark-infested sea and have to pass through a narrow tunnel/strait. On the other side is a woman, who I embrace and accompany through a garden/a city which reminds me of Shangri-la, which I have to reach but do not before the dream ends. These obviously-related dreams seem to me to tell of a difficult journey ahead, but one which is worth making.


I’ve been reading
People Of The Lie by M. Scott Peck over the last couple of days. This is the sequel to The Road Less Travelled (written before Further Along The Road Less Travelled) and is a penetrating study of human evil and how it might be scientifically recognised and overcome. Given the events following my completion of the other two M. Scott Peck books I’ve read, I was acutely aware of the possibility of another “message”. I was not to be disappointed.

Two light bulbs have blown over the previous twenty four hours, so Karen reminded me earlier to get some light bulbs. On my usual Saturday morning trip down the street today I remembered, as I passed Scotmid, that I had something to buy, but couldn’t quite place it (this may have been significant). This evening I went out to get a fish supper for the girls (requested by them), a loaf of bread (requested by Karen) and a bottle of wine for Karen and myself. I decided to get light bulbs too. Of course, I was acutely conscious that an ”event“ might occur, but wondered if this would be possible when I was in a state of acute sensitivity about almost every action I was taking.

I went to Scotmid, bought a pack of four light bulbs, identical to the one I had previously picked off the top shelf for the little man, got my bread and wine, then went to the checkout. Looking at my groceries I then realised that, along with the light bulbs which have connected all these experiences, I had bought foods with biblical associations - bread and wine. Driving up to Uphall chipshop I then realised I was about to purchase a third biblical food, and the one most associated with Christianity: fish! Not as mysterious as strange little men or flashing light bulbs, but still a clear message, I believe. I asked Karen over dinner what she thought were the three items of food and drink most associated with the bible. “Bread, wine and fish“, she answered, almost without hesitation. I feel like a puppet, manipulated by higher forces. (16/8/07) Bread wine and fish are each associated with one ofJesus’ miracles.

In the chip shop, the only other person there was a man, who asked for a black-pudding supper and subsequently changed the order to a white-pudding supper. All weekend I have been wondering how much evil I have in me. Perhaps I am saveable.


I’ve been off work for the last two days with a bad cold. Worse than the cold has been the negative thoughts I’ve been troubled with recently. The cause, I suppose, is that I’m a little depressed at the prospect of being relieved of some of my responsibilities at work. I also feel a sense of failure over my recent staff difficulties.

I went for a long walk this afternoon, round Roman Camps and back via the canal, to try and get my head together again. Whilst walking along the canal bank, deep in thought about my situation at work, my attention was grabbed by a crow or rook about twenty feet away, which chattered noisily, as if to gain my attention, flew past and very close to me, over the vegetation growing on the bank, then veered back and passed me again. Then it did something I have never seen a crow do: it dropped into the water about ten feet from me, slowly and awkwardly swam to the other bank by flapping its wings - a struggle for the bird - then climbed onto the bank and walked around, seemingly aware of me.

I watched this spectacle with open-mouthed astonishment. The crow certainly wasn’t washing itself. So what was it doing? Did it feel like a swim? - or could it have been a show, put on for my benefit? Given recent events I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. If so there was a clear message, it seemed to me: you are in a difficult situation, but keep on struggling and you’ll get there in the end. Inspired by the crow, I wrote a report on my situation at work which saved the day for me.

17/4/99 - I also realise that the crow could well have been reinforcing the message from two recent dreams - see entry for 4/3/99. What does it all mean?

9/11/99 - I am recording something I realised months ago, possibly at the time it happened, but forgot to include. The swimming crow can be seen as a metaphor for the incarnated spirit, out of its normal element. This of course is very apt and, for me, quite poignant.


I noticed a few days ago that I had been carrying both a model fish and a small, egg-shaped stone in the inside pocket of my green jacket - taken together they are a perfect symbol of Easter, which was last weekend. The fish was given to me a week or two ago by Louise or Fiona, bought at a school craft fair. I had picked up the stone a couple of months ago at a reservoir and kept it on a whim.


I’m almost finished reading
In Search Of Stones by M. Scott Peck, about a holiday in Wales, England and Scotland he and his wife took in 1992, looking for ancient standing stones. Of course, I’ve been wondering whether I will be given another “message”. Today I read up to just beyond the chapter about their visit to the impressive Callanish stones on Lewis. This took place on a Sunday, which meant they had great difficulty finding an open public toilet for his wife to visit. They eventually found an unlocked toilet adjoining a small church.

Tonight I went to my parent’s house for a party celebrating my father’s sixty-fifth birthday. They have just come back from Lewis, where they visited - would you believe it - the Callanish stones! Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and my mother also stated that she had had trouble responding to the call of nature because of the lack of toilet facilities. From her later description, I think she found the same toilet as Mrs. Peck. My parents also stayed at the same hotel as the Pecks. The Pecks and my parents are, incidentally, about the same age. I am astounded by the eery parallels between the two sets of experiences.

Unlike the previous incidents, this one took place before I had actually finished the book. However, given that I had gone just a little past the chapter on the Callinish stones, the timing was, as usual, exquisite. It might also be significant that the book concerned ancient stones - a suitable book to read at Easter! Further down the page I had stopped at in the book, Dr. Peck touches on the new-age community at Findhorn. I often read two or more books at a time, and had just started another book about that community, called
The Magic Of Findhorn.

I should mention that I bought this latest book about a fortnight before the day I found out about my parent’s trip (the 7th), intending to read it at St. Andrews, which we visited from the 8th to the 10th of this month. I bought the Findhorn book at St. Andrews.

(30/11/99) Three days ago, I got a reply from Dr. Peck to the letter I sent him about my experiences in connection with his writings. In the letter his personal assistant (Dr. Peck is in poor health) mentioned that Dr. Peck can relate to my experiences - because he collects lightbulb jokes! I don’t need any more proof: there is a God.

I realised only yesterday that the reason I’ve had so many experiences in Scotmid must surely be because the word “
Scotmid“ contains part of “M. Scott Peck”, as I’ve highlighted! Indeed, the “id” remaining is also a well-known Freudian term - and Dr. Peck is a psychiatrist!

(24/5/00) I’ve
now just realised (in my slow, plodding way!) that the four experiences exactly cover the period from Christmas, Christ’s birth, to Easter, Christ’s resurrection - another awesome synchronicity. I am glimpsing ever more of a magnificent, dazzling, perfectly-woven tapestry. Glory be.

(22/8/00) The numbers 4, 40 and 333 have cropped up repeatedly in my spiritual adventures...I received four messages related to M. Scott Peck’s writings, related to four books of his I read. The little man insisted on a pack of four light bulbs. The fourth experience involved four people. He talks about four stages of spiritual growth. The woman whistled four distinct notes at me just before I went to buy
TRLT. He was about forty when he wrote TRLT and started reading the bible. I was about forty (see below) when I read the four books, and recently started reading the bible just before my forty-first birthday. The biblical flood lasted for forty days and nights. Jesus lived amongst his disciples for forty days after his resurrection and lived in the desert for 40 days. It was thirty-three years and three days since I had received the bible. TRLT has three-hundred and thirty-three pages. Newly-ordained tibetan buddhist monks retire from the outside world for three years, three months and three days. Incidentally, Whitley Streiber mentions the importance of the number three-hundred and thirty-three in his alien contact books and its connection with freemasonry.

(24/4/01) There’s more. The
TRTL experiences started on the fourth month of my fortieth year, ending four months later.

There are two incredible codas to this story. Firstly, last year I picked up a book by Dan Millman (a spiritual guru) about you life purpose. He has a system for working out your birth numbers from your birth date. It’s numerology, but I tried it anyway. My numbers were 8+8+1+9+5+9 = 40/4! I bought the book. Secondly Nick Bunick, a businessman turned spiritual writer (who claims he was told on nine occasions that he was the Apostle Paul in a previous life) says in a book he wrote that the number 444 is associated with the love or power of God. After I read this we bought Fiona a ring for passing her flute exam. The one she chose cost £4.40! My mind is reeling.

1 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 35 = Bill!


Dreamed I was at OU summer school with John McCallum. We were paired with two women and got an assignment which began in French, for a couple of lines, before changing to English. John then walked away with the women, saying he’d be back in a minute. They were gone for a while, though, and I eventually had to look for them, finding them in another building.

That morning I watched an article on TV about prince Charles speaking in French to some French schoolchildren. I then took my car to Kwikfit for a replacement exhaust. It took much longer than expected (about four hours) and the technician’s name was John McKinlay.


Dreamed last night I was back playing with Whitburn band, on solo euphonium. I shook hands with the conductor, Peter Parkes, but, though I was expecting to shake his right hand, he extended his left hand, which had a plaster round one finger.

This afternoon I met Kenny Crookston at Safeway in Livingston. We chatted for about an hour, mostly about Whitburn band. Kenny, who is left-handed, is the president of Whitburn band. Peter Parkes is the honorary president. Kenny and I haven’t spoken for a while, and the chat seemed to patch things up between us (hence, perhaps, the plaster).


Dreamed last night that my family and I were in a fierce battle with another family. There were casualties on both sides. After this I met a holy figure in a square, with some other people around. I tried to “connect” with this person, but the exercise seemed false. Finally, I found myself in a swimming pool with a friendly, man-sized crow, which I stroked as we relaxed.

This was a strange dream, but one which ended happily, with a sense of achievement on my part. I would speculate that the battle represented one I have recently gone through at work, which was damaging, and led to staff leaving, but which I survived (with my reputation somewhat restored after my principal antagonist was exposed as a troublemaker). I also feel a small sense of achievement in the way I’ve conducted myself over the last couple of days. My relaxing with the crow might be related to the incident with the crow I related in my entry for 11/3/99, and could (I hope) be a sign that I’ve successfully negotiated my way through my recent difficulties.


After a quiet period I recently had a very interesting precognitive dream. On the night of the 11th I dreamed I would be off work on Sunday when I should be putting in extra hours, like others in the company. I felt this was an indication that I actually should do more unpaid overtime. On Sunday (yesterday) I marched with the band in the civic-week parade, then went off on a drinking session with Andrew and other band members. This lasted well into the evening, at a time when the garden badly needs working on, and I spent more money than I should have. Once I got home I fell asleep on the settee, much to Karen’s annoyance. I’m not proud of myself, especially after getting very drunk last Saturday, but it did strike me today that the dream, interpreted symbolically, now makes complete sense.

I only record the ones I can verify as being accurate, but I also believe that I’m getting a lot of messages and precongitions through my own dreams at the moment. A major problem is decoding my dreams - it’s way beyond me at times! Perhaps dream interpretation is an acquired skill, but it’s one we all should work on. I’m now convinced that many dreams, perhaps all, can be mined for important or useful information, which, astoundingly, seems to have been skillfully woven into them for our benefit. The thought fills me with wonder and dread: someone, smarter and wiser than my conscious self, knows my deepest thoughts and problems and is trying to help me. I should honour this unknown benefactor by helping myself more.

I’m filled with admiration for the elegance and economy with which the dream messages themselves are presented, as is the case with the messages I’m now convinced I occasionally receive during my waking hours. Perhaps a case in point...

Last Tuesday or Wednesday I was driving home through Linlithgow and, as is occasionally my want, was mentally masturbating myself by imagining how well I would play such-and-such a solo on the euphonium, how impressed others would be by my virtuosity, etc., etc. In fact, I believe I reached new heights of egotism on this occasion. Just at the point when I reached some sort of cerebral orgasm, a bird emptied the contents of its bowels all over my windscreen in spectacular fashion! I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a crow.


Dreamed last night I was in some kind of long-distance race, in which I did quite well, finishing third. This afternoon Karen phoned to say that Louise wanted to join a local athletics club. Karen had mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I had forgotten, especially since Louise had gone to Tai-Kwong Do last night and seemed to want to continue with it.

There was more to the dream, as with so many others, but I just couldn’t figure it all out. Perhaps if I live my life in such a way as to raise my consciousness level, I will reach a point where I can extract the full benefit from my dreams. In fact, the messages might deliberately be hard to decipher for that very reason!


Since my last entry I’ve had several dreams with a precognitive element (at least two per week), but last night’s was particularly impressive. I dreamed there was something important under the Straight of Gibralter. Immediately I found myself under the water, looking at a white object, which looked like three connected pipes, shaped like an upside-down Y. The object had energy pulsing through it and brighter stripes within or around it, which seemed to be restraining it. I was intrigued by this dream today - so much so that I made a drawing of the object at work - but, though I’m becoming more adept at dream interpretation, this one defeated me.

