The Number of the Adonikam

In the book of Ezra, chapter 2, is a list of the exiles who returned from Babylon, the exiles numbered according to their family of origin. An almost identical version of this list is found in Nehemiah 7. Looking down Ezra’s list we see that the tally of the Adonikam is 666. Apparently, this number is deliberately placed here to stimulate further investigation, because this list is the focal point of a miraculous set of encodings, these using the key number 11 to weave a beautiful tapestry themed on 9/11 and the Second Coming. 

The Adonikam

In chapter two of the book of Ezra, the returning exiles from Babylon are numbered by tribe. The first group of eighteen names and their tallies is listed separately, which is promising, because 18 is 6 + 6 + 6. These verses are reproduced below.

I have highlighted verse 13 in red because it is the centre of an extraordinary set of encodings, involving the key number 11, the number that links many biblical passages and prophesies to 9/11.

1. 666 is the 11th number on the list.

2. The sum of the numbers to 666 is 12243, which is the only multiple of 11 to be found by summing the list numbers.

12243 = 11 x 1113

3. If we now include Nehemiah’s version of the list in the summing, checking as we go along to see which totals are multiples of 11, we see the following stunning pattern, centred on the Adonikam:

The number 11 is here even more finely woven into the text, again centered on 666.

The facts discovered so far about Ezra’s list of returned exiles are tabulated below:

So here we see that the 11th number on the Ezra list, which happens to be the eye-catching 666, is the only location to have a running total that is a multple of 11 and sits poised between two pairs of multiples of 11 in a regular pattern. Why are these names and numbers, particuarly the Adonikam, being singled out for our attention?

5. This question can be answered firstly by summing the numbers in the five highlighted verses.

The first, central and final running totals are profoundly meaningful within the New Bible Code.

The Lord is Risen (s) ...................................................= 760
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (c) .................   = 2049
The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ (c)      = 2826

Note that the name ‘Adonikam’ usually translates as ‘My Lord has Risen’, identical to the first phrase above! This undoubtedly explains why the name was chosen to be the focus of this elegant encoding! Note also that the last verse is Ezra 2:17 and that I have already shown how the number 217 plays a starring role in the visual metaphor for the Second Coming I constructed from the gematria of the events of 9/11. [1]
6. The second part of the answer to the question I gave above can be found by taking the ordinal values of the verses as they are written in the NIV Bible. The verses are given twice below, with different sections highlighted. [2]

Highlighted sections in A (o) = 306.................Highlighted sections in B (o) = 264
Second (c) = ...........................306.................Coming (c) ............................= 264

So these names and their tallies also encode the combined values of the words ‘Second’ and ‘Coming’!

So much for addition; what about subtraction?

7. If we subtract the tallies given in Nehemiah’s version of the list from the Ezra tallies we see the row containing the number 666 flanked by yet more elevens, this time in the form of the negative numbers -11 and -1100.

There are even more elevens encrypted here. If the numbers highlighted in blue are summed, they yield yet another multiple of 11.

1222 + 2056 + 2322 + 2067 = 7667 = 11 x 697

The individual sums of the Ezra and Nehemiah tallies also are multiples of 11.

1222 + 2056 = 3278 = 11 x 298
2322 + 2067 = 4389 = 11 x 399

The symmetrical patterning of the number 11 around the Adonikam was attracted by its tally of 666 and the meaningful relationship of the two numbers within the context of 9/11 and the Second Coming. 666 was the speck of dust that seeded the growth of this beautiful crystal.

The Hashum

A little further down the list of eighteen names there is another discrepancy between Ezra and Nehemiah. The Hashum are listed 17th in Ezra but 15th in Nehemiah. The appropriate section of each list is shown below, along with the difference in the tallies.

The Nehemiah list can be rearranged to agree with Ezra's ordering by placing ‘Hashum’ and their tally below ‘Hariph’ instead of above ‘Bezai’, the logic of this shuffle suggested by the way both the names and the numbers in each list now agree more closely. This operation give the following difference in tallies.

