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The September-11 Code

(January 03, 2012)

My new book, The September-11 Code, will be published in the spring by Axis Mundi. The book does two things: firstly, it tells the true story of my three years of training by angelic forces, followed by my call to unlock the New Bible Code in 2001; secondly, it is a concise summary of the findings I have made in the ten years since then. The September-11 Code introduces a great deal of new material not currently available on this website and which complete the code's structure; in fact, as I was writing the book, I made two truly spectacular discoveries which are the capstone of the entire edifice.

The September-11 Code will be available from Axis Mundi, Amazon, bookshops and this site. I will give more details nearer the publication date, but for now, I thought you might like to read an extract from the introduction:

I always wanted to find buried treasure. In my imagination I would spot something glinting in the sun on a newly ploughed field and discover a bag of gold coins, or maybe a chest laden with jewelry. In reality, of course, I never expected such a find ever to come my way. Yet in a manner of speaking my fantasy came true. Moreover, the discovery I made was far more spectacular than anything I could have dreamed up. However, the treasure I unearthed lay not in any natural soil but in the artificial loam deposited by thousands of years of human culture. And it was hidden, not in the sense of a pirate burying his loot, but in the spirit of a loving father secretly preparing a gift for a child who has come of age.

This book is the improbable yet absolutely true story of my treasure hunt, along with an explanation of the forces that led me to undertake it and a description of some of the signposts that guided me along the way. This guidance came in various forms. Dreams and visions were given to me. Mysterious strangers passed on messages. Meaningful coincidences were arranged for my edification and instruction. Even miracles were worked on occasion. In this way I was trained for over three years in the skills required to find the stash. Once the training was complete I was shown exactly where to look for it, each item marked with a kind of ‘X’ to identify it for me. I was even given a key with which to unlock the lid of the treasure chest, supplied exactly when I needed it by a kind of cosmic delivery service.

Of course, the treasure itself is also on display. I call it the September-11 Code, and when you view it you will hopefully realize that it is far more precious than gold or gems or any other material thing. The September-11 Code is a message to you about our current age, and as you read it you will begin to view recent events from the perspective of the encoder. The meaning thereby given them is likely very different from what you currently believe, so be prepared to put your opinions aside and hear what he has to say. I have a feeling you will never forget it, or look at the world around you in the same way again...

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