Tonight, Karen and our neighbour, Ethel, who had come back from a cruise just a few hours before, were standing beneath a tree out on the pavement which runs past our front gardens, chatting about her holiday. I had been meaning to trim a few branches off that tree for some time as they hang so low that people have to stoop to pass underneath them, so I got a saw and did just that. There were two low-hanging branches which I found were connected, so I sawed them off just above the connecting branch. As I took the branch over to the skip, I noticed it was making the same upside-down Y shape as the dream image, with my fingers perhaps representing the brighter stripes. A question formed in my mind - where had Rab and Ethel been cruising? On returning from the skip I asked Ethel where the cruise had taken her. “Well, we started off at Gibralter”, she replied - which was no surprise to me!

Half an hour later, at Uphall Scotmid, a young, extremely-attractive female flirted with me. This is probably worth relating just for its rarity value for me - but the same thing happened about three months ago, starting and finishing at the same spots in the same shop with another attractive girl. The final look both girls (neither of whom I had seen before) gave me at the counter was embarrassingly long and personal. Given that this event happened just after confirmation of my spectacular precognitive dream, whilst I was still in a daze about it, I’m naturally suspicious. 30/10/99 - Of course! It was identical to the episode with the little man! Each meeting started in the middle of the shop (Uphall Scotmid, instead of Broxburn Scotmid) then ended at the checkout - see entry for 28/12/98. It’s all connected - I know it! 18/7/00 - could it also be that the meetings symbolised my life, initially meeting these people at the refrigerator/a low point in my life, in the middle of the shop/my life and meeting them again at the checkout/my death?

The night before, I had had a very intriguing dream which, perhaps significantly, took place at Uphall cemetary. Norman Donaldson poured me what looked like lager, but was a slurry of an ion-exchange resin in water. The bulk of the amber ion-exchange beads were sitting near the bottom, but many were floating to the surface then sinking again, then others floating to the surface, in a continuous process. I was giving Norman a “scientific” explanation for this, along the lines, as I remember, that the beads on the surface were becoming electrically charged, which attracted them to the others on the bottom, whereapon the charge was dissipated amongst the beads, releasing more to float to the surface.

When I looked at the glass again it had changed into a glass hamster cage, like ours, which was full of water, with a very large mother hamster swimming on the surface and baby hamsters replacing the amber beads. Some were struggling at the surface, looking for a landing point, others were at the bottom, not drowning but socially interacting!

It only took me a few seconds, on waking up, to realise that the dream was very probably a symbolic interpretation of reincarnation. Whether this dream was some sort of confirmation of reincarnation I don’t know, but it was filled with significant elements: being shown something by an authority figure (Norman), a symbol of God (the mother hamster), reincarnating souls (the amber beads/hamsters), Uphall cemetary (death), the electric charge (connection to God - see entries on events connected with my reading M. Scott Peck’s books). This was definitely a “big” dream.

On Saturday night (past midnight), after reading some poems by Walt Whitman, I wrote a poem:
And Now, about our destruction of the environment and it’s probable consequences for us. Whatever its literary merits, it’s probably the best thing I’ve yet written.


Yesterday, after a visit to Thriepmuir reservoir, I felt unusually relaxed for the rest of the afternoon - in a state of “inner peace”. Last night I dreamed I very briefly met my Uncle Hugh (Moonie). His entire head was painted blue. This morning I met his wife, my aunt Beth, who habitually wears, and was wearing, blue-tinted spectacles. I hadn’t seen either of them for months. Other aspects of this dream (and another recent dream) may have been precognitive.

(recorded 7/9/03)

Today was the much-heralded near total eclipse of the sun. I witnessed it through the telescope and was suitably impressed when the daylight faded to a fraction of its normal brilliance.

However, I have only recently come to understand that even this natural event was manipulated to provide humankind with a further (in fact it was the first) indication that these are indeed the ‘end times’ and that this event is symbolised by the number 11.

1. The eclipse took place at 11:11 am.
2. The date was the 11th.
3. The numbers 1+ 1 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 = 38, 3 + 8 = 11. 38 = Lucifer (r)

or, assuming the number 11 stands on its own because of its importance and because this is numerological tradition,

11 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 47, 4 + 7 = 11. 47 = beast.


The night before last I had a dream which accurately precognised various events at yesterday’s Troon contest. In the dream, Alex Chalmers fixed the engine of my car, whereas in real life it was the valves on my euphonium he sorted. There were other events too - me not getting lunch, oiling my fourth valve before going on stage, walking along narrow paths and down steps to get to the car - all of which were present in the dream.


The precognitive dreams keep on coming. A few nights ago I had a curious dream about acupuncture and a needle getting stuck in my right arm, on the inside, at the elbow joint. I eventually got the needle out. I also had an argument with a shopkeeper about a long tube of sweets I had ripped slightly at the midpoint. We later made up. Next day I noticed a nasty spot on my right arm, at the point where the needle in the dream had gotten stuck. It was particularly red and sore and there was a hair growing out of it. It took a long time (and several squeezes) to clear.

Three nights ago I dreamed I was lying beside the bath when the girls came in and jumped into the bath. Next morning Fiona asked me if I would take them swimming, saying she didn’t mind if I just watched (which I normally do, although the girls prefer if I swim too). I hadn’t taken them swimming for several weeks.

Two nights ago I dreamed that Rae Mitchell met me in reception and snuggled up close, which I took to be sexual overtures. In the dream I returned the favour. Today I received a letter from an NHS Trust hospital asking for a job reference for Rae, who was made redundant four or five months ago, then started a new life in Yorkshire. I would have gotten it yesterday but it was a Monday holiday. Letters are sorted out in reception every morning before distribution.


I’m not listing every precognitive or possibly significant dream any longer, only the ones I feel are verifiable or are particularly intriguing.

One in the latter category occured two nights ago. I dreamed that I was in a room at the top floor of a building in a street like Princes Street. Whilst measuring me for glasses, an optician was asking me how many drugs I had taken the night before. I listed what I had taken, which so disgusted him he (or she) refused to give me glasses. Andrew was there. We then left and went to the bottom floor through John Menzies store. The dream seemed to have great significance on several counts:

The drugs were an obvious reference to the amount of alcohol I had consumed the night before, the different drugs and amounts closely paralleling types and intake of drinks. Andrew has recently become teatotal. The optician could have been a metaphor for my spiritual benefactor(s), helping me to “see” the meaning and purpose of life more clearly.

If I have correctly interpreted all of the above events, then the optician’s disgust is a clear message that I have to stop, or at least cut down on, my drinking!

Several other dreams, including one the next night, have reinforced this point. I’m not an especially heavy drinker, but perhaps I need a clearer head to be more receptive to whatever enlightenment comes my way. However, there is an interesting twist to this tale. Yesterday I went on an internal auditor’s course, which took place in Fleming House in Cumbernauld. It took place in a meeting room on the top floor (or very near) of the building. At the start of the course, the instructor told us about a problem he had had with his glasses, which he had bought at M & S (similar sound to Menzies). This, of course, fits the dream scenario as well as my first interpretation!

I’m beginning to suspect that both interpretations are possibly correct. In other words, the dream has woven into it elements of my future experience at the auditor’s course to give me a warning about drinking too much! It may, in fact, be the case that the dream compiler (my unconscious? my higher self? God?) will take the most appropriate real-life situation which is easily accessible or memorable - be it from our memories of the recent past
or the near-future - to construct the dream message. Any precognitive element of the dream may simply be a superfluous by-product, at least sometimes. If there is a realm of “no time” where a part of us resides and where our dreams originate from, this interpretation makes sense.

(recorded 7/12/99)

I had a very vivid dream about Germany being destroyed by nuclear weapons. I could see two bombs exploding and hurriedly tried to get everybody underground. I had no idea what this might be about at the time. However, Karen told me that she had recently dreamed that a gang of thugs were attacking an Asian takeaway.

This reminded me of the main news tonight - Russia are threatening to flatten the city of Groznyy, the capitol of Chechnya, on Saturday the 11th if the Chechen rebels do not lay down their weapons. Both our dreams can be interpreted in this light (Germany is in the same general direction as Chechnya/Groznyy and the names are similar sounding; the Chechens are muslims, as are most Asians). Have we each precognised this terrible event? I hope I’m wrong, or that it’s one of many possible futures.


I’m reading Jung at the moment:
Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious. Paragraph 40 (that number again! - see entry for 12/4/99) describes a dream had by a theologian, where he sees a castle on a mountain, but is separated from it by a valley, through which runs a body of dark, forbidding, fast-flowing water. There is a path to the mountain which descends into the valley, through the water, and up the other side to the castle, but he finds the prospect uninviting. This is so, so close to many of my own dreams (for example, see entry for 4/3/99). According to Jung this dream represents the journey to spiritual awakening, which involves descending into the depths of the unconscious. My favourite piece of music, John Adams’ Harmonielehre, seems to represent this journey.


I’m not sure about reincarnation, but one night I asked whoever is guiding me (if anyone is) to give me details about my last life. I was serious in my intent. During a dream that night I had distinct impressions of the following:

1) a sweet shop or bakers (or, at least, white objects lying on shelves),
2) a sergeant major, shouting,
3) world-war one,
4) Edinburgh.

After these impressions I found myself suspended in a void, from which I heard a voice say that my name had been Sandy Macalinden, or a similar surname.

I have had many other dreams in which the location was in and about Edinburgh and the period was the early part of the century. They are often associated with a sense of depression or guilt (even that I might have committed murder). It might also be significant that I often feel depressed when I am in Edinburgh. I thought the name Macalinden was made-up sounding, but there are three Macalinden variants in the phone book. Not nearly enough there to convince me, but certainly enough to intrigue me. 22/8/00 - Ah ha! Sandy Macalinden has the initials SM. Could that be significant? 9/9/02 - I also realised about a year ago that the voice could have said Sananda Michael.


I am witnessing a scene on a ship, sailing on stormy seas (this is a familiar theme to me by now). The crew have tried to kill the captain by slashing his throat, but he is only lightly cut. He is relating this to me in frantic tones. After this, they try to get him to walk onto the deck to urinate, whilst a storm rages, hoping he’ll fall overboard. He is very upset about this, but also expects it somehow.

I wake up. I’d just gone to the toilet a little beforehand, my mind a maelstrom of negative thoughts spilling over from the previous day, so much so that I’d been worried about my heart. The captain, of course, is me. The crew, whatever lurks in my unconscious (my destructive tendencies?).

(recorded 3/1/00)

Exactly one year to the day and hour after my encounter with a strange but knowing little man I had another baffling experience, connected, once again, with M. Scott Peck’s most famous work.

The girls had asked me to take them to Livingston centre so they could spend their Christmas money. During this trip I went to WH Smiths to browse. I picked up
The Road Less Travelled to read a passage I had remembered and decided I was going to buy it, as I had always promised myself I would. I felt a little guilty about this as we had spent a lot of money for Christmas, but felt it was an appropriate time to buy the book, being almost exactly one year after I had first read it, and because of its importance to my life.

I went to the bank to get money for the book then took the girls to Woolworths. As we walked there, a pop tune we had played the night before was running through my head. At one point a woman (though I didn’t get a good look at her) walked up to me and hummed a few notes from the same tune right at me - at exactly the same time as the very same passage was running through my mind! Furthermore, she hummed it at the same tempo and pitch as myself! I’m not sure what to make of that but it seemed very strange at the time. 1/6/00 - I recently realised - months later, as usual - that there was further significance here. The tune I was whistling was a descending sequence of four notes - CCAF - from a tune which was mostly instrumental, but included the words: “Do you think you’re better on your own?” In other words, on my own I’ll fall. I think I’m being urged to be less of an independant person, which I certainly am (What do I need to do? Get psychotherapy? Allow God into my life? Be more open? I wish I knew.) The only other words in the song are “ Talk to me”. Should I start talking to God?

After the kids had shopped at Woolworths we went back to WH Smith to get my book. There was a half-price sale on but
The Road Less Travelled didn’t seem to be in it. I still felt guilty about spending £5.99 on it but picked up the book anyway and took it to the checkout. But - amazingly - I was only charged £1! The woman who served me commented “See - you’ve got peace of mind already!”, as if she knew I was feeling guilty!

I’m not absolutely sure if there was anything mystical going on here but given the exquisite timing of this event (which I only became fully aware of afterward - for instance I thought the original event had taken place on the 29th) and the meaningfulness of the second incident, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. Both women seemed to know what was going on in my mind - a sobering thought if ever there was one.