The difference between the two highlighted numbers at Hashum is another number that expresses the idea of three sixes.

111 - (-105) = 216 = 6 x 6 x 6

Moreover, the number 105 is the outline of the 36th triangular number, 666.

Amazingly, the two numbers encoded by the discrepancy in the position of the Hashum in these ancient lists are in fact the individual values of two very modern names. [3]

New York (o) ..= 111
Nine-eleven (o) = 105

The encoding above suggests that 9/11 and 666 are intimately connected. The final encoding in this section makes a direct link between 9/11 and the Second Coming. This is found by summing the results of the subtractions I performed for the first eighteen tallies.


The Bezai

Another locus in the list of returned exiles is the name ‘Bezai’. The name appears on both the Ezra and Nehemiah lists and is the last tribal name involved in the pattern of elevens encoded around the Adonikam. As I just showed above Bezai is the first tribal name involved in the encoding of 216 later in the list of names. To recap:

Why should the Bezai occupy such a central position here? The answer is found when we calculate the place value within the NIV of the verse in Ezra where the Bezai tally is given.

1. The number 12045 is a multiple of 11.

12045 .....................= 11 x 1095

2. The other factor, 1095, is the standard value of this phrase:

The Second Advent (s) = 1095

Now we see why these encodings centre on name ‘Bezai’ - they are pointing to another important encoding, again linking 9/11 (through 11) to the Second Coming!

3. Finally, the Bezai are numbered in Ezra 2:17, and in Nehemiah 7:23. If we multiply the verse numbers, 17 and 23, we obtain the number 391, which is the standard value of this phrase.

17 x 23 ..................= 391
Second Coming (s) = 391

Bezai (o) .............= 43
Jesus Christ (r) ...= 43

Ezra’s Exiles and Their Gold

In Ezra there is a list of numbers in chapter 1, verses 9 to 11 (of all numbers). This is an inventory of gold and silver dishes and other articles returned to the Jews released from captivity by King Artaxerxes. By summing the numbers in this first list, jumping to chapter 2, continuing to sum here then stopping at 666, we obtain a total that does indeed make such a link.

1. 666 (previously the 11th number of the list of returned exiles) is the 18th number on the extended list, 18 being 6 + 6 + 6.

2. The sum of the numbers to 666 is 20142, which is a multiple of 18.

20142 = 18 x 1119

3. The other factor, 1119, is the combined value of this name:

Jesus Christ (c) = 1119

My Lord has Risen indeed!


The name ‘Adonikam’ means ‘My Lord has Risen’ and the numbering of the Adonikam in Ezra as 666 was designed to catch our eye and lead us into a wonderland of encoded numbers, yet again demonstrating that 9/11 and the Second Coming are related. The linking yet again of 666 with money (gold and silver) shows us the principal means by which the Devil enslaves us.

Unless one are prepared to accept that the most bizarre conflation of coincidences has occurred here, there is no explaining away the fact that these patterns exist within a modern translation of head counts made over two thousand years ago, long before the English language and English gematria existed, and even longer before their inclusion within the NIV Bible. They are too regular, too meaningful and too integrated with other encodings to be anything else other than another masterly example of Intelligent Design.

We have been discussing Ezra and Nehemiah’s lists of exiles released from captivity in Babylon to return home to Jerusalem. The return of those exiles is here being used as a metaphor for the Second Coming itself, which will mean man’s release from exile in the modern Babylon - held captive by his desire for money - and his return home in Christ to the New Jerusalem.


Bill Downie 26/2/10

Revised 30/3/17



1. There are even more encoded numbers here, but I’ve left them out of the main text for ease of reading. The second running total, at verse 11, is 1383, the standard value of ‘The Second Coming of our Messiah’.The tally here, 623, is the standard value of ‘The Christ’.

2. Here the individual digits of the tallies are counted, as is usual when calculating the ordinal values of verses.

3. This is one of the first discoveries I made, in November 2001.