Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. (Matthew 24:42, NIV)

The purpose of this website is twofold. Firstly, I hope to add weight to the case for a Creator and Sustainer, by showing you evidence of His active presence in our lives. This evidence takes the form of a code, principally manifesting within one modern version of the Christian Bible and two Millennial events, but extending to other artifacts of Western culture, historical events and even the movements of the spheres. The code contains a revelation about our current age, and the second purpose of this website is to present that revelation.


Letter Numerals and Gematria

In classical antiquity it was common practice to use letters as numbers for counting purposes. Hebrew, Greek and Latin all had their own systems of alphabetic numeration, under which some or all letters were assigned numerical values. Any number could then be represented by a string of letters, called letter numerals, which were summed to reveal the number. A vestige of the Latin system survives to this day as Roman numerals.

Since words are merely strings of letters, it was inevitable that numerical values would also be calculated for words and phrases. In a naturalistic universe these values might be supposed to be arbitrary, but it was noticed that words and phrases related by meaning often appeared to have a numerical relationship, usually equal numerical value. The study of such relationships, particularly within a biblical context, developed into a practice generally known as gematria. Any connection between the meaning conveyed by words and their numerical values can have no naturalistic explanation, particularly since the written word was developed and meanings attached to words and phrases long before numbering systems were introduced.

Modern languages generally use Arabic numerals to denote quantity and therefore we now have little need to employ letters as numbers. However, when ancient systems of alphabetic numeration are applied to modern English, numerical relationships between words already connected through meaning are again revealed. In other words, there is an English gematria.


The New Bible Code

English gematria is the basis for a related phenomenon I call the New Bible Code. This is a revelation that has been imprinted onto the text and structure of the New International Version Bible (1984 edition, 2001 printing, British text), other cultural artifacts, natural events and the history of man, culminating in the terrorist attacks of 11 September, 2001 and the funeral of Pope John Paul II on 8 April, 2005. The code depicts those Millennial events from a higher perspective, revealing their immense prophetic import. 9/11 in particular is shown to have been a focal point in time and space, the events of that day amounting to a deeply symbolic drama staged for the watching world.

The New Bible Code is both ancient and modern. Its foundations were laid down within the original scriptures and earlier Bible versions, manifesting as chapter and verse numbers, book ordering and tabulated numbers. However, most of the code is found within the text itself, which was translated in the latter part of the 20th Century. Why was the NIV Bible chosen as the vehicle for the code? Two reasons, I believe: firstly the NIV is written in English, which is now the international language of choice; secondly the NIV is the most popular modern English translation of the Bible, and now outsells even the KJV Bible.

The code contained a built-in timelock. It could not, in any case, have been decoded before the creation of the NIV Bible. However, the timelock was very precise. The bible ‘given’ to me for decoding was the 2001 printing of the 1984 edition. Additionally, my unlocking of the code was greatly assisted by a special type of key, but I did not receive the key (which consisted of two bible verses) until 15 November 2001. Therefore the code only fully manifested on that numerically-significant date, two months after the event that shook the world one bright September day . . . 



I discovered the New Bible Code whilst on a remarkable journey that eventually led me to the findings of other researchers, from whom I have learned much. I would like to pay tribute here to the late E. W. Bullinger, for his seminal writings on biblical numerics. I am also grateful to Vernon Jenkins for his mathematical exegesis of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. Richard McGough has an excellent gematria database. Gary val Tenuta discovered a small but significant piece of the code. Kathryn LeCorre and Karen Gush introduced me to the important writings of E. E. Brooks. Mark Tomsheck kindly allowed me to use one of his photographs for the cover of my new book; others are found in 9/11 Remembered. Kenneth Libbrecht of Caltech University kindly allowed me to use a few of his stunning snow crystal photographs and an anonymous Christian sent me a fractal snowflake design, which is almost identical to the Creation Snowflake. Finally, I would also like to thank my family for their patience with me as, bible in one hand, calculator in the other, I absorbed myself in this unusual quest.


Bill Downie

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