I got The
Holotropic Mind by Stanislav Grof for Christmas. This is a wide-ranging exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness and what they tell us about the human psyche and the nature of reality. Grof is a founder of transpersonal psychology and, I think, a spiritual heir of Jung.

Grof amasses impressive evidence that birth is a traumatic experience for the baby, who can undergo a range of intense emotional experiences, ranging from the spiritual to the demonic. If Grof is correct, this event can have a truly profound influence on our lives, giving rise to many of our most deeply-rooted psychological problems and even influencing the psyche of entire nations and the course of certain critical periods of history.

I am profoundly impressed by Grof’s theory and wonder if some of my dreams can be interpreted in this light. For instance my “big” dreams of crossing a dangerous body of water, passing through a narrow gap or tunnel, towards a greatly-desired destiny (see entry for 4/3/99) could be a memory of my own birth rather than the Jungian interpretation that I have embarked upon a spiritual journey (see entry for 3/12/99). Or both interpretations could be correct. Both birth and the journey through life itself are difficult and dangerous and, in fact, are metaphors for each other - my dreams often combine two or more elements to create a single, powerful message. Was my own birth traumatic enough to be the root cause of my problems in life? Am I on a spiritual journey, currently struggling through the “birth canal“ of constraining events, attitudes, memories, relationships, behaviour patterns and emotional responses?


I had another precognitive dream a few nights ago, about driving up the range with my family and finding an enormous spider on my arm, then realising it was made of rubber. That day we all went to Livingston centre. Walking round a shop there Louise pointed out a rubber spider sitting on a toilet seat to me. I picked it up; it was the same size and shape as the one in the dream.


I‘ve had several more dreams with a spiritual and precognitive components, but last night’s was particularly interesting. I was in an old house, where an area (not quite a room) had been sectioned off for my father to live in. There was a bed in the area, but he was absent at that point. There was also an open wall cupboard, or hole in the wall, with what looked like electrical wiring and switches. Louise was there switching something on, but I didn’t want her to go near it in case it was dangerous. I was admiring the size of the house when I saw Fiona skateboarding toward a window just past me. I grabbed her to stop her from flying through it. On waking up, and after several attempts at interpretation, I suddenly realised that there were several significant elements in this dream. An old house (my mind - this is a familiar theme), my father (God, the heavenly father), my children (my thoughts?, a spiritual side and an emotional side? - or perhaps another indication that I have to be careful with Fiona?), electricity (the connection to God - see M. Scott Peck entries). The dream would seem to confirm something that I had suspected - that I was preparing, or being prepared, for God to enter my life. Perhaps it was also saying that I have to control my thoughts before this can occur, something I am all-too-aware of. In these “house” dreams, the rooms are always large, but the furniture is old and shabby. What does this say about my mind? Perhaps I need to spring-clean.

I now remember at least one dream almost every night. These sometimes have precognitive elements and often contain a message of some kind. They are always interesting, often profoundly meaningful and occasionally disturbing. Take three recent dreams, for instance:

1) I am in the bathroom with my daughters. They are jumping up to “release” their spirits - which are gray, almond-eyed aliens! I try to do the same, but when I do a mirror suddenly appears, and what I see is something completely different and quite shocking. I see a baby, or perhaps a baby doll, with a frozen, unhappy expression. It is surrounded by a ‘crown’ of dark branches or something similar. Is this my soul? What surrounds it? My ego? My negativity? Every ingrained thought or behaviour which prevents the light of my soul from shining forth?

6/10/00 - St. John of the Cross uses the analogy of sunlight shining through a window pane to show the meaning of spiritual growth. We are like dirty windows, through which the sun barely shines. We must therefore clean ourselves of impurities, so that the light of God can shine through us. I think that was the meaning of the dream. Interestingly, about a year ago I had the following dream: I was lying on an operating table wih a gray alien standing beside me. Next I found myself in a small room with four grays and another being who was frightening to look at. It asked me if I wanted it to change form so it was less frightening and I answered yes. Finally, I found myself looking through a dirty window at a gray, trying to clean it to get a better look at the alien.

2) I create, or coat, a tunnel using a gun which fires golden bullets, or something similar. I shoot down the tunnel and end up lying on a hillock, which I know represents the beginning of time. I am told I can roll down either way, so I choose one way and find myself travelling up a river, in a wooded valley. At one point I am chased by a tyrannosurus. Did I go back in time? Did my travelling up a river represent a journey through time?

3) I am at Broxburn Primary School ( a common setting for my dreams). I enter a cubicle, where I meet with a nun-like figure whom I know is a spiritual advisor (but doesn’t seem human). I start to tell her about all my mother’s problems but she interupts me by abruptly staring into my face and telling me that I have to get back to my mother because she is starving. I then seem to fly at amazing speed through space - presumably to get back to my mother - then waken up with a start. I am stiff all over. Did I have an OBE? Who was the nun-like figure? Was my dream mother a representation of my body (“me” in the dream being my astral body or soul, which my body would be the “mother” of)? Significantly, I had been re-reading
Journeys out of the body, by Robert Monroe, the night before.

During the return flight related above a “window” opened up within the dream to reveal the face of a man who found my dream adventure highly amusing. For some reason I found him extremely irritating, but, more importantly, real: it was as if reality had intruded upon the dream (see entry for 22/8/00).


Three nights ago I dreamed I was playing with the band. The most vivid part of the dream was when I looked at my solo in variation 4 of
Enigma Variations I saw that the top note was a high F instead of the high D I thought it was. I suspected this had some sort of symbolic meaning, or that I was going to miss the top D that night at band practice. What actually happened showed me that my dreams can not only be precognitive, but that the dream scenario can often be taken almost literally.

At the practice Mark Haldane asked me if I could play a top E for him, as he had one written but couldn’t play it. I looked at his part and noticed that it was actually a top F that was written, just like in the dream! This is all the more remarkable when it is realised that a top F is so rare that I had never before even seen one written in a band part. The passage was a few bars before the start of my solo.


I’ve had two more dreams involving my father. The first one was very similar to the dream I had on 11/2/00 - extra room and old, musty carpets included - although it also included a scene where he had “covered over” the back green, on which wild horses had been running round in a circle. The second dream was very vague (in fact they were both hard to remember, perhaps because, each time, I had been drinking a little the night before). My father was speaking to me in an encouraging tone, pointing to some domesticated animals behind Holmes holdings. What do the animals represent? A new, tamed me?

In another dream I had recently, the house was in a complete mess. I looked at the stair carpet and saw holes in it, with grass coming through. I am now convinced the house is (at least sometimes) a metaphor for my mind, and the state it’s in, and my father represents (or is) God, or perhaps a higher spiritual being.


I’m still stunned about what has happened as I write this. Half an hour ago I was at a garage in Livingston, looking at Renaults. This came about because the engine in my Brava completely seized this morning and, after looking at every other option available, we reluctantly decided to look at possibly buying a second-hand car. Karen wanted to look at Renault cars so we went to a Renault dealer in Craigshill and looked around. At one point Louise said “Oh look - it’s the Batmobile” I looked round and there was a low, rather batmobile-like black car. That triggered off a memory. We were surprised at how cheap the Clios were, so we enquired about the possibility of buying one. The salesman let us test-drive a red Clio demonstrator, which had a sunroof. It was pouring with rain during the drive.

What is astounding about these events is that I dreamed about the visit to the garage six months ago! The main elements of the dream, one I remember vividly, were the batmobile-type car and a small, red (I think) car with a large sunroof, down which water was streaming. I had thought at the time that the cars were metaphors for the old me, or a part of me (macho, old-fashioned heroic) I think I want to discard, and the new me I believe might be emerging (see entry for 19/10/99). But it seems now as if the dream was to be taken literally! Or perhaps this is another instance of economy of material, as I mentioned in that entry.

I am more used to dreaming about events which take place next day. Even the dream about the death of my aunt Chrissie, was only about a month before her death - and vague, at that, giving scope for many different future outcomes. I thought, in fact, that her death might only be predictable because, being cancer-related, it would likely have happened no matter what twists and turns fate took. If this dream really was a premonition - and I believe it was - then everything I did, said and thought over the last six months was already known! This is truly awesome in its implications. Are we simply actors, playing preordained roles in a cosmic drama which unfolds with exquisite precision, yet in an unalterable sequence? Or are there several, or a multitude of, possible futures, many of which are forseen, yet only one of which was chosen? It could be that I often dream of future events which do not come to pass. There surely cannot be too many possibilities, though. If there were quadrillions of possibilities, as asserted by the proponents of the Multiverse theory (each subatomic event, of which there are countless numbers every second, creates an additional universe), I would have, effectively, no chance at all of predicting a future event six months ahead that this particular “I” would experience even once in my life - unless, of course, “I” home in on my own particular future, in which case the future is effectively preordained for “me” anyway!

Interesting though these metaphysical musings are, though, they are nothing compared to the knowledge that I can see into the future. I wish every scientist and philosopher in the world knew this too - what a kick up their intellectual pants it would be!

(recorded 29/4/00)

After having read
What Return Can I Make?, another book by M. Scott Peck, this time on ”dimensions of the Christian experience”, I decided to seek advice from my namesake, a Church Of Scotland minister. After writing the letter I had the following dream: I am struggling up the ramp of a large ship, when I realise I am being steered by my boots (I got the impression of cowboy boots, or roller skates) along a narrow groove. On my alighting the ship it sails across a body of water, then deposits me safely on the other side. Could this be confirmation that I am “on the right track” in writing to my namesake? Am I being “steered” towards becoming a Christian? 31/7/00 - I hesitated for a while about sending the letter, then found out that my namesake had long been retired, so the letter remains unsent.

4/10/00 - I’ve occasionally heard voices whilst in the hypnogogic/hypnopompic state, once whilst meditating and once while dropping off as I read
What Return can I Make? They usually talk about God and, on this occasion, were commenting on Dr. Peck’s thoughts about God. Apparently, God can destroy but will only create. 9/11/00 - The voices above were female, but occasionally are male (see entry for 15/10/00) One morning, whilst waking, I heard a rasping, male voice nastily telling me there was no God! I occasionally hear voices in my dreams, too: I had a very frightening dream in May 1998, ending in a low, rasping male voice asking how it could serve me. But the voices are usually female. During one dream I heard a female voice quietly call my name over and over in a very poignant way. This was, I think, after I had asked to hear from the voices again.


My wife and John White, both of whom often swap dreams with me, now seem to be having spiritually-oriented dreams. John dreamed of a blackbird which fell into a pond then, instead of sinking or washing itself, swam to and fro across it. After he recounted this dream to me I told him about my real-life encounter with the crow and my own related dreams, which really impressed him. My wife (not for the first time) recently had a dream which, I believe, was meant to be passed on to me. She dreamed there were two dogs (curly-haired Jack Russells) in the rabbit hutch, one of which was brown and white, and belonged to Angela, and the other black and white. She then looked at the collar of the black and white dog and saw that it belonged to a Doctor Cohen.

There are elements in Karen’s dream which I can strongly relate to:

1)I’ve had several dreams about animals/children which are black and white or grey (see entry for 12/2/00 for one such dream - the others have not been recorded). I have long suspected they were representations of me and my “good” and “bad” natures. I also suspect (and the dreams have suggested so, especially one happy dream I had about a rat killing, somersaulting mongoose, whose black and white hairs were closely intermingled) that these have to be integrated before I can move forward, and that I have a problem with this integration.
2) I now know I am being guided by someone. I doubt if it is literally a “Dr. Cohen” - it may be a spiritual “doctor”, given this name because I admire the Jews for their achievements (and am currently reading a fascinating book about the alien abduction phenomenon by Dr. John Mack, who is Jewish, and recently watched a film about a mathematical genius called Cohen). Or am I “Dr. Cohen”, so named because I am intellectually oriented? (13/11/04) In the
Life of Brian, Brian Cohen is misaken for the Messiah, so Dr. Cohen represents Jesus.
3) The brown and white dog could be Jim, who is a much less intense person than me (brown rather than black).
4) The rabbit hutch somehow seems appropriate, as a theatre or arena where we are observed/trained to be less unruly (as in chapter five of
Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown).
3/12/00 - now that we have now adopted a dog from the NDCL the dream takes on new shades of meaning. Cassie is a black-and-white Collie cross with a brown, black and white head. Did Karen precognise the adoption? Cassie seems to favour me - is that why the dog beloged to “Dr. Cohen”? If so then the first interpretation wasn’t totally wrong. Or, once again, both interpretations might be substantially correct, as I have occasionally noted with my own dreams.


