9/11: Numbers

Numbers 1 and Numbers 26 (NIV)

These chapters describe a first and second census of the male Israelites, by clan, carried out by Moses and Aaron on the orders of the Lord God. Significantly, they are told to count each man over twenty years old, one by one. This piece of information is the key to the correct decoding of the numerical message that lies within, as the numbers can be summed in different ways.

1. Numbers 1

The numbers given in this chapter for the first census are listed below, along with their sum.

21. 46500
23. 59300
25. 45650
27. 74600
29. 54400
31. 57400
33. 40500
35. 32200
37. 35400
39. 62700
41. 41500
43. 53400
46. 603550 (total)

Sum of numbers = 1207100

2.Numbers 26

The numbers given in this chapter for the second census are listed below, along with their sum. Note that 250 is subtracted from the total, as the text says that 250 of the followers of Korah were lost in a fire. This is the key step: in its absence the totals make no sense.

7. 43730
10. -250 (these men died in a fire)
14. 22200
18. 40500
22. 76500
25. 64300
27. 60500
34. 52700
37. 32500
41. 45600
43. 64400
47. 53400
50. 45400
51. 601730 (total)
62. 23000

Sum of numbers = 1226210

Grand total sum of numbers = 1207100 + 1226210 = 2433310 = 11 x 11 x 20110

Astoundingly, the total is a double multiple of 11. The other factor is the number 20110, the number that was implied in the Lord’s instructions to Moses and Aaron:

Numbers 1:2-3
2 “Take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families, listing every man by name, one by one. 3You and Aaron are to number by their divisions all the men in Israel twenty years old or more who are able to serve in the army.

And again:

Numbers 1:20
“20From the descendents of Reuben the firstborn of Israel: All the men twenty years old or more who were able to serve in the army were listed by name, one by one, according to the records of their clans and families.

2011 is in fact the largest prime factor of 2433310 and an unusually high one at that. The numbers one and two are also implied by the date on which the Lord spoke to Moses.

Numbers 1:1
the Lord spoke to Moses in the Tent of Meeting in the Desert of Sinai on the first day of the second month of the second year after the Israelites came out of Egypt.

It is of course possible that the writer of Numbers was the encoder and that he deliberately placed the key in the text. If so, his conscious purpose for encoding the numbers 11, 121 and 2011 may never be known. However, he surely could not have been aware that these numbers would have a significance to 9/11, which only make sense to us now, after the event. Only a Higher Power, existing outside the linear flow of time, could have achieved such a feat.

The first census takes place two years after the Israelites came out of Egypt, the second thirty-eight years later, on the eve of their entry into the promised land of Caanan and after forty years of wandering in the desert. What the encoded numbers may be suggesting is that this critical period in the history of the Israelites has been employed as an allegory of 9/11, suggesting that this event had a larger significance for humankind.

Numbers 4 (NIV)

This chapter lists numbers of males a month old or more associated with the Levites, and is a continuation of a list begun in Numbers 3.

36. 2750
40. 2630
43. 3200
48. 8580

Sum of numbers = 17160 = 11 x 1560

Significantly, Numbers 4 is the Bible's 121st chapter, 121 being 11 x 11.

Note that the first and last numbers on the list are also multiples of 11.

The list numbers are as old as the Book of Exodus; chapter numbers were added in the 13th century. What earthly power could have conceived and executed a plan that took 3000 years to come to fruition? This is no 'lucky hit' either. In these pages you will find many more examples of numbers that were encoded millenia ago, but which were designed to have meaning today.


Numbers 20.11

Moses strikes the rock twice to make it yield water. It was because of this action that he was denied entrance to the promised land.

Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice with his staff. Water gushed out and the community and their livestock drank.

This is the 11th verse of the chapter and the 4323rd verse of the Bible, 4323 being 11 x 393. So we have a double numerical witness to Moses' actions.

Again we have 2011 - the number implied by the counting "of all the men twenty years old or more" . . . "one by one", as listed at the start of Numbers - appearing. Moses' action of twice striking the rock was repeated on 9/11 with two airplanes striking the towers. Moses exceeded God's instructions by striking the rock and was denied entrance to the promised land, but perhaps divine approval was given on this occasion.


Numbers 23:2 (NIV) 

Numbers 22, 23 and 24 relate the story of Balak, King of Moab, who asked the diviner Balaam to put a curse n the Israelites. In Numbers 23:2 Balak prepared seven altars, with seven bulls and seven rams for Ballam, then they offered the animals on the altars in the hope that God would speak with Balaam.

Numbers 23:2 

'Balak did as Balaam said, and the two of them offered a bull and a ram on each altar.'

Numbers 23:2 (o) = 561 = 11 x 51

Numbers 23:2 is also the 814th (11 x 74) verse in this book. The confluence of elevens suggests a resonance with the twin towers, which were also sacrificed.


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