One week ago, whilst driving to the lake district for a holiday, we stopped at Selkirk. Next to the car park was a very old and narrow street which had been restored and turned into a tourist attraction. We walked down it, ate at a nearby tea shop and returned to the car. What’s odd is that I dreamed about a street very similar to this one several months ago! I distinctly remember zooming down the street in the dream, feeling as if I had gone back in time, then standing at one point along the street, as I did in real life. The memory slowly came back to me as it was happening, always one step behind my acting out of the dream scenario.


Our cat, Harriet, had to be put to sleep today because of cancer of the lymph nodes, which resulted in the appearance of several tumors in her lungs. We only found out about her illness a four days ago, on returning from a weeks holiday in the lake district. It came as a shock to us, as she had seemed perfectly healthy when we put her into the cat kennels ten days ago. After the vet administered the lethal injection he showed me two x-ray plates, one of Harriets lungs and the other of a healthy cat’s lungs. Walking back from the vets I realised that I’d precognised the event about a fortnight ago. I had a vivid dream about seeing two foetus-like, white objects, lying facing each other under a tree at the south-eastern corner of Broxburn primary school playground. The objects seemed to be flattened on the sides where they faced each other and were lying in a hollowed-out area under the tree roots. I bent to pick them up and was attacked by their mother, a large black cat, which bit me on the finger. I would speculate that the cat represented Harriet, the foetus-like objects represented Harriets lungs (they were white, like the images on the plates and, I now see, lung shaped), the tree perhaps represented the trachea, which branches out, like tree roots, into the lungs. The bite from the cat was perhaps a signal that she was ill (an injured cat is liable to scratch or bite anyone who touches a sore spot) or a representation of her lethal injection and the
fact that, just after the injection, I had stroked Harriet on the top of the head with the same finger. The spot where the dream took place is about one hundred yards from the vet’s, and almost in sight of it.

There’s an interesting trend to my precognitive dreams: the more notable the incident, the further into the future it will happen after I dream about it. So most of m

precognitions are about fairly trivial events which take place in the next day or so, but important events are forseen weeks or months in advance. I’m now having more precognitive dreams than ever (or perhaps I’m just becoming better at recognising them). I’ve also started having lucid dreams again.


Last week Trisha Taylor told me she had had a dream involving me. In the dream, everyone was surrounded by angels, but didn’t know about it. She then started going back and forward between two versions of me, each surrounded by angels like everyone else. She got different stories from each “me” (she couldn’t tell me what differentiated them) but the substance of the dream was that everyone was surrounded by guardian angels, but that only I knew about it. She mentioned the dream to David Finlay, who advised her to speak to me about it (he knows about my experiences). When she did speak to me I told her that, in fact, I believe I do have “guardian angels”, so perhaps she was supposed to have this confirmed by me.

I realised at the time, partly through initially misunderstanding Trisha’s dream that there is little point in knowing you have guardian angels and not following their advice! I have received unmistakeably-divine guidance from my “helpers” and done almost
nothing about it, except play it over and over again in my mind! My indolence is truly staggering and not befitting the extraordinary circumstances. I must actually do something - but what?

Postscript: I started reading the bible soon after this event. Matthew, chapter 7, verse 21 states: “Not everyone who saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” It’s the same message. At the very moment I read this passage my bedside lamp flashed off and on again.

26/10/00 - There’s an interesting coda to this story: Last week I spoke with Trisha about spirituality and suggested she might want to read
The Road Less Travelled, as I have thought for some time that she might be ready to receive its wisdom (Trisha, though only in her twenties, is quite spiritually aware, I believe). Next day, Jim Easton, who has been struggling with the book since July, returned it to me out of the blue, saying he had decided to give up with it. I duly passed the book on to Trisha, as I think I was probably meant to.

Today I read a few pages from the book
An Angel At My Shoulder in WH Smith at Livingston centre. Mention was made in one of the passages I read about the fact that nurses are often associated with angels. I also spotted a book about Christianity - in fact, it seemed to “leap out” at me - written by a deacon of Yorkminster cathedral, which Karen I and love to visit. Soon after this I went to the magazine stand and immediately spotted, in quick succesion, an article about a hell’s angel, then a front page photograph of a nurse (often referred to as “angels“). “Just one more signal and I’ll believe it’s another message”, I thought. Louise and I then left WH Smith and stood outside. Just then, along came my sister, Angela, who is, of course, a nurse practitioner! As usual she was with my parents, who represented M. Scott Peck and his wife in the fourth message I received relating to his writings. It all seems to fit.

Last week at lunchtime I started to doze off as usual after eating and began a dream about a thin, spidery creature appearing on a white surface (I’ve had variations of this dream before - it seems to represent a certain, agitated state of mind I often get into). However, I then began to wake up within the dream and noticed something interesting about it before it disappeared. The dream, having formerly occupied the whole of my visual field (though my eyes were, of course, closed) seemed to shrink until it was a small patch within this field, then finally winked out. At one point I was aware of being fully awake and looking into blackness but simultaneously observing a small, light patch, slightly left of centre and within the general darkness, in which the dream was continuing. Something similar happened once before - in fact it seemed to be exactly the opposite phenomenon (see entry for 12/2/00). Question: when we shut our eyes are we simultaneously opening the gate to another dimension?


It’s time I wrote about my experiences with the Monroe Institute tape and CD.
I got the tape
Transendence in the summer of 1999 and the CD Revelation during September 2000. Developed by the institute, these products play a complex mix of sounds, built upon two subsonic notes of slightly different frequencies, which train the brain to resonate at a frequency which is the difference between these frequencies and which encourage both halves of the brain to work in synchrony (hence their term “Hemi-Synch technology”). The result is that many desirable brain-wave states can be achieved, including those associated with unusual states of consciousness. The effect on the mind (which I now know is not the same thing as the brain) is to produce that same state of consciousness. Transcendence allows the mind to achieve the consciousness of a meditator and Revelation takes the mind to a realm beyond time.

Using these products, though after a fairly non-eventful start, I have had a range of unusual experiences, similar to my spiritual encounters. Not every trip is eventful, and I sometimes fall alseep or remain unmoved. However, whatever happens during the session, I usually feel refreshed and clear-headed immediately afterward, often with an increase in spiritual awareness, dream recall and psychic powers - effects which all last for a day or so.


This tape has increased by several orders of magnitude the ease with which I can reach a meditative state, compared with my other attempts at meditation (I have found however that the key to success at meditation, with or without the tape, is to persevere with it). Occasionally, this year, I have reached profound states of meditation using the tape, during and after which I have had some mind-boggling adventures:

1) I often see moving waves of fuzzy light, usually formed into vague blobs which are generally yellowish with a purple fringe, or the other way round. These either sweep round (somewhat like an old-fashioned radar screen) or pulse away from me in a regular way. I see the waves of light without the tape; in the morning, lying in bed, I often see the blobs pulsing towards me (this is a recent phenomenon) - is something returning which left at the onset of sleep? However, the phenomenon is intensified when I use the tape. One time I saw, within the purple interior, stable, bright-blue specks. What were they?

2) Once, deep in meditation, I suddenly was aware of a tunnel in front of me (my eyes were, as always, closed). It was obviously a creation of my mind, being a slightly fuzzy image of something like a train tunnel (see my sketch in the “Inner Eye” file). My awareness was then involuntarily propelled up the tunnel at great speed (though at the same time I was aware of sitting in my armchair!). After perhaps twenty seconds of movement I emerged into a grey misty light, but “freaked out” at that point and came out of it. William Buhlman, in his book about OBEs,
Adventures Beyond The Body, which I read last week, talks about a “membrane” separating us from another realm of higher frequency (there are more beyond this, he says), identified as heaven by some religions. Did I go through the membrane? Incidentally, Buhlman states that, when out-of-body and in the (first) inner dimension, the fine structure of objects seems to consist of tiny, interconnected points of light. During a lucid dream I had in December 1998, I made exactly the same observation.

3) A few weeks ago I switched on the tape, felt a strong “pull” and was immediately propelled way, way out to a region I have never experienced before. For the next forty minutes my awareness seemed to be in a strange, energetic, alien environment. Nothing much could be seen, apart from very strong initial pulsing lights, but I could feel myself becoming energised in a way which I somehow associated with my grandparents. Afterwards, I felt as if I was “larger” than my usual self, very horny and, frankly, on the edge of sanity. My mind was filled with childhood memories. Next day at work I was very dynamic (this was noticeable to others) and had an inner knowing that our everyday concerns are mostly trivial.

4) I often seem to have more experiences whilst in the hypnogogic/hypnopompic state for a day or two after using the tape. I’ve seen faces, momentarily intruded upon two people in a room having a meeting and, two or three days after receiving Dr. Peck’s reply to my letter, saw him as a luminous angel, with a beatific expression on his face. This was during lunchtime for me, which would have been very early morning for him - was he paying me an astral visit?


So far, I’ve had less success with this CD. Mainly, I can’t seem to ascend the imaginary staircase and have difficulty visualising the colours at the top (this is not a problem for me normally, but under the influence of the tape and CD, I seem to have less control over my thoughts). Perhaps I just need to persevere with it, as with the tape. I’ve had two interesting experiences to date:

1) Interestingly enough, I have noticed that time is difficult to estimate after ascending the staircase and entering the “realm beyond time”.

2) Once, after being drawn in more powerfully than usual, I momentarily saw a corridor, along which luminous people, who seemed very jolly, were walking. I could see right through them to their bones. I’ve read about such people in Courtney Brown’s
Cosmic Voyage (see the chapter about the midwayers, described in The Urantia Book). The experience came as a momentary flash, similar to my many hypnogogic/hypnopompic flashes.


After weeks of trying to pluck up enough courage, and having finished a book about Christianity, I finally took what I believe has been the advice of my spiritual guide(s) and went to church today (Uphall parish church). I enjoyed the service more than I thought I would and felt rather spiritual afterwards. Incidentally, one of the hymns chosen was number 40 in the hymnary, which I was pleased to see, since the number 40 has become intimately connected with my spiritual experiences. 9/9/02 - The date implies 151, which is the NV of Jesus Christ!

I was reading the church notices in the
Lothian Courier last night and noticed that there would be a baptism today. Just then Karen asked me to confirm that the Kinneil rehearsal would be from 4 PM to 6 PM - which seemed related to a dream I had a few months ago! I dreamed I finally went to church - Broxburn Baptist church - and was told by Jennifer Fergusson (who, along with her husband, Robert, was my old Sunday-school teacher) that there would be services at 4 PM and 6 PM. If it was a precognition, the Baptist church was probably chosen because of the baptism at today’s service and because I used to go to Sunday school at that church, and it was Jennifer who spoke to me rather than Robert because the minister at Uphall parish church is a woman - The Reverend Margaret Steele (MS again!). A few months ago I had no plans to go to church (although I knew it was a possibility) and had no idea who the minister was. Given that going to church is an important event for me, I’m not surprised that it seems to have been precognised. 9/9/02 - Of course, the numbers 4 and 6 have huge significance in the NBC.

Last night I had some very spiritual dreams, one involving crossing water by being dragged across by a shark and reaching the other side (this, of course, makes sense).

6/11/00 - On dozing off at lunchtime, a day or two after going to church, I heard a male voice in my head say “Finally friends”. It was similar to the other voices I’ve heard (see entry for 26/4/00) - perhaps it was the “still, small voice“ Dr. Peck refers to.


My spiritual adventures now seem to be rubbing off on Karen, who is having some extraordinary dreams. A few nights ago she had, what I believe was a “big” dream, possibly about past lives, which spooked her (I was working nightshift at the time and she almost telephoned me). She also seems to have possibly had a telepathic dream last night, dreaming about something glowing on top of the bedroom cupboard, around the same time as I was testing soap base for optical brightener on the nightshift, by seeing if it glowed under UV light, the first time I have carried out such testing. I think I myself had another precognitive dream the other night, after an absence of a fortnight or so.


This is highly speculative, but I’m going to put it on record anyway. About five years ago Louise and Fiona got black eyes at school (the same eye, too) within ten minutes of each other. Yesterday, within five minutes of each other, they lost the same baby tooth (an upper left tooth). These seem like synchronicities to me. Today, while thinking about these remarkable events, the biblical phrase “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” came into my mind.

Presently I feel as if I’m at a spiritual crossroads. I don’t know whether to fully embrace Christianity, explore another religion, or forget organised religion altogether and embark (or, more properly, continue) on my individual, spiritual search. In truth, given my experiences, I feel I belong more with the new agers than with the traditionaly religious - except the prospect of going it alone no longer appeals as it once did. I’m now honest enough with myself to recognise that I could do with the support of others on the same journey. The trouble is I don’t think I’ll be able to fit in with the kind of people who seem to want, what Dr. Peck called a “second-hand” religion; I’ve had first-hand experience! And therein lies an apparent contradiction. My spiritual experiences have had a definite new age flavour, and I can identify with (and confirm) some new age beliefs - but these same experiences pointed unmistakeably towards Christianity!

Nevertheless, there are certain core Christian beliefs I simply
cannot accept, for instance: that Jesus is the only son of God; that the only way to God is through Jesus; that we are judged by God; or that the scriptures are literally the Word Of God, as some christians believe. It’s all symptomatic of the parochialism, dogmatism and cultural arrogance which have beset humankind through the ages and given our religious traditions a bad name. I look on, too, in consternation (but not without amusement) at the wrangling I see over theological differences, such as how to interpret biblical passages.

In fact, I see a big difference between following the teachings of Jesus, which are supremely ethical, and becoming an apologist for Christian doctrines, some of which are of dubious merit. Perhaps my guides are telling me that Christianity is right for me nevertheless. Perhaps the church needs people who will actually follow in Jesus’ footsteps rather than just be a follower (not so different from a football fan). Do I have big enough shoes to even begin the attempt?



After a break of 20 months, the most tumultuous of my life, I am resuming the PSI file. I might try to summarise some of the main events in that period - which would be like summarising War And Peace on the back of an envelope - to maintain the link with all that went before. I’ll fill them in as they come back to me and put them in roughly chronological order. It won’t be a synopsis of the New Bible Code, more a record of its evolution, which is ongoing, having taken a dramatic turn in recent weeks since reading
The Cosmic Serpent, by Jeremy Narby. Amazingly, the day after I finished it, I came across The ET-Human Link, by Dana Redfield, wherein she recommended Narby’s book and a book by two other authors. Two days later I was given the second book by these same authors, who were unknown to me before this. Driving home from Borders I saw two cars in quick succession with 444 in their number plate. I felt it was a message that the book was important. Reading the book, I have discovered that there are certain intriguing connections between Redfield’s experiences and my own: triangles, tetrahedra, MO, my discovery of hidden meanings in numbers and letters, the vision that told me I am an ET on a mission (I’m certainly aware of my mission now!). I’m discovering gematric links too, which lend an entirely different complexion to the NBC.

I begin with a dream I had last night.

I owned a coin - a ‘50p’ - which was actually gold in colour and circular. On the reverse side was the word ‘Angelic’. Then I found myself in an orchestra, playing behind the second violins. I was playing a gold-laquered euphonium. Susan Glidden was playing principal cello (equivalent to a euphonium in an orchestra). I woke up at 5.55am.

Later today I read to near the end of
The ET-Human Link by Dana Redfield. Much of it was concerned with the forthcoming birth of ‘golden children’ into the 5th dimension, given telepathically to Dana Redfield.

I think my dream was either a confirmation of this event or a precognition of my reading it, or both. Am I one of those whose mission it is to prepare us for this momentous change? Does the dream mean I’m still on course and not, as I had feared the day before, faltering or failing?

Discovered, omongst other things, that


Important day today.

The car odometer showed 50550 miles when I arrived at work (see previous entry). I took this as a sign (there were other signs too) that something significant would happen. It did. The email showing one incoming message. It was a cost proposal from a supplier. The list of incoming email showed the email in bold type. After the email address of the sender it said ‘
PROPOSAL 18/9/02’ What was extraordinary about that was that I had seen this line in a vision about two months ago. At the time I had taken it to refer to my forthcoming website, the proposal being that I post it today. I think this is very revealing about how internal visions and messages are constructed. I also think my initial interpretation was correct. Yesterday I promised Paul Smith my final version of the website article. On Friday I had sent a slightly earlier version to Bible Code Digest, an internet magazine that publishes discoveries related to the original bible code. They haven’t replied yet, but the 555s are, I think, a sign that either I’ve made, or soon will make, a splash with the NBC, or that I’ve finally got a publishable version of the code.


Last weekend I was at the national brass band championships in Torquay. We were 12th but the weekend went well nevertheless. During the trip I realised that I had been dreaming about it for weeks - at least four or five dreams precognised elements of the trip, including the fact that I would play well but that the band would not get a result. I also dreamed a got a gold coin with the word ‘angelic’ written on it, just before playing with an orchestra. This was a prediction of my getting a gold-plated mouthpiece from Tommy Simpson (with which I played).

A day or two ago, I was told as I woke from a dream that I’m “very powerful”. The speaker was male, perhaps the same speaker that I‘ve often heard in the past. The dream itself suggested that I cannot handle this power (presumably spiritual) correctly - I was madly swinging a sledgehammer around on a rope.


444s have been reappearing in my life. I’ve been off the last three Mondays in a row, giving three four-day weeks. This was the build-up to Torquay and the day after, so, given also the number of dreams I had relating to Torquay (see above), I think that this weekend was somehow very important to me. Yesterday I had to get some information from the computer for a colleague - the time was 4:44 pm. I wouldn’t normally attach much importance to that, but the event seemed choreographed - and it was the day I reworked a letter to Nick Bunick, whose story was told in
The Messengers, the book that was central to my onslaught of 444s.

Inspired by the 444 experience, I sent an email of the letter to his mission, the Great Tomorrow, today, attached to which was excerpts from the New Bible Code (expunged of any reference to September 11). I’m not at all sure if I’ve done the right thing.

I was also encouraged by a little synchronicity. A teabag mysteriously appeared on my desk this morning. This reminded me of a powerful dream I had a couple of months ago when Jimmy Conroy handed me a reddish teabag, seeming very pleased with me (the teabag featured in another dream about dropping it into a river at the correct time). I took this to be connected with the codes:

Teabag and the beast both have the initials TB
Jimmy Conroy and Jesus Christ both have the initials JC

Interestingly, I had an altercation with Jimmy today in which I handled myself very well. He had been very rude to both myself and Claire-Louise, but I handled him well, without losing my temper. It’s the first time for many months that I had argued with him. I had also been working on a soap this morning (something I rarely do these days) that was similar in colour to the teabag.


What a few days!

I was thrilled to get a reply from The Great Tomorrow - and hardly disappointed at all that they couldn’t show my work on their website. I look forward to receiving the free copies of
The Messenger they promised.

Discovered rich new seams of code, all stemming from the information Marie Macauley passed on. I now know I have a powerful tool with which to mine the bible, and more, for hidden gems. Briefly, this is what I got:

1) The central chapter in the bible, Psalms 117, is the 595th: 595 is the 34th trianglar number. It is given in Genesis 5:30. 595 is mentioned in the verse in which Noah is first mentioned - Noah = 38. (see below).

Psalm 117 is the shortest in the bible. Psalm 119 is the longest.

2) The central chapter in the Old Testament (Job 29) is the 465th. 465 is the 30th triangular number. It is implied in Numbers 2:11.

The central verse in Job 29 is the 13th:

“The man who was dying blessed me; I made the widow’s heart sing.”

I was stunned to find that the number of letters in the verse is 49 (=LORD) and the number in the first clause is 26 (=GOD). I made lots of other discoveries here, especially related to the number 3 and 13 (see elsewhere).

In Numbers 2:11, the tribal leader and his father mentioned with this number are

ELIZUR = 91, the 13th triangular number, and
SHEDEUR = 80, 91 + 80 = 171, the 18th triangular number.

These triangular numbers tie together 11, 13 and 18 - more evidence that these numbers are connected (see Rev. 13, Ezra/Neh.).

Finally, 530 + 211 = 741, the 38th triangular number (13/11/04) and the 11th octagonal number.

Jesus (r) = 11
Lucifer (r) = 38
Judgment (c) = 741

3) The number of chapters in the New Testament is 260: 26 = GOD. Splitting this in two gives two halves of 130 chapters.

595 - 464 = 130!

The central chapters are Romans 13/14. Romans 13 has 14 verses and thus divides into two 7s (77 = CHRIST, 49 = LORD). Also the two verses either side of the middle have 24 words each (see. Rev.7, Numbers 2). There is a natural division between these verses; it reads


I think the words have urgent meaning for us all.

These are some of the things I’ve discovered over the last few, frantic days. Now I
know I’ve got something big.

I’m now reading
The New Revelations, Neale Donald Walsch’s latest ‘conversation with God’. Could the title be a coincidence? On page 138, God calls Himself the Unified Field of Everything. This led me to another startling find (triggering several more today):


Is this the real meaning behind the numerical values - 8, 27 and 343 - contained in Matthew’s statement of the plaque of Jesus’ cross? It would follow that the symbolic meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus, repeated in the destruction of the twin towers, is that we were, and are, crucifying God.

I also noticed that U looks like L + I. Furthermore, given that U = 21, L = 12, I = 9, and given that 21 = 12 + 9:

U = L + I, So,



God = life! (God states this in

This gives us the real meaning behind the destruction of the twin towers, symbolised by the crucifixion of Jesus, the description of which in Matthew hides the numbers 2, 3 and 7. We are now seriously compromising the ability of the earth to sustain life - we are ‘crucifying’ God.

Fascinating dream last night about sailing on calm waters to Ireland. Also dreamed that Stephen Kerr was throwing rocks at me, but missed and hit a window. This took place outside the lab. Then I saw that the warehouse had been demolished to reveal a 1970’s-style house behind. Finally, I was shown a photograph of two boys with 1970’s-style hair. I got a good look at one of them - he looked a bit like my cousin, George Downie. I’ve just watched ‘Room 101’, a couple of hours after writing the above words. The house was a mock-tudor version of Spike Milligan’s home - it was a precognition.


Things are beginning to happen for me. I received another email from The Great Tomorrow. They gave me the email address of someone called Susan, who they think might be interested in the NBC. I emailed her today. I also got an A5 envelope with three issues of
The Messenger from them. I precognised this two nights ago, when, in a dream, Audrey gave me an envelope, about A5 size, within which was something good. It was in a pub - Karen was out with Sales reps today, visiting pubs.


A lot has happened to me - good and bad. Yesterday, a fairly momentous day, I finally pieced together the mystery of the letters SC, which had recently been featuring in my life (Scottish Courage, dreams, etc). They stand for
Second Crucifixion. The attacks of September 11 either were, or symbolised, just that - many things, not least the longitides of New York and Washington, at 74o and 77o W, confirm it (see entry for 5/10/02).

SC = 22

191 is an anagram of 911 and 119, has a NV of 110, its digits add to 11, and it is one of three numbers - 117, 118 and 119 - I had been pondering on for some time. Psalms 119 is the longest chapter in the bible. I also discovered this on 19/10/22.

I have sent some information to Richard McGough in Seattle, who has a superb website called Interestingly, I noticed yesterday that Frasier Crane in
Frasier, set in Seattle, has an appartment number of 1901 - I had already noted that David Angell was on flight 11, and that his name was another sign.

Made some amazing discoveries about the central chapter in the bible, Psalms 117 (not 118, as I had erroniously been informed). This, the shortest chapter in the bible, is full of encoded numbers (see elsewhere).


Received a certain degree of vindication today. Got a reply from Richard McGough. He is not sure (I am) that the system I’ve discovered is God given, but he is impressed with the ‘integration with geometry’ and its ‘lucid and comprehensive’ presentation. He’s asked me to send him some more and I will send him a new presentation of the code, concentrating on numerical patterns.

I got spectacular confirmation of the integration of my system of English gematria with the two recognised systems in Hebrew and Greek. Richard showed how the number 13 is integrated into his bible wheel, the patterns converging on 1 Corinthians 13, with 13 verses. I got my calculator out:


I’ve sent this to him, along with my other discoveries about words with gematric values that are multiples of 13 (God, angel, etc.), plus some other observations about the multiples 117 and 351.

Tonight I got two major breakthroughs.

The number 13 is a feature of the middle chapter of the OT, Job 29, the middle verse being 13, the number of words being 13 and the middle letter being M, the 13th.

Psalms 117 features six 13s. What I hadn’t noticed, though, was this - the middle two words are ‘his love’.


Praise the Lord.


I got three other signs today, I think, two minor, one major. The minor ones were Trisha coming to me to tell me that her friend who’s selling the Mac wants only £300 for it. The number seems auspicious too. The second one was that Paul offered to put me on the internet. He did so, in fact, right away. The major sign was, I think, the one that really counted. At about 9.30 am, sunlight striking a folder in the design office made a bright blue, isoceles triangle, shining right at me. It lasted for at least 15 minutes.

I had a dream the night before that really bowled me over and was perhaps a sign too. I entered a spaceship that could go anywhere in the universe, or even to other universes. Piloting it was Jennifer Longhorn. She took me to see one of the Wonders of the Universe and we went to a planet in another galaxy. There was a nearby galaxy that was so bright its core could even be seen in the daylight sky. I asked to be taken out to space for a better look and she piloted the spacecraft along a one-way road and up into the sky. When we got out into space I got a much better view of the galaxy, which was stunningly beautiful and much larger than I expected. There were blue star clusters or nebulae within. The spaceship seemed to shrink in size, and I was holding on for dear life to the inside. As I looked at the galaxy it metamorphised into a humoungous flower, like a crysanthemum. By this time I was back on the planet. It was evening. Catherine appeared and said that she and Jennifer were going out and that I was being left in the spaceship overnight. She had left me a curry and was going to drop off a couple of drinks later.

The theme of a dark-haired girl and a blonde was very familiar. Obviously Catherine and Jennifer represented these archetypes (or spirit guides?). The dream, which had precognitive elements, seemed auspicious, so much so that I mentioned it at work.


A lot has happened since the last entry, but I didn’t record most of it because I couldn’t access this file, until Trisha recorded it from the Powerbook onto a CD-ROM for me.

I’ve discovered lots more encodings of numbers in Genesis 1. Much of the NBC seems to emanate from this one, primal chapter. Went to church yesterday. Once again, the service seemed to be particularly relevant to my own situation - it was about light. Two of the hymns were 28 and 133, numbers I’ve been working on recently, and the first reading was Genesis 1:1 - 5 and 14 - 19. Astonishingly, I had been working on Genesis 1:1 - 5 and on 1:14 this weekend!

I dreamed last night about finding my rabbit - a white rabbit - in an ‘office’, overgrown with plants like peppers. It had been trapped in a toilet and was wet. I picked it up and it continually licked me on the mouth in a very loving way. As I woke up, I was refered to as ‘Sir William Shakespeare’ by someone. A good sign, I feel.

I sent part of the NBC to Vernon Jenkins, last week. He’s still not totally convinced, but his reply was more positive than last time - he thought some of it was very interesting. He is of the opinion that all efforts should be directed towards proving the existence of the Hebrew and Greek codes he’s found in the original manuscripts, before setting off in other directions. He might be correct, but I’ve got my ‘instructions’ and I’m sticking to them. The Lord knows better than either of us.


I’ve just gone through a weekend of awesome revelations about the NBC. It is profoundly intertwined with Pascal’s triangle and prime numbers. Tonight, after finding 237 and 273 yet again within a setting of the triangular numbers 351 and 1540, I discovered a truly stunning network of connections, within Pascal’s triangle, between the number 13, numerical geometry, biblical numbers and English gematria. It’s too involved to put in this diary, but it seems to round off the entire code! Thirteen truly is the magic number!

On a more sombre note, my dreams are warning me of trouble (perhaps because my prayer life has been slipping and I’ve been drinking a little too much - I will cut out the alcohol and start really praying again). However, I feel greatly blessed that God should think me fit to receive these revelations. I mustn’t fail. But what do I do next? I’m never sure.


About a month ago, I had a dream where I was looking down on Europe and seeing that it was in the grip of very cold winter weather. Easterly winds were bringing cold weather to the UK, especially eastern England. This was to be in early December. It’s coming true. Europe is in the grip of a severe cold spell, with a high pressure system over Scandinavia feeding this cold weather to the UK over the last two days (no snow yet). It’s expected to last at least until the weekend (it’s Monday today).

The bible’s secrets are slowly revealing themselves to me: I have earned the right to know...

September 11 was the
Second Crucifixion: they died for our sins. This event has been encoded within and throughout the NIV bible, for the purpose, I believe, of warning us that we are very, very close to destroying our present civilisation and seriously compromising the ability of the planet to sustain life in its present form. September 11 was, in fact, the beginning of the Christing of the human race. Just as Christ ascended into Spirit, we must now adopt a lifestyle founded on spiritual principles and ‘crucify’ our materialism. Or we will die.

Since it’s near Christmas, it’s a good time to discuss gold, frankincense and myrrh...

Gold = 38 = Jew = death
frankincense = 119 = 11/9, one one nine = 110 = two six.
incense (NIV) = 56 = light = three
myrrh = 82 = Calvary = Armageddon
Letters = 21 , 6th triangular number
38 + 56 + 82 = 176 = 11 x 16 = verses in Psalm 119

23/6/03 (recorded 26/9/03)

Something truly miraculous has happened! I’ll simply reproduce the postings Cheryl and myself put on the 444forum for that day:

  Broken-Arrow - 08:57pm Jun 29, 2003 EST (6.)

Ok....BT, we can go into the discussions of the EL

I can tell you that the things you shared with me by email will be acceptable here as well.

I will briefly explain the 11's and how the young friend of mine is using them to connect with us.

The day he died, was last Monday...6-23 (6+2+3=11). It started off as I took my daughter to her doctor to have her knee looked at after reconstructive surgery was done....As we drove from our home..11's were EVERYWHERE......My daughter was seeing them as well. Not just on a few license plates, but on ALL of them....really. It was the first thing I noticed that day...I told my daughter, "look at all these 11's" (she knows that me seeing 11 is important to always means something that usually only I can is usually a marker along my path telling me I am right where I am supposed to be...unlike 11:11, which has a different meaning to me) the doctor's office another odd thing happened. (this is before the young man and his girlfriend were killed...that happened at 4:15 pm)

At the doctor's office, while we sat wating for my daughter to be called in, 2 men in uniforms brought in a man on a stretcher straight from an accidnet....OK...picture this. We were in a doctor's office that is located IN a hospital...with an emergency room (where the man on the stretcher SHOULD have been taken), why was this man brought to this office???

There was NO ROOM to move this stretcher in the hall way of this 3rd floor office. In no way possible could this have happened. But it did. The man was taken to a back room and them disappeared, cause when my daughter was taken to a room in his office, the man was no where to be found and there was no way for him to get out.

it gets better......the two men who brought him in, each had uniforms on..I read their uniforms to say ANGEL RESCUE....My daughter swears their uniforms read GUARDIAN ANGEL TRANSPORT.....we each saw different words on their clothing, but both saw the word ANGEL..

Now..these two men did not leave once they brought in the mysterious man. They stayed and watched me and my daughter....Actually they were staring at us..and it was a room full of people. They were gone after my daughter and I came out from seeing her doctor.

I thought nothing about it till our young friend died. another 11 thing.

This young man died on my daughter and her boyfriend's 2nd anniversary. He (and his girfriend) were both buried on my 22 wedding anniversay.


We kept seeing 11 all day for 3 days. As I pointed this out to his many friends they started seeing 11's as well.

Ok..I am I will stop here. I'll probably run out of room too.

I will expalin the crows later, but they are spirit messengers.

Much love,
  Blue Triangle - 07:57pm Jun 30, 2003 EST (6.1)

You Witnessed a Miracle

Oh Christ, this is awesome - I don't know where to start.

Your account of the events of the 23rd has stunned me - for I, and I alone, can validate your angelic experience, through the system of gematria the angels taught me:

1. The words you saw were 'angel rescue'


The words your daughter saw were 'guardian angel transport'


This is not a multiple of 11; however, it naturally splits into


There's those elevens and fours again - there is deep meaning here.

110 + 255 = 365, the number of days in the year (the angels guard us all year round?)

2. Next, here are the number of letters in these words.

ANGEL RESCUE has 11 letters!

GUARDIAN ANGEL TRANSPORT has 22 = 11 x 2 letters!

Do you see what has happened? The angels have used me to confirm to you (and to any sceptics who might be reading this) that your experience was real, by encoding the numbers 11 and 22 within these words, the very numbers you've just said were connected with this event. Those men really were angels.

But not only that, they have simultaneously shown me that my system is correct - the system they taught me through visions and synchronicities and surreal, choreographed encounters with 'knowing' strangers.

Another thing you should know is that there are profound, hidden connections between 11 and 23 in our measurement systems and in connection with the events of 911 - I've been aware of it for over a year. You've seen some of them in my email - and it was no coincidence that you received it on the day that you did. But this is also encoded here.

1. The number of words in each version is 2 and 3. This implies 23. 2. TWO THREE = 114 = GUARDIAN ANGEL 3. 11.00 pm is 23:00 hours. 4. I foot 11 inches is 23 inches. 5. for 11/9/2001, 11 + 9 + 2 + 1 = 23 6. 11/9/2001 was the 23rd of Elul in the Jewish calander. 7. The Iraq war began at 2:30 am on 20/3, 2003.

Another thing I haven't told you until now is that the number 23 has deep personal meaning for me. I said that in 1972 I had three experiences that almost killed me. The first experience happened on the 23rd of July in that year - and I now know it was meant to happen, among other reasons, to fix this number in my head.

There's much more here, too much for one posting... It's all real - amidst your terrible tragedy, something majestic has happened. It's all too much for me to comprehend. Does anyone have any insights of their own?

Blessed Be

Blue Triangle


After another lapse I have resumed the PSI file. I will continue to fill in past entries as I remember them.

Had a vision this morning of the word END in red and on a white background. I took it to be something ominous (I’ve been receiving dreams I interpret as relating to my death), but I think I know what it means now.

Tonight I did the gematria of the last verse in the NIV Bible. Revelation 22:21. This is 458.

Adding the gematria of Gen 1:1, the first verse in the NIV Bible, we obtain

430 + 458 = 888 = Iesous in Greek isopsephia.

‘I am the alpha and the omega”. Indeed - praise the Lord!

Number of words = 11, relating to the end times.
Number of letters = 42 = New = Five.

11 and five are equivalent to 115 = Trinity or 151 = Jesus Christ = Holy Spirit = fifth dimension.


The gematria of Rev 22:20 = 792. Adding Rev. 22:21 we obtain

792 + 458 = 1250 = 5 x 5 x 5 x 10.

The number 5 relates to the ascension to the fifth dimansion (the raising of the earth’s vibrational state through the power of prayer?).



Today I had some amazing synchronicities surrounding the number 11, related to a breakthrough I made in understanding what the mysterious digit sequence 11:11 is about. For instance, I hit on the idea at exactly 11:00 am. I went to church, my head buzzing with thoughts about 11, and the first hymn we sang was number 111. This was also Darren’s 11th birthday. At 9:00 pm two of Louise’s friends left and another two arrived (= 2:2 or 11:11).

What is the meaning of 11:11?

The two numbers central to the New Bible Code are 8 and 13, both a feature of traditional bible numerics (read the works of EM Bullinger). 8 is the number of superabundance and God's favour. 13 is the number of rebellion and apostacy, but also of atonement. Both numbers are associated with Jesus Christ through the properties of cube 512 and hexagon/square 169. One of Sunday's synchronicities suggested to me that certain numbers and digit sequences such as 11:11 might be encoded in base 8. Here's some of what I found.

1. 9 is 11 in base 8


11:11 reads as 9:9

2. 11 is 13 in base 8


11:11 also reads as 13:13

Of course, 99 = 9 x 11 and the number 911, I believe, is meant to reflect the equivalence of these numbers.

NINE ONE ONE = 110 (base 10)

3. In traditional biblical numerics, 9 is the number of judgment:


4. But 13 is the number of God's love:


and my decoding of Psalm 117 ('His Love' in my website).

5. 99 in base 8 = 143 = 11 x 13

121 (11 x 11) in base 8 = 81 (9 x 9) in base 10

6. There are many other signs. For instance,

November is the 11th month, but the prefix 'Nov' means 9.

So, 11:11 conveys God's judgment on humankind and God's love for humankind.

This is the meaning of 911. The digit sequence 11:11 is a code confirming the importance of the events of 911 - it was the signal for the end times. Is this also saying the US is evil? I think not. You represent the best and the worst of human nature - and the US is all of us (US). Osama Bin Laden is an evil man, an angel of death, used by God to send us an urgent message. The 911 targets were precisely the things that are destroying us. What 911 was saying was that we in the west must end our materialism - fueled by greed and fear and maintained by force - and embrace a more spiritual way. And we must do it now, or the human race will not survive.



The three who comprise the Trinity are

Co-equal, consubstantial, co-eternal

Each word begins with C = 3
Number of words = 3
Number of letters = 30
Gematria = 337, 7th hexagram number.



I’m currently reading Mere Christianity, by CS Lewis. This is compiled from a series of wartime lectures on Christianity he gave, broadcast over the radio. It is surprisingly sophisticated in its message, considering its age (60 yrs) and the intended audience. I’ve learned from it and have been pleased to discover that Lewis’s understanding of what Christianity should mean is not so different from my own (chauvinism on his part excepted).


I’ve received some astounding revelations today and recently about the importance of 911 (most of it is recorded elsewhere). On the 7th, two days ago, I discerned the primary meaning of the mysterious digit sequence 1111.

September the eleventh, two thousand and one was the day the
United States of America felt (or ‘saw’) the power of the serpent. = 1111.

Just before I got it, sitting in the livingroom, I heard a TV discussion about the word ‘threshold’. I knew I was about to find something!


September the eleventh two thousand and one was the day of judgment = 661

September the eleventh two thousand and one was the day
God crucified the United States of America = 911

September the eleventh two thousand and one was the day
the United States of America was shown the power of the serpent = 1190

There’s much more than this but these are the most important identities.


7/10/03 was Roslyn’s 11th birthday.

I learned at Angela’s that Andrew is in hospital with asthma. The ward? 22 (11 + 11).

I’m off with angina. Asthma and angina both begin with A, AA = 11.

11 years ago on the 7th, the day Roslyn was born, my uncle John died.

So on Darren’s 11th birthday I got the first part of the meaning behind 11:11, and on Roslyn’s 11th birthday, I got the second (final?) part. Awesome.

Yesterday I saw a car at the end of the road that reminded me of a vision I’d had two months ago. In it, I saw a humanoid woman, shorter than a human, with a reddish face and a blue-veined cloak, which also served as a hood, and which seemd to be part of her. She was standing in the middle of the road, just in from the entrance to Loaninghill Road. I saw a car at the same spot yesterday. It was squat and had a dark grey body with light grey outer parts. The dark grey body was veined with light grey, just like the woman’s cloak.

Dark grey body = reddish face
Light grey outer parts = blue veined cloak
blue veins = light grey veins (although there was an inner/outer reversal)
Small car = small body

It showed me something important - my powers of observation are acute.


I think I’ve finally woken up. Yesterday I accepted that I'm a messenger from God. Of course, perhaps everybody is an angel, in the sense that we all came from God. However, I now accept that I am here to deliver a message. That is my purpose on earth.

Two nights ago, after a very troubled night’s sleep, I had a dream about living as a guest in someone’s house (in England). I was on holiday there with my family. I felt that I couldn’t really talk to the family who owned the house, which was filled with confectionary. I kept taking chocolate cake from the fridge. The house had several storeys, and I climbed up to the top, finding myself in a bedroom. Then I had a ‘discharge’ and looked at a clock to see it was about 2:15 pm. I asked if I had just woken up and was told “Yes”, whereupon I said I’d better leave.

Yesterday, decoding Rev 1:1-3, I realised that I am indeed a messenger. This was at about the same time in the afternoon that I woke up in the dream.

Last night I dreamed it was my birthday. My sister Angela was there, along with Emma Richards and Clare Roberts. Angela gave me a present saying that she wished that most of my birthdays were happy. This seemed out of place. Later in the dream, as I was waking up, I was told to hit tee. I was also told not to go and see ‘Priestman’ (115) as the speaker (female) had seen this before and it was bad. Clare gave me £5 and told me she admired my work.

mo = 28, st = 39 man = 28 angel = 39 28 + 39 = 67

hit = 37, tee = 30, giving 3730 (logos = 373) 37 + 30 = 67

Yesterday afternoon I was sent an email by Shannon, who copied a posting by CinAman (I can’t get onto the 444 Forum at the moment), morphing the name William, through W1111m to Walk with William. It seemed like a message.


One month to the day (I see) since my last entry, I have finally completed my task on earth - or at least an important part of it.

After two months in which I discovered more of importance than in the last two years, two new pages were finally added to my website today, two years to the day since I began to work on the code. These were ‘September the 11th: Part 1’ and ‘September the 11th: Part 11’ and they announce that the Second Coming has already happened - on 911. I finished the pages on the 7th, but made a major revision on the 11th, which is the date on the page.

Lots of synchronicities, dreams and a vision accompanied the period, especially the final few days. Tonight, leaving work, the first car I saw had the reg. plate ‘S512 UMS’! I went to the library tonight and parked behind a car with the reg. plate J444 MBO. My groceries came to £4.02. The next car I got stuck behind was T77 SAW. I also had an interesting vision of the words Wicked Old West (= 153). The meaning is obvious and the initials are WOW, the word I put beside all my important discoveries. On checking the new pages on my website today, I saw I was the 1001st visitor.

On the 11th, Marie presented me with a little golden plastic cherub to stick to my computer.

(15/11/03) Had an interesting dream on 10/11/03 about showing chestnuts to several mongol children. I opened them up, but instead of the usual one or two chestnuts, there were about six in each. (17/11/03) This was a precognitive dream. I was shown a bag of shea nuts at work today, by Duncan (who has slightly small eyes). He even said “They look like chestnuts”! There were about six or seven, as with the chestnuts.

On around 10/11/03 I had a vision about 5.00am of the words “LIFE IS A SENTENCE”, followed by coloured buttons showing the words, past, present and future (red). I was supposed to press the red button, but I decided not to. This has a gematria of 146, the same as “the earth is a jail”. “Life is a prison sentence” = 237.

Just before this I had a dream/vision of a room with a fire burning, in which No. 26 was sitting, waiting for me. He said “Two minutes silence” (58, 101, 67 = 159, 67 = 226). I mucked it up, as usual, then I heard a male voice say “That’s the story of your life (= 330)” or something like that. Next day was the two minutes silence on armistice day, at 11:00pm on 11/11/03.

Either that night or the night before I had a very unusual dream where I was told that our earth, or universe, was created not by God but by highly advanced beings for their amusement. I was shown what seemed like a memory of myself being carried to some destination (presumably earth) by a huge fly-like being. I inspected it to see if it was more like a praying mantis, but that could have been an influence from the Bible or from some UFO books I’ve read. I was then told that I was forced to come here, that (I think) a bad time was coming and that it would be mankind’s salvation.


I realised yesterday that the new page was up and running exactly two years to the day after I discovered the code!

I think I was offered some kind of opportunity last night - and blew it, which is distressing me. I heard the very loud, clear voice of No. 26, say “Yes I Do” (= 77). I then proceeded to ruin the moment with my usual barrage of uncontrolled imaginings. A male voice then told me “You’re an embarrassment” (= 247). My dreams afterwards - about Clarissa attacking Mollie and the lower half (“her winter coat” = 159) of Mollie being black - confirmed that I’m not fit to join with God or my Higher Self until I can control my thoughts.

The initials of these words are YID (= 38 = Jew) and YAE (= 31). These point to Jesus or YaHWeH. They also seemed to be pointing to an encoding I discovered tonight, in Jeremiah 52:12. Three numbers: ten, five and nineteen, are the gematria of the letters J, E, S.

(19/1/04) I forgot the say that the night after I ‘blew it’ I had a dream/vision (I was half awake) of a door with a light beyond it. This time I leapt for the door and got through. Beyond it was a brilliantly lit realm and I immediately felt my consciousness expanding - this time I made it. I’m not sure what happened after that, but I soon fell asleep.


The Eighth Day Assembly website has given my new 911 web page an excellent recommendation - better than I had hoped. Because of their coverage and their high traffic, my own site traffic has increased at least fivefold.


A lot has happened inside me over the past few weeks. I’ll try to remember the main points. But first, the Blue Triangle.

BT = 22 = 11 + 11
B,T = 2,2 implying 22
TBT = 42 = New = Five
T,B,T = 2,2,2 implying 222
Blue Triangle = 126
Second Advent = 126
Blue = 40
Triangle = 86
4086 = 227 x 18!
486 = 9 x 54 (see below)
Second = 60
Advent = 66
6066 = 337 x 18
666 = 37 x 18 = 36th triangular number
Second Coming = 121 = 11 x 11 = 5th hexagram
Second = 60 = units in outer triangles
Coming = 61 = units in inner hexagon
6061 = 11 x 551
661 = 11th hexagram

Blue Triangle (O) = 126
Blue Triangle (R) = 54
Blue Triangle (S) = 729 (9 x 9 x 9)
Blue Triangle (c) = 909 = 101 x 9

The Blue Triangle (O) = 159
The Blue Triangle (R) = 69
The Blue Triangle (S) = 942 (9 x 9 x 9)
The Blue Triangle (c) = 1170 = 343 + 185 + 269 + 373 = 909 + 261

Tattenai (O) = 90 = 9 x 10
Tattenai (R) = 27 = 9 x 3
Tattenai (S) = 666 = 9 x 74
Tattenai (c) = 783 = 261 x 3

Tav, Tav, Nun, Yud = TTNY (Tattenai) in Hebrew

TTNY (S) = 860 = 400 + 400 + 50 + 10
TTNY (O) = 68 = 22 + 22 + 14 + 10
TTNY (R) = 14 = 4 + 4 + 5 + 1
TTNY (c) = 942 = The Blue Triangle (S)

942 also signifies 9 nine, or 99.

Tav means the cross or a sign or seal in Hebrew and was the original sign of the Christian cross.

T,T are the initials of Twin Towers
N,Y are the initials of New York

TTNY = 79 = William

one two one = 126
eleven eleven = 126
one hundred and twenty six = 286 = 11 x 26 and the 11th tetrahedral number


(Recorded 15/3/03). I had a horrible vision last Sunday. I saw the face of a truly nasty looking figure come very close to me. Then I immediately saw the words ‘TOUCH SET’. These words have a gematria of 111. The initials are the same as ‘The Serpent’ and Set was an Egyptian god of destruction, similar to satan. The possibility that I was approached by something demonic, probably brought on by my negative thoughts at the time, was confirmed by another vision of the armchair with a small rip in it. A puncture in my aura? (16/6/11) This was probably Tom Slater who was instrumental in my departure from Unico in 2005.


Continuing from last night’s entry, I will recount some of the dreams, visions and messages I’ve received over the last couple of weeks.

On 15/11/03 I was told ‘Yes I do’ then ‘You’re an embarrassment’. Tonight I was in the livingroom for a few minutes when TOTP2 was on. The Madness song (sung by Suggs) which ends with the line “You’re an embarrassment” was on at the time.

Two nights ago I had a dream where I was speaking to Brian Simpson, who was now ‘in charge’. It was night and he was standing across the road from me at the top of the road to the new health centre. I went to him, telling him about a throat infection I had, which consisted of three or four lumps and which had gotten worse. He told me:

“A’ve got co news. ‘e’s in wing F(elle).”

A’ve got co news: ‘e’s in wing F = 255 = Lord (c)

Does this refer to the ‘contamination’ I was told I had recently? Today I was told something even more difficult to decipher:

MATE SCROP (WITH) FIRING = 233 = The Lord Jesus Christ


Had an interesting series of numerical synchronicities over the weekend.

On Friday evening I went to Asda, where my groceries came to £10.21 (121). This otal was only reached after a last-minute decision to buy pastiles. The price would have been £9.90 (99).

On Saturday I went to Scotmid with Fiona and Robin, where my groceries, which included two Flakes (11) came to £1.74 (174) after a last minute request by Fiona for chewing gum. For this she gave me 54p. The gum was 45p so she got 9p change. Later I went for two bottles of cola (11), which changes to three after a last-minute decision to get Michaela a bottle (111). The colas came to £2.61 (261).

Perhaps it was Serpent Power that informed me on Sunday, in two visions, that I was ‘-1 grade’ (grade = 35 = bill), then later said ‘Semitic sealed (= 124 = judgment day). I’m past caring. I’m doing my best for them - if that isn’t good enough, then fuck them.


Yesterday evening I received a definite message from my higher self. ‘(I) love you’ (=115 (124)). Just after this I was shown a pair of glasses. More advice to improve my spiritual vision? Early this morning I was told, among other things,

‘Virgin just couldn’t tolerate her’

= 149, 216
= 79, 286
= 365

I then received a vision of a girl who looked like the one I met in Scotmid in July 1999 (this could also have been Fiona). She was staring at me with an imploring expression.


Last night I had a series of basically good dreams. First, I was entering a churchyard behind a minister. I had the feeling that I was too late, but he stopped to speak to someone, allowing me to get in. There was a large crowd of us in the churchyard, including Andrew Eelbeck (= 108). I also remember a boat I was sailing that I almost capsised, and other boats related to mine.

Finally, Karen and I were in what looked like a new house. It was Boxing day and Tom Donaldson had either just been or was soon to arrive. All the way through the last dream - and the reason I’m bothering to record it - was the sound of Lee Marving singing the song from in ‘Paint Your Wagon’: ‘I was born under a wanderin’ star’

I was born under a wanderin’ star = 310
I was born = 101
under a wanderin’ = 151
wanderin’ = 88 = wanderer

I think it was telling me I’m a Wanderer.


The bible is encoded with God’s truth = 333
God’s truth = 132
God’s = 45
NIV = 45
The New Bible Code = 132

The Lord God Jesus Christ (c) = 1749 = 159 x 11
The Holy Spirit (c) = 1749 = 159 x 11

Had an interesting experience today, after meditating on the bus to Edinburgh. I started to think of myself in a new light.


Early on Christmas morning I heard a male voice say that because of something I’d done it was ‘going to happen now’. The tone was congratulatory. Lots of signs that it was something to do with Christ. Went to the midnight service on Xmas eve, came out and noticed the trip meter at 151 miles. Woke up at 4:53 am (453 = 151 x 3).

I think it’s the birth of something, to which I’m a midwife. Christ? The Golden Children? My best guess is that its the birth of a higher awareness - the Christ consciousness - within, for perhaps the first time, sizeable numbers of people. Large numbers of people will make contact with their Higher Self, or the ‘Christ within’ , as I have done. This is what will save us.

Some gematria I got on the 27th makes the point.

Newborn baby = 121
New baby born = 121
The baby is born = 140
Christmas day = 140
New baby = 72 (O), 27 (R), 1260 (S)
New baby (c) = 1359 = 151 x 9


I had an interesting experience yesterday (Sunday), after making more gematria discoveries linking Osama bin Laden with Jesus Christ. I wondered if I would receive a sign confirming what I had discovered. I was not to be disappointed. I went to a garage to get petrol. The gauge stopped at £9.77 (911/77). I then got a Walnut Whip (42p), something I seldom buy, and went to pay. The total came to £10.19. I went to park my car at the usual spot. There was a car beside it with the reg. plate GO 1260.

I’m under a lot of stress at the moment, but visions still get through. Saw a small, shining ball last night. I was told ‘Pay day’ (= 72) recently and then discovered that the first 72 letters of Gen 1 have a gematria of 754 (= Yehoshuah Hamashiach in Hebrew). I was also told recently that “You should be proud of yourself” (= 363). That’s not how I feel most of the time.

More worryingly, I was recently told “If you go down, we all go down”. I had a disturbing dream last night that ended with the words “The Wizard of Oz came back to earth” (= 302). That’s a reference to me, although it also points to the Second Coming (Christ’s Second Manifestation = 302 = 151 x 2). I had a dream about two months ago where I was told to prepare myself for the truth. I was then shown a picture of myself. I was a ‘wizard from the stars’ (I seemed to be 2D, black and white and ‘fluid’, but taking on the shape of a smiling human). I was essentialy good but I had gotten ‘contaminated’ somehow. I can believe that. In a very recent dream I was told that ants had completely invaded ‘down below’, or something like that. I got the feeling that the situation was beyond repair.


I finished In His Name today, along with an updated version of About Numbers. Got the usual numerical signs, over the last day or two, that I had completed another ‘stage’ (e.g., just got 91300, on stage 11, of Asteroids, and it’s now 11:11 pm!).

This is something I’ve been meaning to record for a while. On about the 10th of January, I was told: ‘Time to get it”. I pondered over this as usual and thought I had understood it, but then, two days later, got ‘Finished completely”. I thought I had done something wrong at first, but then I noticed that together they read

“Time to get it finished completely”.

Time to get it = 143 = 11 x 13
finished completely = 200
Time to get it finished completely = 343!
The cumulative values and initials give interesting numbers too.

So I started working on the two web pages I finished today.

I was recently told I’m part of a disposi-group (91, 77), from which I gleaned that I’m part of a ‘task force’ of some kind. I was also told I’m a ‘galactic lightweight’ (128) who is here to gain a ‘note’ (54).

I can now, at times, see into another realm with my eyes shut. This is different from my visions, in that I’m more awake when they occur. About a month ago I looked up through the orange and purple pulsing lights to briefly see a magnificent mountain range. A few nights ago I saw a wall with a tiny spider on it. I managed to hold it for at least 5 seconds this time, and was able to raise my hand up to my field of vision, to see if that made any difference (my eyes were shut). It made none.

Two recent dreams:

1. I died and went to another realm. Time passed and I went to a special area, where a mirror appeared. I noticed that my ‘spiritual body’ was changing, especially my eyes, which seemed to get smaller. Then Karen died, and I met her. I was eager to show her what I had discovered.

2. I was watching a mongoose-like creature (which represented me), out to find, or sniff out something. It came upon a lion’s den, the entrance to which was shaped like a vagina! I had a feeling that this symbolised an achievement of some kind. I watched as the mongoose entered the den and began devouring things - they looked like a piece of parchment and some meat. This was a great prize of some kind. This scene was repeated. Then I noticed a deadly spider in the den, partly hidden under some earth. I was told the spider would now die, but I insisted that the mongoose had to kill it. So I watched as it attacked the spider and ripped its stomach out. (18/11/07) This is a version of the Hero myth! A dream recounted by Jung about a man entering a vault where a snake protected a golden chalice (Dreams p.79) is identical in its essential elements. The Hero With A Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, about the Hero’s Journey, confirms this interpretation.


Some interesting dreams and visions recently. Early this morning as I lay half-awake, an amber light flashed two or three times inside my head. It was located on the lower left-hand side of my visual field. Moments later I saw a man pointing in the same direction and saying “Look”. It appeared again, flashing about four times. I asked if the light was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and amost immediately I saw the words “Jason” (= 59) and “Geniune” (=75). JG = 107.

Earlier this week I dreamed I was going “home”. A woman appeared at the top of the cemetary, then I was taken down the road a little towards my parents by Tank in a raft. A woman appeared and told me I had given her a lot of worries. Then I found myself walking towards my parents’ house, with the tune “There’s No Place Like Home” playing in the background. As I woke up a female voice asked me if I had begun packing. The previous Wednesday night I had dreamed I was Frazier Crane arriving in Seattle. I arrived in a part of town further from the centre than I had expected and was initially disappointed, but then the bus left to reveal an incredible view. I was taken to a restaurant overlooking the sea. I went along a corridor to see a scruffy dog being attacked by a rat. The dog’s neck was bleeding and I attempted to get the rat away from it. Then I frightened the dog and it hid in a little cupboard.


Someting astounding happened today. Alisdair told me he’d had a dream about seeing stars forming into a triangle in the sky. Then he saw a flock of ducks flying past, the flock making the shape of a hexagram! Within the hexagram was a square and within that, another square. From his description I think he saw the inner hexagon marked off too. He also saw snowflakes and a big arrow. This is obviously about the code, but is all the more amazing because I had been working with all those shapes last night. But the most interesting part was a booming voice he heard, which told him “It’s true”.

It’s true = 112
It is true = 121
Second Coming = 121

This is yet another fabulous confirmation that that the Second Coming and the New Bible Code are real. I told him a little about my work, which interested him.


Today, 911 days after 911, I sent an addition to the page In His Name. It finally went at 11:11, about 8 minutes after I sent it.

Last week I served on a jury at the High Court for two days. I was the first name out of the hat and it was an interesting experience, especially since I had only just (a day or two beforehand) discovered how deeply the idea of judgment is woven into the NBC tapestry. I believe my involvement in the court case was designed to impress on me the importance of this theme. The defendant had the initials AA. Tonight’s episode of Frazier was also connected. Lots of ‘signs’ recently, suggesting this work is very important. The principal discovery, among many, was

God’s judgment = 139
Man’s rebellion = 139

I fact, I made more discoveries last night and tonight:

Gematria Gen 1 Ist 9 words = 378
Gematria Gen 1 2nd 9 words = 528
Gematria Gen 1 3rd 9 words = 345
Gematria Gen 1 Ist 27 words = 1251 = 139 x 9

Gematria Rev 22 last 27 words = 1250 = 5 x 5 x 5 x 10

Gem. Gen 1 Ist 27 wds + Rev 22 last 27 wds. = 2501 = 41 x 61

41 is 5th diamond, nesting within 9th square
61 is 6th diamond, nesting within 11th square


I’ve discovered a kind of timeline, starting on 11/8/99 and ending 2436 days later on 12/4/06. This is formed from an interplay of gematria, astronomical and terrestrial events and biblical numbers, and magically creates further significant numbers (the timespans between events) that are the combined values of Jesus Christ, Lucifer and other important names. One of the numbers created is 1749. Incredibly, the number of days from my date of birth to 12/4/06 is 17049. I already know this is significant from the date itself (8/8) and from the 7977-day timespan from my DOB to 9/1/79.

I first came across this possible timeline after noticing that Venus is in the evening sky at present, and close to a solar transit, on 8/6/04. The Madrid bombings seem to fit into this timeline too. One of the dates is 2022 days after 11/8/99, on 22/2/05. Went to church on Sunday and one of the hymns was number 222.

Lots of other signs too. Last Saturday I gave myself three cuts on my left little finger. On Monday Claire-Louise got three cuts to her left hand. Sort of implies 222 as well. That day people brought three babies to work (two were twins). On Sunday the band were drawn third at the Scottish championships.

23/4/06 Most of the dates on the timeline did not produce anything significant. I think the timeline was partly illusory, partly ‘fixer’ dates for 9/11.

Found an astounding piece of coding in Ezra concerning Jesus Christ and judgment:

Value all numbers to Shephatiah (= 77) = 10071 = 1119 x 9!
Value all numbers to Adonikam (666) = 20142 = 1119 x 18!

That is the final proof I need to convince me that 911 was the Second Coming and that this was a judgment on man.


This morning I told God I loved Him, and I really tried to send Him love. Soon after I heard the word ‘Relish’.

Relish = 71 = God (s)
Relish (c) = 348

It made me feel good. 348 relates to my timeline, and may provide a hint that it is correct in some of its predictions. I was also told just after I first worked it out that I had ‘good timing’.


On the morning of the 26th, I received the following admonishment:

‘Party on, lose everything.’ = 293

On the morning of the 27th, I received the following warning:

‘Wake-up day.’ = 107

On the morning of the 28th, after sending out emails to churches, asking to give a talk on the NBC, I received the following encouragement:

‘Acceptable.’ = 74
293 + 107 + 74 = 474

I found an astounding piece of code in Ezra at the weekend:

Sum numbers to Adonikam = 12243 = 1749 x 7

That is amazing, especially since, last weekend, I noticed that if you add the list numbers at the start of Ezra, you obtain:

Sum numbers from start to Adonikam = 20142 = 1119 x 18

Tonight I noticed that the combined summed numbers in Ezra and Nehemiah

to Bebai (9th on list) = 20504 = 11 x 1864 = 88 x 233
to Adin (13th on list) = 30613 = 1331 x 23

20504 resembles 254; 911 was the 254th day of the year. The numbers 9 and 13 are already known by me to represent God’s judgment and love. it’s all too fantastic for words.

At the weekend I had an insight into the numbers 8 and 13. Both represent new beginnings. 8 is one after 7 (4 + 3), the number of days in a week. 13 is one after 12 (4 x 3), the basis of our old measuring system. Just after this (I was in the car) I saw a number plate with 888 on it. I took it as a sign.


Got these words today.

“The Good is served through things.”

“A jail opens.”


Heard the following while lying in the bath (the voice came slightly from the left):

“You’re fired” = 126

Soon after, I heard a female, who was further right, say

“The voice is lying” (can’t remember the exact words, but there were four)
“He likes a shot” = 132

Then I heard;

“Very precise” = 145

I seem to have positive and negative voices.


(Recorded 26/12/04) As I got into the car to visit June and Robin, I noticed that the odometer was reading 80808. This of course refers to

Iesous = 888


80808 = 91 x 888.

Christmas day 2004 was 1201 days after 9/11. It was also 16576 days since my birth.

16576 = 7 x 2368.


Was told last night: “Not Enough Cooperation” = 250

A couple of nights ago I was told that something I was doing was “almost a text-book example of how not to do it”. I know what they mean.


Much of what has happened to me over the last three years hasn’t been recorded because I haven’t had the time or the energy to do so. Therefore I’m going to list here some of the things I’ve been told and have experienced over the last year or so, as I recall them.

1. A few months ago I heard the words “Red, red rose.” I thought this was related to the fact that we had new bed linen with red roses on them, and was a reference to my psychological ups and downs. However, last evening I finished the book Astral Travelling. At the end of the book, the authors give a procedure for attempting to communicate with a sleeping person whilst out of body. The words to thought-project were “Red, red rose.” Was some astral traveller communicating with me? Was it a precognition? 23/4/06 This could also refer to my working out another meaning behind 9/11 (the Knight Rose Croix degree) - see 23/4/06.